If the IMF can forgive/write off the odious debt…


The Ukraine’s $3 billion dollars in odious debt was “forgiven’ or “written off “. If the World bank can do this there is no need to make the people  fear an economic crash as all the odious debt can be forgiven. The bank has   been lending money to Ukraine despite the Fund’s “rules” stopping  it from lending money to countries with no visible chance of paying it back.

Since 1947  the World Bank has acted as a branch of the U.S. Defense Department. The World Bank  fund ISIS  and  they fund the wars while at the same time profiting off them.


Imagine a private family business (aka the Rothschild’s)  giving themselves alone the power to  create money  by lending it into existence  .Your nation could just as well create money from nothing without interest and then determine its own  policies, policies  that were not for the bankers( the ruling elite .01%)and their mega corporations  but for the people.

There is no such thing as a “fractional reserve” the private banks  create money from nothing,self regulate  they   use the govt (which is a Crown corporation) to take taxes by force from the ignorant debt slaves. The banking system is completely fictional and fraudulent. When the  govt(which is a corporation) cuts needed services to the people,  imposes “austerity” for the people   it is for the increased profit and control of the Crown banksters . The unnecessary public service cuts,  the    “economic crisis” are all conditions imposed by the money lenders. On top of just writing off billions in odious  debt,  trillions of dollars just disappear and yet  still  people believe the banking system is regulated or obeys rules.





http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-12-09/imf-just-entered-cold-war-forgives-ukraines-debt-russia Though I have a link to Zero Hedge story on the odious debt write off for the Ukraine I disagree with them that The Asian Development Bank( BRICS) is in competition with the IMF as they claim- for it is part of the same IMF,  World Bank system. The BRICS  was created to support the split, the idea of the ww3( “vs Russia + China”)  so more wealth can be created by the banking cartel for the banking cartel.


IPPC’s fatally flawed analysis of temperatures

“The flaws imply that there is no demonstrated observational evidence that global temperatures have significantly increased (i.e. increased more than would be expected from natural climatic variation alone).”Douglas J. Keenan


In 2009 it was discovered that a well paid group  of $cientists had lied about the data in the Al Gore’s hedge fund propaganda  ”  man made global warming from mans C02 emissions” now re branded as “Climate change”.


The oligarchy that fund the IPPC  thinking everyone had forgotten about climate-gate scandal, as they do  ,  relaunched a [pure fear based astro turf campaign. A climate change movement  in which they tell unwitting people their survival depends on lobbying for “Climate change”. These fanatics are trying to spread the belief in “man’s emitted c02 warming the planet” .

They are confusing “pollution” which is obviously real with “man made global warming by Co2 emissions” which is a lie.

They are lobbying for   wealth building for the 1% who organised this movement :a) Imposing a carbon tax on the 99% and b) the elites Carbon trading at the expense of the 99%  who will have basic necessities  sky rocket with the c) costly and impotent “regulation”.

Man’s emissions of C02 is not warming the planet, there is no such event as “man made global warming”. Its a total myth in which actual science is seen as “irrelevant”.A flawed computer model and lies is all they have.

CO2 is Nature’s colorless, odorless, tasteless gas essential for all life on Earth. It’s not toxic. It doesn’t make land, water or air dirty or unsafe to use. It does not cause disease. CO2 comprises less than about 0.04 percent of the air. Of Earth’s annual production of CO2, humans produce just 3 percent aprx.

Solar energy , cosmic rays and the oceans are ignored in the  fabricated computer models  as the IPPC has a mandate “man made global warming” and  that insane mandate is a conflict of interest with actual climate science.







In 2013  NIPCC  a non govt climate scientist org  very politely  flushed the IPCC 2013 report down the toilet where it belonged. So now its 2015 and the IPCC have no evidence for their theory, no science.

Bob Carter is an Emeritus Fellow of the Institute of Public Affairs and Chief Science Advisor to the International Climate Science Coalition “The three headline conclusions of the 2013 NIPCC Report, Climate Change Reconsidered: II Physical Science, are:1. We conclude neither the rate nor the magnitude of the reported late twentieth century surface warming (1979–2000) lay outside normal natural variability, nor was it in any way unusual compared to earlier episodes in Earth’s climatic history. Furthermore, solar forcings of temperature change are likely more important than is currently recognized, and evidence is lacking that a 2° C increase in temperature (of whatever cause) would be globally harmful.

2. We conclude no unambiguous evidence exists for adverse changes to the global environment caused by human-related CO2 emissions. In particular, the cryosphere is not melting at an enhanced rate; sea-level rise is not accelerating; no systematic changes have been documented in evaporation or rainfall or in the magnitude or intensity of extreme meteorological events; and an increased release of methane into the atmosphere from permafrost or sub-seabed gas hydrates is unlikely

 3. We conclude the current generation of GCMs are unable to make accurate projections of climate even 10 years ahead, let alone the 100 year period that has been adopted by policy planners. The output of such models should therefore not be used to guide public policy formulation until they have been validated and shown to have predictive value. https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/doomed-planet/2013/12/26217/



The French 9/11

The intact passport is  the signature mark of the same perpetrators as 9/11.

* SOFREP report said that that the French National Police had met with the BND Federal Intelligence service (Germany) and the BKA Federal police (Germany) to “discuss an eminent pre-planned terrorist attack in Paris.”

The french branch of a now private globalized intel org had surveillance on the suspects before the event.

The same morning at the Paris SMAU (EMT), a multi-site attack exercise had been planned .

The PM  was seen sitting with an “I am not  surprised” look on his face and remaining in an unsecured location (this time sitting at a stadium where a bomb had gone off).First  bomb “explosion outside was heard over tens of thousands of cheering fans at around 9.17pm. Hollande was taking a phone call in the stadium’s security control room at 9.36pm, five minutes after the second bomb blast.”

The end result of the organized  chaos is that France has a State of emergency -its constitution suspended . Its borders are closed. People worldwide are afraid of and angry at refugees, now seeing the victims of war and escalated conflict as terrorists.The French said they have an excuse to extensively bomb Syria’s oil transportation system  ( as Russia said they could extensively bomb Syria  too)and everyone is bombing Syria (now working with Assad).

The corporate media has used the  staged event to link terrorism to climate change by saying they will not let “terrorism” stop the 11th session UN (NWO)Climate change negotiations  in Paris. The lies from  Al Gore investment hedge fund “man made global warming by man’s C02 emissions” exposed in Climate-gate but now  called ” Climate change” is being negotiated on as it is a vehicle  for the UN’s NWO /global govt.





The Cold war on a hot plate.

The war  in Syria  continues. The old cold war sizzling away like an artery clogging sausage  in the corporate media’s arsenal.

  I ask the question what is a terrorist? Are  terrorists fighting terrorists,  is the word ‘terrorist’  just being used to label opposing groups. When it was released by the media that the bankster’s Washington created and fund a “bad” terrorist group   the same group changed to be “good, moderate” terrorists. The terrorists  that they have not yet been exposed as being funded by other banksters/nations  are still being called “bad”  terrorists.All these mercenaries/fighters get funding and weapons.The corporation of the usa and the Russia  troops are terrorists according to the Russian minister. Very confusing as the Russians have a vague definition of terrorist which really encompasses all .” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov put it: “If it looks like a terrorist, if it acts like a terrorist, if it walks like a terrorist, if it fights like a terrorist, it’s a terrorist. There are ‘claims that Russia’s bombing raids have overwhelmingly ignored the Isis fighters they claim to be targeting and killed 150 civilians and injured 500 more’.”http://theinternationalreporter.org/2015/10/11/syria-updates-11th/

The Russians are just as confused as the American’s who  can’t even make up their minds about  who is a  terrorist and who is a bad terrorist. The fighters   that  Washington  create and fund are  at first really bad then they are magically called good/moderate when associated.

Words/Lies  of convenience for a war that manipulates and creates causes where there are none greater than human life.


Putin and Obama: Washington’s joint bombing and the escalation in Syria.

The oligarchy’s media warmed up the cold war, West vs East. Putin is the media “hero’ , shirt off on a horse or speaking out against the west’s constant warring.The media has now told people that Russia’s co ordination with usa in its  occupation and bombing of Syria is somehow ‘ok’.  The  usa is evil (when they invade and bomb) and so using flawed logic Russia is good when it invades and bombs .Everyone is so caught up in good vs evil that they do not see clearly what is happening right under their noses in the name of  “good v evil”.

Meanwhile millions of Palestinian refugees and others flee Syria , chaos descends  and tension in the area increases. Putin, like Obama, serves the same bankster masters that profit off the wars.

Russia had invaded  and occupied Afghanistan before the usa.In 1979, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan inspired a mass jihadist call to arms from across the Muslim world to fight the non-Muslim invaders. So did the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.The Soviet–Afghan War lasted over nine years from December 1979 to February 1989.  Between 850,000–1.5 million civilians were killed and millions of Afghans fled the country as refugees, mostly to Iran and Pakistan .The usa started the gulf war 91 and then Afganistan in 2001, Assad supported the usa. Assad, like Hussein, is Washington’s man.

In this media story  there are said to be good terrorists and bad terrorists(?), the media  has restarted the cold war Russia vs USA .The usa could not be seen bombing the  (once bad but now good) terrorists they created and funded . Allegedly Russia are bombing ISIS (but there are reports that this may not be the case Russia has  bombed  non ISIS/ISIL) .Russia tells the usa where it is going to bomb an hour before,so  this is a coordinated attack a joint mission.

So the whole media show is a lie. What is happening is horrible, its a war not between Putin v Obama, not good v evil but a staged war of the Oligarchy v already poor refugees, the people of Syria.All talk of a victory is a lie.



The Crown, Washington DC and the Vatican’s global governance: Agenda 2030

The Church and State  NWO agenda 2030 meeting, a UN meeting for the .01% desired totalitarian govt, to be marketed under the banner “sustainable”.
“The environment is a perfect vehicle for the elite to use to bring in their version of utopia, because just about every possible form of human activity affects the environment in some way. Ultimately, they hope to centrally plan and strictly regulate virtually everything that we do, and we will be told that it is necessary to “save the planet”.
And they will never come out and openly call it a “New World Order” because “sustainable development” sounds so much nicer and is so much more acceptable to the general population.” Michael Synder

To convince the whole world  to join the pope’s “climate change” religion there are 17 empty  goals . These goals in which the corporations economic growth and true intentions are concealed are all in doublespeak . The UN  can’t just say a NWO “totalitarian control” and economic growth by  and for the triads corporation’s by using the word  ‘sustainability” . It’s proposing a nightmare of the  (self regulating) global mega corporate’s  total governance over every aspect of a persons life by using a grid of “smart” technology and surveillance.

When they say they want to end poverty the corporations with the new trade agreements  will ramp up the exploitation and land grabs .With the  proposed Carbon tax (and Wall st’s carbon trading)  food and basic services here will be more expensive and it will increase poverty and hardship.The mega corporations which are owned by the triad are the leading cause of poverty and inequality .Corporate  goals are always the same to profit off the sweat and blood of the people.

There will be even more privatization such as the ownership and control of water .

There are no changes in the pyramid control structure that owns all the mega corporations. It is for more control of humanity by regulating every aspect siting  “environmental” concern. It is as ridiculous as the oil spilling corporation’s making you pay a toll for roads because they say they care about the environment. It is a plan for the mega corporation’s sustained economic growth by total control of humanity.

These vague goals are all in doublespeak, reverse them and you will see the real goals of the Crown, Washington and the Vatican. All goals will be twisted and used to support the UN fascism, I give one “real time” example of how this agenda is being used.

  • Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere
  • Goal 2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture
  • Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
  • Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all
  • Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
  • EG  The Washington Post shows how the #5 goal of the UN agenda will be used for internet censorship…

    “On Thursday, the organization’s Broadband Commission for Digital Development released a damning “world-wide wake-up call” on what it calls “cyber VAWG,” or violence against women and girls. The report concludes that online harassment is “a problem of pandemic proportion” — which, nbd, we’ve all heard before.

    But the United Nations then goes on to propose radical, proactive policy changes for both governments and social networks, effectively projecting a whole new vision for how the Internet could work.

    Under U.S. law — the law that, not coincidentally, governs most of the world’s largest online platforms — intermediaries such as Twitter and Facebook generally can’t be held responsible for what people do on them. But the United Nations proposes both that social networks proactively police every profile and post, and that government agencies only “license” those who agree to do so.”


  • Goal 6: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all
  • Goal 7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all
  • Goal 8: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all
  • Goal 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation
  • Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries
  • Goal 11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable
  • Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns
  • Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts*
  • Goal 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development
  • Goal 15: Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss
  • Goal 16: Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels
  • Goal 17: Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

There is no action plans  or information on how they plan to meet their goals just empty  goals that sound…good if you believe the UN that has sustained  the banking cabal’s constant wars on this planet. The UN is an organisation that warmongers, creates refugees, poverty and starvation, it  supports its employees  raping children and woman in the countries that it helps to invade and destroy…  but now says it wants to end poverty!!!! These are the  same mega corporations that have destroyed forests, oceans  and ecosystems.

Carbon Taxes, corporate land grabs,carbon trading,  water privatization,  and the strict control and regulation of every aspect  of life by the mega corporations  will also increase poverty in the developed countries.You don’t (and will not  ever) see the  Triad’s mega corporation’s  dropping the price of utilities, food or changing their profit driven ways. The agenda is for the NWO global governance, world domination  by a group of warmongering  & profit focused owners of mega corporations.

And as for the pope, he  has always been  Washington’s willing partner in  their warmongering.

“The Vatican & Pope  played a central  role in supporting the Argentinian military Junta. Pio Laghi, the Vatican’s apostolic nuncio to Argentina admitted “turning a blind eye” to the torture and massacres.The Catholic hierarchy in Argentina supported the military government. The Junta’s program of torture, assassinations and ‘disappearances” of thousands of political opponents was coordinated and supported by Washington under the CIA’s “Operation Condor”.’ “In the course of a trial initiated in 2005:“Bergoglio [Pope Francis I] twice invoked his right under Argentine law to refuse to appear in open court, and when he eventually did testify in 2010, his answers were evasive”: “At least two cases directly involved Bergoglio. One examined the torture of two of his Jesuit priests — Orlando Yorio and Francisco Jalics — who were kidnapped in 1976 from the slums where they advocated liberation theology. Yorio accused Bergoglio of effectively handing them over to the death squads...” (Los Angeles Times, April 1, 2005 emphasis added)”

The mega corporations that have control of resources and policies , the very roots of the  economic and environmental problems want more control- free range to invent “carbon economy ” and “smart grid technocrat system” of surveillance relying on non human  PRM’s( aka Minority Report)  for power  with more economic growth for themselves.




Climate Change Inquisition

Have we forgotten about  the Vatican’s inquisitions? The Medieval Inquisition  1184 in southern France as a response to  an opinion to the Church was different or  “heresy”. The Roman Inquisition in 1542. The Spanish Inquisition, started in 1478, included using  state institutions for  the ” non believers” or “heretics”.

After the Pope took up the carbon trading investment portfolio  now there is the  movement calling for the state to punish people that disagree with a  political (and hedge fund investment) campaign. Launched by (the heavily invested) Al gore as “man made global warming” it is now called “Climate change”. The propaganda  that man’s CO2 emissions have  somehow heated up  planet earth is so flimsy  it cannot withstand debate or opposition, it is not  even to be questioned. Scientific facts that point to no global warming are now seen as heresy as the Vatican  meets with Obama.   Note that geoengineering is also ignored in this global religion lead  now by the Vatican.

The new heretic is the Climate Change/man made global warming denier.