The Simple Truth .

There is no sars cov2 virus.

There is no pandemic.

There is no new deadly disease ” covID19″

There are no “covid cases” and no one has died from ” covid19″

The unsafe and ineffective injection ( a medical trial) the corporate govts call a ” vaccine” doesn’t “vaccinate” anyone against anything.

The injection is not mandatory.

There is no proof of threat.

There is a need to ask for proof and as there is none we people who do not believe govt lies should not be defensive They have an obligation to provide us with proof for their nutty claims and they have not.

The Govt is a source of lies not the truth. Everyone use to know what pathological liars politicians were… so what happened? Did the psyop trauma and daily fearmongering help remove their memory , knowledge and reprogram their minds .Yes it seems it did. They are trapped in their minds, minds that are programmed and all information they get is seen thorough the filter of Orwellia- as Govt is the only source of info to them. They are (even with the couple of things they can do gained back from injections and nazi papers) totally jailed in their minds.


Freedom, the shift, is moving from a totally mind dominated state to the spacious state of being. This psyop ( based on fear) is a catastrophe or it is a huge challenge that we needed for transformation.

Key facts in the ” media spread thought/fear covid19 meme ” psyop.

  1. No govt has no proof of threat as the “sars cov2 virus” has not been isolated/purified to date.
    There is reasonable suspicion from OIA requests to govts that there is no proof of threat

2)On 10th of Jan 2020 a Chinese consortium got a random sample of dna and fetal bovine dna and ran a number of computer programs( next gen)to generate a 30k string of rna. Its 100% virtual but the world took it as real and no nation bothered to verify the Chinese CG genome or isolated /purified sars cov2.

3) There is no real test for ” covid19″.

The RT PCR test cannot even detect 1 whole transmissible virus.
It cannot be used to diagnose disease.
Its use to create “cases” is fraud.

4) As there is no isolated/purified “sars cov2” so there is also no proof that inhaling such a thing would cause disease in healthy people.

5) To have a new disease a new set of symptoms is needed.
“CovID19″ was said to have the exact same symptoms of the flu/cold.
As ” covid” is just the flu symptoms rebranded therefore there is no new disease. Certainly no pandemic.

*Do note that the same UN’s WHO said the alleged “2002 sars cov and MERS viruses” spread globally BUT without declaring a (pseudo) pandemic . The media stopped reporting the fake virus outbreaks and they disappeared. It is a fear based meme and it is media spread. Nothing more than a Chinese whisper that has made people full of fear, irrational, illogical and hysterical .

The only reason they could do this was because people believed the media and were in fear. Its hard to acknowledge but we co create(d ) fascism through our collective fear and beliefs( thoughts and feelings), fear of something that doesn’t exist . Fear of the phantom called fear. We collectively became addicted to fear and media information .We did this , so are we ready to undo it?

New potentials and miracles are always here and now. The paradigm shift, (like awakening), is a move from fear to love. From thinking to Being.

“Tara Singh in her book Nothing Real Can Be Threatened: Exploring a Course in Miracles thoroughly explores the origin of fear, how we perpetuate it, and how we can dissolve it.“Hard times may come in the world because we are ruled by fear. It is our responsibility to step out of fragmentation, bring our minds to noble thought, and extend humanism and goodness.”


Fear is ” The Thing” in the age of information addiction.

People love the media as the brain has a dopamine reward system like money & drugs for gaining information .

We have become addicted to information and in the majority of cases it is the addiction to mis-information.

We seek information because we are looking for ourselves. Knowing, loving and being that is our authentic Self. When looking outside in order to try to find ourselves we also seek info in order to know, to try to feel whole and complete . We want to know. It is natural to be curious, to wonder and learn. Nothing in excess. Information can become an addiction. We have now put a high price on “information”/data and an huge corporate industry that steals your personal information and sells it and one( media) that spreads (mis) information. There is so much and contradicting and manipulated data as the media also seek to confuse and overwhelm the information consumer. Data “scientists” and algorithms can reprogram , manipulate and reorder data to suit the owner. As we have seen all during the scamdemic. Meaningless falsified “data” is valued if it can make profits . Which goes to the corporate values human beings have adopted and are mentally infected with.

The age of misinformation.

There is a very large number of controlled opposition (mis) information outlets . Ask yourself are they spreading the one narrative “covid19” ? I am skeptical of all very popular alt sites that have a narrative of “a virus” and ” covid19 is real” they use classic non sequiturs and just argue the use of toxic injections the GMO trial they wrongly call a “vaccine” . There is no “covid19” so no injection is needed its that simple. The wolves in sheep clothes selling mis information and forming us vs them groups. I call shenanigans on the alt info sites telling people there is a “virus”, “covid19” or a “vaccine”. None of these things exist they are spreading and dealing in misinformation and fear. There is a Big Lie used as an excuse to try to make us give up our physical freedoms, to distance us from each other and push an injection that was described by Big pharma to be a human GMO trial( *I do not claim it works) with toxins .

Just as our brains like junk food for the calories , so we overvalue information that makes us feel good for a short time just for the dopamine hit. Then there is the emotional addiction to a (seemingly paradoxical) normal state of fear. Anxiety for many is a ” normal” prevalent state, much like a static hum .

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself”

Threat perception cycles

Wondered why there is so much submission to the bankster (corporations as government) fascist rules? People following the media induced trauma are going though the automatic animal responses to a perceived threat. The body reacts to imagined threats( thoughts that generate fear) the same as if it were really happening. Many are in submit mode with an unhealthy Stockholm syndrome attachment to govt ( that tyrant that ironically promises “safety”= freedom from threats that it is making up). Every media induced traumatic response to fearmongering mis information has the potential side effect of triggering (repressed) childhood trauma so many are also unknowingly cycling round the threat responses as they are plugged into media with daily fearmongering there is no safety or grounding for them that is needed to deal with strong traumatic events.

  1. Fight: Becoming aggressive in the face of a perceived threat
  2. Flight: The urge to flee a stressful—or seemingly stressful—situation
  3. Freeze: A reaction that doesn’t feel like a reaction at all; not being able to think or move. Overtime part of the freeze response around other 3a Submit: Appeasing others when faced with a threat 3bAttach: Forming unhealthy needy and clingy bonds after perceived threat.


  1. Solution: Freedom from the past. Having attention that is focused and grounded in this moment . This moves you out of animal responses to into real courage( not suppressed fear – causing fight response -pretending to be courage). Feel whatever you feel, dont flee from it into addiction or distraction. Emotions are a reaction to a thought , just energy and it moves if we let them flow and release them. (Like thoughts are like the clouds passing over the sky of our minds )
  2. Free course in Trauma https://product.soundstrue.com/healing-trauma-certificate/sign-up/?_kx=58FBDgek6byko_708KpFoXeCMW3vGNdazkIs8xrnjIw%3D.JMDgaq


Changing the narrative.

The growing corporate censorship and political agenda has prevented the new discoveries to form an evolved intelligent understanding of our inter connection to each other and to our world . Some still talk about the insane political narrative as though its “science” . This political pseudo science is rampant as the central banking cabal have only funded support for their agenda and suppressed opposing information. Money has followed pseudo science for a long time with few people left able to practice actual science . Experts that disagree get defamed . Debate is not allowed to happen in the political pseudo science as it is so weak it could not withstand it. We are not allowed to debate the non existent “sars cov2 virus” or the non existent new disease ( “cold/flu” rebranded) “covid19”. And non existent are the debates on the global govts(UN)imposed human rights violating unlawful rules and the injections . During this time of a seeming “consensus” of scientific illiteracy the few non corrupt people practicing actual science in different fields have found new narratives. Including a new scientific narrative that says we are connected and are all part of the universe. It also finds intelligence is in this field, a finding that opposes the old Darwinism claiming that our evolution was “random” + “survival of the fittest” which was an egoic narrative .

Real science has also discovered the importance of attention and is just tapping into the health benefits of being able to focus your awareness on pure awareness ( mindfulness/meditation practices). The potential of the intelligence filled body to heal itself when put in the optimal “state of mind” . And a new narrative on dis-ease that has formed conflicting with the 1861 (germ theory) narrative. Big pharma and Govts criminally conspiring in the medical experimentation nightmare means now we have clear exposure of the dysfunctional corporate medical industrial model that has nothing to do with health and everything to do with profits . We know now that chronic stress and negativity literally makes our body and mind unwell.

You could almost say the old state (and the old narrative) is the speak of a disconnected false self. The voice of the ego living in fear of discovery. Let us change the narrative from fear to love and from false to true.

It is clear from those practicing science that a new narrative for humanity is needed. Currently the new is opposing the old political pseudo science narrative and dogmas. This is evolution, it is never in a straight line always in cycles and it feels like its speeding up.

This non functional sick insane caterpillar of the old state of humanity has met its critical thresh hold. We can no longer continue as we are and many of us know this . So though we label what is happening and the regression as ” bad” without it though we would not have the opportunity for a shift as shifts can only happen in these critical situations.

There is no solution in politics as politics is an externalization of the collective (un)consciousness. The problem creating state cannot solve the problems it created . But this is where you can and are participating in the new state and why you matter as you can work on the level of your own consciousness that will in turn effect all. Conscious activism and truth spreading is happening and needed, not getting pulled back down by reactive egoic state patterns . Not creating the us vs them or fear narratives. And despite an all time high of corporate media propaganda and censorship the recognition of the collective insanity and the truth came out and is spreading. Being present, even if you are not compelled to action, is a wonderful way to help facilitate humanities transformation. And if and/or when action is needed you will engage in right action from the new state of being. Being attentive to your inner state and working on your own inner state is where the transformations and miracles happen.

As a wise man once said simplicity, patience and compassion are your great treasures in this adventure. In this season the practice of cultivating gratitude is ” best practice” . Planting the seeds of your intentions for manifestation such as abundance, prosperity, freedom self knowledge and love then letting the universe help grow them. As the internal dialog changes so does the outer narrative.

COVID19 operation, Love, Nazi , medical experimentation,GMO trial

Love Revolutionaries .

Be unmoved by the controlled opposition’s frantic fearmongering, us vs them isolating memes, propaganda and dis-empowerment ramp up . It was pretty funny reading two controlled op sites today one CJ creating enemies telling people the injected hate them , ” to purge” a violence meme, trying to set non injected against injected. And another CJ on Woking Times spreading the anti American/Western memes and talking about propaganda as a “science” . Everyone sane knows propaganda is not a science it just requires media, people’s belief in media source ( not in themselves) , ” Experts/Actors” lies then repeating those lies , using fear to manipulate and non sequiturs. Both CJ’s have in common the anti capitalist meme when we dont have capitalism we have a central banking economic and political monopoly. So be aware of how these so called “alternative” sites make you feel. Are they creating enemies for you , fearmongering and dis-empowering you. Many bloggers have become unconscious fighting (*reacting) to unconsciousness . Ego loves enemies which is why we have world record record divide and conquer memes. .https://www.bodhijeffreys.com/read/conscious-activism/eckhart-tolle

There’s nothing new here, nothing to freak out about. People have been insane for some time and we’ve had the same dysfunctional systems that are now crumbling and more and more people are seeing the dysfunction as though its new. Unconsciousness is the crisis, always has been. All the media spread fear creates fascism . Emotions such as fear is your bodys reaction to thoughts,thoughts spread by media and when both controlled op and mainstream are using fearmongering propaganda its no wonder there is so much fear in the world .

Hey I dont know whats in the injections. I’m not consenting to it so it doesn’t matter if there is ” The thing” ( classic fearmongering) Elon Musk and Gate’s semen or nanotech . Its medical experimentation, an injection for a “virus and disease” that does not exist and the disclosed ingredients are toxic .

This fear they spread is the desired result. If you feel it, dont deny it, dont run away, feel it get into your body and become present moment focused thus transmuting the fear. You are powerful. The world rulers want to usurp your power .They want you to fear not to love. Your personal sphere is connected to humanity and we are creating this fear based world and can change it to a love based world -the shift we need. If we want freedom we must think and feel free, we must be free and not be ruled by fear, hate and ignorance.

They say you repeat what lessons you did not learn and we did not learn collectively, the historic narrative was distorted into a politically correct narrative . The lesson needed to be learnt is Self knowledge. So as not to be mastered by a mental narrative ( ego speak ) aka totally mind identified.

This is about love and our interconnectedness. Wow, we are all here now together at a time of the love revolution. I am meeting global love revolutionaries in all fields and walks of life and there are alot, its just the media does not report on it. Its a movement.

Nice factual article of the day from Rappoport https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2021/10/14/the-virus-that-doesnt-exist-lies-and-consequences/

Peace & Love

COVID19 operation, Nazi , medical experimentation,GMO trial, The alledged Illegal mandates

Exemption.The Congregation of Universal Wisdom

Crazy times indeed when people are seeking ways to not be forced into a human rights violating illegal injection( from alleged “mandates”) . Mind control used to coerce, to try to force people into medical experimentation when these writs( mandates ) do not exist as if they did they would be in breach of law and legal system( constitution, human rights etc) . Psyops are all about mind control.

Many of these legal documents( writs/mandates) dont even exist, I asked an international flight service provider for the no injection no service mandate( writ)and they didn’t have one . The FED Govt and corporations/companies just tell people they have one. I have yet to see a single writ making the GMO trial on humans mandatory. To me it sounds like a big FED govt or private company inviting people to sue them, if unable to do that you can refuse the GM MRNA toxins and mystery ingredients injection for Religious, Medical or Philosophical reasons. Note they dont have a mandate or a reason for the injection . These wack jobs dont even have a “vaccine”( as they legally define them).

They have no proof of threat, let us not be infected by their unreality a media narrative.

Or believe they have any constitutional legal mandates for medical experimentation.

I have my own “religion”/” Philosophy” ( the moment to moment worship of God/ awareness/universal intelligence) .

Religions that can be exempt from vaccinations in court -withstand the legal BS of ” mandates” and allowing suit for discrimination: The Congregation of Universal Wisdom or the Amish. As far as TCOUW go healing through laying hands on vertebrae (chiropractic care) is only one of many ways of healing. First thing in healing is to get into the right nervous system our of stress sympathetic( flight/freeze/fight) and into parasympathetic( rest) to stop tissue/organ breakdown and “get out of the way” to let the body heal.

I support the offensive legal strategy where you demand proof of threat when they do not have it.

And ask your lawyer/ the company to get and read the alleged writ “mandate”. You may be surprised that mandates may well be like the virus hoax , just a media spread lie.

Just firmly and consciously saying “no” is also an option.

Note I am not trying to convert anyone (*except to the practice of Self knowledge, love and wisdom which is your birthright).

This bit is just FYI .


As Universal Wisdom is the Supreme Master of all levels in creation and all life of the universe it shall, therefore, be the guide or principle for all mankind to aspire to live by.
The healing of mind, body and spirit is but one and is governed by this Universal Wisdom.
It is the belief of the members of the congregation that upheaval of the morals and inferiority of human values have been the results of a departure of mankind from the ideals expressed by Universal Wisdom. This we believe has resulted in a sick and decaying society whose redemption can only be brought about by a blending of Universal Intelligence with man’s innate mind. This blending must be initiated by correction of all interference of the brain and central nervous system by forces physical or otherwise that would prevent a free flow of life to all human parts.
After correction of the interference through the above mentioned avenues, the free and unimpeded flow of life energy should be maintained through Universal Wisdom.
Laying on of hands to the vertebrae shall be the sole means of maintaining the LIFE FORCE through Universal Wisdom
The health and purity of body , mind and spirit shall be the supreme attainment of mankind; to be expressed through Universal wisdom, a beautiful and meaningful world in harmony with all living things as all living things are the expression of God and/or Universal Wisdom.
No living thing shall possess the power to possess Universal Wisdom but in the presence thereof become the radiation, conductor of life force.


All living things are ordained through Universal Wisdom to be endowed with all resources which shall initiate, sustain and perpetuate life be they chemical, physical or spiritual through the laws of nature.
Violation of the integrity of these natural endowments shall result in a state of dis-ease. That state in which the living organism is no longer within a divine state of harmonious balance
It is sacrilege to introduce living organisms any unnatural matter that may alter the natural balance of that organism rendering into a state of dis-ease.
The laying on of hands, that basic manner of conveying universal forces by man, shall serve as the sole means of conveying and radiating the life forces from above, downward and outward.
The avenue through which Universal Wisdom is conveyed is through the brain and spinal chord by way of the universal forces. There shall be no other way in accordance with the ancient laws of life and from the divine laying on of the hands by adjusting of the vertebrae that the truth of life, spiritual and physical issue forth.
No man shall be of the power morally or otherwise to make himself above the Law of Nature nor obsess himself with vain posturing in the conveyance of Universal Wisdom; Universal Wisdom will not be governed by the ego of man.


It shall be a sacrilege to depart from the precepts of the Congregation by the following:

a. The ingestion of medication or other chemical substances that defy natural law.
b. The injection into the body of medication or other matter or substances that defy natural law.
c. The application of medication, chemicals or other foreign matter or substances unharmonious to the laws of nature.
d. The inhalation of medication, chemicals or other foreign substances in disharmony with the laws of nature.


The laity of the Congregation of Universal Wisdom shall be composed of those seeking spiritual and physical health combined by unequivocal adherence to the principles of the Congregation and the laying on of hands on their vertebrae.
The laity will partake of missionary activities in advancing the principles of the Congregation without reservation with respect to spiritual and physical health.
The laity shall elect from its body Lay ministers who may be called upon to preach and promote the Gospel of the Congregation.
The laity shall take the responsibility of adhering to the life principles of the Congregation and maintain the divine ethics in accordance with the life principle.


The ministry will be constituted by those sufficiently trained in the art, philosophy and theology of the laying on of hands to the vertebrae.
Candidates for the ministry of the Congregation will be, examined by a body of five approved Ministers and one lay Minister-who will cast one vote each to admit the candidate to partake in the ministry.

The Examination

To consist of a dissertation of the Life Principle, the Philosophy and Practice of the Congregation and the Laying on of Hands to the Vertebrae.
A verbal examination in explanation of the dissertation.

The Meeting Places

There will be no edifice erected in a denominational or physical sense to denote the place of worship of the children of Universal Wisdom.
God sees all, hears all, feels all and knows all therefore, God is everywhere all the time and is in all living things.
A congregation shall consist of any member meeting at a designated meeting place anywhere in the Universe.

Moral Obligation( hmmm)

No court or civil legal body or any tribunal anywhere in the universe shall proclaim itself master in judgement over the physical, mental or spiritual health of any living thing. The only true judge is God in harmony with universal forces and no other living being possess the intellect to judge such matters.
The congregation in adherence to their spiritual belief and religion are bound by their moral obligation to make resistance and refusal to such judgements in keeping with their committed belief and practice.
It shall be considered a breach of Constitutional rights in a free society to subjugate, force by edict, civil judgement or criminal judgement a conscientious congregational member to submit to beliefs other than those precepts or principles which bind them to the Congregation of Universal Wisdom.
It shall also be noted that a member is conscientiously opposed to killing, maiming or willfully injuring a fellow living being whether by edict, act of war or dint of circumstance.

Get legal advise or learn about Law( *not the legal system) if effected by the latest Corporate BS and the ongoing saga of the criminal activities of Govt.

Of primary importance is that the battle is won when you know who you are beyond name and form (mind and body). A higher power can then come in and work through you. When you master your mind and make it not your master ( along with the emotions generated by thoughts ie fear ) but the creative and reasoning servant it was designed to be.

COVID19 operation, Dis-ease, Love, NWO

The new world order

“What did the Dalai Lama say to the NY hot dog vendor?”

“Make me one with everything.”

Something big is happening. Yeah sure the media reports everyday on the state of human insanity and political propaganda but we need to look beyond what we see online and are told is going on.

We are suffering the birthing pangs of a dying egoic world structure and from the death of the old world a new world will be born.

The egoic mind created world is a world based on fear.The collective psyche (negativity and insanity ) once hidden is now visible, all the corruption people have never been aware of before, as they trusted and believed the media and govt is in plain sight for all to see.

Its positive that we aware of the corruption in govt and that Central banking nations appoint its Presidents and PMs( they are not elected).

Since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 we have had an obvious economic and political monopoly. Govts are set up as corporations to borrow money from banksters with interest in the people’s names. That debt (called the ” budget” ) then creates wealth for banksters. Governments have never been working in the interests of the people . The central banking cabal want a reset, they want to maintain control over people’s minds using fear (+ now control over health and decisions about their bodies too).

But the “new world order” will be as our inner state is.

Some want a reset of Mel Gibson’s “Fear world” .

What is your inner state? Are you inadvertently co-creating” fear world”? What sort of world do you want? We can all create our worlds and do so everyday in our personal sphere. However we are internally effects all those around us and we can either respond to those around us with love or we can react to people with fear. And all our worlds are interconnected. A small ripple can become a Tsunami of love.

I want people to understated the most important things at this time, who they are beyond name and form. That we are the change we want and need … that we are the co creators of this world. That our being present in the here and now can bring about miracles . Our world is not wrong but rather our world view is wrong, the filter( of fear and conditioning) we see it through creates a distortion.

We have multiple mind made ” crisis’s ” that don’t even exist!! This is the filter of corporate media as we know many have temporarily fallen to media worship in the virtual world with a PC culture topping.

I write about relative facts, science and what some call ” spirituality” and what interesting bedfellows they are. Many still scorn the idea of the unseen/spirit/awareness . They do not want to look at the covid psyop in any other way than mainstream physical science. And yet covid is just a media spread thought form ( that creates fear). It is a psy-op so just understanding how it was pulled off 1)computer generated fake virus, 2) flu symptoms rebranded , 3) fake diagnostic test( PCR) to create ‘cases” is not enough to understand what is happening collectively and why. When the reason this covid( fear) psyop worked is that people are totally mind identified . It is a mind-fck (psychological operation) that has used no science. Which is why I go on about the psychology ,our collective psyche as we must not forget what got us ( humanity ) here into a mind made crisis, the possession by a thought form (covid) that creates fear in the body . That huge fear was already in minds, unconscious it was and still is for the most. It is not going away until we are aware of it for when we are aware of it we are no longer fully possessed taken over by it.

The positive: post psyop covid scientifically Virology and Germ theory is “down for the count” .

The never proven but accepted 1861 Germ theory ( and ” virology” ) have been a casualty of the psyop and yet some people cling to what they believe in ( like the time of earth is flat) shunning the idea they have been wrong. “Its easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled” this quote is a good diagnostic pointer to an ego possession. With the outdated Germ theory and of allopathic system (Greek allos” — meaning “opposite” — and “pathos” — meaning “to suffer” )the treatment of disease by way of using drugs that produce effects opposite to the symptoms. Then more drugs to alleviate the symptoms of the drugs. Medicine with Doctors as corporations drug pushers (Ouch). In this 1800 system it is not necessary to understand or know what has caused the symptoms/disease. It is a system of ignorance for profit not for health or healing. The positive out of this allopathic medical Nazism ” covid19″ is that there are a number of people coming together, promoting new ways of looking at dis -ease and treating it . Utilizing the power of intention and awareness, the still spacious human mind as a powerful healing tool. Whereas before we had only the use of “opposite symptom” drugs for the body which is treated by allopathic medicine , the body as an unintelligent chemical meat factory . Mind is not addressed except to be mixed up with “brain” in the branch ” allopathic psychology”. The labeling and drugging of people with ” mental illness” which then holds a what should have been temporary state ( from past emotional mental imbalance, trauma, dwelling in past ) in place… sometimes even for a lifetime.

Injections of toxins the bankster Rockefeller ‘s big pharma injects into healthy kids is 18th century snake oil , unscientific, outdated and leachy . With informed consent ( missing) and without Drs pushing the poison no parents would have ever done that to their children.

Now post covid19 both the media and corporation -govts have been understood to be utterly Orwellian and untrustworthy .

Believing not knowing. For centuries human being’s faith has been ritualized , monetized, politicized and now we’ve just plain forgotten what faith, awe and what spirituality even is . God has been created by ego in egos image as some old man shaming us, judging us and punishing us . Currently there is a belief all knowing govtmedia is God . With its promise of immortality( safety).

Media is a law onto itself. Mandates( writs) are no longer legally filed documents they are just said to be created by media declaration . As long as people still believe the media that is amplifying unconsciousness( fear) this insanity will continue.

Positive .Some scientists are now investigating consciousness- awareness ( spirituality). Definition of consciousness pending (haha).

Science is finding out about some of the the unknown powers of spirit. For as your mind is stilled and you can become aware of awareness, this act of Being has been found to create positive chemical and genetic changes . It can stop inflammation( dis -ease) that is caused by stress. And the media isn’t talking about it as if you are being mindful you are no longer able to be programmed, you probably no longer are addicted to the junk mind food of media( fear, outrage etc).

Why our inner state is so important to our health too.

Mindfulness is more effective than drugs for anxiety and depression. That facts not getting out as controlling corporations and big pharma does not want people to know their own powers.

Mindfulness is “the intentional, accepting and non-judgemental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment”, which can be trained by a large extent in meditational practices.

“The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published the results of a ground-breaking study that found that meditation appears to provide as much relief from some anxiety and depression symptoms as antidepressants.

Mindfulness-based trainings have shown beneficial effects on inflammatory disorders in prior clinical studies and are endorsed by the American Heart Association as a preventative intervention.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that mindfulness performs as well as or better than medication,” says Adrian Wells, a professor of psychopathology at Manchester University and a clinical advisor to the charity Anxiety UK. The psychologist Katie Sparks agrees.In the group work that I’ve done with sufferers of anxiety or depression, I’ve found it very beneficial because it calms the mind. It’s not a new thing,” she adds.

Its crossover into Western culture has been gradual. But in 2004, its use in preventing the relapse of depression was approved by the U.K.’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice). It has rapidly gained traction since”.https://dreamcatcherreality.com/mindfulness-anxiety-depression/

Meditation and mindfulness is also effective in pain management . Pain has the mental component of suffering, all suffering is from resistance. Meditation/mindfulness removes the resistance to pain that causes suffering, suffering increases pain, so a vicious cycle is broken.

The good is out there.

In a wacky world I like to remind people of what they already know ” What you are looking for is within” .

That important fact is that our inner state ( fear, anger, anxiety) is creating this world that is dominated by fear . Its not a small group of central bankers and their minion elites creating the world, it’s us as focal points of consciousness. ” When the majority of humans become free from egoic delusion the inner change will effect all of creation” ET

Modern quantum physics accepts:

The unity between the observing consciousness and the observed phenomena.

All matter is energy vibrating.

A quantum object can exist in multiple states ( wave /particle ) at once. An electron, for example, is both ‘here’ and ‘there’ simultaneously. It’s only once we do an experiment( “observe it”) to find out where it is that it appears to settle down into one or the other. Our observing consciousness determines the state of the observed energy. We have seen observation ( consciousness ) collapses the wave function and forces a quantum ‘choice/state’.

Particles together in such a way that their quantum states are entangled. change one, the other instantly changes to compensate. This happens even if we separate the two particles from each other . It’s as if information about the change we’ve made has traveled between them faster than the speed of light.

Space-less and timeless.

As energy we are all part of this interconnected unified field.

Today we know that this ‘quantum entanglement’ is real, ( woah everything and everyone is energy vibrating , are connected the potential is unlimited -or rather only limited by mind), but we still don’t fully understand what’s going on.

And this ( ego) not admitting that we don’t know whats going on becomes problematic when people do not admit they do not understand. They then go along with corrupt persons claiming unproven political theories ( man made global warming, covid19 ) then declare lies are science or scientific fact.

Poor old corporate stunted and suppressed science has been getting a bad rap when the fact is there is no science being used in the covid psy-op narrative. The people pushing the virus hoax are not scientists. Its a good time in our history to be aware of the difference between the media spread political pseudoscience and science.

Lastly some snack food for thought for when you create your customized new world order today as a positive sphere of love . https://goop.com/wellness/mindfulness/the-scary-power-of-negative-words/

And the end of the Dalai Lama hot dog joke…

The hot dog vendor hands him one with everything and says, “Four bucks.

The Dalai Lama gives him a $5 bill, and waits with his hand out to receive his change — but the vendor ignores him.

The Dalai Lama finally asks, “Where’s my change?”

The burger vendor replies,

Change only comes from within.”