“Falling down the crack”

The CCDHB & ACC ( both Crown entities )conspired  to  commit assault and battery, breach contract and deny me my legal entitlements, tried to  end my ACC  life time serious injury claim by forcing   “acc active rehab” on me clinically unstable  with severe orthopedic,  internal and traumatic severe neurological injuries (proof 4/4/6 CCDHB/ACC referral form).

I still have no coverage for my actual severe accident injuries which the CCDHB ACC on 4/4/6 made a decision to not purchase and provide care for .  I have no coverage for any of my claimed CCDHB or provider treatment injuries (or the sensitive injury claim from ” abi”). My formal complaints against ACC& CCDHB not funding acute serious injury care for clinically unstable ortho & neurological injuries are not addressed. Instead of acute service other people get at the public hospital the govt just told me that I “fell down the crack”. They( Court,govt OCI & Ombudsman) said I should consent their forced “active euthanasia”/murder, the inappropriate acc active rehab of my incorrectly (untreated) severe physical orthopedic, internal and neurological injuries  by letting them use ACC’s(CCDHB) injury misdiagnoses .