The Bigger picture.

Dont get stuck on the pixels.

Its good to discover the relative truth that there is no such things as covid19 or viruses. There is much to be learnt. Curiosity and the unclouded open mind( embracing that state of “not knowing”) is essential right now.

The medical, economic and political system is well and truly munted, some knew well before the covid psyop but for others the level of extreme insanity and fear porn could be ignored no longer .

Throughout our history we have been lied to by experts and govts seeking control so this is not new . It you studied real history( not the State sanctioned version) you discovered it is the history of insanity, perpetual war$, cruelty and ignorance . A repeat cycle of not learning lessons.

Evolving consciousness has allowed more to become aware or to start looking for truth and reality in the midst of obvious contradictions, non sequiturs and lies.

Eckhart Tolle the Westernizer-modernizer of ancient spiritual( self knowledge) teachings has been teaching for some time and wrote a book called New Earth. Aboutthe vision of the systems breaking down and promoting a shift from fear to love through presence( present moment focused). His new earth is an evolution from egoic-ly( fear) mastered peeple to humans beings with Self knowledge. This change in the world needs the destruction of the old egoic patterns in the mind.The patterns are spread by corporate media. #1 on the charts is Us vs Them. The ( egoic)State’s divide and conquer meme. Dont fall prey to it we are one.

Essentially though all the patterns are of fear. Fear control submission. Humanity isn’t aware of it .They do not yet know they were( are) lost in the fog of fear. They dont even know that that is all they can choose fear or love. Freewill when one is mind programmed is not happening . Hindsight( another word for clarity) helps in these upheaval situations, to look at things while not in a state of hysteria. But as the systems break down the media pounds its drum of fear many are being constantly triggered. In this more voices ( and listeners)of reason are needed, I enjoy and appreciate the people that are lovingly spreading the truth on this debunking network. .Spreading the truth isnt a fight so dont make it into one . The fact that there are no such things as viruses is not you( its just fact), dont identify as it or as a movement/team . And as I said be aware of the group ego and the “team” theme.

Post psyop covid trauma

( *Sorry you guys that still believe it was not planned, that RFK jr didnt know he was lying and that there is not a counterintelligence movement trying to thwart the shift away from fear and its imprisoned lineal thinking)

Heaps more are teaching trauma counseling nowdays . Most of it ineffective there is only one effective treatment and that is to come fully to the present moment( not in the past or imaging the past as the future).

In not seeing the collective trauma from the psyop convid19 trauma therapists refused to address the elephant in the room . The covid psy op was set in motion on the fear of death(the very much believed false death charts). Same course set for trauma the only treatment for fear of death is Self knowledge as mindfulness/presence is the only effective treatment of all fear( past or imagined in future). Obedience was a sure thing for the 99% with the govts pledge to ” keep you safe” -ultimately from (this ) death( chart). The (egoic)State has and will say anything to keep up the fear for control.

Love is uncontrollable . Love is reality . Fear is about making illusions.

Self knowledge was cultural topic back in ancient Greece. Beautifully put “know thyself “.

Now it seems only ” Spiritual” people talk about it.

It is akin to Self remembering.

It is so simple .

It is your function and purpose to spread what you are… Love into the darkness of this world and in this transform it. We see the old world system collapsing but to ensure the new earth manifested is not a similar turbo charged self destructive State of chaos +fear we need to all make sure that our new ( mind made) world is a manifestation of our loving thoughts.

I am not being fluffy, religious or fruity its just factual, action comes from thought.

And its the universal law of the boomerang, what you put out comes back.

So keep the Love this world needs as the big picture. When you are inline with the universe your work/what you do becomes effortless and joyful. For its not just the truth you spread when you are in a present moment centered state, that love is what compels you in the face of darkness to shine your light.


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