“Banned from commenting for 100 years”.

I’m not welcome at the ranch .

I went to comment today and I got that banned message( If I had a dollar) . I am never going to be stumping “Caitlin Johnson” a popular© opposition narrative who was silent about convid19 and censored me. They also go on a lot about freeing media hero celeb CIA agent Assange . Now they are talking about an ” inner narrative ” and “outer work” focus which is not enlightenment.

Enlightenment is not about a new narrative or you being a “ rebel” . It is about being aware of thoughts and feelings so as to not misidentify yourself as them.

Becoming aware that you are awareness.

The idea you are a “rebel” can become just another false ID.

Rebellion is not enlightenment.

Humanity is one, it is your state of presence( your Being) that helps the whole ( not your activism) .

Being as primary combined with doing then creates right words and action. Conscious( awake) activism.


4 thoughts on ““Banned from commenting for 100 years”.

  1. Erik Ziel says:

    Yes, we are trying to understand the whole situation.. Understanding the “gearbox”. The mechanics. The brains and backgrounds… Not always thinking in good or bad, but how and why??

  2. I think it would be good if we were comfortable not knowing before focusing our attention on any situation.
    Even chasing the how and why can become the same as chasing mind obsession with cause and effect having limited information ( the ego mind). The devils in the details haha(the How and Why).If I was going to answer correctly( and being that I am both politically and socially incorrect) I would say God/Supreme/Spirit/Awareness is the only cause .
    You( we) are given free will and can choose Love or fear.
    You make your world according to the conditioning of your mind, projecting thoughts and feelings and give it reality .
    Thats the situation.

  3. Ha ha! Caitlin Johnstone kicked me off her blog as well. Early on during the plandemic I repeatedly asked her to discuss the lack of virus isolation, crazy mask and distancing mandates, draconian lockdowns, etc. Considering she’s in Australia where the most severe plandemic restrictions were happening, I would have thought the topic should be a priority.

    She finally tired of me and banned me from commenting.

    However, not to be deterred, I started commenting on her Facebook page. I finally got a response from her. Caitlin said she’s not writing about the pandemic because she’s “watching and waiting for new information”.

    Now if that’s not a load of BS, I don’t know what is. Of course she eventually kicked me off her Facebook page as well.

    Caitlin Johnstone (self-described rogue journalist… ha! Give me a break.) is mainstream media pretending to be alternative, independent commentary, and (I suspect) vying for a job at the NY Times or some such.

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