The Arbitrary Rules of Madmen.

So today we see that under orders from UN (global govt) the French govt has locked up the people for 4 weeks imposing many bizarre, insane and arbitrary restrictions.

Firstly there is no isolated new deadly virus called Sars CoV2. The Sars CoV2 genome was just computer generated by the NWO hoaxers on 10 Jan. Now it continues in the collective to be a 100 % mental virus.

Fear shuts down the brains ability to be rational and use reasoning. Again we see a govt is failing to understand strings of rna (exosomes that are being called “viruses”- refer to the debunked 1861 germ theory) don’t follow 9 PM to 6 AM curfews . Curfews for “a new deadly virus Sars CoV2 ” that has yet to even be proven to exist . Why not another arbitrary time for the unlawful curfews say of 9am – 6pm? Whats with the random govt selected times?

RNA strings don’t appear to know about, understand or obey govt curfews. Curfews for rna strings are 100 % pure govt irrational BS. What reason is provided for imposing a Nazi curfew for healthy people during a lockup with isolation masks and social distancing ? None. No reason or rational explanation of how any of this unlawful, insane and tyrannical BS is going to do anything but cause more suffering . Govts are experts at making up imaginary problems and using them to pose their so called solutions that always create actual real problems imposing stricter control ie less freedoms for the people it appears to be at war with. Then in creating false problems they ignore all the real problems their past “solutions” to fake problems has created .

 Healthy people can only “Exercise only 1km from house.”


Exosomes (Rna strings called “corona virus” found up healthy people’s noses by virologists studying the human microbiome ” virome” ) will be just be waiting to “get you” at 1.01km distance from your house. So keep it to 1k as per the political consensus $cience. If you think they have done a study that proves distances of 1.01k greater from your home are seething with hoards of rna strings think again there is no studies or truth behind the insanity. 999m is fine but if your take a few more steps 1005 no oh god no … the non existent CG Sars CoV2 virus will get you!!!!. Random use of insanity for the purpose of exerting power over others . Keeping people afraid so they are unable to be rational or use reasoning.

Key word here is that its insane.

Can attend funerals. Can’t get married.

Can go to high school.Can’t go in to work.

Further Gestapo restrictions are in force across France:

  • Groups of 5 people fine but 6 not ok
  • No parties may be held in public community halls but Venues may host 5,000 people but not 5001
  • No more freedom of movement.
  • Papers must be carried by disabled people and their carers (very nazi) Papers required for needed essential family reasons assisting vulnerable persons ( nazi redux).
  • Forced testing with a RT PCR test that cannot be used to diagnose disease and in this use ( creating a ” covid case”) it is a from of medical experimentation ( breach of Geneva Code)

If you are 11 or over, you must provide a negative RT-PCR test carried out less than 3 days before traveling to the Overseas Territories. If you are 10yrs and a half , 8 or 9yrs old you don’t have to.

Random & crazy at a whole new level .

Germany is also suggesting another lockup after doing lots of meaningless tests with the PCR diagnosing disease and infection creating cases which the test cannot. Moaning Merkel is claiming she ” lost control” of what is not even been proven to exist except on a computer screen the “Sars CoV2” But she is now calling it “corona virus” as the CDC confessed did not isolate a Sars CoV2 molecule . They lost control of their fiction. ” Do not question authority ” is the thought form we have been conditioned with since childhood. I hope all the Germans will be out peacefully protesting en masse and will just say no.

I also hope the French wake up as they are bloody good activists and their govt is secretly (since the French revolution) afraid of them .

May you be happy and healthy and alight in the world in these crazy times.


Media should come with a health warning .

How people get possessed by media’s viral thoughts and emotions( memes) and lose it or get lost in it. People can become addicted to emotions such as outrage and anxiety. They feel the neg emotion is part of their identity of who they are. It serves to strengthen or validate their ego even though the emotion they are addicted to is a negative one. The ego( identification with conditioned mind) does not care if it has a negative or positive thoughts about itself.

Most human beings are nuts, stark raving mad . Don’t believe me just look at the news . And people that are insane do not know it. Knowing or seeing the insanity( collective mental dysfunction) is a sign of sanity rising.

Through the media people get possessed by memes, thoughts and emotions ( emotions are the body’s reaction to the thought) . People do not know this as the media( include alt right CO’s sites like ZH, OffG CJ etc) is the dispenser of propaganda, they won’t tell you what reading it can do. Reading news on blogs its like feeding your mind the worst junk food ( fear, anger, stress with propaganda on the side).

For the bankster that own 90% media conglomerate they can still mind control people who do not believe the mainstream( dissenters/conspiracy theorist I think is their term) . You can see this in the fact people who don’t agree with UN -govt narrative have agreed with govt and made the “conspiracy theorist” as part of their identity and feel polarized and separate. . If you don’t agree with govt lies and propaganda ( I do not) that doesn’t make you what the govt want to call you nor does it separate us from all human beings (or really all life). One consciousness. Don’t let them polarize you or create enemies for you ( their favs right now are Rockefeller’s media spoke$men F and Gates).

What I am suggesting is to be very aware of the memes ( thoughts and emotions ) the media is trying to get you possessed by.

How do you feel when you read whatever it is?

More often than not negative emotions and thoughts are being communicated & spread by media. Its on your phone/internet 24/7 its technology that amplifys the dysfunction of human mind .

This possession by media thoughts and emotions( memes) is a real threat not the fake non existent ” new virus Sars CoV2″ .

Please use vigilance and keep some attention on your inner state. See if you are tensing up, take three breaths and focus just on the in breath and out breath . If you find the media makes you feel bad ie feel stress/anger/fear stop reading it. Stand up and Shake it out, literally.

Bring your focus to the present moment .


Controlled opposition.

Its a fact .

The stable of popular controlled opposition so called ” conspiracy/dissenting” sites grows .Many C.O manufacturing consent can be clearly seen through the use of reasoning . Seen from conspiracy sites still telling non sequiturs about a total lie that is the psyop Covid are busy now planting toxic memes : Us V them, superiority , fear , helplessness and hopelessness , Q anon, CIA agent media celeb Assange, nationalization , national socialism as a solution, pushing mind consent for the idea of mandatory vaccines,trying to overload people with contradictory and vast amounts of propaganda , pushing violent revolutions and war mongering.

Some of the most popular conspiracy sites are controlled opposition. They are succeeding in making non believers of govt feel superior to believers, massaging their ego and then sneakily implanting memes in their unconscious ego minds.

As long as the banksters have mind control and people still totally mind identified and possessed by thoughts and feelings through this lack of Self awareness they retain control of the world financial, social development , health and political system and can make us (as we are co creators- unknowing ) manifest for them what they want. Through our inner state our thought and feelings from which our doing/action comes from. E.G fear -anger = riots . Or the media promotion of racism (which has ” fear of other” )in it and makes for anger and generated more racism .Chaos.

The NWO( UN) have a person( or an org) to lead the opposition and now more than ever to control the dissenting narrative this ensures continued mind programming and control of State “enemies” through the planting of subtle and not so subtle memes, thoughts and feelings . Controlled opposition has been used for hundreds of years by the ruling banksters (Rothschild & Co) in order to maintain (mind) control and so their political and economic monopoly. These banksters own the media. Their increase in conspiracy blogs reflects the peoples move away from consuming msm fox/NBC/CNN news.

The Democracy Dogma.

In politics it is two different opposing parties that appear (through the media) as fighting as enemies as though the election process is real . Yet the parties are part of the one political monopoly, its an illusion. Its for show so you agree and consent to be governed/ruled, we don’t have a democracy. Democracy means rule by the people. The plan is that you mentally identify with one of the parties and vote . And as George C wisely pointed out” No matter who you vote for the govt always gets in” another good GC quote ” If voting changed anything they wouldn’t let you do it”. Voting changes nothing and the same corporation/govt tell you who is their president/PM -you take on trust.

Voting, voting and voting is doing the same thing and expecting a different result( insanity) . People are lied to every time, election promises are BS and still the people haven’t learnt that polticans are professional liars. The election campaign is pure insanity. People are identified with ideology democrat vs republican and so they are divided fighting over two dodgy and dubious parties and bankster candidates.

More info on controlled opposition:

Its an inner revolution that is needed and as a bonus with self knowledge comes the freedom from the conditioned mind or the egomind, you become unable to be mind controlled .

What you are looking for is inside not out in the world of opposites and form.

covid hoax, COVID19 operation, pseudo $cience

What new virus?!

Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport( nomorefakenews.com) found the CDC’s confession that they did not and still do not have an isolated existing ” new virus “. “The CDC July 13, 2020 document is titled, “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.” Page 39, Performance Characteristics, : “No quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available..” Every object that exists can be quantified, which is to say, measured. The use of the term “quantified” in that phrase means the CDC has no measurable amount of the virus, because it is unavailable. THE CDC HAS NO VIRUS.

Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA..”

No “new virus” , no new disease( new set of symptoms) no actual tests that can find 1 “virus” nothing. Absolutely no proof of threat and as I said before all ” measures or restrictions” taken by govts without having proof of threat were unlawful and criminal.


corrupt govts, covid hoax, COVID19 operation, fascism, NWO

What Debate?!

The msms controlled opposition have decided to throw a faux debate and not to debate the main point of contention ie the non existence of a new virus (“Sars CoV2”). They only want to debate the tyrannical measures taken against the non existent threat. For if they wanted a real debate they would first have to provide proof of a new virus that causes a new disease( and proof of that) and they have none.

The non existence of a “new virus” and total lack of evidence of it is the main point of a debate. We have not been given any evidence of ” a new virus” ( Sars CoV2)this one primary matter is being deliberately ignored and it is the very foundation of the whole covid hoax.

Instead of a real debate they just want to argue face masks and the unlawful home detentions. They want to try to justify the govt’s tyranny, fascism and all the wrong actions( “measures”) taken in the name of an totally unproven non existent threat( Sars CoV2).

How can you debate action taken regarding a threat of something when that thing that is said to be a threat doesn’t have any evidence of its existence? They lost the debate before it started.

They have no proof of threat.

Legally, this makes their actions which were and are breaching human rights and constitutions , criminal.

Without proof of threat there is no debate to be had. All measures that were taken without having proof of an isolated ” new virus” were unlawful.

  1. There is no isolated “new virus”( Sars CoV2) no proof of it what so ever.
  2. There is no proof of said “virus” so there is the absence of any proof “it” ( which does not exist) causes a ” new disease=new set of symptoms”( when “it” alone is aerosol-ed into healthy people lungs at distance of less than 6f ( or 2 meters).

Many more skeptical and intelligent people that are no longer taken over and frozen by fear are figuring out Covid is solely a mental virus, just a thought form in the collective hive mind.

On a positive note a quote from ET on the current world situation .

There is no doubt that humanity is at a critical point in its evolutionary journey toward transcendence of egoic dysfunction and a more awakened consciousness.
When we meet with loss, disruption of our lives or any kind of adversity, there is not only DANGER, but also OPPORTUNITY.
There are two dimensions to the danger we are faced with collectively, particularly at the present time. On the one hand, there is the real possibility of experiencing adversity on the level of physicality, such as sickness, loss of livelihood, natural disasters, social and economic breakdown, violence, and so on. Life in the realm of physicality is, of course, fleeting and precarious even in the best of times.
More fundamentally, however, the danger is of an inner nature. It is the possibility of a serious deterioration in our mental/emotional state, our state of consciousness. This happens when we are overcome by reactivity and then find ourselves at the mercy of unconscious forces such as fear, anger, despondency, nihilism, or rigid and unquestioned collective thought forms that seek to assert tyrannical control over our lives. Loss of critical thinking happens when thinking is no longer rooted in awareness. 
When awareness is lost, we easily become possessed by the hive-mind as represented by our mainstream and social media. Our rational faculties are seriously impaired and our decision-making turns dysfunctional. This exacerbates rather than alleviates our problems. In other words, we regress to a lower level of consciousness and are completely in the grip of the collective ego.
When we recognize that the greatest danger we are facing is the loss of consciousness rather than any external situation, we begin to see the OPPORTUNITY that opens up when faced with major challenges.
“Eckhart Tolle

May you choose love and may that love you radiate out and return to you tenfold.


covid hoax, COVID19 operation, NWO, pseudo $cience

A summary about the testing…

Both the RT PCR test and the antibody test in use regarding and in reference to ” covid” (a new disease which doesn’t exist) are meaningless and can’t be used to diagnose disease (” covid”) and an antibody test can’t determine immunity. These tests are being deliberately misused to support the covid hoax.

Technology in the service of madness.

They have not even isolated a “new virus” yet.

RT PCR test

There is no reference for this test. No proof of accuracy at all, no gold standard.

A test that cannot even detect a quarter of 1 whole transmissible “virus” .It just finds and amplifies a very small sequence of nucleic acid that we have in our dna.

It is a test that ” cannot be used to diagnose disease/infection”.


A test in which the sample should not be contaminated with dna when being used to transcribe delicate rna.

Many have alleged the rna sequence of the primers and probes that the PCR test use are found in human dna ( chrom 8).https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5y1KzCKrZ3A&feature=youtu.be

The rna sequence they are looking for is in our dna and virome.https://notpublicaddress.wordpress.com/2020/05/18/enter-the-truth-of-the-human-virome-which-is-in-all-healthy-people/

July 16, 2020, podcast, “This Week in Virology”:Excerpt from humans are free link https://humansarefree.com/2020/11/bombshell-fauci-states-covid-test-has-fatal-flaw.html

Tony Fauci makes a point of saying the PCR COVID test is useless and misleading when the test is run at “35 cycles or higher.” A positive result, indicating infection, cannot be accepted or believed.FDA runs them at 40 cycles.Each “cycle” of the test is a quantum leap in amplification and magnification of the rna, virome & dna test specimen taken from the patient.

Fauci admitted the test is useless when it’s run at 35 cycles or higher.The FDA says run the test up to 40 cycles . FDA use to say the “RT PCR test cannot be used to diagnose disease” and yet here they are now and that is exactly what they are mis -using the PCR test for.

They are committing all kinds of fraud.

Antibody test

Many people who get a cold do not develop antibodies as they eliminate the imbalance in the body without developing them.The immune system is very complex and intelligent, science still does not understand it.

Consensus science do not know what having antibodies means. They do not actually know if having immunoglobulins( antibodies) means 1) You are actively infected or

2) You have had an infection recently or in past.

3) They cannot tell if you are immune from just having antibodies.

4) The antibody test for IG is not covid hoax specific . And if you have a cold or fighting off an infection/imbalance you haven’t beaten after a week you likely will test positive for antibodies.

They say five major types of antibodies( immunoglobulins) are:

  • IgA. IgA antibodies are found in areas of the body such the nose, breathing passages, digestive tract, ears, eyes, and vagina. IgA antibodies protect body surfaces that are exposed to outside foreign substances. This type of antibody is also found in saliva, tears, and blood. About 10% to 15% of the antibodies present in the body are IgA antibodies.
  • IgG. IgG antibodies are found in all body fluids. They are the smallest but most common antibody (75% to 80%) of all the antibodies in the body. IgG antibodies are very important in fighting bacterial and viral infections.
  • IgM. IgM antibodies are the largest antibody. They are found in blood and lymph fluid and are the first type of antibody made in response to an infection. They also cause other immune system cells to destroy foreign substances. IgM antibodies are about 5% to 10% of all the antibodies in the body.
  • IgE. IgE antibodies are found in the lungs, skin, and mucous membranes. They cause the body to react against foreign substances such as pollen, fungus spores, and animal dander. They are involved in allergic reactions to milk, some medicines, and some poisons. IgE antibody levels are often high in people with allergies.
  • IgD. IgD antibodies are found in small amounts in the tissues that line the belly or chest.
  • How they work is not clear.

So there is no real test that was used for detecting a “new virus” or any test for a “new disease”( covid = flu symptoms). Using the antibody or RT PCR tests that can’t detect “covid cases ” is medical fraud.

There is still 10 months after the launch of psyop covid absolutely no scientific evidence of it at all .


covid hoax, COVID19 operation, pseudo $cience

Trump does not have “covid”.

No one’s had covid .

The RT PCR test they use to create ” cases” cannot be used to diagnose disease or infection.

The RT PCR test cannot even detect 1 whole transmissible rna “virus”.

There is also no reference for the PCR test so when they say 90% false positive when it is being used as test for covid cases it has 100% false positive results. Its fraud.

The Sars CoV2 virus that is claimed to be the cause of the new disease( with old flu symptoms)is just a computer generated string of rna


” There is nothing to fear but fear itself” No new deadly virus no new deadly disease . Its all propaganda from a failed egomind based system(an economic and political monopoly) that wants to continue but has been exposed as ” evil” (or unconscious) .

*Todays suggested listening for inner peace and for being the change you want to see in the world.https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyOuAoSmZkKp4eQiHraCEcSTkwN5ohom0


Turbulence and Transconsciousness .

Buckle up.

And by this I mean find your inner stillness your rock, your ” I am” in order to weather the storm ie what is collectively happening in the world.

If you read the media featuring its insane election freak show in the US. Just like a really bad reality show that showcases two unfit deranged candidates with everything you don’t want in a leader. And yet people still believe in the democracy dogma. Presented with candidates you would not trust to clean your toilet, most totally believe the media and that they get to “choose” when they vote . That there is “rule by the people” in govt. Its nuts out there . And the insanity I see is not the new normal, its still insanity .

The media still amplifies the problems .

The collective thought form, a mental virus ” Covid” still has people possessed. People in the grip of psyop covid are still choosing fear and so the social polarization continues. All actions arising from this fear have made things worse. All the fear based actions: Lock downs, masks, social isolation, media spreading discord & confusion, racism, inciting violence, govts destroying their economy’s & people’s livelihood all wrong actions that have created chaos.

So we could say what we see is an effect of the cause fear ( or primarily unconsciousness) . The fear based mind is void of reasoning and rational thinking. “The external turmoil is determined by our inner state of consciousness” ET. So collectively our actions and our reality follow our inner state. Which again why I feel its a time to choose love or fear. Bring in light or remain in the dark.

We have the challenges and adversity needed to evolve .The good news as staying in comfort zones isn’t conducive to evolution and growth .

But we urgently need wisdom not all this reactive negativity and fear based actions. We are connected and so each one of us can help in our human evolution at this time at this moment by practicing inner peace or mindfulness. We are not powerless. We are co creators in this world currently what is manifesting is a fear based reality -chaos .

Imagine what love would manifest?

People are afraid of the insane trans-humanist agenda, but I believe that transgression in human consciousness has already occurred . People are asleep to their being, are fully possessed by their ego mind, possessed with thoughts implanted in their minds by media. Thinking compulsively the same programmed thoughts over and over . In the media propagated fear based negative reactive mind state our reasoning is lost, thinking and feeling what the media tells us makes us “trans-human”. So lets not be trans-human, lets all be conscious participants in the evolutionary process and the bringing of more light into this world.

Peace and Love.

A Recommended Resource :

“Being the Light An Inner Journey to Accelerate Conscious Evolution in Times of Crisis”