Genetically modified Human Beings.

This injection of mrna from GMO DNA is not a vaccine, it is biotechnology. It is illegal gene modification that is designed to turn humans into Genetically Modified Organisms.

GMO: “Organisms in which the genetic material has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally.”

The introduced foreign GM mrna is hijacking a normal cell and telling it to make proteins it would not make naturally.

This process is called transduction and if “successful” the recipient of the introduced new GMO now has cellular instructions to make spike proteins from the GM DNA that was transcribed into mrna. And in our micro biome where bacteria outnumbers our cells the transcription and translation of GM mrna can occur simultaneously .

The ” vaccination plan” is a GMO trial being done on humans ending in 2023 and primarily it is unlawful medical experimentation.

It is criminal to deceive to trick people into unknowingly taking part in a GMO trial. It is criminal to coerce human beings into unknowingly endangering and genetically modifying themselves by lying to them . The multiple lies being used by govts are 1) there is a threat “a new deadly virus” b) it’s a “vaccine” c) the injection is safe and effective.

There is still no evidence of ” sars cov2 virus ” or the illusive ” new deadly disease covid” ( cold and flu symptoms ) . https://telegra.ph/Leading-Corona-researchers-admit-that-they-have-no-scientific-proof-for-the-existence-of-a-virus-07-31.

The GM mrna injection for a new deadly disease that has yet to be proven is not a “vaccine”.

As its in its trial phase the information is not known about its safety and efficacy but to date many have died from the injection and many who have been injected still get the cold and flu . So its neither safe or effective.

The FDA have no authority or jurisdiction to approve the trials. The FDA can’t authorize the injections .The EPA is suppose to regulate the injections as they contain microorganisms developed through genetic engineering. They took GM bacteria DNA transcribed it into mrna that hijacks your healthy body cells in order to make (Fauci NIH) patented spike proteins. It is a illegal GMO trial being done on humans without their knowledge/consent.

In the US the EPA regulates microorganisms developed through genetic engineering. But they are not regulating this illegal GMO trial. The trial on genetic modifications to human beings also breaches the National Environmental Policy Act .

In other counties other legislation and laws are being broken . In New Zealand the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996 (HSNO Act) and RMA have been breached. The GMO human beings have been released and no part of the GMO legislation was followed by govt in this case.

Legally this injection that they are fraudulently calling a vaccine is not a drug or medicine it is GM biotech designed for the stated purpose of gene modification .

And what is alarming is that the patents for the GM “spike protein” are owned so your GM body will be in violation of copy write legislation (haha??!!) .

This insanity could not exist without the government officials whom Big Pharma has lobbied patents and other intellectual property rights allow the multinationals to capture unearned rent, pay lower taxes on unearned income and evade competition.

Pharmaceutical patents began in earnest with the founding of the World Trade Organization(WTO) in 1994. This included an annex agreement on intellectual property rights known as the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights.This covID19 fraud has been extremely profitable for a group behind it. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41587-021-00912-9 “note that the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) run by Fraudster Faucci and Moderna entered into an agreement in 2019 to co-develop coronavirus vaccines; however, this was before the fictitious Big Lie “SARS-CoV-2″. The CDC has the patents for the ” covid19″ primers and probes used in the PCR test, a test that cannot detect even 1 whole transmissible “virus”. So follow the money and you’ll find the culprits.

The GMO process applied to human body.

The GM mrna and GM spike protein it produces that they injected into the body and cells Big Pharma claim is not creating a GMO they say because the GM mrna inside cells and cell hijacking will never be known by the intelligent cells( duhh). Hijacked cells making GM spike proteins they say cells will not know what is going on. They also falsely claim rmna and protein cannot be imported to the nucleus through the Nuclear Pore Complexes (NPC). They want you to think your cells are all dead, stupid, disconnected machines and that the cells cannot know about or transport the GMO (cells) and GM protein production or GM mrna .

The import to cell nucleus of the genetically modified mrna and the GM patented spike protein.

The GM mrna and GM ” spike protein” can be imported from cytoplasm to nucleus. Studies of the import of RNAs from the cytoplasm has revealed that different classes of nuclear localization signals exist. Proteins as well as several classes of mRNAs, (cargo) need to be imported into the nucleus. Cellular cargoes for nuclear import to the cell nucleus are transcription factors( mrna) , ribosomal proteins and RNA binding proteins. The biotechnology injected is designed and its stated purpose is to genetically modify humans.

The injection of mrna an artificially constructed specific genetic sequences that encode for a ” spike” protein the cells would not normally make . The mrna is designed to enter the human cell and hijack it, to reprogram some of your cells. It is in your cells and those modified cells then communicate with other cells . There is contact, intelligence and communication within all your cells . Many of the protein factors that play a role in nuclear export of mRNAs have been identified, but still little is known about how mRNAs ( and proteins)are transported through the cell nucleus and which nuclear compartments are involved in mRNA transport. Those pushing the illegal medical experimentation deny the fact of cellular intelligence, interconected-ness and Nucleocytoplasmic transport( NPC /nuclear pore complexes) .

Cells can be characterized by the spectrum of mRNA molecules present within them; this spectrum is called the transcriptome The transcriptome functions as a kind of catalog of all of the genes that are being expressed in a cell at a particular point in timehttps://www.nature.com/scitable/topicpage/ribosomes-transcription-and-translation-14120660/

The DNA template — constructed by scientists to encode for a spike protein — gets into cells where it is read .You might ask whether this DNA can genetically engineer your cells.They say it can and will. DNA is injected in little circular pieces called “plasmids” — these do enter the nucleus, the new DNA may integrate into your cellular genome. Though it replicates in the cytoplasm, a portion of its life cycle does include interaction with the host cell nucleus. While the organelle mitochondria , present in every cells, is believed to be prokaryotic organism acquired by higher eukaryotic cells. Same is also the case with chloroplasts and microbiome .The GMO mrna and GM spike protein can make contact with the cell nucleus in multiple ways (we do not know how it interacts with red blood cells).

The Oxford-AstraZeneca GMO injection also uses new technology they called ‘viral vector’. This also does involve a GMO.”Viral vector vaccines” inject a type of pathogen( “adenovirus “) to serve as the vehicle to get the GMO genetic sequence into your cells. To do this, scientists splice in the spike protein genetic sequence .This process modifies the “adenovirus” , meaning it is a GMO. “From a TEDx Beacon Street talk that occurred in 2017, Tal Zaks, chief medical officer of Moderna, Inc., one pharmaceutical company manufacturer of the experimental mRNA technology injection, confirms mRNA injection ( said to be )for “COVID-19 “can change your genetic code or DNA.

Bombshell: Moderna Chief Medical Officer Admits MRNA Alters DNA

Suzanne Hamner /  

Several prominent physicians, doctors, Sons of Liberty Media Health and Wellness expert Kate Shemirani, her colleague Dr. Kevin Corbett, and I have postulated that the current experimental mRNA injection for coronavirus, aka COVID-19, could alter one’s genetic code or DNA. Bill Gates stated it, which was included in my video “Human Genome 8 and mRNA Vaccine” on Brighteon.com. It is one reason the term “experimental human genome altering mRNA injection” has been used to describe the jab being foisted onto the mostly unsuspecting public. While many in the media, Dr. Anthony Fauci and his merry band of chronic liars, and “fact checkers” have declared this claim as false, a video of a TEDx Beacon Street talk by Tal Zaks, chief medical officer of Moderna, Inc., one pharmaceutical company manufacturer of the experimental mRNA technology injection, confirms mRNA injection for COVID-19 can change your genetic code or DNA. This TEDx Beacon Street talk occurred in 2017. H/T to YouTube channel Silview Media Backup Channel.https://archives.simplelists.com/nfu/msg/16263162/


The Arbitrary Rules of Madmen.

So today we see that under orders from UN (global govt) the French govt has locked up the people for 4 weeks imposing many bizarre, insane and arbitrary restrictions.

Firstly there is no isolated new deadly virus called Sars CoV2. The Sars CoV2 genome was just computer generated by the NWO hoaxers on 10 Jan. Now it continues in the collective to be a 100 % mental virus.

Fear shuts down the brains ability to be rational and use reasoning. Again we see a govt is failing to understand strings of rna (exosomes that are being called “viruses”- refer to the debunked 1861 germ theory) don’t follow 9 PM to 6 AM curfews . Curfews for “a new deadly virus Sars CoV2 ” that has yet to even be proven to exist . Why not another arbitrary time for the unlawful curfews say of 9am – 6pm? Whats with the random govt selected times?

RNA strings don’t appear to know about, understand or obey govt curfews. Curfews for rna strings are 100 % pure govt irrational BS. What reason is provided for imposing a Nazi curfew for healthy people during a lockup with isolation masks and social distancing ? None. No reason or rational explanation of how any of this unlawful, insane and tyrannical BS is going to do anything but cause more suffering . Govts are experts at making up imaginary problems and using them to pose their so called solutions that always create actual real problems imposing stricter control ie less freedoms for the people it appears to be at war with. Then in creating false problems they ignore all the real problems their past “solutions” to fake problems has created .

 Healthy people can only “Exercise only 1km from house.”


Exosomes (Rna strings called “corona virus” found up healthy people’s noses by virologists studying the human microbiome ” virome” ) will be just be waiting to “get you” at 1.01km distance from your house. So keep it to 1k as per the political consensus $cience. If you think they have done a study that proves distances of 1.01k greater from your home are seething with hoards of rna strings think again there is no studies or truth behind the insanity. 999m is fine but if your take a few more steps 1005 no oh god no … the non existent CG Sars CoV2 virus will get you!!!!. Random use of insanity for the purpose of exerting power over others . Keeping people afraid so they are unable to be rational or use reasoning.

Key word here is that its insane.

Can attend funerals. Can’t get married.

Can go to high school.Can’t go in to work.

Further Gestapo restrictions are in force across France:

  • Groups of 5 people fine but 6 not ok
  • No parties may be held in public community halls but Venues may host 5,000 people but not 5001
  • No more freedom of movement.
  • Papers must be carried by disabled people and their carers (very nazi) Papers required for needed essential family reasons assisting vulnerable persons ( nazi redux).
  • Forced testing with a RT PCR test that cannot be used to diagnose disease and in this use ( creating a ” covid case”) it is a from of medical experimentation ( breach of Geneva Code)

If you are 11 or over, you must provide a negative RT-PCR test carried out less than 3 days before traveling to the Overseas Territories. If you are 10yrs and a half , 8 or 9yrs old you don’t have to.

Random & crazy at a whole new level .

Germany is also suggesting another lockup after doing lots of meaningless tests with the PCR diagnosing disease and infection creating cases which the test cannot. Moaning Merkel is claiming she ” lost control” of what is not even been proven to exist except on a computer screen the “Sars CoV2” But she is now calling it “corona virus” as the CDC confessed did not isolate a Sars CoV2 molecule . They lost control of their fiction. ” Do not question authority ” is the thought form we have been conditioned with since childhood. I hope all the Germans will be out peacefully protesting en masse and will just say no.

I also hope the French wake up as they are bloody good activists and their govt is secretly (since the French revolution) afraid of them .

May you be happy and healthy and alight in the world in these crazy times.


Media should come with a health warning .

How people get possessed by media’s viral thoughts and emotions( memes) and lose it or get lost in it. People can become addicted to emotions such as outrage and anxiety. They feel the neg emotion is part of their identity of who they are. It serves to strengthen or validate their ego even though the emotion they are addicted to is a negative one. The ego( identification with conditioned mind) does not care if it has a negative or positive thoughts about itself.

Most human beings are nuts, stark raving mad . Don’t believe me just look at the news . And people that are insane do not know it. Knowing or seeing the insanity( collective mental dysfunction) is a sign of sanity rising.

Through the media people get possessed by memes, thoughts and emotions ( emotions are the body’s reaction to the thought) . People do not know this as the media( include alt right CO’s sites like ZH, OffG CJ etc) is the dispenser of propaganda, they won’t tell you what reading it can do. Reading news on blogs its like feeding your mind the worst junk food ( fear, anger, stress with propaganda on the side).

For the bankster that own 90% media conglomerate they can still mind control people who do not believe the mainstream( dissenters/conspiracy theorist I think is their term) . You can see this in the fact people who don’t agree with UN -govt narrative have agreed with govt and made the “conspiracy theorist” as part of their identity and feel polarized and separate. . If you don’t agree with govt lies and propaganda ( I do not) that doesn’t make you what the govt want to call you nor does it separate us from all human beings (or really all life). One consciousness. Don’t let them polarize you or create enemies for you ( their favs right now are Rockefeller’s media spoke$men F and Gates).

What I am suggesting is to be very aware of the memes ( thoughts and emotions ) the media is trying to get you possessed by.

How do you feel when you read whatever it is?

More often than not negative emotions and thoughts are being communicated & spread by media. Its on your phone/internet 24/7 its technology that amplifys the dysfunction of human mind .

This possession by media thoughts and emotions( memes) is a real threat not the fake non existent ” new virus Sars CoV2″ .

Please use vigilance and keep some attention on your inner state. See if you are tensing up, take three breaths and focus just on the in breath and out breath . If you find the media makes you feel bad ie feel stress/anger/fear stop reading it. Stand up and Shake it out, literally.

Bring your focus to the present moment .


Controlled opposition.

Its a fact .

The stable of popular controlled opposition so called ” conspiracy/dissenting” sites grows .Many C.O manufacturing consent can be clearly seen through the use of reasoning . Seen from conspiracy sites still telling non sequiturs about a total lie that is the psyop Covid are busy now planting toxic memes : Us V them, superiority , fear , helplessness and hopelessness , Q anon, CIA agent media celeb Assange, nationalization , national socialism as a solution, pushing mind consent for the idea of mandatory vaccines,trying to overload people with contradictory and vast amounts of propaganda , pushing violent revolutions and war mongering.

Some of the most popular conspiracy sites are controlled opposition. They are succeeding in making non believers of govt feel superior to believers, massaging their ego and then sneakily implanting memes in their unconscious ego minds.

As long as the banksters have mind control and people still totally mind identified and possessed by thoughts and feelings through this lack of Self awareness they retain control of the world financial, social development , health and political system and can make us (as we are co creators- unknowing ) manifest for them what they want. Through our inner state our thought and feelings from which our doing/action comes from. E.G fear -anger = riots . Or the media promotion of racism (which has ” fear of other” )in it and makes for anger and generated more racism .Chaos.

The NWO( UN) have a person( or an org) to lead the opposition and now more than ever to control the dissenting narrative this ensures continued mind programming and control of State “enemies” through the planting of subtle and not so subtle memes, thoughts and feelings . Controlled opposition has been used for hundreds of years by the ruling banksters (Rothschild & Co) in order to maintain (mind) control and so their political and economic monopoly. These banksters own the media. Their increase in conspiracy blogs reflects the peoples move away from consuming msm fox/NBC/CNN news.

The Democracy Dogma.

In politics it is two different opposing parties that appear (through the media) as fighting as enemies as though the election process is real . Yet the parties are part of the one political monopoly, its an illusion. Its for show so you agree and consent to be governed/ruled, we don’t have a democracy. Democracy means rule by the people. The plan is that you mentally identify with one of the parties and vote . And as George C wisely pointed out” No matter who you vote for the govt always gets in” another good GC quote ” If voting changed anything they wouldn’t let you do it”. Voting changes nothing and the same corporation/govt tell you who is their president/PM -you take on trust.

Voting, voting and voting is doing the same thing and expecting a different result( insanity) . People are lied to every time, election promises are BS and still the people haven’t learnt that polticans are professional liars. The election campaign is pure insanity. People are identified with ideology democrat vs republican and so they are divided fighting over two dodgy and dubious parties and bankster candidates.

More info on controlled opposition:

Its an inner revolution that is needed and as a bonus with self knowledge comes the freedom from the conditioned mind or the egomind, you become unable to be mind controlled .

What you are looking for is inside not out in the world of opposites and form.


Turbulence and Transconsciousness .

Buckle up.

And by this I mean find your inner stillness your rock, your ” I am” in order to weather the storm ie what is collectively happening in the world.

If you read the media featuring its insane election freak show in the US. Just like a really bad reality show that showcases two unfit deranged candidates with everything you don’t want in a leader. And yet people still believe in the democracy dogma. Presented with candidates you would not trust to clean your toilet, most totally believe the media and that they get to “choose” when they vote . That there is “rule by the people” in govt. Its nuts out there . And the insanity I see is not the new normal, its still insanity .

The media still amplifies the problems .

The collective thought form, a mental virus ” Covid” still has people possessed. People in the grip of psyop covid are still choosing fear and so the social polarization continues. All actions arising from this fear have made things worse. All the fear based actions: Lock downs, masks, social isolation, media spreading discord & confusion, racism, inciting violence, govts destroying their economy’s & people’s livelihood all wrong actions that have created chaos.

So we could say what we see is an effect of the cause fear ( or primarily unconsciousness) . The fear based mind is void of reasoning and rational thinking. “The external turmoil is determined by our inner state of consciousness” ET. So collectively our actions and our reality follow our inner state. Which again why I feel its a time to choose love or fear. Bring in light or remain in the dark.

We have the challenges and adversity needed to evolve .The good news as staying in comfort zones isn’t conducive to evolution and growth .

But we urgently need wisdom not all this reactive negativity and fear based actions. We are connected and so each one of us can help in our human evolution at this time at this moment by practicing inner peace or mindfulness. We are not powerless. We are co creators in this world currently what is manifesting is a fear based reality -chaos .

Imagine what love would manifest?

People are afraid of the insane trans-humanist agenda, but I believe that transgression in human consciousness has already occurred . People are asleep to their being, are fully possessed by their ego mind, possessed with thoughts implanted in their minds by media. Thinking compulsively the same programmed thoughts over and over . In the media propagated fear based negative reactive mind state our reasoning is lost, thinking and feeling what the media tells us makes us “trans-human”. So lets not be trans-human, lets all be conscious participants in the evolutionary process and the bringing of more light into this world.

Peace and Love.

A Recommended Resource :

“Being the Light An Inner Journey to Accelerate Conscious Evolution in Times of Crisis”



The Rise of the Alt Reich Arm of MSM.

As more people have turned off the mainstream news sources the arm of media developed for them the msm division of ” alt right woke” have grown in popularity. These alt right blogs try to maintain the narrative, negative feelings and thought forms that continue in line with the psyop of the day in the most sneaky ways. IE just questioning the ( unlawful)measures central banking govts have for “covid” (like masks, the false stats, lockups) when there is no new virus or new disease. Many of the alt right blogs are controlled opposition.

Like the political controlled opposition as public opposition grows it( alt right blogs ) becomes even more relied on by the bankster’s political and economic monopoly .Mind control is their business . They know people’s actions follow thoughts and feelings manifest and that it is through the ego mind( fear )that their control over people is gained.

They can’t have the simple truth released : That there is no evidence of a new disease( same as flu symptoms ) caused by a new “virus”( Sars CoV2 is CG).

For a psyop like covid what works for them is confusion, fear, chaos, hate, warmongering, Q, political ideology and the democracy dogma and other mass divisional distractions. You see they can’t have people calm and clear headed . Starting a racist movement worked , sending out many conflicting different stories about covid works for their purpose. People who can access reasoning may question what is going on . Any questioning of the narrative, the very core of it the non existence of “covid”, is undesired by the mind controllers .And this is primary the need for clarity , calm, reasoning and mindfulness.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

It is now the time to choose the love over the fear .If you have trouble with feeling this love, practice daily .You’ll get good at it and start bringing love instead of fear into this world that is so in need of healing and love . Remember you are a co creator in this world but have forgotten who you are .

The alt right msm are working on memes that divide and conquer or make people feel, hopeless, negative . The fact is we all have amazing power inside us and are connected which is why they want us to feel powerless, isolated, socially distanced and overwhelmed. They wanted to but could not stop the anti fascism protests in Germany, they could only try to infiltrate, which does not work when there is no leader . They tried to smear the protest with their own fascism/nazi movement which did not stick.

I want to reiterate the origins of this psyop virus hoax , if people knew the truth they would not have to fear.

They do not want people to know the real origin of “Sars CoV2” . As the “virus” does not exist so the disease they say it causes (all without evidence) does not exist either. The so called “virus Sars CoV2” origin is a computer generated genome on 10th jan 2020. Thats it.

Its just CG .

Covid: 100% propaganda based on a CG string of rna.



Concentration Camps in 2020

Starting in New Zealand covid concentration camps start to appear. A feature of fascism reminiscent of the Nazi period in 1933 Germany. Now Canada also has these covid concentration camps.

Authorities in Quebec City, Canada have announced they will isolate “uncooperative” citizens in a coronavirus facility, the location of which remains a secret.https://summit.news/2020/09/09/quebec-city-says-it-will-isolate-uncooperative-citizens-in-secret-corona-facility/

When there is still no proof of an isolated “new virus” or proof it is transmitted through breathing it in ( at any distance less than 6ft/2m) and no proof a CG ” virus” causes a new disease covid. People who don’t believe the hoax as they wanted evidence of a “new virus” isolated & proven to cause new disease “covid” are labelled deniers. In NZ they will also jail you and your family for refusal to take the RT PCR test or for a positive result . RT PCR is a test that can’t be used to diagnose infection/disease and yet govt’s are illegally experimentally using it exactly for that .

For exercising your right of freedom of movement as a non convicted (healthy) person in Canada you will also be put by criminal tyrants in a Covid Concentration Camp.

Covid is naught but a thought form inceptioned into the fear-fulled minds of the masses by govts through media . And we know from history how nations and the world gets captured and led by thought forms into this what we see is collective insanity. On a positive note more people are not overcome with fear( media fearmongering) and are investigating the banking cabal’s operation covid. We can see the never ending flow of money( trillions) that is going to support this Hoax use it as a way for the Rockefellers & co ( .1%) to maintain and tighten control and even profit more off it.


Covid Recap

I wanted to recap the  new discovery that Sars CoV2 is just a virtual virus and the so called ”  covid” new disease also without evidence cannot be said to exist .


They told us on that  December 26  2019 “One Wuhan man got tested. The result came back positive – a swab from the back of his throat or the inside of his nose had detected the presence of the novel coronavirus”.  How could it?! As the test  primers for “coronavirus” hadn’t been developed then  the molecular structure was said to be  unknown. Molecular tests require knowledge about the potential agent to determine the correct very specific primers and tag for the test(s) .It was novel  unknown at the time, biochemically no genome =no primers= no ” sars CoV2″ test.

Sars CoV2 was computer generated in January 10th from a mix of the man who they say had PCR tested “positive” on 26th dec 2019 in a PCR test that had at the time of used no known primers.The PCR was also not to be used to diagnose disease or prove infection. They mixed his   dna and cow dna  .https://notpublicaddress.wordpress.com/2020/08/08/how-to-create-your-own-novel-virususing-computer-software/ .

This is the sweater string and if you pull it the whole covid hoax comes to pieces.

The next mistake was to use RT PCR to diagnose disease or the existence of a live  virus capable of causing disease . When they knew the PCR test could not be used to diagnose disease . They keep on using the meaningless PCR test so the numbers keep going up,  to  test  positive for a disease with something that can’t test for a disease is ridiculous quackery .


Virologists have while studying the human microbiome(https://depts.washington.edu/ceeh/downloads/FF_Microbiome.pdf) found trillions of these strings of rna we call ” viruses” in and on healthy people and concluded they did not cause pathology .The PCR test does not prove infection / live /transmittable ” virus”. It (if uncontaminated with dna fragments and baring errors) can only prove the very small fragments of rna the primers + tags  are looking for .

This discovery debunks the 1861 Germ theory, which is why there is very little money spent to further research the human ” virome” which includes rna (so called ” corona virus”) found up the nose of healthy people.
Science now is gobbled up in a sphere of “political consensus” and this covid insanity  is getting more ridiculous by the week .

Masks for virtual meetings mandatory in Wisconsin while sitting on your computer alone at home!? This Sars CoV2 ( a string of rna ) computer generated means the irony of this particular joke/draconian measure  may be lost on most people.These banksters  and their UN as global govt like hiding things in plain sight. But to see it you have to pay attention.

What Are the Truly Verifiable Facts Surrounding COVID-19?

Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus?


News amplifies unconsciousness.

What we read in msm and or social media is a distorted perceptive.

What is selected by the media conglomerate is  all dysfunctional behavior,   a political narrative that is believed by masses and  then creates further dysfunctional behaviors, fear  and thinking. People become taken over by these negative collective thought streams.

Further dysfunctional events follows.Collective insanity or a “regression” occurs.

History has many good examples of these (negative)political  fascist  collective thought streams( we have not learnt from). Marxism–Leninism–Maoism .Germany’s national socialism.

Right now following the  almost religious ” man made global warming” thought stream propagated by fake news  we are now deep in the “Covid” lie,  a  collective  thought stream. There is no new set of symptoms( no new disease) and yet news created  the collective psyop Covid a thought-stream- fear feeling in this world . News created panic and fear chaos ensued then  hate which comes from fear.

That is why it is important to not get taken over by all the ” news” .Many people are lost in social media where their ego (or self image) is more important to build up and hold in place than their actual life .They are lost in social media and have no or few interaction with other human beings except in this digital virtual unreality. Depending on ” good” external conditions or ego food  for your state in a world that is chaotic is not the way to go.

How can we help locally and globally ?

To focus on your personal sphere and to be as conscious/present/mindful in daily life so as to not bring more suffering into this world. To bring love into the world.

When you interact with others online try to bring light and non reactivity(not ego) into your all your interactions.

You are a co creator. Take responsibility for your life on the level of personal interactions.

Good pointer. Only this moment (or the Now) is real .

Those in the darkness orchestrating this chaos for their  desired NWO rely on you getting taken over  (and lost) by the negative thought streams and fear feelings they tell you to have in the news,  alt right  or social media programming .

Be in Peace.

Inner peace in a time of chaos.





Identity Politics

The banking Cabal’s  global shadow govt  exploits the fact that people do not know who they are.

From birth you are told by the world who you are. Your identity becomes   your skin color, a religion, a nation, a socioeconomic status,    a gender or a sexual preference etc. The sex of the body ( gender)has been changed by govts to mean what the mind wants to identify with, even if that means the opposite and people are encouraged to believe they are a gender.  All these mis-identifications  or   differences are used to divide us or set us at war with each other. With the govt new definition of gender  separate communities based on sexual preference were formed. A racist Govt has tried to make some people feel guilty to be white , as though  skin color is who one is  or a “privilege”. I know all this is not PC  and I don’t care as I am not PC and have became sick of the govts  divisive identity politics  which has propagated  and continued separatism and  racism. Its not the old statues that need pulling down its the false beliefs about who we are .  And we need to be present NOW not living in the  past .With human unconsciousness horrible things have been done in the past.  Women burned as witches, people openly  ” owned” and used as slaves,  million of people killed by other human beings under the concept of them being of a different nation .We were not conscious enough to recognize the wrongness of slavery and war   and still have much unconsciousness in the world eg sweatshops, still treat animals cruelly ,we still waste 50% food while people go hungry then worry about 3rd world media meme ” food insecurity”, bankers still have the taxpayers as debt slaves, corrupt corporate bankster  controlled govts, medicine for profit with  compassion and empathy trained out of Drs, we still have Crown corporations exploiting and damaging the planet.

But we can’t live in the past and need to heal .

Now more than ever we need to see our sameness that  we are all human beings. And we need to  understand what that means, we need to bring back  kindness, compassion and understanding that we have lost in our fear of otherness.


We need to  get onto an inner revolution to “know thyself” as the fact is we don’t know who we are beyond name and form means we are easily manipulated .We are operating as conditioned minds(egos), conditioned by our past . This little ego we are operating on is in a constant state of fear and desire. Our separation from our true SELF leads to desires and fears those that understand how the egoic human mind works can easily mind control the masses by using those fears and desires to program beliefs .We have been programmed to be  a planet of believers.People even believe the most silly things if the govt through the media get ” experts” to tell them it is so.


The only revolution we need is an inner one.
For how can we have peace on earth when we don’t have it as individuals?