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Global Fascism in 2020

From  2020 to XXXX, the far right fascist  regime ruled the world by controlling people’s minds through fear and propaganda  . During this time, NaziUN  shadow govt shifted from the bankster’s engineered  society and introduced an ideology of “biological terrorism ” into the global  legal systems. The shift from the traditional legal system (the “normative state”) to the UNNazis’ ideological mission (the “prerogative state”) enabled all of the subsequent acts of the Hitler.. oh sorry I mean Herr Rockefeller ( his UN shadow govt for central bank national govts ) regime, including its atrocities to be performed “legally”. The UN’s new world order  first they denied it  now they have a website written  in Orwellian. The UN call locking the healthy population up and destroying the economy ” Happyism” .The 2030 agenda behind the totalitarian power grab with 2050 the end date for “hell on earth + zero freedom”. Oh Mr Rockefeller and the banks are happy alright.

The respective COVID Bills were used as a pretext to suspend the  different nations Constitutions, human rights  and Bill of rights and impose a two-year state of emergency. The unlawful draconian legislation imposed was said to “safeguard public security” by restricting civil liberties and granting increased power to the police.


Its so true if we don’t learn from history we just repeat it .

How do you want the narrative to go? A mass awakening would be in order to stop this before the  feel-powerless-so-wanted-to-be-a-cop  going door to door in a Stasi routine startsup.




corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, totalitarian, Tyranny

Busting up some of the current msm memes.

The media in both its controlled opposition ( faker astro turf leftys)and mainstream are putting the same old rancid ideas out . Trump, Russia, China, Biden,  the idea of so called “different political parties”,  democracy  and Capitalism.

There is no such thing as “Capitalism” an economic concept that doesn’t even exist so how can it be evil (or the cause of greed) .We have a banking cabal’s  economic monopoly its called Banksterism if an Ism or  concept is needed to define the economic structure of the world.These banksters loan private money they create from debt to all govts( corporations) thus controlling them.

Rothschild : Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws/ legislation/rules .

Puppets and the crumbled  Democracy Dogma

The cabal selects political candidates, runs the bias and unfair media campaign with its media conglomerates that is the election process  and chooses PM & Presidents   not the people . They are the banking cabal’s puppets as seen from the show as we see actions of not individual nations but globally unified govts( under banksters UN shadow govt).For who is it that under the psyop COVID19 that maintains power and creates wealth from increased ” COVID” debt but the Banksters and their corporations and institutions. Lets face it we all saw the failures of the systems in place,  the inhumanity of it all .There was a public uprising we were stirring in our sleep before the psyop criminalized peaceful protests, gatherings  and paralyzed people’s minds with fear.

Its now a time to choose fear or Love.

We do get to choose Love or fear.

And we co create this world.


“Love like there is no tomorrow. Stop thinking about what it means; start loving. If we did that, this world would be a different place today.”
— Prem Rawat

” You are not IN the are the universe- and intrinsic part of it.Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself” ET

If their important lesson were learnt the problems of this world, including the fascism, would not be.

Know thyself is the lesson.


corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, fascism, NWO, totalitarian, Tyranny

The UN’s push for a global mandatory vaccine .

Millions die each year  due to a lack of water and food  and yet the UN (the  cabal’s shadow govt) hasn’t pushed for “mandatory” clean water and food for every human being on the planet.

This is what is needed and these basic needs could have been met  if not for bankster’s govt’s funneling billions of dollars to developing vaccines, fictional “man made global warming” , invasions, bailouts to corporations,  banks and  funding conflicts.

The US H.R.6666 bill would allocate 100 billion annually  for fiscal year 2021 and any other subsequent fiscal years that are declared a  plunder-demic . So instead of  funding clean water and food $100 billion to enforce mandatory  testing for “an alleged  virus”.$660 Million was spent on 30+ Field Hospitals in the US , most didn’t have patients . . And the flow of money wasted in the name of covid19 goes on and on. BRICS  allocated $15 billion to the New Development Bank  so that it could  set up special loan instruments  for govts to borrow  ( *in the people’s names) to meet the costs of  responding to the  UN’s false flag “coronavirus plundemic”. Oh the banking cabal have plenty of funny money they use to  create their wealth…  but only  for what they want. The increased debt and borrowing  from the psyop COVID19 is making them even wealthier. So it seems govts can borrow any amount for tyranny but not for human needs.Where is all the money for food and water,  for what is   beneficial to humanity.


Link to Dr. Pascal Sacré questioning the insane priority of UN vaccination vs us being human beings).

I do not agree with pascal that there is any “new deadly disease called COVID19” caused by a new  “sars corona2 virus”.  As there is no evidence and the ( meaningless)CDC PCR tests state they cannot be used  to diagnose a disease. All elderly and ill people’s deaths   which were wrongly recorded as caused by COVID19 are just normal morbidity  numbers for winter season (having had their immune systems lowered by stress and fear). None being tested for influenza/multiple established respiratory diseases with exactly same symptoms.

But Pascal’s  is a good alternative narrative in a  time to look at what we want in this world vs the insanity that is going on.



corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, fascism, NWO, totalitarian, Tyranny

Supreme Court declared the lockdowns “unlawful” and “unenforceable” .

On May 13th the Wisconsin Supreme  Court   struck down the stay-at-home order, home detention  previously ordered by  the globalist cabal.

“Isn’t it the very definition of tyranny for one person to order people to be imprisoned for going to work, among other ordinarily lawful activities?” Justice Rebecca Bradley .

“This comprehensive claim to control virtually every aspect of a person’s life is something we normally associate with a prison, not a free society governed by the rule of law,” Justice Daniel Kelly .


corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, fascism, NWO, one multinational govt

Enter the truth of the human “virome” (which is in all healthy people) .

You have a quadrillion ” viruses” (strings of rna molecules  from cell break down ) on and in you, including   so called corona and many other pieces of rna  ( called “viruses” just  as parts of our dna were called ” junk”). The rna  is  found  in healthy people’s nasal passages and found  well before the plandemic.

There is in the   media  an insane panic -demic  demonized  and declared a war on an alledged   “corona virus”,  with  mass global home arrests, govt shut the economies down causing   economic destruction which is then blamed on a virus  , people with no freedom of movement in police states.

The human virome.

The viral component of the microbiome, termed the “virome” is a poorly understood facet of the microbiome. From a philosophical perspective, mrna stings ( called viruses) were likely integral to the very existence of man as the primordial precursor to all current life on earth [4]. More tangibly, during the course of human evolution, the (rna or )viruses in and around humans not only drove evolution via selective pressure, but also contributed novel genetic material. In fact, approximately 42 percent of the human genome is composed of (rna)viral sequence [5]. This role of mrna molecules  as a major agent driving horizontal (i.e., non-reproductive) gene transfer between biomes [69] and the fact that the diversity, complexity, and abundance of viruses/ rna molecules) surpasses any other biological entity make it apparent that understanding rna strings in viromes will impart unparalleled understanding of the organisms they inhabit .However, the obvious importance of viruses in the composition of all biomes has not (yet) been met with an appropriate fervor . Taken from

The description of the presumably healthy viral flora, i.e. the normal human virome, is still in its infancy regarding viral composition and dynamics. This below chart is  our current knowledge of the human virome  which is deemed non-pathological .Viruses present in humans with no disease and no symptoms.

Wylie et al. [74] revealed the presence of strings and bits and pieces of  of RNA we called  paramyxoviruses (e.g. Paramyxoviridae, Respirovirus and Pneumovirus genera) in the nasal swabs of apparently healthy individuals. They also reported the presence of InfluenzavirusA, Parechovirus and Coronavirus in nasopharyngeal swabs, similar to that reported by Van der Bergh et al. [81]. In healthy humans no causal relationship between a specific rna molecules  and  pathology was found.

You most likely have Corona virus(strings and bits  of rna) in your respiratory tract and its OK . There is nothing to fear.You don’t have to feel guilty . You have done nothing wrong,   that is just  the erroneous message of govts.

If you look under respiratory tract in the below diagram you will see in healthy people Corona viruses are already in your body. And see that fear of “viruses” is irrational ignorant and unscientific madness.

Its now a good time to question the “Germ Theory” on discovery and acceptance of our human Virome.

“Corona Viruses”(in fact just tissue break down ,  rna and molecules )  and many more we have in and on our bodies   found in healthy people showed virologists  that we have them, lots of these bits and bobs of rna  they call “viruses”   but they do  not cause us disease.

corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, fascism, NWO, one multinational govt, totalitarian, Tyranny

The Trace Act and Gate’s Patent

“Microsoft was recently granted Patent #060606 for a “crypto currency system using human body activity data.” , Gates owns the patent to conduct global surveillance via a quantum tattoo inserted as a chip into the human body.

AND in the USA


H.R. 6666  “The TRACE Act” ( $ 100,000,000,000  taxpayer funding for the unconstitutional legislation)

13th  May  details of the new resolution stated  that it would:

Authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID-19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes.

So all the corrupt govt and corrupt institutions can take a piece of  fa$cist  pie.

$100,000,000,000 us for fiscal year 2020; and

 such sums as may be necessary for each of fiscal year 2021 and any subsequent fiscal year during which the emergency period continues.

But  the media  say ” its not about  Gate’s   proposed mandatory vaccinations as they do not have one yet” Oh OK.

HR 6666 and Patent 060606: First Legislative Effort to Codify CV Response

Bill Gates, HR6666, Remdesivir, Deaths in Italy


The insanity of analyzing false data and living in fear… is this the new “normal”?

Without evidence of a “new deadly disease” being caused by the alleged “sars corona 2″  virus  falsified death data is being used to justify govt and police state actions . It was delusional to falsify govt death recordings( call all deaths testing positive with a ” corona virus” as death from disease called “COVID19″) then go on to make conclusions and decisions based on and using  this false data.We call this delusional  .

The govts in the need for maintaining mind control   must  continue lie in order to” be seen as right” to  justify its wrong extremist actions. It is in a broken feedback loop where it only relys on false data and misinformation . It started with a false predictive graph and is continuing with inaccurate testing,govt false  death recordings  and a few govt funded corrupt pseudo scientists spreading  fearmongering misinformation thrown in there for credibility.

People seem excited to have a reduction in the loss of freedoms they have experienced during The Great Hoax. This is  giving them the  opinion that things are back to normal or are going to be. I would like to question ” what is normal” for human beings. And what do we want for this world? What we had was not enlightened living, we were  not living in love but we were are are living and doing as though we have a lack and the fear that  engenders. Living   as though we are not complete not fully alive awake to our being. As co creators in this world we can manifest our inner state. Fear creates things to be afraid of (Tyranny).So in place of  going back to what is thought of as normal  I suggest an inner revolution . Its an old idea thats overdue: that we turn within, “know thyself” as Socrates put it.We have given everything else a chance in this  world and cultivated by our thoughts and feelings  war, hate , depression,greed, hopelessness and fear . All this has taken us further from our being from who we are.

We really need to learn from history. We need to stop being believers and start being knowers. The only way to “know”  is from a state of being. A state that can’t be reached by fear but by love.

The conditioned mind(ego) may tell us it can save us. This unconsciousness is collectively expressed by govt preying on our identity crisis   about who we are. They say we solely a body and we are in danger  and tell us what the danger is .They  will save us from Rumsfeld’s buddy Saddam, drugs, WMD,  terrorists and now viruses and keep us safely imprisoned in a tyrannical debt slavery system. Every single war the Govt  waged in our name increased what it was we were fighting.We’ve had the bloody revolutions they do not work, Its time for that inner revolution.Its time to give peace a chance starting with one light that will in turn light others and spread.










corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, fascism, NWO, one multinational govt, totalitarian, Tyranny

COVID19: The UN (global govt’s) Chinese whisper.

So it started with the  UN’s org WHO media whisper  that there was a “new deadly disease” that would kill millions. The original sin  based on  taking what was not real for the real.Not knowing the truth  is Ignorance.

The setup  for the COVID19 lie was a computer predicted simulation.  Falsified data of what was not real (what was not happening)  they used the false to try to make it true.The one lie to rule them all  currently following the exposure of the predictive model lie  is  the falsification of numbers of deaths from ” COVID19″.

And this production hasn’t stopped after  people found out  the prediction model used was false  as the global govt ( and its media)have turned to falsifying  recordings of deaths so  most deaths are said to be from  “COVID” a disease that has not been proved. Cancer, drug overdoses ,COPD, bronchitis, other respiratory conditions., old age, Iatrogenesis radical experimental drugs( fault of the wrong medical treatments- from a “healing  system” that is not based in love but is based on lack/fear/big pharma$ ).

One lie followed another in the panic-demic until the world had been converted by the fear of death (and loss of loved ones) into a prison of ” COVID19″  believers. Worshiping the govt that said would save them from death  by locking most of them them up at home and socially distancing them 2 m from each other. Maintaining  a campaign of deceit and fear the health officials  know lowers immune systems. Spraying toxic chemicals and causing  antibiotic resistant bacterial growth . Actions that are unlawful, illogical, unhealthy  and bizarre. Its  delusion and insanity doing something you know is wrong over and over.

The global govt ( UN) tyrants that control the national govts  tyrants are seen as the saviors by believers… what a distorted and unreal perception.

Those that question the media and  resultant subsequent en masse false beliefs are called deniers( same way to label and separate people as used the other political ” maintain control”  psyops).

The very question ” Is there a ” new deadly disease” called ” COVID19″ hasn’t even occurred and yet its the first question that should’ve  been asked .There is no proof of it.The meaningless tests( PCR +antibody tests for corona) don’t prove it. The what is a  normal number of deaths rate of ill and elderly (with iatrogenic treatment and stress)isolated, fearful,  locked up in winter  don’t prove it.

The whole “COVID19″ psyop is based on a lie that requires more lies to keep it going .The lie keeps getting distorted and increasing and requiring more lies  daily to keep it spreading.

Heres a humorous piece where the paw paw has tested positive for  ” COVID19″ Poor buggers having to use “foreign aid” buying meaningless tests  to provide more profit to the CDC .

Yip something is happening and something is not right …do we want this world  lead by tyrants who claiming” authority” , do we want to be living in fear and in separation?

They need you to believe the propaganda as we are also co creating this mess by our mis perceptions, fear and beliefs. So now more than ever ask yourself what sort of world do you want ?One of Love or fear? And then make it so by your thoughts and actions.

You will effect all those around you by your conscious  in a world that needs it.

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Be well.