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+ Gatekeepers.

Do not let others lead you.

So many of my comments now just disappear I am going to write a thread just to place one of my responses in the comment section that just got deleted . So I’ll post my response to Bill on the topic of the admired charismatic “controlled opposition” Eric Francis Copolino who in one of his latest media shows tried to blame an advisor for Robert Francis Kennedy jr mis-advising people . His circus shows got EFC in, trusted and he got cred with the same people that were deceived by CHD and RFK jr. Before the show I was speaking to several people that knew RFK jr and CHD was controlled opposition. In “intelligence speak” because RFK jr was seen as spreading the convid narrative (he was just not outed with the people on the train at substack that were deceived by CHD) he was still outed , the EFC show was just damage control to “point the finger” away from RFK jr.

The gatekeeper meme(a slavery meme)

We are our own gatekeepers. Who even cares what the media gatekeepers allow as it deals in propaganda. Until people stop strengthening by believing the false narrative the media will not change. You can bring a horse to water but you cant make them drink, for if people are still mastered by the conditioned mind( fear) they will not be thirsty for the truth.

Isn’t this movement about speaking the truth?

Not believing the false narratives.

Spreading the truth, making it available to the whole of humanity ?

The “team”meme ? It does not benefit us to think we are in a fight or we make up a separate team(with it an us vs them) as that is a divide and conquer meme. Or that only some people are on the “ team” playing while the rest of us are benched .

Its a time for being the change you want to see in the world. Its a time for love not for fear. For Being aware, awake not a time for being lead, woke or for worshiping idols.

Our thoughts are powerful, they are not neutral or idle . “Every thought you have contributes to truth or to illusion; either it extends the truth or it multiplies illusions.” (ACIM sorry I am stumping the truth again haha)


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