RFK JR the media’s Convid19 controlled opposition player.

John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School.

Its no surprise following the JFK assassination psyop a school was formed in his name. This psyop school aptly named after the charming media celeb JFK specializes in psyops, in graphic training aids (GTA) indispensable reference tool for tactical Psychological Operations (PSYOP). The media said JKF was assassinated. The media said. Why is the central bankster’s appointed US President not remembered for the publicly opposed Vietnam war because …he is another media made hero martyr by way of the faked assassination .

Remember the- done- on -purpose CIA’s Wikileak/Agent Assange’s Gitmo so called “leak” .

Why do they do this? Proudly they tell people through media that govt enemies get tortured , waterboarded and assassinated . That they are being constantly spied on.

Fear- submission -control.

People were wildly afraid of the US govt.

Circa 2022 and who has become a big media celeb “ leader” for the people in the psyop covid19… the controlled opposition media anti-vax man RFK jr .

RFK JR doesn’t ask for any proof of covid19 , doesn’t tell people that there is no isolation of a “sars cov2 “ virus (and viruses have not been isolated or proven to cause disease) .

RFK JR never once challenged “covid19s’’ existence. He doesn’t blow the Rockefeller 1861 germ theory out of the water, he doesn’t tell people the biotech injection is not even a “ vaccine”. Nor does he raise any eloquent points, facts or truth that would help end the vaccination myths. He merely verbally tells people to resist it( be anti) which in turn strengthens the vaccination movement . RFK Jr is a controlled opposition agent that media turned into a “ rebel” hero . He speaks a controlled opposition version of the same one narrative. He lies to people and tells his followers the non existent “ covid19” is a real disease and the human biotech GMO trial is a “vaccine”. It is more important to the central banksters to control the opposition, the dear submissive wokels with brain freeze are eating with gusto from the media metaverse. That is why RT, ET , ZH and other alt media sites are focused on maintaining the one narrative( covid19 and the WEF’s fake twitter war) .

The Media said.

JFK media darling always had his speech writers voice public opinion. JFK legacy should be he had America in Vietnam ., President Kennedy increased the US military presence in Vietnam, establishing the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV).

The bullet blood squibs that were used in the so called JFK “assassination video” were being used by polish filmmakers back in 1955. The original JFK assassination video version that was made available in news to the public is ridiculous and reeks of a false flag (….waiting for head squib to go off…). Shot in the back of neck my ass, they said a bullet goes through, but the exit wound is not visible … he sits and brushes at his neck both sides as though being bitten by a mosquito. Then blam the head squib they were waiting for goes off .

As in the JFK assassination false flag psyop the controlled opposition media redirects questions . It gets people to argue only who shot JFK , not if he was really shot and killed.

JFK the bankster$ Vietnam war connoisseur was not assassinated.

Its a time to rely on your inner wisdom and to not fall for “media said ” and its media celeb leaders, you need no leader but your own true Self.