Election fraud, electorial scam, fascism, no such thing as democracy, NWO, propaganda, totalitarian

Dem vs Rep : A divide and conquer strategy

The bankster’s global shadow govt loves the debt slaves/taxpayers to be identified with a political party as then they will vote and the govt ( that always gets in not matter who you vote for) can say to you while you are being governed you have a choice and a democracy ( means “rule by the people”).

It creates the illusion of freedom and choice.

Nothing is better for those running the covid19 hoax to usher in their totalitarian (fascist) ways than for the people to be distracted and fighting against themselves over political ideology. Rothschild & Rockefeller are wetting themselves at the deep state irony. People still believing in a democracy while locked up in their homes.

In reality there is no such thing as a democrat/republican its all just ideology, political ideology that is not even practiced by the politicians registered as such a thing . Its a case of people being totally identified with mind. Then creating enemies out of anyone who opposes as they threaten the political ideology they think of as themselves. You have a situation where ( misidentified with ideology) every opposing idea is threatening their very sense of who they are. They are lost in ideology . They fight for an unreal political idea as though it is their very self.

EG Think of the story of the swan that though he was an ugly duckling. You think you are a Dem/Rep and you are not. There is no such thing ( dem/rep) except in the mind as its all just names of political ideology/beliefs. You are actually a “swan” you are consciousness .

So the American public has been hoodwinked into fighting each other over total political ideology that are just fabrications created by the govt media. Its what happens when the brain freeze ( media fear mind programming ” covid19″ ) doesn’t work to stop perceived threat it is then switched to fight response.

Solution: that people work out that the media is manipulating them with fear and anger propaganda.

Then they will stop this silliness, stop reacting like automatronic programmed robots (getting taken over by fear and anger , rioting and fighting when told to by media).

Ultimately finding out who they are is the key objective, the supreme solution, as that is the quest everyone has.

Know thyself.

covid hoax, COVID19 operation, fascism, pseudo $cience

The world was brought to its knees in 2020 by the banksters( Rockefeller& co) WHOs 1st virtual virus plundermic .

Saeed Qureshi PhD former senior scientist at Health Canada

COVID-19: The virus does not exist – it is is confirmed”


There can be no ” vaccine” for what is just a computer generated ” virus” ( a CG 30,000 string of rna) .

There are no new set of symptoms, there is no new disease.

There is no “covid19”.

Corrupted consensus science pushing political agenda says world is flat ( again) and we are facing a regression , a dark age of ignorance . But in the great challenges while we are out of our comfort zone the possibility that we will discard our non working outdated theories in the spotlight and harmful beliefs exists. The outdated and unproven 1861 germ theory and Big Pharma’s ( snake oil) old medical system used to perpetrate the fascism we see is in its death throws crying out to be replaced by actual and valid science, reasoning , truth and our up to date knowledge .

It is part of an evolutionary process.

It remains to be seen if we going to remain possessed by fear and anger (acting from fear creates more problems and one looses the ability to reason) or are we going to become present to and become aware of what is real and what is not. Are we going to wake up.

covid hoax, COVID19 operation, fascism, pseudo $cience

Lancing Lancet’s covid19 hoax study

The corruption of science .
These Sars CoV2 studies are all unscientific from the get go  . This is a typical  lack of science in the study  which is wholly based on the reference-less and  fraudulent use of a PCR test that cannot be used to diagnose “covid19”.
Investigating and so pulling apart the  study on “Sars  CoV2 ” and you find there is no ” sars coV2″
This was a study on how the effects of the co morbid preexisting conditions and immune inflammation  are being (wrongly) attributed to ” sars cov2″( a molecule that in this study has notably not even been isolated or identified!)
First mistake in all these studies is they use a reference-less PCR test and  from a test that cannot even detect 1 whole transmissible “virus” they claim someone has “covid19” and “sars cov2 “.

The framework of endotheliitis provides an explanation for the unique
predilection of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
(SARS-CoV-2) in those individuals with preexisting diseases hypertension, diabetes, or
established cardiovascular disease, a group known to have pre-existing
endothelial dysfunction.
How the effects of the co morbid preexisting conditions and  inflammation  are being wrongly attributed to ” sars cov2″ something they did not even isolate with EM in this study ( a molecule that in this study has notably not even been isolated or identified!)

“COVID-19-endotheliitis could also explain impaired
microcirculatory function across different organs and the frequently
observed prothrombotic state with in-situ clot formation. Endothelial
infection and injury by SARS-CoV-1 has been shown.

No. There is no such thing as “Covid19” endotheliitis and the study has not explained anything . How can an unknown (possibly dead) tissue sample from people with existing diseases / inflammation, diseases that cause impaired micro-circulatory function have the inflammation and impairments attributed to something that in this study that was never ever found or isolated.
Our demonstration of viral particles using electron microscopy (EM) is
supported by several reports independently describing ultrastructural round
virus-like particles in the setting of a SARS-CoV-2 infection
.“Particles are most likely exosomes from a lot of tissue breakdown with the listed ( pre morbid) diseases  and tissue death . Again the Sars CoV2  infection is wrongly declared by the PCR test so there is no actual setting of a Sars CoV2 infection .
“We demonstrated tubulo-reticular structures in the immediate vicinity of
the spherical particles that are strikingly identical to
SARS-CoV-1-associated membrane changes described by Goldsmith and
colleagues in 2004.
” Particles  Identical to ” described” Sars CoV1 .. you don’t say.
“In our EM thin-section images, the virus-like particles were relatively
large (mean diameter 180 nm [SD 10]). However, subsequent analysis of more
EM images has revealed a mean particle size of 67 nm (SD 15 nm, median 65
nm, 95% CI 41–102; n=33). Zhu and colleagues <https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(20)31185-5/fulltext#bib5&gt;
noted that SARS-CoV-2 virions ranged from “about 60 to 140 nm”. In another
recent study, 6
virus-like particles in patients with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection were
70–110 nm in diameter. By comparison, SARS-CoV-1 viral particles analysed
with the same technique (ultrathin EM imaging) were 50–80 nm in diameter.”

Problems with measurements.
So these unidentified “virus- like particles” not “viruses” are all of different sizes.
How can that be… a set 30,000 rna genome does not fluctuate in size .A 50 nm and/ or  180 nm!They claim the ” virus” is 50nm but only sometimes as it can magically triple in size through a as yet unknown magic process. I know for a fact there is no actual measurable Sars Cov2 molecule as to start this hoax they(Zhu and cohorts) just computer generated the Sars CoV2 genome on 10th Jan 2020.

“our EM data of virus-like particles were obtained from a
post-mortem kidney allograft obtained during autopsy. Since most other
recent reports of patients with COVID-19 also describe postmortem findings,
it remains unclear to what extent tissue type (cell culture, fresh biopsy
material, or autopsy material), time to fixation, and postmortal autolysis
alter subcellular structures in preparation for EM.

What a fine study this one is unclear about basic facts of the study sample material or tissue. WOW.
This notwithstanding,these observed particles in patients with COVID-19″( Again they can’t be said to
have had covid19 as the PCR test they used to determine that cannot diagnose
) “should be best designated as *virus-like particles* because
definitive assignment of these structures as SARS-CoV-2 virions* requires

*Ok so the final confession they don’t know what they are looking at!!!They are just  looking   at random  particles from an unknown tissue type in diseased (and possibly dead but they don’t know ) and they call them “Sars CoV2 virions”.

Which makes me think of this fitting letter, a quote from a retired medical professional protesting the corruption of science.

Covid-19: politicisation, “corruption,” and suppression of science

Re: Covid-19: politicisation, “corruption,” and suppression of science

Dear Editor

Congratulations on your excellent article drawing attention to how corruption and influence is ruining open discussion, which applies not only to the field of medicine but also climate and ecological sciences.

You ask how might science be safeguarded in these exceptional times? This is a very important question but with regard to the current Covid crisis, the runaway express train of criminally corrupt science has already left the station and reached its destination. The only sensible response therefore is to seek legal redress through the courts.

The German ‘Stiftung Corona Ausschuss’ (An extra-parliamentary committee of lawyers investigating the Corona Crisis) has been gathering evidence on the individuals and organisations responsible for the falsification of the the PCR test, which has been the main driver for government policy measures from the very beginning of this health emergency. The falsification of the test, starting with a protocol originally designed in Germany and then exported worldwide is considered by the inquiry to be a case of criminality which has resulted in damages to individual and businesses world wide.

Last week, two UK scientists Dr. Mike Yeadon (a former CSO at Pfizer company) and Dr. Clare Craig (an NHS pathologist) gave their evidence concerning the UK’s Testing programme to the Corona Committee.

The video of this can be seen on YouTube:

Livestream Sitzung 27 – Ein Rundumschlag. 13 November 2020. OVALmedia in English.

I hope that the UK will follow the German lead and pursue the criminals who have corrupted science for their own benefit.16 November 2020 Helen J Steen Retired 61440 Oberursel, Germany

Agent Assange, CIA, CIA Mossad MSS KGB, NWO, one multinational govt

Agent Assange

So the media one narrative is going on and on about the media celeb and has painted the picture of him as a victim and freedom fighter for internet search engine “impartiality ” & ” freedom” . Media said he is enemy of the CIA. People really blindly believe the CIA org was and is incapable of murdering one man (with a signature heart attack ) when the media tells them exactly where they are? Shhh don’t mention 911 or the Clinton’s/Bush/Obama corruption because he won’t expose anything of value or anything the CIA(Intel : the one eye) don’t want him to leak to the public .

Don’t make me laugh any enemy of the CIA is not going to be made into a media celeb hero swanning around London partying with other celebs and making babies. Poor Julian what torture.

Wikileaks is a CIA honey pot for whistle blowers to catch them before they leak its damage control.

Wikileaks is also used to leak CIAs unverified info that people just believe, a source of mind control programming.

Nothing important or new was as leaked about the war everyone knows that the one eye(inc CIAmossadKgb) torture people and that war is hate in action. Horrific acts are committed by both parties in wars murders torture killing of innocent civilians, this is what war is. Nothing useful or good has ever been ” leaked” by Wikileaks or by agent Assange. Hes not a hero and has nothing to do with freedom rather those whose interests he works for are oppressive and want to maintain their mind control of the population. He got given his “hero” label from the media alt right (controlled opposition sites) and people eat it up as they want someone to save them . You need to save you if there is going to be any saving going on. We all need to step up so that this one media narrative programmed ( currently insane) world does not go on a longer regressive bender .

Agent Assange is a not a hero . He is not a symbol not for the free flow of information to the people of what the Govt is up to or of internet freedom( we do not have internet freedom). Agent Assange is the symbol for the Oligarchy’s deception, for withheld information, censorship and the search engine monopoly .

In truth he is a symbol of the banker’s media one narrative & censorship not of freedom.

covid hoax, COVID19 operation

Dis-ease and stress

The fictional bogyman under the bed (yet to be isolated and proven) ” Sars CoV2″ is taking the blame for all respiratory illness, pneumonia and deaths nowadays. The Govts and their medical minions deliberately misuse a Rt PCT test that fraudulently creates covID ” cases” when the test cannot even detect 1 whole transmissible ” virus” and it certainly cannot diagnose disease .

All symptoms of disease ( are inflammation) ,  including coughing , nasal dripping, pneumonia , fever  that are caused  by chemical messengers in your immune system not  by ” viruses”.

All symptoms  are  caused by chemical messenger molecules  cytokines, bradykinin and prostaglandins and the cascading effects of these.

How your state of mind does effect your health and can cause disease.

The parasympathetic nervous system  is about healing whereas  in  stress the sympathetic nervous system( fight or flight) is on and its all about tissue breakdown. So  your stress levels  set off different chemical messengers in your body. You can see how stress can be a cause of disease( inflammation) as  purely  biochemical reactions. Stress causes the body to release pro-inflammatory cytokines  Cytokines are the first respondents  white blood cells then churn out cytokines to attract more white blood cells to the area. These small proteins also signal other cells to release bradykinin and prostaglandins. Inducing synthesis of prostaglandins which are the central mediators of the coordinated responses leading to fever. The blood vessels dilate to increase the number of inflammatory cells, white blood cells, tissue breakdown cascading cell death , fluid and  mucus secretions. Hello pneumonia. Pneumonia is not a “new symptom” not a new dis ease it is lung inflammation.

Fever pyrogenic cytokines.

The hypothalamus at the  base of the brain, acts as the body’s thermostat. It is triggered by  stress’s  chemical cascade to hold and  create  more heat  by  biochemical substances called pyrogens. pyrogenic cytokines.

What’s more, because regular stress causes a chronic immune response, it can also increase a person’s risk for allergies ,  the body elicits a chronic immune response against something that’s not really dangerous. Allergic reactions have been found to increase in cases of stress.  This is why meditation/mindfulness is critical and should be seen as primary in health to prevent dis-ease. Do all you can everyday to do things that make you relax and reconnect with nature as this is a very healing activity. Become aware of your inner state.

If your mind is telling the body( through stress chemicals ) that it is under attack, it is, and  it will behave as though it is. Which means releasing  chemical cascades, a physical  inflammation reaction,  attacking itself. Constant stress creates  constant inflammation  and that is what they call a “compromised immune system” . An immune system that’s always breaking down tissue and releasing inflammatory  chemicals .

Instead of updating or even looking at what we have newly learnt about exosomes, strings of rna, the microbiome from studies the old theories, some even from 1861, are desperately hung on to. We have whole systems built on these old flawed models. Its no surprise that chronic disease and medical conditions are at an all time high at the same time as stress (and use of the dysfunctional medical system) concurrently is also at a peak. If the medical system worked or was effective our health outcomes in westernized big pharma medical model would not have record numbers per capita of daily medicated chronically ill people.

Its a good time in our history to review what and how we think about dis ease and the whole medical system that seems to act primarily as a dis-empowering drug pusher for Big Pharma.

covid hoax, COVID19 operation, pseudo $cience

Bringing the body’s intelligent immune system back into the topic of immunology.

How did consensus science forget about the body’s complex intelligent immune system while in the throws of this vaccine fever? Efficacy, despite what Big Pharma say when they market their drugs is always a measure of the human body’s immune system at work.

How do you talk about and say you measure vaccine “efficacy” when it is  in fact the immune system that is effective when fighting off imbalance/infection ? Big pharma are wrongly attributing the vast intelligence and complexity of and in the human  body’s immune system to a toxic injection.

Efficacy in this context is the measurement of the body’s immune system,  not of the vaccine.
At the end of the day all the so called “efficacy” is the effectiveness of a human body’s immune system and its ability to neutralize pathogens that are injected directly  into the blood.
So they give the  injection credit for the human body’s immune system.
An effective immune system is not an effective vaccine.

An immune reaction( the body’s creation of antibodies) to injected toxins is not proof of immunity nor of vaccine effectiveness. Its all the body’s immune systems efficacy.

Big pharma are testing the body’s immune system by activating it. When weak and you inject toxins into the blood a person can get really sick, it causes immune/other problems or they can die. Surviving the injection and recovering is not anything but the human being’s immune system at work.

Big pharma leading scientists do not even know if having antibodies means you had an infection in the past or you currently have one. And there is no indication having antibodies makes you immune. But this is the false premise vaccination is built on that it creates antibodies and this is what makes you immune. That is a lie .

The body is also connected to the mind which is why stress is the ( undisclosed )leading cause of disease, when people were stressed out over the psyop covID more people got sick. More got tested with the fraudulent PCR test so there were said to be more “cases” and on and on creating a vicious cycle. All the PCR testing that creates ” cases” that is medical fraud and this needs to be disclosed and stopped now so we can step back together from the cliff of ignorance . I think the fist step in this is for them is to admit the PCR testing is fraud. No matter how many cycles you use the PCR test cannot ( and I’m going to repeat this )even detect even 1 whole transmissible virus let alone diagnose disease/infection/ create ” covID cases”. Without having a referenced test and  using the RT PCR to diagnose disease/infection  creating “cases” is  insane .
Then they used these 100% false ” cases” to justify locking healthy people up, destroying the economy , pushing for dangerous medical experimentation  and for all these major flawed decisions now the UN as a global govt are making.

It is good to hear a lot of people have expressed concerns about the rushed genetic modifying ” vaccine” which is in itself unlawful as it is “medical experimentation”. Big pharma spent 20 years failing to develop a vaccine for the “corona virus”(cold) they didn’t bother with sars CoV(2002 -which they said was more deadly than the CG virus Sars Cov2) and in less than a year they say say they have come up with a gene modifying vaccine for ” covID” . Something doesn’t sound right .

As a ” covID’ skeptic the thought of it unlawfully being made mandatory is repugnant . Are we going to enter another dark age of ignorance where people carry papers, are tracked, are healthy but are jailed at home, are distanced and isolated, are in a constant state of fear,    forced to have GM injections and have no freedom of moment ?  Thats where we are now. Hopefully not at the start of a regression but coming out of it more conscious because of the big challenges we face. More challenges equals more opportunity for the growth of consciousness in this world .

CIM quote “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God”/ Consciousness/Awareness.


covid hoax, fascism, pseudo $cience

Masks and Lies.

There is no science behind the Covid Hoax the UN WHO’s 2020 pandemic that wasn’t.

They failed to isolate a ” new deadly virus”.

They failed to prove that a (non existent) molecule( Sars Cov2 ) causes a “deadly new disease” ( covid) in healthy people that breathe it in. The genome of Sars Cov2 molecule was not isolated, in fact it was computer generated on 10th Jan . They ran a number of computer programs on a random man’s dna( *note they did not have primers for a ” Sars CoV2″ PCR test on 10th jan ) so he certainly can’t have been said to have had ” Sars CoV2″ or ” covid’ so a totally random mans dna with bovine dna was used to generate a string of rna they call ” sars CoV2″ . Its not real, there is no ” deadly virus” called “Sars Cov2”. https://notpublicaddress.wordpress.com/2020/08/08/how-to-create-your-own-novel-virususing-computer-software/

Then they used fraud by using a RT PCR test to diagnose disease. The RT PCR test cannot detect even 1 whole transmissible virus, so how can it detect a disease? This one PCR test is the key data fraud that has kept Covid the Big Lie going, a fraudulent test that cannot diagnose disease creates ” covid cases”. The RT PCR test on 35 cycles of amplification tests positive for pieces of 100 nucleic acids (a ” virus” was said to have 30,000) short rna sequences that are found in our virome and dna. The “corona virus” rna the test primers are looking for patented by CDC is found up healthy people’s noses. https://notpublicaddress.wordpress.com/2020/05/18/enter-the-truth-of-the-human-virome-which-is-in-all-healthy-people/ .

The mask to pretend totally used as proof there is a ” deadly virus” .Those masks( some just comical with 1/4 inch gaps around nose and in checks ) without eye protection could not possibly stop transmission of the fictional “new deadly virus” Sars Cov2 . In the end of 2020 everyone’s been exposed to anything transmissible in the air from 2019. The medical mask have 100 nm gaps enough space for the CG( fictional )” Sars CoV2 ” said to be 60 nm to pass through . Sound like science or ignorance and fascism behind govts mandatory mask wearing?

So in the total absence of science and facts masks are just being used as evidence of the lies ( covID). Its not the “new deadly disease” ( with the same old flu symptoms) that is debated, its the masks. Are the govt telling us their draconian measures ( masks, tracking us, washing hands with antibacterial sanitizers and locking us up in home detention) were utterly ineffective when they say we healthy people need to take a rushed experimental (untested) mrna injection that creates genetic modification ( say it hijacks stem cells and makes body make antigens) creating an immune reaction with “boosters” every year now. And govts threatening a plan to make us carry (cov ID ) papers just like the Nazi’s did and that we have no right to freedom of movement . That’s some criminally insane stuff. What we need is a peaceful resistance movement where people do not comply with the self appointed authorities unlawful and criminal actions . More uprisings are going on globally against all this govt totalitarian madness.

Science has evolved into pushing political agenda, thats where the funding and fame is. Media decided consensus in the age of disinformation.

There is no science behind the politicians and hoax media spokespersons appearance in floppy masks with large gaps that molecules can get through and their open uncovered eyes when it comes to them containing ” new deadly viruses’. The mask is the symbol of fear and of the ” virus” that can’t be seen ( as it does not exist). “Covid” is synonymous with fear, it is fear for it was implanted into people’s minds using a lie ( Fauci fake predictive ” death charts”).

For some masks are used as virtue signalling to build up their fearful egos. Other people especially the elderly are wearing them because they are terrified by the media & govt propaganda.

So they have kept this Big Lie Covid alive for nearly a year now by using media propaganda , masks and the fraudulent PCR test that is creating ” cases” = the smoke and mirrors for this illusion.

As human beings that have forgotten who we are we have real problems that stem from our not knowing who we are beyond the level of name and form ( mind and body) . Fear and anger ( inner states) manifests through wrong action into this world as chaos. For many people they are completely taken over by their emotions and thoughts. They identify with them and become possessed by them. They create enemies out of people who do not think as they do as they are so caught up by and self identified with their thoughts (thoughts from media/culture/conditioning ).

Unfortunately this fabrication of a new fake problem( ” covid”) like the previous campaign ” man made climate change” created much worse problems and served to cover up the actual challenges we have.

The climate is not man made. Its has always been in a constant state of change. The Sun, Gaia ( as an intelligent being) oceans and water vapor are the main climate drivers. We should not seek to change the climate but should instead use the energy and time to identify, address and solve real challenges. These are all problems we have created so it is good news that we can also solve them. The climate won’t and cannot possibly be changed by the govts suggested actions of carbon trading and carbon taxes that will just increase inequality and problems.

Pollution. Deforestation. Over fishing, food and water waste, failed systems ( health, education, political, economic). These are actual real challenges not the utter lies , govts made up fake problems of ” covid” and “man made climate” in which the govt solution for a non pandemic covid was destroying the economy and locking up healthy people in home detention. Insane fear based fascist actions that created and are still creating more problems. Firstly we need to see clearly what it is we need to do and stop making up bogey men and creating enemies. The govt and its media channel has no power over your inner state or mind except what you give it .

Watch your inner thoughts and feelings, become the observer of them the witnessing presence.

Our disconnection with nature and ourselves is the challenge. Darwin de spiritualised the world and placed in the collective mind the idea that there was not a vast incomprehensible intelligence in and behind everything in this world. Darwin’s “random and chance” evolution theory killed spirit.

We must internally seek solutions to the challenges we face as we are unable to solve them with the same state of egoic consciousness that we created them with.

In the quiet space and stillness of mind is being, is wisdom and the answers.

We will either keep regressing, destroy ourselves with this insanity or become enlightened . And it starts with each one of us . You ( not as an ego/person but as being) are important and your purpose is to bring light into this world . No gain in consciousness is lost and all increases benefit us all.

When you bring compassion, caring, patience , understanding and love into your personal sphere in the world you are helping to heal .


covid hoax, COVID19 operation, NWO, pseudo $cience

Do you want a cell mutating injection?

They call it a “vaccine” and they say it will genetically modify or hijack cells in order to make the body instead create antigens . Unlike a normal vaccine, mRNA vaccines work by introducing a foreign mRNA sequence (the molecule which tells cells what to build)to create antigens, once produced within the body, the antigens may (or may not be) recognized by the immune system. If recognized and it not broken down and consumed fast enough this causes an immune response . There is no proof that this hijacking and modifying of normal cells “and allegedly turning them into antigens” has anything to go with creating immunity. It has everything to do with causing an immune reaction .

Lipids and nucleic acids can combine with those molecules they inject to form more complex antigens, like lipopolysaccharide, a potent bacterial toxin.

Big pharma: “Unintended effects: the mRNA strand in the vaccine may elicit an unintended immune reaction”

“Safety: better understanding of vaccine adverse effects is needed – these can include inflammation or autoimmune reactions.” They have no understanding.

At best an immune system may rapidly break down the foreign mrna before it “hijacks cells” in order to create antigens.

We do not know how the mrna( genetic modification of human cells) will effect the body.

It is unlawful as it is medical experimentation and they have no idea what it will do.

The deaths in trials were said to be ” unrelated”.

It is a rushed untested injection of god know what kinds of toxins.

If it was safe why get a liability waiver?

Count me out.

We have no idea how much taxpayer money these bandits have taken globally.

Just in the USA alone it is the taxpayers were put on the hook for more than $10 Billion for Big pharmas ” vaccine” development imagine the global scale of this huge covid vaccine fraud . Its very profitable to the banksters that create more wealth of increased covid borrowing and own big pharma controlling the so called safety and regulatory agencies .Yeah sure as its for their profit you can trust them to report adverse and long term effects events etc .


The Indian manufacturer of the Oxford-AstraZeneca candidate vaccine against covid-19 (the Serum Institute of India) has threatened to claim Rs1bn (£10m; €11.2m; $13m) in damages from a clinical trial volunteer who alleges he developed a neurological illness after receiving the vaccine and has claimed Rs50m compensation.BMJ

One of the toxic additives PEG that they use to encapsulize the frozen mrna also causes an immune response in itself. It coats the the delicate mrna while it is defrosted, heated up, broken down and degrades . PEG cosolvents also exert (un-examined) complex chemical and steric effects on mRNA structure . https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/a-dangerous-inactive-ingredient/


Adverse events

On Sept. 8, AstraZeneca’s vaccine trials were paused due to a serious adverse event. The next day, while a press release referred only to a “single event of an unexplained illness,” AstraZeneca’s CEO revealed in a phone call to investors that the adverse event involved a woman hospitalized with transverse myelitis, an inflammation of the spinal cord.

One month later, Johnson & Johnson’s Phase 3 vaccine trial was paused “due to an unexplained illness in a study participant.” No further details would be provided.


To ponder the whole premise of the vaccine theory is the body’s ability to to create antibodies which they do not know if that means 1) You’ve been infected in the past 2) you are currently infected 3) Having antibodies does not confer or prove immunity.

How do you measure vaccine “efficacy” when it is  in fact the immune system that is effective( or not). You are unknowingly attributing the vast intelligence and complexity of the human  body’s immune system( which is still not completely understood) and instead giving all credit  of its functioning instead  to an injection .

It is good to hear a few people have expressed concerns about the rushed genetic modifying ” vaccine” which is in itself “medical experimentation”. As a ” covID’ skeptic the thought of it unlawfully being made mandatory is repugnant . Are we going to enter another dark age of ignorance and stuporstition where reasoning, logic , basic science is forgotten and not used people are in a constant state of media induced fear carry papers, are tracked, are healthy but are jailed at home are distanced and isolated,    forced to have GM injections and have no freedom of moment ?  

PS Remember to co create what you want to see in the world by being the change in your personal sphere.

Where you see fear bring courage.

Where you see ignorance bring wisdom.

Where you see hate bring love.



The Arbitrary Rules of Madmen.

So today we see that under orders from UN (global govt) the French govt has locked up the people for 4 weeks imposing many bizarre, insane and arbitrary restrictions.

Firstly there is no isolated new deadly virus called Sars CoV2. The Sars CoV2 genome was just computer generated by the NWO hoaxers on 10 Jan. Now it continues in the collective to be a 100 % mental virus.

Fear shuts down the brains ability to be rational and use reasoning. Again we see a govt is failing to understand strings of rna (exosomes that are being called “viruses”- refer to the debunked 1861 germ theory) don’t follow 9 PM to 6 AM curfews . Curfews for “a new deadly virus Sars CoV2 ” that has yet to even be proven to exist . Why not another arbitrary time for the unlawful curfews say of 9am – 6pm? Whats with the random govt selected times?

RNA strings don’t appear to know about, understand or obey govt curfews. Curfews for rna strings are 100 % pure govt irrational BS. What reason is provided for imposing a Nazi curfew for healthy people during a lockup with isolation masks and social distancing ? None. No reason or rational explanation of how any of this unlawful, insane and tyrannical BS is going to do anything but cause more suffering . Govts are experts at making up imaginary problems and using them to pose their so called solutions that always create actual real problems imposing stricter control ie less freedoms for the people it appears to be at war with. Then in creating false problems they ignore all the real problems their past “solutions” to fake problems has created .

 Healthy people can only “Exercise only 1km from house.”


Exosomes (Rna strings called “corona virus” found up healthy people’s noses by virologists studying the human microbiome ” virome” ) will be just be waiting to “get you” at 1.01km distance from your house. So keep it to 1k as per the political consensus $cience. If you think they have done a study that proves distances of 1.01k greater from your home are seething with hoards of rna strings think again there is no studies or truth behind the insanity. 999m is fine but if your take a few more steps 1005 no oh god no … the non existent CG Sars CoV2 virus will get you!!!!. Random use of insanity for the purpose of exerting power over others . Keeping people afraid so they are unable to be rational or use reasoning.

Key word here is that its insane.

Can attend funerals. Can’t get married.

Can go to high school.Can’t go in to work.

Further Gestapo restrictions are in force across France:

  • Groups of 5 people fine but 6 not ok
  • No parties may be held in public community halls but Venues may host 5,000 people but not 5001
  • No more freedom of movement.
  • Papers must be carried by disabled people and their carers (very nazi) Papers required for needed essential family reasons assisting vulnerable persons ( nazi redux).
  • Forced testing with a RT PCR test that cannot be used to diagnose disease and in this use ( creating a ” covid case”) it is a from of medical experimentation ( breach of Geneva Code)

If you are 11 or over, you must provide a negative RT-PCR test carried out less than 3 days before traveling to the Overseas Territories. If you are 10yrs and a half , 8 or 9yrs old you don’t have to.

Random & crazy at a whole new level .

Germany is also suggesting another lockup after doing lots of meaningless tests with the PCR diagnosing disease and infection creating cases which the test cannot. Moaning Merkel is claiming she ” lost control” of what is not even been proven to exist except on a computer screen the “Sars CoV2” But she is now calling it “corona virus” as the CDC confessed did not isolate a Sars CoV2 molecule . They lost control of their fiction. ” Do not question authority ” is the thought form we have been conditioned with since childhood. I hope all the Germans will be out peacefully protesting en masse and will just say no.

I also hope the French wake up as they are bloody good activists and their govt is secretly (since the French revolution) afraid of them .

May you be happy and healthy and alight in the world in these crazy times.


Media should come with a health warning .

How people get possessed by media’s viral thoughts and emotions( memes) and lose it or get lost in it. People can become addicted to emotions such as outrage and anxiety. They feel the neg emotion is part of their identity of who they are. It serves to strengthen or validate their ego even though the emotion they are addicted to is a negative one. The ego( identification with conditioned mind) does not care if it has a negative or positive thoughts about itself.

Most human beings are nuts, stark raving mad . Don’t believe me just look at the news . And people that are insane do not know it. Knowing or seeing the insanity( collective mental dysfunction) is a sign of sanity rising.

Through the media people get possessed by memes, thoughts and emotions ( emotions are the body’s reaction to the thought) . People do not know this as the media( include alt right CO’s sites like ZH, OffG CJ etc) is the dispenser of propaganda, they won’t tell you what reading it can do. Reading news on blogs its like feeding your mind the worst junk food ( fear, anger, stress with propaganda on the side).

For the bankster that own 90% media conglomerate they can still mind control people who do not believe the mainstream( dissenters/conspiracy theorist I think is their term) . You can see this in the fact people who don’t agree with UN -govt narrative have agreed with govt and made the “conspiracy theorist” as part of their identity and feel polarized and separate. . If you don’t agree with govt lies and propaganda ( I do not) that doesn’t make you what the govt want to call you nor does it separate us from all human beings (or really all life). One consciousness. Don’t let them polarize you or create enemies for you ( their favs right now are Rockefeller’s media spoke$men F and Gates).

What I am suggesting is to be very aware of the memes ( thoughts and emotions ) the media is trying to get you possessed by.

How do you feel when you read whatever it is?

More often than not negative emotions and thoughts are being communicated & spread by media. Its on your phone/internet 24/7 its technology that amplifys the dysfunction of human mind .

This possession by media thoughts and emotions( memes) is a real threat not the fake non existent ” new virus Sars CoV2″ .

Please use vigilance and keep some attention on your inner state. See if you are tensing up, take three breaths and focus just on the in breath and out breath . If you find the media makes you feel bad ie feel stress/anger/fear stop reading it. Stand up and Shake it out, literally.

Bring your focus to the present moment .