CIA Mossad MSS KGB, NWO, propaganda, totalitarian

The Bankster’s Global Intel & Media Machine.

Intels  media tools for social engineering and mind manipulation.

Isn’t it insane thousands of human beings spying on other people through the internet and tracking them on mobile phones . Most of these people  being  spied on just have a different opinion than the propaganda that   the banksters are peddling in the media( facebook, twitter,news,  popular blogs  & newspoopers). And after decades of ongoing media mind control people have become religious believers.



The so called age of information is the age of disinformation and ignorance.

The Bankster’s intel the “one eye”( Mossad,CIA, KGB etc) has been perfecting its mind control programs and propaganda through the media since 1950 . News has always been mind programming and propaganda. Banks and corporations used as (intel) fronts, spook  agencies funded by bankers that also are the intel agencies  director of finance. The marriage of banks and intel has  been a long-term relationship of deviants.

Social media and the paid shills.

Propaganda today is trending to small and not so small( ZH/RT)  ” left” blogs are used to get the memes into minds that have turned off mainstream news sites by using non sequiturs . So now we see both  left and right branches controlling the narratives.

They even call it social networking when they set up aps  then fund shills to push their agenda and plant memes in it. Mind control with  bird brain sounds like ” ZunZuneo and twitter” .  Intel playground  facebook and the google the search engine is totally bunk .

The fake lefty  blog sites do not like you to not see who is pulling the strings and want you  dis empowered , to believe in democracy,  the system  and tell you that we have capitalism( and to be anti it) in the economic monopoly. They want to tell you the solution is socialism( NeoNazi socialism)when its not as they want a reset and it means selling you a rebrand.In intels left branch anti American  pro Russian memes  and war mongering is going on. As though we are not all human beings with the nationalization mind control  tool a concept of the State. The fake  lefts go on promoting  democracy dogma , politics( the “art of deception”) mainstream  Biden and  Trump obsessed .They pretend the X blackwater mercenary incited riots are not what they are which was  organized media covered chaos( CHAOZ) and they use it to spread racism and promote the same. They also encourage and are active in the  set up of physical  meetings groups of govt dissenters .

Operation Covid as an example of propagandists left mind control.

The unproven existence of a “new disease” is a fact ignored and the fake leftys will go onto debates on face mask use and assert lower death rates. There were no deaths from ” COVID” as it does not exist.Some of the double agents or astro turf lefty fakers will not even talk about Covid  and will instead be seen harping on about  ” freedom” for  CIA’s Agent Celebrity Assange .We even have a couple of  self proclaimed ego manic “spiritual bloggers” doing unconscious ego re-assertment (ego strengthening) programs. People are being terrorized by the media and its fear mongering and that is what  was intended.

The  world sytem.

Though I would not use the word “Satanic” to describe the banksters the below link has an outline.

Instead of having democracy  or decisions made by PM/President central bank nations are set up as corporations ruled by the Bank of England’s Crown, the Vatican and a war machine called Washington.The PM and Presidents of their corporations are selected by these bankers, they  never selected and chosen by the people.Decisions are made for them they are told what to say or  “handled”. You can see this in the same actions or the globalization of all nations PM and presidents under UN’s”operation COVID”.



In a world that is insane those that can see this and do not want to obey are labelled a threat to the craziness and self destructive path,  its always been like that.Woman close to nature called witches, people that didn’t agree with the Crown or Vatican called heretics people who know about the Sun, oceans and water vapor as the climate drivers are called deniers.

What is happening is that people are “unconscious”( awake physically but its like they are asleep ) they rely on a media conditioned mind/ego . This programmed mind as their master ( totally controlled no self mastery) also means they are lead by all their fear and desires . As they do not know themselves they are believers not knowers.The mind controllers  like you fearful, overwhelmed  and feeling dis empowered.As in truth you are powerful but  have forgotten.

All mind controlled believers  can do is regurgitate State propaganda, they really believe it and as “mind identified conditioned minds” it is them . If they feel you are attacking a belief if feels as though you are attacking them as they are so mind identified.Thats why they go on to violently attack all contradicting information and opposing views.

As human beings created all the problem in the world with wrong thinking, thinking had been programmed into them by the banksters( banking cabal greed fear etc) they have the ability and power to solve them( kindness compassion understanding).

Enlightenment is not about believing left media information its about self knowledge.

Being woke isn’t knowing about the economic-political system and its corruption.

The thing about enlightenment( which has been hijacked by propagandists) is it frees you from the conditioned mind and all its beliefs and programming.

Freeing oneself from the bars of your own mind.

Its a matter of discovery of the Human Being.I know what we are not as all the systems we created from a State of ignorance do not work.

We have created a Hell on earth for many people isn’t it high time for a heaven?

Know thyself.

How to change this would be an inner revolution.Whats your world like? And are you making it a heaven for yourself and those around you? Love radiates outwards and has the power to  change the world.


Identity Politics

The banking Cabal’s  global shadow govt  exploits the fact that people do not know who they are.

From birth you are told by the world who you are. Your identity becomes   your skin color, a religion, a nation, a socioeconomic status,    a gender or a sexual preference etc. The sex of the body ( gender)has been changed by govts to mean what the mind wants to identify with, even if that means the opposite and people are encouraged to believe they are a gender.  All these mis-identifications  or   differences are used to divide us or set us at war with each other. With the govt new definition of gender  separate communities based on sexual preference were formed. A racist Govt has tried to make some people feel guilty to be white , as though  skin color is who one is  or a “privilege”. I know all this is not PC  and I don’t care as I am not PC and have became sick of the govts  divisive identity politics  which has propagated  and continued separatism and  racism. Its not the old statues that need pulling down its the false beliefs about who we are .  And we need to be present NOW not living in the  past .With human unconsciousness horrible things have been done in the past.  Women burned as witches, people openly  ” owned” and used as slaves,  million of people killed by other human beings under the concept of them being of a different nation .We were not conscious enough to recognize the wrongness of slavery and war   and still have much unconsciousness in the world eg sweatshops, still treat animals cruelly ,we still waste 50% food while people go hungry then worry about 3rd world media meme ” food insecurity”, bankers still have the taxpayers as debt slaves, corrupt corporate bankster  controlled govts, medicine for profit with  compassion and empathy trained out of Drs, we still have Crown corporations exploiting and damaging the planet.

But we can’t live in the past and need to heal .

Now more than ever we need to see our sameness that  we are all human beings. And we need to  understand what that means, we need to bring back  kindness, compassion and understanding that we have lost in our fear of otherness.


We need to  get onto an inner revolution to “know thyself” as the fact is we don’t know who we are beyond name and form means we are easily manipulated .We are operating as conditioned minds(egos), conditioned by our past . This little ego we are operating on is in a constant state of fear and desire. Our separation from our true SELF leads to desires and fears those that understand how the egoic human mind works can easily mind control the masses by using those fears and desires to program beliefs .We have been programmed to be  a planet of believers.People even believe the most silly things if the govt through the media get ” experts” to tell them it is so.


The only revolution we need is an inner one.
For how can we have peace on earth when we don’t have it as individuals?



Another Brick in the Wall.


The X (Blackwater)  incited riots staged in Minneapolis should be called the Floyd False Flag.
It was symbolic new bricks placed for the incited rioters to throw to destroy their own community . Nothing goes viral on the  censored internet or makes news except  what the internet controlling media monopoly allows. There is no proof any of what we were shown  was anything other than it is  a film with crisis actors.  Like all msm do you take it on faith ,  faith in the lies the  mind conditioning  propaganda? Its only alleged that the crisis actor is dead, everything is acted, filmed and presented as one big ad for the UN’s NWO. Military Police State much like China,  the model for the NWO’s  oppressive 2030 agenda.
This FF was to spread separatism memes( racism),fear, chaos, support for criminalizing of gatherings,  votes , support for military police state so these violent criminals don’t ” come to your suburb” .
Its very sad that all these fearful ignorant people acted out their fear & hate destroyed their own neighborhoods.

Controlled Opposition Protests: Social Engineers Flick the Race Bait Switch

Floyd’s another brick in the NWO wall.
These are not peaceful genuine 60’s gathering of protests with love behind them they are violent fearful orchestrated X-shows.
Its a choice everyone has to make acting out of fear or love. Time to chose fear which creates tyranny and oppression or love.

fascism, no such thing as democracy, NWO, one multinational govt, propaganda, totalitarian, Tyranny

The New World Order.

Many people have a theory that the UN’s WHO fake pandemic was for ushering in the New World Order and  the UN’s 2030 agenda ( that was written in Orwellian ).
They were called “conspiracy theorists or deniers ” but now with the UN’s new New World Order web site  its clear  the banking cabal’s  (Herr Rockefeller & Co) UN and their media conglomerate was lying about it.
Two options below clarify the matter following the UN NWO coming out of the closet.
1) New world order they say ” its a conspiracy”
2) Its not.