“Banned from commenting for 100 years”.

I’m not welcome at the ranch .

I went to comment today and I got that banned message( If I had a dollar) . I am never going to be stumping “Caitlin Johnson” a popular© opposition narrative who was silent about convid19 and censored me. They also go on a lot about freeing media hero celeb CIA agent Assange . Now they are talking about an ” inner narrative ” and “outer work” focus which is not enlightenment.

Enlightenment is not about a new narrative or you being a “ rebel” . It is about being aware of thoughts and feelings so as to not misidentify yourself as them.

Becoming aware that you are awareness.

The idea you are a “rebel” can become just another false ID.

Rebellion is not enlightenment.

Humanity is one, it is your state of presence( your Being) that helps the whole ( not your activism) .

Being as primary combined with doing then creates right words and action. Conscious( awake) activism.


All media has fleas.

The WHO’s international health treaty.

Substack media is different from twitter media in the non censorship and monetization of your own work but its still embedded with data mining, bots, the controlled opposition narratives like twitter . Here vigilance is still required as there are the same social media pitfalls of the State spinning from some blogs and in all the comments sections . I noticed a funny new blog yesterday called “dr vi©tor” going on about WHO nonsense promoting a treaty and the WHO as an authority.

My end destination, what I want is for you( and I) is to have sovereignty . I was amused at the eloquent CO word trickery of that blog that wanted Drs and WHO to be believed to have it . One meme was the Dr -patient relationship having sovereignty when that messed up relationship has been dysfunctional for some time with the corporations, insurance and the medical system wedged in between. Seems the wise advice “heal thyself” was forgotten /lost on 99% Drs .

  1. The WHO is a central banking criminal org ( it has no authority or sovereignty over you it cant make international health laws /rules /regulations).It said it declared the pseudo pandemic ( psyop covid19)without having any proof of threat.
  2. We need no treaty.
  3. No contract( this is the only sane legal response to such legal nonsense )
  4. You do not need to be tricked into the lowest level of believing  them, making agreements with them, fighting or playing their mind games. To defeat their ideas( and memes) you just need not believe in them.
  5. Be present moment centered. Trust your Self. Give you inner Self sovereignty .
Controlled oppostion RFKjr & EFC

The train to awakening that cant be derailed.

Mind is the terrain.

Many people on the train still want to find environmental causes of illness.

I dont unless mind is seen as the only environment for/of the body.

As I know the ( unwhole/unhealed )mind is the cause of illness.

The whole world is in your mind. This is why I am “stumping” for everyone getting that golden ticket to the end game Self knowledge. Consider for a moment those that want to get off the train at the Station “debunk germ theory” or the see the psyop’ de convid19. You will not reach your true destination as you need a crossover. That is no problem as spreading the truth, a love of truth and a goal of being awake are lines going in the same direction. You love truth.. that is your nature.

The truth is not owned by anyone or group .

I do not see the relative truth as important as the absolute truth of you being. Which is why I have non consensus-ly focused on waking up pointers and spiritual teachings( pushing ACIM to many people’s dismay haha) .Its good to not have the mind conditioning of the corporate media (msm or the controlled opposition narrative). Both sides are full of mind control memes, MKULTRA and propaganda done to keep people awoke ( in fear). I have pointed out the MO of the controlled opposition players to help so that those that are still admiring controlled opposition players can free themselves from the influence( narrative control) . It is silly and naive to not believe the State(intel) has not infiltrated the movement, but it is no cause for confusion or fear . Control of the narrative is of utmost importance to those that want to remain in control( through egoic mind control-FEAR ).

You know the Rockefeller germ theory is a lie and that convid was a psyop. You dont have to follow anyone. Follow your Self. You also know the dysfunctional systems of this world seem to be crumbling. The new ways and solutions will come from those that are fully here and awake in the present moment from people grounded in Being.

Its good to spread the facts. Its good to let people know the relative truth. And sometimes when people find out their learned lifelong beliefs were lies it can create an openness, a sense of not knowing. That if they can stay with it makes the opening of space and stillness that is needed for knowing.

Its best to know who you are and so not get sucked into what is essentially a play of form, an illusion, a drama. This media script of insanity has been going on for many lifetimes. A testimony to humanity’s insanity . We can see it more clearly now its amplified so what was thought of as “ bad” may yet just be a silver lining .

Many mangoes are are not ripe they still have the firm green skin of a woke fruit. Its ok as not one will be lost in the illusion or the dream of form.

You can lead a mango to water but you cant make them ripen( unless they are ready).


The controlled opposition narrative( RFK jr, CHD fund$,Penny, Eric C & co)

I noticed the latest thing going down is that those controlled opposition players are trying to get back lost credibility by scapegoating their advisor. Too funny especially when the Whitehouse’s controlled opposition agent Eric C is playing the lead honcho in this jest. Eric’s latest victim-crucifixion drama The CHD fund$( Penny)and RFK jr etc were not the victim of one man . They mis- advised many people, as that is their job as they are controlled opposition agents. . These CO agents that have been pushing convid , lying, non sequitur-ing and spinning for years about “ viruses”,” vaccines”” the germ theory” so why would people waking up to the relative truth go back to idolizing( believing or following) them?Surely people know by now that in order to control minds the State must control the opposition narrative? And to control opposition they find out what we know and use that in their spins(intel from comments and by using the comment section to spread memes ) . The egoic narrative that is used to spread fear. Fear is the control mechanism of the State(of unconsciousness).Solid information sources: The Baileys and Torsten( Virus mania)are a good source of info on the debunked hypothesis (Torsten has a good link of experts on his web site). But if you are reading this you know all you need to and its quite simple. There are no such things as “viruses” as there is no proof they exist. In fear we have had the dysfunctional Rockefeller’s snake oil medical system for sometime . A hellish system that has nothing to do with health(wholeness + Love) and everything to do with fear, ignorance , dis empowerment, disconnection, self attack and profiting off the illness created by the State of mind. Collectively with a shift from fear and ignorance to love we can change this .

Why knowing who you are is paramount in 2023 .

“Know thyself”.

In the media unreality , the madhouse that has gone global, the current media spread thought(illusion) is this non existent “gay monkey pox” you did not believe it and laughed too much so it was renamed mpox. Mmmmmh? A sexual preference knowing homophobic fake nothing under your bed. More laughter is needed. Will they rebrand the “flu” symptoms MPX next …or do another rebrand?

You are going to wake up anyway….what better time is there ?

V. Self-Concept( ego) versus Self

“1. The learning of the world is built upon a concept of the self adjusted

to the world’s reality. ²It fits it well. ³For this an image is that suits

a world of shadows and illusions. ⁴Here it walks at home, where what it

sees is one with it. ⁵The building of a concept of the self is what the

learning of the world is for. ⁶This is its purpose; that you come without a

self, and make one as you go along. ⁷And by the time you reach “maturity”

you have perfected it, to meet the world on equal terms, at one with its


2. A concept of the self is made by you. ²It bears no likeness to yourself

at all. ³It is an idol, made to take the place of your reality “ACIM

Who you really are is unaffected( uninfected) by this play of form, the shadows and illusions .

Forever Safe . Eternal.Whole. Complete. Held in Love.


The absurdity of the world’s narratives.

Going to briefly jump from the topic of Reality to a topic of the post convid19 global digitization process( illusion) . As pointed out all these unreal media memes purpose is to suck you into believing them thus strengthening them and making an illusion seem real .

The agenda is to keep people mind conditioned, mastered by ego in the grip of fear. Woke. The opposite of awake.

Unfortunately not many people in the matrix will question a really nutty narrative such as the WHO and a committee shaping “international health regulations” and having authority over them using maritime legislation(stripping your rights, dealing with you as through you are dead/ property/a PERSON). This wake job legislation sounds normal to the masses as they do not understand the utter deception of the legal system, or the law and have given their authority away (worshiping idols).

Where’s the reality of the WHO org? You and I have no contract with them. The reality is you are not a person/property of the state . They are working on more insanity , a garbage contract only people believing in could make it so. USA has this puppetman with bankster front company O’Neill signing up for it https://globalhealth.georgetown.edu/people/lawrence-o-gostin. New Zealand has Andrew For$yth signing for the govt . Conflicted Govt employee AND CEO at Zeald. “Helping SME businesses achieve rapid & radical digital transformation in the new Covid-19 world.”. Hmmm great stuff Andrew only Covid19 doesn’t exist -it was just digital .

No one can sign a contract for you, it doesn’t matter what these players Laurence and Andrew sign as they cant lawfully sign for you a free( man/woman) . You are not the “ State”. How can these random persons even sign a “State” into a contract to follow the WHO’s so called international legislation? Haha There is no real authority behind the WHO. It is also just a front. An unreality and insanity that I do not lend/give my reality to.

WHO’s committee “ international health regulations” are silly ideas to be seen as the nothings they are and laughed at . https://cdn.who.int/media/docs/default-source/documents/ihr/review-committee/fifth-rc-meeting-report–15-16-dec-2022_rev.pdf?sfvrsn=a5b542bc_1&download=true. How funny they are dreaming they are State officials and legit . It is but a dream.

You my brother who is innocent, sin-free, complete and are in fact life do not need to believe in or follow this nonsense narrative. An unreality that is totally dependent on fear and ignorance, of body identification, sin, guilt, punishment,(regulations), dis -ease and death .

“How willing are you to escape effects of all the dreams the world has ever had? ²Is it your wish to let no dream appear to be the cause of what it is you do? ³Then let us merely look upon the dream’s beginning, for the part you see is but the second part, whose cause lies in the first. ⁴No one asleep and dreaming in the world remembers his attack upon himself. ⁵No one believes there really was a time when he knew nothing of a body, and could never have conceived this world as real. ⁶He would have seen at once that these ideas are one illusion, too ridiculous for anything but to be laughed away. ⁷How serious they now appear to be! ⁸And no one can remember when they would have met with laughter and with disbelief. ⁹We can remember this, if we but look directly at their cause. ¹⁰And we will see the grounds for laughter, not a cause for fear. ACIM


The dream of form.

It is odd to me that most people in 2023 will not even consider the possibility that they are asleep and dreaming . Every night they dream and do not know they are dreaming while they are asleep so why is the admission of this concept so unacceptable ? Why would you not look at it if you were having a ( collective hive mind)nightmare?

Waking up (to who we are) is our true purpose…to be an awakened being. This year I am going to wade further into ACIM and try to bring out the truth that may be helpful spreading a new paradigm of love. A world where the wolf fear is no longer man’s shepherd. To make a different choice, choosing Reality( heaven -that is here and now on earth ) rather than keep giving reality to a dream( illusion/”simulation”) .

“Dreams show you that you have the power to make a world as you would have it be, and that because you want it you see it. ²And while you see it you do not doubt that it is real. ³Yet here is a world, clearly within your mind, that seems to be outside. ⁴You do not respond to it as though you made it, nor do you realize that the emotions the dream produces must come from you. ⁵It is the figures in the dream and what they do that seem to make the dream. ⁶You do not realize that you are making them act out for you, for if you did the guilt would not be theirs, and the illusion of satisfaction would be gone. ⁷In dreams these features are not obscure. ⁸You seem to waken, and the dream is gone. ⁹Yet what you fail to recognize is that what caused the dream has not gone with it. ¹⁰Your wish to make another world that is not real remains with you. ¹¹And what you seem to waken to is but another form of this same world you see in dreams. ¹²All your time is spent in dreaming. ¹³Your sleeping and your waking dreams have different forms, and that is all.” (https://acim.org)

Happy New Year.


Christmas 2022

This year I want to spread thoughts of peace and love. This world has distorted the meaning of everything and this season is no different, it has come so far away from being about peace, love and joy.

I feel the very unconscious years of fear and dystopian world view of late have given even hardened intellectuals a shake up. Knowing now of how many people are in a total mind made unreality the media induced nightmare (convid19) . Then in knowing about the psyop many have looked deeper at this man made image of the world and its many beliefs and seen them to be false. Trusted mind conditioning i s seen as false and is falling away. People seemingly in the same world yet living in different worlds. One world a fearful media metaverse of looming death and the other a fearful fascist dystopia. Fear spread on bothsides of the media toast. So fear was a commonality for the forms of media. The world seen through a fear lens. And the thing people do when they feel fear is attack and then try to justify it. A chaos that hasn’t settled and how can it ever with the world image that is presented of FEAR. A world of separate, isolated bodies waiting for unseen (made up enemies) things to invade and make them sick and die ? That is not reality it is another false metaverse.

There is another way of looking .

To seek the truth we must look to inner vision not to bodys perception. It is looking with a 180 turn away from fear to love. All of you in order to crack the spell of convid were in a moment not lost in fear, so had space and with it access to reason. Fear and reasoning are never bedfellows . Fear is another word for “ doing it wrong”.

This is a great place to be, sincerely seeking the truth after believing many conditioned wrong fear inducing beliefs . As we can see the world is batshit crazy, reality is obviously not to be found there. We have just made up our mind made world. The world’s convid can be a springboard . An opportunity where so many wrong beliefs taken as truth can be discarded, seeking the truth we could “empty our glass”.

Illness: mind is the terrain.

Can we learn that the body is in the mind? Illness or health is of the mind. All illness can be said to be psychosomatic . It is the very opposite of what the world will tell you . You may not yet be ready to abandon world’s beliefs( mind-confused with brain- in body) but please keep an open mind on this one.

A recipe for peace, healing and joy.

Should we who know convid was a psyop be mind conditioned to look on each other as a threat this year? As a practice at Christmas time may you want to try to look upon all your brothers as they really are. That is Only in this moment with no past , sinless, guiltless as literal saints to bring you a vision of Reality. This is an antidote to the madness a reversal of “ social distancing”. For what you do to “others” you do to yourself. So gift yourself lots of love this Christmas.

The narrative

Censorship is fear.

The truth can defend itself . Those that censor the truth are afraid of it. As they know they cannot use reasoning to support their erroneous thinking .

They live believing in fearful illusions and the false needs lots of more false it uses as its defense ( complexity, mis-info or an ad hom attack) . What we see in the world is just a symptom of fear . And the insanity that goes with having a world of indoctrinated false belief about who you are. And yet it needs to be said “Madness holds out no menace to reality, and has no influence upon it. ⁸Illusions cannot triumph over truth, nor can they threaten it in any way. . “(ACIM)

This fear is why you wont see the Baileys, Torsten Engelbrecht, Claus Köhnlein, Stefano Scoglio, Andrew Kaufman or Tom Cowan’s teachings that are debunking the skworm hypothesis on the mainstream media’s disinformation frequency. For there is no listening, no discussions, no debates just censorship in this state of fear and madness.And a sane society would be raising this topic openly up front for discussion and debate.

You may have noticed that the media (the channel of the collective ego) have been projecting their mistakes onto those that do not share in their false narrative . Someone who tells the truth( if not censored) is likely to get a silly mislabel in the age of fear . Govts clearly acting as terrorists will call those opposing their narrative “terrorists” … there is lots of projection .

The interest in media egoic trends: drama, conflict, blame, sin, guilt, attack , scapegoating, fantasies , the misidentification with thoughts and feelings is dwindling here@ Substack in those who see the false and seek the truth.

The false fear paradigm and its dysfunctional systems are being debunked and the ultimate truth( Self knowledge )is growing in its appeal as it becomes known as the essential goal that we all share .

Self knowledge ( or Self remembrance) is a simple truth, open to all seeking it. It requires nothing the ego values . No education, no experts, no bitcoinage, no media, no followers just you and the quiet remembrance of who you are. “Be still and know …”

To be found within not without.

The biggest truth there is.

pseudo $cience


I am going to take the meaning of Science as: the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

Many have wrongly attacked science when what we see in the world is a practice of pseudo science(or  $cience). The pseudo science industry is politically and for profit driven, many whom have slipped into it adopted indoctrinated university and corporate beliefs IE they got into the career of being a researcher publishing papers and applying for funding . Data fudging and corruption is the norm in this industry. The industry has always been corrupt done by those that want to keep the status quo , a set of disempowering fear ladden theorie$ and beliefs held in place.

The scientific method was not used. No one observed a pandemic. No one proved there was one. No one even found or studied a “virus”. The fact “sars cov2” was just a computer generated string of rna shows the level of hive mind consensus and delusion . The method of madness is not the scientific method. Memes convid19 ( and “viruses”)have nothing to do with science (sic). These are just fearful thoughts that were not and can’t even be isolated , observed or experimented on in this world.

If actual science was involved from the get go the convid psyop would not have infected minds. I dare you to read some research papers in 2022, 99% of what I read   sounds like the incoherent scribbling and the hypotheses of  insane people . What is being taken for knowledge is misconception and ignorance. Its not science its madne$s.