The media dialog of UNreality


The media tells a narrative of fear and this when believed as a reality helps create a fearful illusion that is then projected . Everyday I see people online who say they want freedom and they still buy into the media packaged fear , the limiting beliefs and they spread it (I would say mostly unknowingly).

We have Reality and there is an illusion.

The world, as the media says it is, (the media that amplifies unconsciousness), if taken as real it is a nightmare. But it is just an illusion. To look beyond the media narrative with its amplification of collective insanity is necessary requirement for sanity . Just noticing it is enough, for as soon as you withdraw your belief in it as a reality you stop giving the unreal reality status .

Who you are you is bound by one law : Love .

You are awareness. You are not the ego/body and you can change the illusion (dream of form) from fear to love even before you wake up.

Separatism (Us vs Them) is still a big media game play . Along with lack , scarcity, ,superiority seperation, guilt, attack, fear of loss memes. All egoic themes, not a coincidence I say as the media amplifies the egoic state. The media tells you to choose fear . I say choose Love.

“T-28.IV.2. There is a way of finding certainty right here and now. 2 Refuse to be a part of fearful dreams whatever form they take, for you will lose identity in them. 3 You find yourself by not accepting them as causing you, and giving you effects. 4 You stand apart from them, but not apart from him who dreams them. 5 Thus you separate the dreamer from the dream, and join in one, but let the other go. 6 The dream is but illusion in the mind. 7 And with the mind you would unite, but never with the dream. 8 It is the dream you fear, and not the mind. 9 You see them as the same, because you think that you are but a dream. 10 And what is real and what is but illusion in yourself you do not know and cannot tell apart.

T-28.IV.3. Like you, your brother thinks he is a dream. 2 Share not in his illusion of himself, for your Identity depends on his reality. 3 Think, rather, of him as a mind in which illusions still persist, but as a mind which brother is to you. 4 He is not brother made by what he dreams, nor is his body, “hero” of the dream, your brother. 5 It is his reality that is your brother, as is yours to him. 6 Your mind and his are joined in brotherhood. 7 His body and his dreams but seem to make a little gap, where yours have joined with his.”ACIM

Dis-ease, Love

The train to Reality.

With a capital R.

Even though I write about the corporate media’s UNreality that is a narrative of fear I also write about the metaphysical and that bothers many people . I do it as know this subject “Self knowledge” is the most important knowledge. I also talk about awareness( and use the G word ) the primary goal for all human beings. Forgotten Knowledge.

Knowing that the Germ theory is debunked is helpful it was another example of ignorance based on fear . Science is about knowledge not political agendas. But yet I will not get on the terrain theory train unless the mind is included as terrain. It is the ground the “body” is in. The placebo effect and observers effect is accepted fact in science, it was (alongside consciousness) put in the too hard pile to move forward with what we know as it would strip away at the dysfunctional medical sy$tem. My theory on what makes us sick is that it is the (egoic) mind. The ego (that many people think they are) believes it is the body . Mortal, fragile, sinful, separate, isolated and so naturally as a phantom imposter it is constantly living in fear .


Healing would then come from healing the ( split)mind. We have all heard of miracles of healing.

“5 Half the lesson will not teach the whole. 6 The miracle is useless if you learn but that the body can be healed, for this is not the lesson it was sent to teach. 7 The lesson is the mind was sick that thought the body could be sick; projecting out its guilt caused nothing, and had no effects. . This world is full of miracles. 2 They stand in shining silence next to every dream of pain and suffering, of sin and guilt. 3 They are the dream’s alternative, the choice to be the dreamer, rather than deny the active role in making up the dream. 4 They are the glad effects of taking back the consequence of sickness to its cause. 5 The body is released because the mind acknowledges “this is not done to me, but I am doing this.” 6 And thus the mind is free to make another choice instead.ACIM

I want us to learn to heal, not just learn the cause of the body’s sickness (* the two are one )

The dreamer of dreams. The Matrix.

The egoic mind does not recognize the patterns or see that it is the dreamer of the dream of form . By choosing to wage a war on “ others”(that as consciousness is really itself) it thinks in a pattern of attack thoughts, which all justifying its idea that it is being attacked. The energy out is then returned . This taught pattern of wrong thinking is unquestioned and yet… If you wanted to change a film you would not attack the screen, surely you would seek to change the projections. This is the power you have that is denied by the split( egoic) mind.

The media is the dialog of fear (the egoic narrative). As to control through submission you must be kept in fear, love breaks the fear -submission -control cycle that is the apparent content in & of the media. And as I said you can choose fear or love. The deep state (of unconsciousness) does not want you to know your power. Fear keeps up the dis-empowerment, the disconnection from who you are.

Love also is another word for freedom .

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.” ~ Rumi

propaganda, The narrative, War mongers

Not buying into the Nord Stream leak narrative.

A pre investigation.

What do they have here? Just a photo and the media telling you this happened. I need more that just a photo, the same one used by all news networks of what first showed a black circle in middle (and this has since been edited out). An ocean photo is very easy to CG or set up, a spot the world is focused on and yet not even 1 (emergency )ship is visible in the far distance . But for me this was the nord stream hoax giveaway:

“The U.N. International Methane Emissions Observatory said Thursday on Twitter that image analysis conducted alongside researchers at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain, confirmed that what’s bubbling to the surface is indeed methane.”

Oh the UN said that did they??! The UN are pathological liars. And the same group in Spain that did the controlled opposition easy to discredit story that the injection (called a covid vaccine) is made up of 99.9% graphene oxide( which would have made it 100% deadly) . These Spanish polytechnic dudes can computer analyse the substance from the ocean photo and see from the photo the molecular structure .


So I still have found no credible evidence of the Nord Stream pipe being blown up.

Nothing, nada, zip. And everything I have read about it stinks like a sewer leak.

What a great media lie combining the warmongering meme with the man made climate change scam. (And I bet as a bonus to mind control a few banksters insider trading bet on the resultant natural gas skyrocketed energy prices – as well as owning the corporations that sell it.)

Warning: Please don’t consume the media . This includes all the local fiendly controlled opposition sites that run this same as msm garbage, push fear and the twitter war.

Never been a better time than now to open the inner door to freedom.