Apartheid New Zealand, corrupt govts, fascism, totalitarian, TPP

Apartheid New Zealand

The Govts divisive racist political movement has taken over New Zealand.

NZ: Home of the covid19 concentration camps .

New Zealand has definitely changed for the worst its deeper in govt corruption, PC wokedness and fascism . This vibe is a sentiment supported by this person visiting NZ that was unlawfully detained under the big lie ” covid” . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8ocDKEFsUY&t=193s

NZ had their own BLM( BLM political movement was racism as it does not assert all races lives matter only one race matters ) woke movement down under . The NZ Govt that grants privileges to one race and a partnership to that same race. Only to one race. Apartheid 2021.

This may not be of interest but it is the desire of the UN’s NWO its divide and conquer effective in NZ due to a climate zombie guilt trip on the people . A nation of white shamed socially repressed subdued people that were successfully mind programmed to think they were to blame for the Crown’s 1840 colonization, afraid to speak up about the govt racism for fear they would be called “racist” or be persecuted by the evil govt.

Let it be a “what not to do” lesson for other nations.

This was a case against the Crown New Zealand govt’s apartheid State .

UN’s Resolution 134 called upon the nation of New Zealand to abandon its policies implementing racial discrimination.

Facts in the case.


 Early settlers Maori( Polynesians) were boat people, came by boats from other lands like all other early settlers. Maori arrived in boats and so were not native to NZ . There were people here when they arrived.
Its a historical known fact that is suppressed as its not PC but Maori slaughtered much of the Moriori tribe , a race/group that were in NZ before them.“To the Ends of the Earth, a book Mr Hilliam co-wrote with New Zealand pre-historians Maxwell C Hill and Gary Cook, published detailed evidence the authors said convinced them that Greek-Egyptians and others sailed to and settled New Zealand long before the arrival of Maori.The 378-page book showed ancient maps detailing the coastlines of Australia and New Zealand and first drawn before the birth of Christ. Skeletons, rock carvings, stone buildings and monuments and oral tradition all attest to people of European origin living here for centuries before the arrival of Polynesians.
“Maori are not the indigenous people or mana whenua as is often claimed. As the archaeological digs late last century in the Waipoua Forest and the Poukawa Valley show, backed by iwi oral history and the observations of some early explorers and travellers, there were people here hundreds of years, if not thousands, before the first Polynesians arrived in the 13th century.”https://breakingviewsnz.blogspot.com/2020/12/roger-childs-does-country-need-maori.html

But History has rewritten in the interests of the Crown NZ govt in order to protect its so called sovereignty .

The Crown- Maori partnership is one of a shared fraud. A group of Maori have Privileges for going along with this illegitimate govt.

No constitution was written before the treaty, the early settlers(” people of New Zealand”) didn’t support the Crown’s sovereignty( govt).

The treaty of 1840 the Crown Govt NZ changed, they rewrote it in 1975 . Now Govt uses a reinterpreted treaty ( to keep falsely) assert its sovereignty (this is a treaty in which the signatories are dead and at the time one party didn’t understand some terms of the contract   ). Imagine if your distant ancestors signed something and generations after they died someone else tried to enforce it on you.
The original treaty never gave one race (Maori) license for race based privileges and a Crown partnership.”

In the actual 1840 Tiriti o Waitangi —
 Maori chiefs ceded the entire sovereignty of New Zealand (Nu Tirani) to Queen Victoria.
 The Queen guaranteed the possession of their lands, dwellings and all their property (taonga) to the chiefs and tribes, and all the people of New Zealand.
 All New Zealanders were guaranteed the rights and privileges of British subjects. “
The third clause of the Māori version says that the Queen would treat Māori the same as people in England. People in England are not given Crown partnership or privileges based on race.
The Maori version states that the treaty is between the Crown and All the people of New Zealand.It is noteworthy that all the people of NZ did not get to write a constitution. “ 1877 Wi Parata v Bishop of Wellington judgement, Judge Prendergast argued that the Treaty was a “simple nullity” in terms of transferring sovereignty from Māori to the United Kingdom”And no matter if one group of early settlers did not give the Crown sovereignty in 1840, even that does not allow a possibly illegitimate govt to give privileges to and enter a partnership with one race nearly 200yrs later.

Since 1975 legal rewrite and misinterpretation of the original 1840 treaty Tiriti o Waitangi in New Zealand (and has more and more legislation granting one race privileges and a Crown partnership and not all ” British Subjects”) NZ has been slowly developing into becoming an apartheid state.

In the last few years the State( that notably has an apartheid electoral roll) has become more and more separatist and racist now it has even formed an apartheid system of health funding.

Two separate health funding systems for different races.
The people of NZ are not being treated equally or fairly, the NZ govt has imposed a race based separate funding, a partnership with and privileges for one group/race only. Maori.
It is constitutionally absurd for a Govt to have partnership with and grant privileges to one race.
 NZ did not have a constitution and the majority of early settlers living on the land were not even consulted on the matter of   sovereignty.

Apartheid NZ.
IN NZ we cannot access funding for many things unless we are of a certain race( Maori). Maori are said to be given priority in the health system.
New Zealand now has a Race based Health funding system where one race can overrule routine medical treatment denials (medical treatment funding limitations) Maori and other races can’t .
The Maori only Waitangi Tribunal was established in 1975. Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975
Maori development by Maori Te Puni Kōkiri.

The treaty of waitangi act 1975 was a   reinterpretation of the treaty’s meaning and effect. Granting unlawful privileges and partnerships and development to one race. Inconsistent with the 1840 treaty and existing human rights and constitutional laws.

More than 90 pieces of legislation for Maori interests and development   helping to make NZ a “ Two people State”.
A partial list of State’s separate apartheid legislation and a few apartheid Crown Entities and orgs:
Māori Community Development Act 1962. administered by Maori .Te Puni Kokiri
Māori Development Act 1991
Department: Te Puni Kōkiri (Ministry of Māori Development)Crown entities: Te Reo Whakapuaki Irirangi (Māori Broadcasting Funding Agency)1
Te Taura Whiri I Te Reo Maori (Māori Language Commission)PFA schedule organisations: Māori Trustee (Schedule 4)Other organisations: Māori Purposes Fund Board
Māori Television Service
New Zealand Māori Council
Te Ohu Kai Moana (Treaty of Waitangi Fisheries Commission)
Waitangi TribunalVote: Vote Māori DevelopmentNew Zealand unlawful apartheid for Maori only Maori Legislation for the improvement of outcomes for one race only.
Broadcasting Act 1989, Part 4A
Hauraki Māaori Trust Board Act 1988
Kaiapoi Māori Reserve Act 1905
Lake Waikaremoana Act 1971
Maniapoto Māori Trust Board Act 1988
Māori Affairs Restructuring Act 1989
Māori Community Development Act 1962
Māori Housing Act 1935
Māori Land Amendment and Māaori Land Claims Adjustment Act 1926
Māori Purposes Act 1931-1993
Māori Purposes Act 2011
Māori Purposes (Wi Pere Trust) Act 1991
Māori Purposes Fund Act 1934-35
Māori Reserved Land Act 1955
Māori Soldiers Trust Act 1957
Māori Television Service (Te Aratuku Whakaata Irirangi Maori) Act 2003
Māori Trust Boards Act 1955
Māori Trustee Act 1953
Māaori Vested Land Administration Act 1954
Mauao Historic Reserve Vesting Act 2008
Ministry of Māori Development Act 1991
Mokomoko (Restoration of Character, Mana and Reputation) Act 2013 Te Ture mō Mokomoko (Hei Whakahoki i te Ihi, te Mana, me te Rangatiratanga) 2013
New Zealand Māori Arts and Crafts Institute Vesting Act 2020
Orakei Act 1991
Tarawera Forest Act 1967
Tauranga Moana Trust Board Act 1981
Te Runanga o Ngati Whatua Act 1988
Te Ture mō te Reo Māori 2016/Māori Language Act 2016
Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993/Maori Land Act 1993
Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975( unlawful)
Whakarewarewa and Roto-a-Tamaheke Vesting Act 2009

The separate one race development continues to increase.
We are seeing our intrinsic right to water( and control of public owned infrastructure ) going in “three water system” that has mentioned only one race will have 50% control of water and infrastructure that all people of NZ have already paid for.

“For over 100 years Coasters have invested in their own water, waste water and storm water systems.

The govt proposition is that these assets with no compensation are taken from Coast councils and placed into a large South Island entity( privatized and 50% controlled by Councils and 50% controlled by one race only (Maori/ IWI).”Other races will not have any control-over water.
Maori do not own water.The Crown do not own water.

Two relevant United Nations declarations
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948. New Zealand immediately signed up to it and there was no dissent in the country. There are two articles of particular relevance related to equality.
Article 1 – All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
Article 7 – All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law.The Crown NZ Govt is in breach of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights

A ” new racist constitution” is said to be launched by Govt with the deliberate misinterpretations of the original treaty 1840 Tiriti o Waitangi   a so called “constitution” granting privileges and Crown partnership to one race ( Maori) .https://waikanaewatch.org/2021/07/19/new-zealands-rapidly-increasing-apartheid/

To grant privileges and partnership to one race is racist. The NZ Govts growing institutional and unconstitutional racism does not in anyway help redress its past racism. Racism does not cure racism.
All ancestry of the people in NZ is the same, we are all originally said to be from Africa. This means to treat some people differently on grounds of their being identified with a “race” is absurd and unlawful.

Nature :Makgadikgadi–Okavango wetland, was not just any home, but the ancestral “homeland” for all modern humans today. “We all came from the same homeland in southern Africa”

At some point we are going to have to expand our little   (us vs them) ego minds that created a limiting identity as a race , we must all become human beings .

The Pope said “No system of apartheid or separate development will ever be acceptable as a model for the relations between peoples or races “

Organization for New Zealand Unity

A desire for a unified New Zealand (without the unlawful legislation, racist polices   and separate race based development.)

A New Zealand were all human beings are equal.

Election fraud, electorial scam, fascism, no such thing as democracy, NWO, propaganda, totalitarian

Dem vs Rep : A divide and conquer strategy

The bankster’s global shadow govt loves the debt slaves/taxpayers to be identified with a political party as then they will vote and the govt ( that always gets in not matter who you vote for) can say to you while you are being governed you have a choice and a democracy ( means “rule by the people”).

It creates the illusion of freedom and choice.

Nothing is better for those running the covid19 hoax to usher in their totalitarian (fascist) ways than for the people to be distracted and fighting each other over political ideology. Rothschild & Rockefeller are wetting themselves at the deep state irony. People still believing in a democracy while locked up in their homes.

In reality there is no such thing as a democrat/republican its all just ideology, political ideology that is not even practiced by the politicians registered as such a thing . Its a case of people being totally identified with mind. Then creating enemies out of anyone who opposes as they threaten the political ideology they think of as themselves. You have a situation where ( misidentified with ideology) every opposing idea is threatening their very sense of who they are. They are lost in ideology . They fight for an unreal political idea as though it is their very self.

EG Think of the story of the swan that though he was an ugly duckling. You think you are a Dem/Rep and you are not. There is no such thing ( dem/rep) except in the mind as its all just names of political ideology/beliefs. You are actually a “swan” you are consciousness .

So the American public has been hoodwinked into fighting each other over total political ideology that are just fabrications created by the govt media. Its what happens when the brain freeze ( media fear mind programming ” covid19″ ) doesn’t work to stop perceived threat it is then switched to fight response.

Solution: that people work out that the media is manipulating them with fear and anger propaganda.

Then they will stop this silliness, stop reacting like automatronic programmed robots (getting taken over by fear and anger , rioting and fighting when told to by media).

Ultimately finding out who they are is the key objective, the supreme solution, as that is the quest everyone has.

Know thyself.

COVID19 operation, fascism, pseudo $cience, totalitarian

Stop testing and you would stop “Covid”.

If they stopped testing there would be no cases.
The RT PCR testing is not for use diagnosing disease and on that fact alone they should stop immediately. Let alone using it for transcribing rna that has been contaminated by human dna  (and the “virome”) .
Its an Epidemic of Ignorance.
There is a big problem with consensus $cience.
It would be nice if we never had to do this again,which is what the believers of the hoax  are thinking but if Rockefeller’s spokesman  Bill Gates gets his way with Nextstrain   the world will be held captive to ” virus” pandemic$ for some time.  Even after the dangerous experimental gene based vaccinations and even   with nazi immunity passports.
People think the govts  plan to remove the restrictions, but they do not  we’ve seen decreases in cases followed by  increased restrictions  . Now with mandatory face masks, the meaningless but mandatory PCR testing,   jail for ” positive’s” and their family and jail for those that refuse testing.
America is now distracted by the democracy dogma and racism.  The media cons them into voting, ticks them  into believing they choose a president. The candidates they shove in your face are people you wouldn’t trust to clean your toilet.
Food for thought.
I would have thought they would wait before gene modifying/vaccinating against a virtual virus  until they could answer this  1)Does having antibodies mean you are  immune or infected?
Why do they not test you for antibodies after you get a vaccine? This is the whole base of vaccinations right? Antibodies are produced  .
Do people who “catch it” acquire immunity or not? And  how do they know? Whats the test for vaccine effectiveness/immunity?There are none.But vaccine effectiveness is not necessary to the hypnotized  believer,  safety isn’t either.
In  crazy consensus world of $cience theories and lies become these unverified and untested beliefs  that are spread through media. Infecting other minds.Its a madness contagion.
What is the reference( or gold standard) for the RT PCR test when used  for  transcribing rna contaminated with dna ? None.  And  how can a PCR diagnose disease  if it can’t even find a quarter of a whole transmissible ” virus” ? You can’t.
Why is it mandatory and why do they jail you and your family if you refuse to take a PCR test? The test can’t find a whole transmissible virus it finds very small sequences of rna. If you collected your dna and your virome mixed it up   you most likely  have the rna sequence that the primers are looking for. Has anyone done that test for a control group when they tested the PCR  primers ?No. Which goes back to not having a reference  . The PCR test gives a 100% false positive rate  as a PCR test can’t diagnose disease/infection  from finding such a tiny fragment  of rna in a human dna contaminated sample.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIYMbvovB3w
I  like  the study of the human  virome  and paleovirology  has a more non demonized   idea about  these stings of rna they like to call “viruses” .They are found as part of us like the bacteria and trillions of other microorganisms that make up our body. Not found to be a cause of disease.
I guess when the 1861 Germ theory was adopted  by way of consensus, people just don’t think about it. And this theory is the whole unstable shonky   foundation of the Virus Hoax. A theory that was never proven that has been debunked by studies on human microbiome that shows trillions of rna strings(‘ viruses”)in and on healthy people,  even as part of our  dna.
Love, NWO, pseudo $cience, totalitarian

On the Insanity Epidemic in the land of the Virus bogeyman.



In this story the majority of the people in this world appear to have gone quite mad. It happened from a lifelong course of indoctrination , ignorance, disconnection , fear and prolonged stress.  People are  afraid of an alleged   ” virus” (that has not yet been isolated) and  that has been said without needed proof of its existence   to be the cause of a  new disease “covid”. A 1861 theory plays a lead role in this “Germ theory “drama  where we as random mutations are going to all die from a  virus.That  the culprit rna “Sars CoV2″ has not been proved  in this case either as  without  isolating  ” virus” and getting  an aerosol to administer it to a healthy person to prove it causes disease -there is no proof at all- everything has been manufactured .   The so called “virus” was computer generated  it was not isolated. Its the worlds first CG virus and of course ‘ol Vac$ination Bill  is one of its many string -holders.

So the draconian NWO and their govt lackeys are offering the people they terrified  ” safety” from the  covid bogeymonster CG fiction that they created. A false safety  in exchange for  Freedom, health, privacy, rights, dignity   and humanity  . The lie  and  idea of  safety from “covid” ( that they associated with  death) that only comes with unquestioning obedience  .

With straight faces the banskter appointed  “world leaders” talk to people about imposing  “Mandatory medical experimentation” as a solution to a made up problem they created =GCGV  Gates Computer Generated  Virus. And the “evil” Bill is an out of the closet a  eugenicist  pretending to be a philanthropist. A demon pretending to be an angel.

Our political,  economic, medical, educational, environmental  systems were all in a  state of crisis before the  global banking cabal’s (UN’s WHO org ) Covid crackdown on the uprisings in order to impose their agenda( maintain control). The systems in crisis  are out dated and based on non workable debunked theories the systems  are not science or knowledge based .  A system of (mind) control from birth or the matrix as some like to call it.

With the collective ego(as seen in UN as a self appointed global govt NWO )we have  tyrannical new (bizarre)  restrictions and see the censorship of anything but the   one ego narrative ( msm news)to rule them all.

This egoic dysfunction and ignorance as seen in medicine its all   about selling drugs,  drugging for one symptom that then causes other symptoms  with no understanding of the cause. The current medical system  is not about healing or health .

Vaccinations .They shoot toxins into people to say they are trying  to get them to make “antibodies”, after the shot   of course antibodies are then not checked  or that would expose this fraud .They do this insane act religiously a vaccination ritual when they  don’t even know   whether having antibodies means you are  infected or immune.

Under all this chaos there is a push for humans to  evolve and   it feels like  a birthing contraction. A movement  go beyond this “ego  mode” and a matrix that does not work or serve us or anything on the planet . As the ways of the system are missing that one most important part the underlying principal. The unseen  ground of being  connectedness  .

The body has a incredible power within to heal  yet seldom do we do ever consciously use it. This truth of the inner  body,energy  flow or life itself and its power to heal is scoffed at by the medical system. We also forgot all about the basics in health: clean water, healthy food, exercise and mindfulness. We forgot that we are connected to our the environment and if we poison it we poison ourselves.

In the education system its not about learning but of memorizing, teaching obedience to authority  and reciting .

The economic and political monopoly. A ponzi scheme.

Every system we have is egoic.   Us V them, Gain, growth, wanting more ( *cancer), fear of loss or diminishment. Even the tax system that pretends to be set up for the good of society  is set up for a small group of banksters, their corporations( govts)  gain.   .No govt should loose sovereignty by having to  borrow money with interest from commercial banks who then control govt policies and run the  govts.   ( Forget auditing the fed reserve,  they need to be scrapped.)These banksters  are the ones profiting off this Covid Hoax through the increased borrowing and costs of operating the covid fraud globally.

In science now a few more  are posing working theories that incorporates  the unseen principle of intelligence ( awareness)  . It was missed by Darwin and unfortunately science adopted darwin’s theory of our evolution without intelligence ( the field of being)  . Claiming we all got to this point, that evolution is  a  process of mutated randomness  is a very stupid theory.  The unseen power that connects everything and that underlies all of creation needs to be addressed.When we find ourselves we find inner peace( sanity) and so can manifest it in the world.

Ok so the “bad”  in this world makes a lot of noise but if you are still there is the light of consciousness,  love streaming into it . It is not in the news . More than ever  so many people are now are accessible online that can help us heal, can deepen our connection to ourselves  and to everything in this universe. These leaders in all fields have the knowledge and  wisdom of new ( or rather  hidden) secrets that we all need to learn.



Self help ( sanity)  Resources


Welcome to Holden QiGong, as seen on Public Television and select PBS stations


Jack Kornfield – Author, Buddhist Practitioner


Master Mingtong Gu



corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, NWO, totalitarian, Tyranny

An antidote to the lies about the totally meaningless antibody test.

The human immune system is incredibly complex  it is not fully understood  . Sticking here to the antibody test used to tell people if they have a( fictitious) non existent disease called Covid .

The Big Lie Covid  COVID is a psyop in which the Banking Cabal that run govts and own 90% media conglomerate created a 100% non existent fake disease . No new set of symptoms  exactly the same age old symptoms of illness, underlying med conditions and those old time classic symptoms   bacterial infections ,stress and mask hypoxia, experimental drugs, medical mistakes, deaths from ventilator (VAP), immune system failures and  elderly dying. You can’t have new disease if there are not a new set of symptoms.


That is also why in this pseudo science circus there is no testing for influenza, or other “respiratory conditions or infecting  agents”  and all other co morbid med conditions and illness are ignored in this Covid fraud. The  fact these elderly people were going to die  from old age is even ignored as though we were in immortal physical bodies that never die. Seemingly are they  confusing the  immortal  spirit with the body. Western culture is so messed up and in denial about death it is no surprise the Oligarchs   Covid fear campaign is based on it.

The following from The Unhived Mind News.

“One of the major issues  is that you only develop antibodies when your innate immune system can’t clear an infection. So 60% to 85% of people are able to clear infections/virus/rna/dna using their innate immune system, and will NEVER develop antibodies.

The innate immune system is your “generic”, it works against any infection. It’s the first line of defense. If it can’t totally clear an infection, then the adaptive immune system comes into play, makes antibodies, and then the antibodies clear the infection.

Don’t let the mind manipulators bug masters fool you

The adaptive immune system has 2 components. Humoral and cellular responses. The former produces antibodies produced by B cells. The latter uses T cells. Helper T cells actually are important to activate the B cells to produce antibodies and cytotoxic T cells. Tregs prevent an excessive immune response, and activated cytoxic T cells . Cellular immunity is important to actually get rid of  infected cells. Antibodies don’t kill but only mark an infected call for destruction or block it from infecting an uninfected cell.

Although both are important when the innate immune system needs their help, many believe cellular immunity is the more important and that it also has memory thats not as well understood.

At the dawn of “vaccination” our understanding of the immune system was very primitive. Even today much is not understood, especially infants immune system and its development. Immunologists have recently discovered that the innate immune system has some sort of memory and is trained when clearing a new infection. Indeed they have found a new type of immune cell (ILC’s) that is like a T-cell but has innate system receptors built in and they don’t have to undergo the cellular immune system 1-2 week process of developing unique receptors for its cytotoxic T cells and can respond immediately”.http://theunhivedmind.com/news/2020/05/17/tim-lundeen-destroys-the-covid-antibody-scam/

CIA funded blogs, corrupt govts, The narrative, totalitarian

How to spot a “CIA funded”/ alt-right COINTELPRO blog.

  1. Controlling the COVID narrative to only include lower fatality numbers and talk about wearing masks. Ignoring the fact a new disease “COVID” does not even exist and has not been proven.Allowing only spoken controlled opposition from ” dissenting ” experts , the Drs and nurses that say COVID disease  exists .  .As long as you don’t question the very existence of a new disease and do not question the Germ theory  .The fact that paleo virologists and virologists working on the human virome (and  viruses incorporated into  our dna) say the trillians of rna strings (“viruses”) in and on us found in healthy people so are not seen as  causes of disease. Comments that do not go with the alt right dialog will be censored or shills will jump on them and response will be censored. The human Virome we all have includes that of  what they call “Corona virus” up healthy people’s nasal passage.This scientific fact flies in the face of psyop COVID propaganda.

2. The controlled opposition alt rights  love going on about the CIA Agent Assange ” Free Assange” they cry . Promoting  a cult like following of the media celebrity poster boy for “internet impartiality and freedom”( scoff). There is none and Wikileaks is the CIA’s whistle blower honey pot. Where is the evidence for Agent Assange and CIAs Wikileaks  being what the media tell you they are ? They have nothing to support the media lies about him and the cia org Wikileaks but the words of the media , propaganda  from a media that we know lies. Reasoning denys the media lies  for if anyone was a real threat to the CIA they would  have been assassinated long ago not made into a  celebrity hero & a symbol and poster boy for freedom. They would not be not staying in London partying with other celebs  and making babies.

3. They talk about Trump and other bankster presidents and PMs as other than the NWO puppets they are perpetuating the democracy dogma.


4.They talk about evil ” elites” as enemies and people who believe media as enemies. Making enemies divides and conquers.Naming and judging( to be better than also  builds egos) banksters spokespersons and making them the enemy. When if people stopped believing and following them and giving them fealty and  attention they would quickly dissolve.

5. The alt right  perpetuate the racism. Pretend the Floyd false flag and X Blackwater riots were  real honest uprising of the people. They are still  playing the race card  and still dividing. All life matters.We are all privileged  to be alive.

6. They tell you America is evil,  Russia ( symbol  bear)& China is good. This works for the banksters planned Marxist/communist reset call it ” Socialism”. Or as the UN  NWO call it “Happyism”  marshal law, mass poverty, tyrannical neo nazi govts with ” health and safety” nazi officers issuing infringement notices. Its not humanism which is what we need, its  not even close.Read the UN( global shadow  govt)  2030 agenda its  written in Orwellian so you have to reverse it to translate it to English. As they want another Ism they are going on about “anti capitalism”( not greed) and blame capitalism  for all  that’s wrong in the world. We don’t even have a political- economic concept called capitalism we have Banksterism.The bankers create money out of debt in a big fraudulent ponzi scheme our govts are set up as corporations totally controlled by the banks they borrow money off( in our names) . The govts instead of creating it themselves with no interest for infrastructure, needs and  budget etc borrow it with interest. Thats not capitalism.Its  an economic and political monopoly usury and corrupt.

7. They hijacked   the spiritual meaning of Enlightenment ( To know thyself ) to ” woke” . To be Woke is when you believe the media’s  alt right propaganda . Like the CIA infiltrated the 60’s uprising  consciousness and turned the  counter culture movement of love in response & protest to the Vietnam  war into  ” hippys”  excessive use of sex and drugs. The alt right tentacle blogs have the pseudo spiritualism meme  popping up  and if you believe what they tell you you too will be ” woke” like them.

8. Fearmongering and using the same controlled opposition authors spreading the same memes and keeping to the narrative .

9. Telling the narrative they want about your helplessness and dis-empowerment. Telling you their plans so you believe and without knowing unconsciously  help them manifest it.You are a co creator in this world and they do not want you to know about your superpowers.

The mainstream  media have branched heavily out into  alt right social media blogs as so many people stopped  believing  mainstream media . Alt right is of growing importance to the Oligarchy in order to have mind control of the increased numbers of  ” deniers” and  dissenters.

So question everything with a reasoning mind. Be present and mindful when you read information on blogs.

Only  conditioned minds can be programmed.

The ego is the conditioned mind.

Freedom comes from within not without .You don’t have to create it its already there waiting for you.


Start an inner revolution.

Know thyself.

CIA Mossad MSS KGB, NWO, propaganda, totalitarian

The Bankster’s Global Intel & Media Machine.

Intels  media tools for social engineering and mind manipulation.

Isn’t it insane thousands of human beings spying on other people through the internet and tracking them on mobile phones . Most of these people  being  spied on just have a different opinion than the propaganda that   the banksters are peddling in the media( facebook, twitter,news,  popular blogs  & newspoopers). And after decades of ongoing media mind control people have become religious believers.



The so called age of information is the age of disinformation and ignorance.

The Bankster’s intel the “one eye”( Mossad,CIA, KGB etc) has been perfecting its mind control programs and propaganda through the media since 1950 . News has always been mind programming and propaganda. Banks and corporations used as (intel) fronts, spook  agencies funded by bankers that also are the intel agencies  director of finance. The marriage of banks and intel has  been a long-term relationship of deviants.

Social media and the paid shills.

Propaganda today is trending to small and not so small( ZH/RT)  ” left” blogs are used to get the memes into minds that have turned off mainstream news sites by using non sequiturs . So now we see both  left and right branches controlling the narratives.

They even call it social networking when they set up aps  then fund shills to push their agenda and plant memes in it. Mind control with  bird brain sounds like ” ZunZuneo and twitter” .  Intel playground  facebook and the google the search engine is totally bunk .

The fake lefty  blog sites do not like you to not see who is pulling the strings and want you  dis empowered , to believe in democracy,  the system  and tell you that we have capitalism( and to be anti it) in the economic monopoly. They want to tell you the solution is socialism( NeoNazi socialism)when its not as they want a reset and it means selling you a rebrand.In intels left branch anti American  pro Russian memes  and war mongering is going on. As though we are not all human beings with the nationalization mind control  tool a concept of the State. The fake  lefts go on promoting  democracy dogma , politics( the “art of deception”) mainstream  Biden and  Trump obsessed .They pretend the X blackwater mercenary incited riots are not what they are which was  organized media covered chaos( CHAOZ) and they use it to spread racism and promote the same. They also encourage and are active in the  set up of physical  meetings groups of govt dissenters .

Operation Covid as an example of propagandists left mind control.

The unproven existence of a “new disease” is a fact ignored and the fake leftys will go onto debates on face mask use and assert lower death rates. There were no deaths from ” COVID” as it does not exist.Some of the double agents or astro turf lefty fakers will not even talk about Covid  and will instead be seen harping on about  ” freedom” for  CIA’s Agent Celebrity Assange .We even have a couple of  self proclaimed ego manic “spiritual bloggers” doing unconscious ego re-assertment (ego strengthening) programs. People are being terrorized by the media and its fear mongering and that is what  was intended.

The  world sytem.

Though I would not use the word “Satanic” to describe the banksters the below link has an outline. https://eyreinternational.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/the-new-world-order-part-1/

Instead of having democracy  or decisions made by PM/President central bank nations are set up as corporations ruled by the Bank of England’s Crown, the Vatican and a war machine called Washington.The PM and Presidents of their corporations are selected by these bankers, they  never selected and chosen by the people.Decisions are made for them they are told what to say or  “handled”. You can see this in the same actions or the globalization of all nations PM and presidents under UN’s”operation COVID”.



In a world that is insane those that can see this and do not want to obey are labelled a threat to the craziness and self destructive path,  its always been like that.Woman close to nature called witches, people that didn’t agree with the Crown or Vatican called heretics people who know about the Sun, oceans and water vapor as the climate drivers are called deniers.

What is happening is that people are “unconscious”( awake physically but its like they are asleep ) they rely on a media conditioned mind/ego . This programmed mind as their master ( totally controlled no self mastery) also means they are lead by all their fear and desires . As they do not know themselves they are believers not knowers.The mind controllers  like you fearful, overwhelmed  and feeling dis empowered.As in truth you are powerful but  have forgotten.

All mind controlled believers  can do is regurgitate State propaganda, they really believe it and as “mind identified conditioned minds” it is them . If they feel you are attacking a belief if feels as though you are attacking them as they are so mind identified.Thats why they go on to violently attack all contradicting information and opposing views.

As human beings created all the problem in the world with wrong thinking, thinking had been programmed into them by the banksters( banking cabal greed fear etc) they have the ability and power to solve them( kindness compassion understanding).

Enlightenment is not about believing left media information its about self knowledge.

Being woke isn’t knowing about the economic-political system and its corruption.

The thing about enlightenment( which has been hijacked by propagandists) is it frees you from the conditioned mind and all its beliefs and programming.

Freeing oneself from the bars of your own mind.

Its a matter of discovery of the Human Being.I know what we are not as all the systems we created from a State of ignorance do not work.

We have created a Hell on earth for many people isn’t it high time for a heaven?

Know thyself.

How to change this would be an inner revolution.Whats your world like? And are you making it a heaven for yourself and those around you? Love radiates outwards and has the power to  change the world.

fascism, no such thing as democracy, NWO, one multinational govt, propaganda, totalitarian, Tyranny

The New World Order.

Many people have a theory that the UN’s WHO fake pandemic was for ushering in the New World Order and  the UN’s 2030 agenda ( that was written in Orwellian ).
They were called “conspiracy theorists or deniers ” but now with the UN’s new New World Order web site  its clear  the banking cabal’s  (Herr Rockefeller & Co) UN and their media conglomerate was lying about it.
Two options below clarify the matter following the UN NWO coming out of the closet.
1) New world order they say ” its a conspiracy”    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_World_Order_(conspiracy_theory)
2) Its not.  https://unnwo.org/
corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, totalitarian, Tyranny

Busting up some of the current msm memes.

The media in both its controlled opposition ( faker astro turf leftys)and mainstream are putting the same old rancid ideas out . Trump, Russia, China, Biden,  the idea of so called “different political parties”,  democracy  and Capitalism.

There is no such thing as “Capitalism” an economic concept that doesn’t even exist so how can it be evil (or the cause of greed) .We have a banking cabal’s  economic monopoly its called Banksterism if an Ism or  concept is needed to define the economic structure of the world.These banksters loan private money they create from debt to all govts( corporations) thus controlling them.

Rothschild : Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws/ legislation/rules .

Puppets and the crumbled  Democracy Dogma

The cabal selects political candidates, runs the bias and unfair media campaign with its media conglomerates that is the election process  and chooses PM & Presidents   not the people . They are the banking cabal’s puppets as seen from the show as we see actions of not individual nations but globally unified govts( under banksters UN shadow govt).For who is it that under the psyop COVID19 that maintains power and creates wealth from increased ” COVID” debt but the Banksters and their corporations and institutions. Lets face it we all saw the failures of the systems in place,  the inhumanity of it all .There was a public uprising we were stirring in our sleep before the psyop criminalized peaceful protests, gatherings  and paralyzed people’s minds with fear.

Its now a time to choose fear or Love.

We do get to choose Love or fear.

And we co create this world.


“Love like there is no tomorrow. Stop thinking about what it means; start loving. If we did that, this world would be a different place today.”
— Prem Rawat

” You are not IN the universe.you are the universe- and intrinsic part of it.Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself” ET

If their important lesson were learnt the problems of this world, including the fascism, would not be.

Know thyself is the lesson.


corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, fascism, NWO, totalitarian, Tyranny

The UN’s push for a global mandatory vaccine .

Millions die each year  due to a lack of water and food  and yet the UN (the  cabal’s shadow govt) hasn’t pushed for “mandatory” clean water and food for every human being on the planet.

This is what is needed and these basic needs could have been met  if not for bankster’s govt’s funneling billions of dollars to developing vaccines, fictional “man made global warming” , invasions, bailouts to corporations,  banks and  funding conflicts.

The US H.R.6666 bill would allocate 100 billion annually  for fiscal year 2021 and any other subsequent fiscal years that are declared a  plunder-demic . So instead of  funding clean water and food $100 billion to enforce mandatory  testing for “an alleged  virus”.$660 Million was spent on 30+ Field Hospitals in the US , most didn’t have patients .https://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/npr-660-million-spent-30-us-field-hospitals-most-without-treating-any-covid-19-patients . And the flow of money wasted in the name of covid19 goes on and on. BRICS  allocated $15 billion to the New Development Bank  so that it could  set up special loan instruments  for govts to borrow  ( *in the people’s names) to meet the costs of  responding to the  UN’s false flag “coronavirus plundemic”. Oh the banking cabal have plenty of funny money they use to  create their wealth…  but only  for what they want. The increased debt and borrowing  from the psyop COVID19 is making them even wealthier. So it seems govts can borrow any amount for tyranny but not for human needs.Where is all the money for food and water,  for what is   beneficial to humanity.


Link to Dr. Pascal Sacré questioning the insane priority of UN vaccination vs us being human beings). https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-who-and-the-eu-want-a-covid-vaccine-for-the-entire-planet-what-about-water-and-food/5713686

I do not agree with pascal that there is any “new deadly disease called COVID19” caused by a new  “sars corona2 virus”.  As there is no evidence and the ( meaningless)CDC PCR tests state they cannot be used  to diagnose a disease. All elderly and ill people’s deaths   which were wrongly recorded as caused by COVID19 are just normal morbidity  numbers for winter season (having had their immune systems lowered by stress and fear). None being tested for influenza/multiple established respiratory diseases with exactly same symptoms.

But Pascal’s  is a good alternative narrative in a  time to look at what we want in this world vs the insanity that is going on.