RFK JR the media’s Convid19 controlled opposition player.

John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School.

Its no surprise following the JFK assassination psyop a school was formed in his name. This psyop school aptly named after the charming media celeb JFK specializes in psyops, in graphic training aids (GTA) indispensable reference tool for tactical Psychological Operations (PSYOP). The media said JKF was assassinated. The media said. Why is the central bankster’s appointed US President not remembered for the publicly opposed Vietnam war because …he is another media made hero martyr by way of the faked assassination .

Remember the- done- on -purpose CIA’s Wikileak/Agent Assange’s Gitmo so called “leak” .

Why do they do this? Proudly they tell people through media that govt enemies get tortured , waterboarded and assassinated . That they are being constantly spied on.

Fear- submission -control.

People were wildly afraid of the US govt.

Circa 2022 and who has become a big media celeb “ leader” for the people in the psyop covid19… the controlled opposition media anti-vax man RFK jr .

RFK JR doesn’t ask for any proof of covid19 , doesn’t tell people that there is no isolation of a “sars cov2 “ virus (and viruses have not been isolated or proven to cause disease) .

RFK JR never once challenged “covid19s’’ existence. He doesn’t blow the Rockefeller 1861 germ theory out of the water, he doesn’t tell people the biotech injection is not even a “ vaccine”. Nor does he raise any eloquent points, facts or truth that would help end the vaccination myths. He merely verbally tells people to resist it( be anti) which in turn strengthens the vaccination movement . RFK Jr is a controlled opposition agent that media turned into a “ rebel” hero . He speaks a controlled opposition version of the same one narrative. He lies to people and tells his followers the non existent “ covid19” is a real disease and the human biotech GMO trial is a “vaccine”. It is more important to the central banksters to control the opposition, the dear submissive wokels with brain freeze are eating with gusto from the media metaverse. That is why RT, ET , ZH and other alt media sites are focused on maintaining the one narrative( covid19 and the WEF’s fake twitter war) .

The Media said.

JFK media darling always had his speech writers voice public opinion. JFK legacy should be he had America in Vietnam ., President Kennedy increased the US military presence in Vietnam, establishing the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV).

The bullet blood squibs that were used in the so called JFK “assassination video” were being used by polish filmmakers back in 1955. The original JFK assassination video version that was made available in news to the public is ridiculous and reeks of a false flag (….waiting for head squib to go off…). Shot in the back of neck my ass, they said a bullet goes through, but the exit wound is not visible … he sits and brushes at his neck both sides as though being bitten by a mosquito. Then blam the head squib they were waiting for goes off .

As in the JFK assassination false flag psyop the controlled opposition media redirects questions . It gets people to argue only who shot JFK , not if he was really shot and killed.

JFK the bankster$ Vietnam war connoisseur was not assassinated.

Its a time to rely on your inner wisdom and to not fall for “media said ” and its media celeb leaders, you need no leader but your own true Self.


Technology in the service of madness has replaced the scientific method.

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

― H.L. Mencken

Instead of proving something exists we can just computer generate it, make it virtual , then have a corrupt paid off “expert” lie to people . Generate enough fear through the media lies to literally shut down brains. Fear submission control.

The politics of disease.

Covid ingredients: A CG “virus” , add a fake “new deadly disease covid19” by rebranding the exact same flu symptoms (and one of the most common causes of death- pneumonia), misuse fraudulently the PCR test that is needed to create fake “cases”, pour in an army of corrupt expert$ and the corporate media with its psyop of daily lies, death and fearmongering . Then tell the frightened people that the new deadly disease is now asymptomatic and so everyone could have it, everyone is a threat . Then you have this half cooked dish of a pseudo pandemic that has people frightened out of their wits in order to get people to give up their rights and participate in a human GMO and biotech trial.

On a positive note the truth will not be stopped .

Just got a link today from biostatistician Christine Massey (https://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/fois-reveal-that-health-science-institutions-have-no-record-of-any-virus-having-been-isolated-purified-virology-isnt-a-science/) to a documentary series with actual experts and scientists that exposes the fraud that is ” sars cov2″ -” covid19″.

The Viral Delusion from filmmaker Mike Wallach features the growing group of doctors and scientists dismantling the illusion of virus theory to understand the real causes of disease – from The Great Plague to Polio, AIDS to COVID.  Episode One is free right now, click HERE.

Here is another link with a panel of experts that are speaking the truth. That have debunked the 1861 Germ theory .


Central banksters vs US


The nationalization process happens when we are a child, we are taught to wrongly identify with a concept like Russian/Chinese/American . This nationality becomes part of our false identity the ego .

Nationalizations purpose is control. No landmass (on any longitude or latitude) needs people to kill or be killed . Wars happen when the media tell people about a conceptual threat, usually fake, this works if we 1) are in fear 2)think we are China/ Russia/USA. For when we wrongly identify with something the govt (a corporation) then says we need to defend this concept (that is idolized and thought of part of who we are). And this leads to kill and or be killed…. for a concept.

Corporations( Govts) want people to have a false identity that leads to feeling separate, having fake enemies that it makes up for us or it will act against a group and blame another group in order to start a conflict.

The Banksters corporations( govts) work together, you saw this during psyop covid19 all following the same rules and doing the same fraudulent actions . Even the central banker’s corporate intel service is not nationalized as it is essentially many national eyes working for the one .

The people in Russia don’t want a war , people in the USA don’t want a war and the people in China don’t want a war . The central bankers (and their corporations) want a war .

We have a GLOBAL central banking economic and political monopoly .

Nationalization is a corporate us  vs them mind control meme.

( and I am punning it about the central banksters vs US not suggesting it manifests. As I am a lover of peace . If people wake up know they are, discover the truth they would not become budget mercenaries for a corporation harming others in many ways , killing and/or getting killed.


The transhuman techno mix: Trump-“covid19”-Russia and da Bots of war.

Social media was taken over by ballistic bots that are mind controlling human beings with propaganda and disinformation. In 2020 it was suggested that bots may account for 60% of Twitter -fakebook accounts discussing Covid-19. I suspect that its a way higher number than 60% pushing the NWO agenda and psy-op memes.

It is easy to see how people got this mass formation psychosis ” covid19″ . Thousands of bots (that they think are real human beings aka the “tribe”) repeating the same fearful lies over and over repeated the media one narrative( that includes the controlled opposition version) . It uses basic psychology just like the polls, for if people think the whole tribe thinks and feels the same way they then are more likely to conform to what they are being told by media and ” other people” to ” fit in/ be normal” . Only the thinking feelings in the social media are anything but normal they are ignorant and insane. * Intel’s RT, ET & ZH media comments section is a good example of the situation bad bots commenting .

Much of humanity’s current fear thinking- feeling was implanted by technology in the media … and they needed no microchip! Why fear automated “trans humans” in the future as bot programmed minds are a thing of the past . Its not something to fear its something to be aware of and something to inform people about. Then they will know that what they thought was a human being (and the majority of the tribe)commenting on social media is the central banking cabal’s think tank programmed bad bots . The media amplifying unconsciousness and spreading of disinformation is peak toxic.

The internet and media does need the light of truth. Just as the dark and lies spread so also can the truth and love be magnified. Technology is in the service of madness, but it also has a function to spread the truth.


The antidote to Wokeism .

Wokeism is a new religion that is based on believing everything the central bankster’s corporations tell you is true . Corporate media has painted a picture of a virtual world( metaverse). A world of fake threats, fake crises and fear that it needs you to believe in so as to help co-create the darkness that lets fear and ignorance rule.

How likened to a (collective) ego is the govt ? The ego wants to be God and it seems to have tricked many into this love of believing, into trusting a known-as -untrustworthy entity . The worship of a corporation( govt)as your source and savior . Govt as your God.

The ego( a false identity /sense of self) has always sought to replace awareness.

Believing replacing knowing.

To expose a lie you just speak the truth, you need not fight/resist it as this will strengthen it. Unreality cannot ever become reality. You can only be deluded into thinking it is. And that is the human condition. Mass formation insanity. How can we be otherwise if we believe the media and then spend our time thinking and feeling fear in place of a natural state of love, curiosity and wonder.

Light will always dispel darkness and this is what I can see happening .

While all this inner chaos appears simultaneously another new order is born. I see so many teaching a new way, a shift from fear to love. People using their voice to spread the truth, speaking actual science and those that are teaching healing. For those ready how to turn within in order to know themselves and find peace( awakening) many teachers are now here making for a spiritual smorgasbord. Meditation/mindfulness is mainstream accepted and is being taught in all places . It is all part of the shift from fear to love .

There are many moving away from the dysfunctional medical system where drs label people holding chronic illness in place, dispensing drugs after a corporate medical training that makes most loose their desire to heal along with their compassion and empathy .

Others are teaching the terrain theory. That a number of things, including the inner state (thoughts+emotions) , poor diet, lack of exercise/sleep and even the environment can unbalance us and make us sick. Many of us not subscribing to media lies saw in 2020 the 1861 Germ theory that ” modern” medicine is based on is wrong and needs to go.

In reference to science those that denounce the media spread ” viruses and covid19” propaganda here is a good recommended source. A panel of experts listed that understand and use the scientific method https://www.torstenengelbrecht.com/en/home/.

The inner power to heal and the practice of energy medicine is growing explosively as those harmed (or not helped by drugs, drs and the current medical system) turn away from it .

Qi Gong is the practice of moving stagnant/blocked energy flows in the body, its a movement meditation. Two recommended great Qi Gong teachers are Daisy Lee https://www.opencenter.org/daisy-lee/ and lee Holden https://www.holdenqigong.com/ . But there are many Qi Gong teachers out there now , so seek and you will find. For others the beauty and tranquility of nature is the perfect prescription for stability . It is possible to remain centered inwards and in peace in the eye of what is a chaos storm.


дa the stagnant psy-op ColdvID19 .

So the media has switched memes trying to keep to the UN 2030 agenda with people in a perpetual state of fear and distracted with a microwaved Twitter cold war . Today they are recycling old stock footage again of the crisis actors the Freemason ( X KGB)Pootin and the Ukrainian Comedian looking serious then cut to an abandoned boarded up apartment, possibly in Transylvania, with an odd looking( possibly CG fire) in one room. Thats a war. Terrifying. I’m so frightened, I cant think of anything but war, nukes, chemical weapons, Russia and Ukraine(/s). Thats what they want- total mind identification and so possession with a meme: fear -submission- control. They need to have mind control of the masses to do what they do . Overnight in the dark media metaverse Russia became the Villain of the world . Everything, all the evil banksters multinational corporate action, inflation the price of gas, the economic contraction for the people from Central banker’s multinational corps that are firing away obscene price jackups all is blamed on Russia. The central banking cabal want to have two groups fighting on social media, those supporting and those opposing Russia. Dont argue the war. Just pick one of their sides as with convid19 both seemingly-opposing-but-not-opposing-the-one-narrative-sides are their side.

^Flashback to the UN 2030 NWO agenda that was written in Orwellian increasing poverty was one of their stated goals .

Though for now the banskter’s multi -trillion dollar 2 year ConvID19 fraud scam is on the back burner simmering away as the 1861 Germ theory has not yet been laughed outta town, meaning it can be served up again to the fearful mass formation psychosis crowd.

The media is putting on a metaverse show, problem is people don’t realize its fake they believe it , its a black comedy. And thats a tragedy.

I really like this thought ” What if the media threw a war and no one came ?https://sharine.substack.com/p/what-if-the-media-threw-a-war-and?s=r. Imagine if everyone was in a state of peace and so everyone was unmoved by the media that is spreading and amplifying unconsciousness( fear).

About now peace sounds better than good , it sounds essential . Nothing out in the world ( or the media metaverse that disturbs peace) will provide peace so we must all look within. For we cant save the world without first saving ourselves. And this is all you need to prioritize…. the inner work. Bringing the love. light and peace to erase illusory dark fear narrative. The real to replace the false. The shift we need.

Love, The narrative

War is a state of mind.

The media is still spreading the one narrative… fear .

Its totally unbelievable how many people believe the media-govt is a source of information that you do not question . People trust politicians now when once everyone knew they were professional liars and definitely not trustworthy. People even believe intel media’s Twitter now. This to me is too bizarre for words. Woke is another word for in fear, hypnotized and so extremely gullible. These propagandized people in the media unreality bubble are not to be feared, hated or pitied just understood and forgiven.

Inner peace = outer peace

Fear leads to hate and war . Love results in peace.

This is the very simple choice we make. We make it every day .

And as this is a world we create through our thinking -feeling, the war starts in our minds. War is not something that we cannot prevent or stop for it is not something that is separate from us. Every day we are choosing war or peace in our personal sphere . Do we think and feel fear, hate, attack thoughts or do we know who we are and as loving, knowing, being recognize the world’s illusion of separation choosing instead of war to abide in peace? Are you switched on as the light of the world that you are.


23 Days of Peaceful Protesting.

The New Zealand peaceful freedom protestors were assaulted and battered , pepper sprayed , their property destroyed and stolen by NZ police and govt forces. A 74yr old had his hip broken by the police, the NZ police turned water hoses on them forcing the peaceful protesters to leave.

Before the govts riot squad of goons “special” op, black gloved forces stopped the protest using violence the Freedom protest group was infiltrated by a group of govt shills that threw bricks, damaged the children’s play area and set fire to garbage bins. Same old govt MO. A peaceful Freedom protest ended by police brutality, State fascism.

Politico Winston Peters saw the infiltration when he visited the FREEDOM camp on Tuesday last week, speaking with numerous protesters ( using it for his PR ) advocating himself and for an end to the illegal Covid-19 mandates.  “Those people that turned up yesterday and behaved in that violent way were not the people I saw,” he said, in a phone interview.  “I saw a lot of them, and I saw none of those people at all. They’d clearly come out of the woodwork very late.” https://dailytelegraph.co.nz/opinion/reflections-on-2-march-2022/

Despite this the global FREEDOM movement is alive and well, stronger than ever . The end of those claiming to have “authority” and abusing power is in sight.

The freedom and power of the shift from fear to love.


Twitter wars

The establishment is trying to start a war by lying and saying there is a war. Russia vs Ukraine started as a virtual war by twitter (twitter being mind controlling media run by the eye/intel ). Just as 9/11 (domestic terrorism ) started a war entirely based on media lies.

I dont even know how many wars and conflicts the Central banking cabal’s corporate media has started . I think all of them . Wars are hate in action they are started with corporate media lies and fear.

The cabal lost the battle in the covid19 psyop, the truth got out too many know and so they are not afraid . They are trying to get up fear levels in order to maintain the illusions, control, and get support for the fake war. The state of people is important. This is where our power is in its peace and love. Where there is peace there is no war , and we have never given peace a chance. The peaceful global Freedom protests were full of the spirit of Ghandi and they had public support, the corporations had to quickly go to distraction of marketing a war. A red herring “is something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important question. It leads readers or audiences toward a false conclusion”.

The covid psyop marked the way for this new insanity by saying a virtual ” virus” was real and a threat to everyone. Everyone was a threat and everyone needed to adopt anti social behaviors and distance wear mask to try to convince others of the invisible threat. Abuse of antibacterials and attempted unhealthy separation from environment with sanitizers was another “real thing” that gave illusion to the non existent big Lie. Our power to give reality gave it a reality in minds.

2022 and its a full blown virtual media metaverse that some people are totally lost in.

Its fear.

Give the media unreality no attention and this weedy channel of fear and lies will shrivel up. Or like many are doing bring the light of consciousness and truth to the media, a dark unconscious place. Or provide the truth directly to people.

Our task as human beings is to remember who we are. To shift the way we have thought for a long time. The way we were taught to think is a fear based thought process, we urgently need to move our thinking process into love, then to transcend thought.

Our inner state manifests our outer world. Look at the chaos fear has created and imagine the beauty of a world of love.


Metaverse: Russia vs Ukraine ?

Post the covid19 psyop people can’t remember the corporate media lies and treachery of 9/11?

Twitter and media old stock footage and war images sound convincing ?

Putin and Volodymyr Zelenskyy are both central banking cabal’s WEF tools, professional actors the both of them that are suddenly said to be fighting. Its a big WWF false flag. The Ukraine president specializing in comedy.


A fearmongering media distraction from the unity and love that is winning the freedom protests.

Lets make sure our thoughts today are not attack thoughts and so let Love and sanity spread and prevail.