Christmas 2022

This year I want to spread thoughts of peace and love. This world has distorted the meaning of everything and this season is no different, it has come so far away from being about peace, love and joy.

I feel the very unconscious years of fear and dystopian world view of late have given even hardened intellectuals a shake up. Knowing now of how many people are in a total mind made unreality the media induced nightmare (convid19) . Then in knowing about the psyop many have looked deeper at this man made image of the world and its many beliefs and seen them to be false. Trusted mind conditioning i s seen as false and is falling away. People seemingly in the same world yet living in different worlds. One world a fearful media metaverse of looming death and the other a fearful fascist dystopia. Fear spread on bothsides of the media toast. So fear was a commonality for the forms of media. The world seen through a fear lens. And the thing people do when they feel fear is attack and then try to justify it. A chaos that hasn’t settled and how can it ever with the world image that is presented of FEAR. A world of separate, isolated bodies waiting for unseen (made up enemies) things to invade and make them sick and die ? That is not reality it is another false metaverse.

There is another way of looking .

To seek the truth we must look to inner vision not to bodys perception. It is looking with a 180 turn away from fear to love. All of you in order to crack the spell of convid were in a moment not lost in fear, so had space and with it access to reason. Fear and reasoning are never bedfellows . Fear is another word for “ doing it wrong”.

This is a great place to be, sincerely seeking the truth after believing many conditioned wrong fear inducing beliefs . As we can see the world is batshit crazy, reality is obviously not to be found there. We have just made up our mind made world. The world’s convid can be a springboard . An opportunity where so many wrong beliefs taken as truth can be discarded, seeking the truth we could “empty our glass”.

Illness: mind is the terrain.

Can we learn that the body is in the mind? Illness or health is of the mind. All illness can be said to be psychosomatic . It is the very opposite of what the world will tell you . You may not yet be ready to abandon world’s beliefs( mind-confused with brain- in body) but please keep an open mind on this one.

A recipe for peace, healing and joy.

Should we who know convid was a psyop be mind conditioned to look on each other as a threat this year? As a practice at Christmas time may you want to try to look upon all your brothers as they really are. That is Only in this moment with no past , sinless, guiltless as literal saints to bring you a vision of Reality. This is an antidote to the madness a reversal of “ social distancing”. For what you do to “others” you do to yourself. So gift yourself lots of love this Christmas.

The narrative

Censorship is fear.

The truth can defend itself . Those that censor the truth are afraid of it. As they know they cannot use reasoning to support their erroneous thinking .

They live believing in fearful illusions and the false needs lots of more false it uses as its defense ( complexity, mis-info or an ad hom attack) . What we see in the world is just a symptom of fear . And the insanity that goes with having a world of indoctrinated false belief about who you are. And yet it needs to be said “Madness holds out no menace to reality, and has no influence upon it. ⁸Illusions cannot triumph over truth, nor can they threaten it in any way. . “(ACIM)

This fear is why you wont see the Baileys, Torsten Engelbrecht, Claus Köhnlein, Stefano Scoglio, Andrew Kaufman or Tom Cowan’s teachings that are debunking the skworm hypothesis on the mainstream media’s disinformation frequency. For there is no listening, no discussions, no debates just censorship in this state of fear and madness.And a sane society would be raising this topic openly up front for discussion and debate.

You may have noticed that the media (the channel of the collective ego) have been projecting their mistakes onto those that do not share in their false narrative . Someone who tells the truth( if not censored) is likely to get a silly mislabel in the age of fear . Govts clearly acting as terrorists will call those opposing their narrative “terrorists” … there is lots of projection .

The interest in media egoic trends: drama, conflict, blame, sin, guilt, attack , scapegoating, fantasies , the misidentification with thoughts and feelings is dwindling here@ Substack in those who see the false and seek the truth.

The false fear paradigm and its dysfunctional systems are being debunked and the ultimate truth( Self knowledge )is growing in its appeal as it becomes known as the essential goal that we all share .

Self knowledge ( or Self remembrance) is a simple truth, open to all seeking it. It requires nothing the ego values . No education, no experts, no bitcoinage, no media, no followers just you and the quiet remembrance of who you are. “Be still and know …”

To be found within not without.

The biggest truth there is.

pseudo $cience


I am going to take the meaning of Science as: the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

Many have wrongly attacked science when what we see in the world is a practice of pseudo science(or  $cience). The pseudo science industry is politically and for profit driven, many whom have slipped into it adopted indoctrinated university and corporate beliefs IE they got into the career of being a researcher publishing papers and applying for funding . Data fudging and corruption is the norm in this industry. The industry has always been corrupt done by those that want to keep the status quo , a set of disempowering fear ladden theorie$ and beliefs held in place.

The scientific method was not used. No one observed a pandemic. No one proved there was one. No one even found or studied a “virus”. The fact “sars cov2” was just a computer generated string of rna shows the level of hive mind consensus and delusion . The method of madness is not the scientific method. Memes convid19 ( and “viruses”)have nothing to do with science (sic). These are just fearful thoughts that were not and can’t even be isolated , observed or experimented on in this world.

If actual science was involved from the get go the convid psyop would not have infected minds. I dare you to read some research papers in 2022, 99% of what I read   sounds like the incoherent scribbling and the hypotheses of  insane people . What is being taken for knowledge is misconception and ignorance. Its not science its madne$s.