COVID19 operation, pseudo $cience

How to create your own CG “novel virus” just like the WHO’s Sars CoV2= its not real.

How to make up your own ” novel  virus” using  computer programs just like the WHO did. Please note this “virus” (string of rna) is not actual or real its CG. And WHOs afraid of a CG virus? Unfortunately  almost everyone when they believe its real,  people  are afraid of media  propaganda and of the unknown .

So once you have taken the sample of animal DNA( fetal bovine), human DNA, other contaminants and  very delicate rna  you mix it up together and  just let computers make up a virtual virus.
And if you need to introduce it as real,  not as it really is simulated, you can go for  a fake computer generated morbidity chart, have it  launched by an  academic  like  Prof Neil Ferguson  and for his part in this criminal fraud later  he can  just  say it was an  “error of judgement”.
So you create  a fake virus , a predictive  fake simulation of deaths from this CG virus, then move on  to rolling out  wrong  tests for diagnosis  (RT  PCR ) which from a “positive” for a few rna you can also be positive for   a disease that doesn’t actually exist.  Test test test.


The  story of how  the 100% fictional virus “Sars CoV2” was created by multiple software programs.

On December 26, as Chinese authorities  worried Wuhan residents as they locked up whistleblowing doctors and journalists, one Wuhan man got tested. The result came back as the start of PCR a meaningless tests B.S or “positive” – a swab from the back of his throat or the inside of his nose had detected the presence of the “new novel coronavirus”. But I ask you How could it as the PCR test hadn’t been developed and the new ” novel” virus had not even been isolated. Molecular tests require knowledge about the potential agent(s) to determine the correct test(s).

First genome sequence of “SARS-CoV-2”, Wuhan-Hu-1, was allegedly released on 10 January 2020 (GMT) by a consortium led by Zhang6, Summary
A complete genome sequence  coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) was  computer generated, not isolated, using a sample of DNA, RNA, animal DNA,  and culture additives from a South African patient   who had returned to South Africa after traveling to Italy. By  a consortium led by Zhang6 in China ??! A new genome was sequenced by computer model,  a sars CoV2 genome was never  isolated .It was generated.

Genome Report  .
COVID-19, an alleged  & unproven new disease allegedly caused by an  rna strand  “SARS-CoV-2” (Zhou et al., 2020)was said to be   spreading rapidly in South Africa (South African Department of Health and the NHI, 2020), the rest of the African continent (Africa CDC, 2020) and the world (World Health Organization, 2020).Wait thats not the same story/lie they told us .

The Next-generation sequencing of pathogens can provide  Big Pharma aid in selling and marketing  of drugs and vaccines  (Gwrinn et al., 2019).. As of 01 April 2020, more than 3000 SARS-Cov-2 genomes( why do they all have different genomes ? GISAID say now have over 40,000 genomes for the same one bogeyman)they  were globally created through sequencing models  and uploaded to GISAID (The GISAID Initiative, 2020). The Nextstrain (The Nextstrain Team, 2020) website provides real-time monitoring  .

“Virus”(CG rna strand)  was prepared on computer models.

“SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA was prepared by extracting total RNA from Vero cells (ATCC, CCL-81) infected with BetaCoV/Korea/KCDC03/2020 , at a multiplicity of infection (MOI) of 0.05, and cultured in DMEM (GIBCO) supplemented/contaminated  with 2% fetal bovine serum (GIBCO) and penicillin-streptomycin (GIBCO) at 37 C, 5% CO2. The rna is the fourth passage and not pla-que-isolated.
Transcriptomic architecture is unknown, there were  numerous discontinuous transcription events.
No proof   or evidence the patient( or the  bovine fetus  ) they used samples from to generate a ” virus”  had a disease called covid. No control.No gold standard.

Nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs from a “symptomatic individual” were collected and combined,  contaminated with human and animal DNA.


The multitude of different computer software you will need to use to manufacture it (of course like Sars CoV2 just  on the computer screen) and the govt will not let you .Its not a real “virus” an organism/rna strand  that you can isolate and see on EM or nanoscope. All pictures used are also computer generated simulations or just molecules of rna in the body.It is important to note that although RT-PCR has been the most widely used diagnostic tool for detection  a positive test result does not indicate infection or existence of  “virus”. It can  only indicates presence of certain  RNA the primers are looking for  and does not conclusively prove that the rna molecules found even have a tail and cap or are  alive and transmissible molecules of rna. Since they did not know what agent they were looking for initially you can see how they could not know what agent( primers) to use ie which nucleic acid to look for and amplify.

Total nucleic acid extraction was performed using the MagNA Pure 96 DNA and Viral NA Small Volume Kit (Roche, Switzerland) as described by the manufacturer. SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid was detected ??? But what how did they know which nucleic acid was from Sars CoV 2  it if they did not have the genome yet?using the TIB Molbiol LightMix Sarbeco E-gene real-time polymerase chain reaction assay, which yielded a cycle threshold (Ct) value of 23.21 (Corman et al., 2012) Yet Another  subsequent nucleic acid extraction, obtained using the QIAamp Viral RNA Mini Kit (QIAGEN, Germany), was assessed  with the Qubit RNA Assay Kit (Invitrogen, Carlsbad, CA, USA) and Agilent 4200 TapeStation (Agilent Technologies, Germany). Host Ribosomal RNA depletion was performed using NEBNext rRNA depletion kit (New England Biolabs, Ipswich, MA, USA), followed by cDNA synthesis. The paired-end libraries were prepared using the Nextera DNA Flex library preparation kit, followed by 2×300 bp sequencing done on Illumina MiSeq (Illumina, San Diego, CA, USA). All above mentioned methods and techniques were done at the National Institute for Communicable Diseases, a division of the National Health Laboratory Service, Johannesburg, South Africa.



The resultant metagenomic sequence reads (9,406,678‬ paired-end reads) -they said it was only 30,000- so 9,406,678   were  trimmed to 23,489(Q>20) using Trim Galore (Felix Krueger, 2019) and subsequently FastQ Screen (Steven Wingett, 2019) was used to “filter out” . The remaining rna reads (23,489 reads) were then mapped to the complete genome of SARS-CoV-2 Wuhan-Hu-1 isolate

….7,000 short there is another program to fix that. Get computer to add 7,000 randoms. Put a tail on it and call it a weasel.

(Genbank accession number: MN908947.3) (Excuse me but how can you map the alleged first genome onto another ?)  using CLC Bio (Qiagen, 2020) to generate the consensus sequence.Consensus science rears its ugly head.

The consensus sequence was combined with a collection of 965 SARS-CoV-2 genomes downloaded from GISAID ( HOLD ON THERE WERE NO GENOMES IF THIS WAS allegedly  THE FIRST) and a multiple sequence alignment (MSA) was generated using MAFFT v7.042 (Katoh and Standley, 2013) running within Nextstrain (Hadfield et al., 2018) at the South African National Bioinformatics Institute (SANBI), University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa. The sequence reads used to generate the consensus were mapped against the MN908947.3 sequence using BWA-MEM v0.7.17 (Li, 2013) running in Galaxy (Afgan et al., 2018).

Variants in the consensus sequence were identified by inspecting the MSA, validated by inspecting the read mapping and visualised in IGV (Robinson et al., 2011). From an initial list of 74 variants, 6 were confirmed by the evidence from mapped reads and retained. Depth of coverage was computed using samtools (Li et al., 2009), and averaged over the genome, yielding an average depth of 10 reads. Regions of high (greater than 5 reads) coverage were identified using covtobed (Birolo and Telatin, 2020) and the resultant BED file used to mask variant positions (using Python and the intervaltree module in a Jupyter notebook (Thomas et al., 2016)). This masking confirmed that the previously mentioned 6 good quality variants were located within the 76% of the genome that was covered by reads to a depth greater than 5. Variants were inserted into the MN908947.3 reference sequence using BioPython (Cock et al., 2009).
Reported  Lancet infectious disease findings support the theory there is no new virus and no new disease.
The fake disease one pattern  of symptoms  “COVID-19” first  presented as three distinct clinical patterns. Woops mistaken diagnostics.

No new  disease as there were no new  set of symptoms .
Now the symptoms are  said to be the same as influenza = no new disease.
A paradox  that does not go with the virus baloney as the Lancet also said
It was reported in the earlier cases the “viral” RNA kinetics of two patients who developed late respiratory deterioration despite the disappearance of nasopharyngeal “viral” RNA.   Tested negative, no ” virus” found in and deterioration and death without it.But they still insisted there was a new virus and new  disease.
I am sorry if I bored you to tears but 1) They have not isolated a virus 2) this is ongoing fraud and total religious belief in a PCR test that was not suppose to be used to diagnose disease but is now fraudulently    being used to record cases of a disease that doesn’t even exist. This boggles the reasoning mind.
So relax the death from a fake virus is 0. Problem is to launch the virus hoax the UN’s WHO through the media  infected people with a mental virus, believing it made it real in minds.The mental virus   that uses fear as a receptor unlike a CG virus can be  harmful  as prolonged stress response is not good for the body/mind.
So question everything, investigate this for yourself in the spirit of curiosity and openness.
But don’t forget the big question,  the inner search that is primary, finding out who you are beyond name and form.
Further reading.
*Disclaimer you probably will not be able to get the lab, equip, agents ,  funding and permits to play around with dna. The purpose of the thread was to enlighten people that this Sars CoV2 isn’t real .That they are being mind manipulated .
COVID19 operation, NWO, The narrative

Why are we afraid of a CG “Virus”?

Sars CoV2 is a virtual  virus,   it is computer generated. Its not even real. It was computer generated by a program in a couple of  weeks .Nextstrain has synthesized thousands of genomes then uploaded them to GISAID. Then the media tells us it is real and CG becomes real in minds. They also used a computer generated “death graph”  to put fear into us. The RT PCR test does not look for or ever find a set 30,000 string of rna with a cap and tail( ” virus”) instead it amplifies a few nucleic  acids(100).

The media narrative is the banksters (and their minion elitists) but there are a growing number of actual truth speakers regarding “viruses” out there . Covid is a “virtual virus” it was computer generated string of rna and is bring used as a  bogeyman for psyop covid .

For every one complete” human” cell you have ten microbes, you have cells dying and breaking up constantly . The origin & functions of these rna strings and microbes are unknown they are called in ignorance ” viruses”. This political pseudo science we now have isn’t in the business of truth or facts or saying ” we don’t know” what these pieces of nucleic acid found throughout  the healthy body are. And since these strings of rna  are found in healthy people they cannot be said to cause disease.

Here is a good example of the media propaganda  of how it does not stand up to reasoning.

“On December 26 Chinese authorities told us one Wuhan man got tested. The result came back “positive” – a swab from the back of his throat or the inside of his nose had been said to  have detected the presence of the novel coronavirus.* How could it ???!as the test hadn’t been developed and the new ” novel” virus had not even been isolated. PCR molecular tests require knowledge about the potential agent(s) to determine the
correct test(s).

Click to access Paper-Virus-Lanka-002.pdf

I also recommend

So as the “Virus” does not exist so the disease(a new set of symptoms ) also does not. The patients in Wuhan that were tested for an unknown agent with magic tests and called ” positive” had three distinctly different sets of symptoms . What the UN’s WHO and the private profiteering  company CDC  have listed for the fictional disease ” Covid” are the exact  same symptoms of flu. We have for some time had growing numbers of sick and dying people,  death has been around for some time.

So as you can see humanity is in the grip of ignorance , a fear based madness and the antidote  is love and awareness.

Peace and may you feel and  bring love into this world at this time of turmoil and chaos .




COVID19 operation, Tyranny

Psyop Covid update: More questions than answers.


The collective viral thought ” covid” is  believed in solely because the media spread it embedded in fear . Believing is the same value to the egoic mind as knowing. As ego is in a constant state of fear and lack ego  will grasp onto an idea that provides it with some sense of superiority( like knowing the news).  There is mass cognitive dissonance in fields of science and medicine  as the tests(PCR and antibody) are known to be inaccurate and “cannot be used to diagnose disease”.  There is no proof of a new disease( definitive set of symptoms) called “covid”  said to be caused by a new Sars CoV virus( old germ theory that has been debunked  by  current virology   studies of human virome ). Science with a political agenda  has become like a religion of consensus beliefs. We saw this previously in the myth  that man’s Co2 emissions  not the sun is the  climate driver  and cause of what has been a constant state of climate change… and before that a good example of science (married to politic$) consensus belief was  we believed  the earth was flat.

Immunity to disease is reliant on the body immune system an incredibly complex and intelligent  system that is not separate from the mind. When the human being is undergoing prolonged stress and/or fear the body’s immune system is weakened.


San Francisco Chronicle, July 17: “With coronavirus antibodies fading fast, vaccine hopes fade, too”. “Disturbing new revelations that permanent immunity to the (ALLEGED) new  Sars coV may not be possible have jeopardized vaccine development and reinforced a decision by scientists at UCSF and affiliated laboratories to focus exclusively on treatments.”“Several recent studies conducted around the world indicate that the human body does not retain the antibodies that build up during infections. ”

Why would our body   retain  antibodies that have  only very specific receptors as that would be very stupid and problematic for us  if our immune system kept specialized antibodies circulating  without infection. Yet this is one of the many flawed premises of Big pharma’s for profit  vaccine industry .



I ended up sending a loved one (scientist in the  Covid Cult) questions and making  questions soft  and cuddly (accepting they believe in the germ theory). Using only quotes  from the accepted mainstream  “science” CDC NIB + big pharma sites 2020. What great examples of cognitive dissonance . They still responded as though I had attacked them  telling me  “Covid is real”  I can’t say “yes in your mind covid is real, a real  threat  just like the monster under the bed when you were child”.
I am going to try to string it together into a post( repeating some facts) as I am sure many are feeling like they are separated/distanced by loved ones religious belief in the covid media propaganda.


 So  why is Covid real  to them ? Simply because  the media told them it was real.  They heard on the news about  ” collapsing hospital infrastructure and people are dying from “Covid” in  high numbers ”  They  know it is “real” only from media propaganda( the lies about covid deaths) and the collective    hysteria, lowered immune system from prolonged stress and  intense fear,underlying health conditions , normal deaths of ill elderly, med treatment killing patients , AND the media suggested symptoms which  are known to be mimicked in cases of hysteria.(IE Its a total mental virus).
Honestly they  are really scared about a non-existent virus bogeyman.
” Good scientists admit when they are wrong”  well I guess we’ve got a lot of  really  “bad scientists”  as media spokespersons  .
Yeah the immune system( innate and adaptive) is very complex and not fully understood by science.But those behind the hoax  claim to know how it works when they clearly don’t.
1) People who test positive for corona antibodies are they immune or infected?

The antibody test is not meaningful for many reasons first is that  most people don’t even develop specific antibodies as their innate immune system clears pathogens out.“One of the major issues is that you only develop antibodies when your innate immune system can’t clear an infection. So 60% to 85% of people are able to clear infections/virus/rna/dna using their innate immune system, and will NEVER develop antibodies.

The innate immune system is your “generic”, it works against any infection. It’s the first line of defense. If it can’t totally clear an infection, then the adaptive immune system comes into play, makes antibodies, and then the antibodies clear the infection.

There are a number of places where large numbers of people have been exposed to alleged new sars corona virus in a contained space: cruise ships, military ships, and homeless centers. In all of these places, the majority of 60 to 85% of the people massively exposed tested  NO “coronavirus” ( RNA molecules), So either they never acquired it, they cleared it and or they did not, it does not exist , and never will, develop antibodies.” I believe both the PCR test and the antibody test are meaningless to prove infection and disease ( the CDC’s PCR test states no to be used for the purpose and yet it was).”

Why would you have specific antibodies circulating  in blood without having an active infection?  Many who have tested positive in a corona  antibody test after a month do not have antibodies.
2. How then is a vaccine going to work if  they  found 85% people are not showing “sars CoV”  antibodies months after infection?
And are the corona  antibodies specific ? No. There are  allegedly 7 other  corona viruses( inc sars coV of 2002  ) are they not cross reacting in the  tests?  The scientists say they do cross react and yet do not mention any of the the facts as they are not inline with the Big lie.
If in 20yrs they could not develop a vaccine for Sars Cov what has changed to make this possible?
No meaningful or definitive tests.
An antibody test can’t determine whether you’re currently infected with the “Sars CoV” and have “covid” . Even the UN’s CDC org admits that.
“There’s currently not enough evidence to know how long these antibodies last or whether past infection with the virus protects you from getting another infection.”
“The correlation between a positive result for an antibody test and immunity is unproven. The mere presence of  “sars coV”  antibodies does not equal immunity; researchers do not know yet how much antibody in a person is required to be protective, nor how long that protection might last. To make matters more complicated, some antibody tests have been reported to give false positive results nearly half of the time.”
“The current antibody testing landscape is varied and clinically unverified,and these tests should not be used as the sole test for diagnostic decisions“( infectious disease society of America)
So its like the molecular test PCR in that  which the CDC say also can’t be used for diagnostic  purposes. And yet shockingly that is exactly what has and is still being done.
Its not scientific at all.
The boogeyman viruses (alleged) Sars CoV v  Sars Cov2
In the Sars Cov 2002 pandemic the NIH declared a virus  to have a mortality rate of 11%( Vs 2019 2.6%) no ” quarantines” no global economy shut down, no mass hysteria, no  testing  . I find this unexplained and bizarre.No proof of cause of death or  “Sars CoV”.
No definitive set of symptoms specified as is needed for a diagnosis.
 I found his WHO quote interesting:   SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) Nov 2002  pandemic to June 2003.
The  wide varying  set of symptoms already have an existing named disease to explain   primarily  Influenza – bacterial/fungal  infection pneumonia and stress induced hypoxia  these are not new.
No individual symptom or cluster of symptoms has proved to be specific for a diagnosis of SARS.”( Because its not a real disease or from a virus)
Allegedly they say “both Sars CoV and Sars CoV2   molecular same   nucleic acids  β-CoVs  Beta :  5′-leader-UTR-replicase-S (Spike)–E (Envelope)-M (Membrane)-N (Nucleocapsid)-3′UTRpoly (A) tail.  A PCR test does not check complete genome sequence, PCR test  only  tests for 100 nucleotides out of 30,000 (it randomly creates its own cap & tail).
The combination of SARS-CoV-2 S and ACE2 of host cells is similar to the combination of SARS-CoV and ACE2, indicating that they have the same mechanism to entry into host cells.
Both the  same computer  generated genome. Just CG or virtual viruses.
Identical symptoms in illnesses seen same as  influenza like, fungal infections , bacterial infections, or  asymptomatic .
  It is noteworthy that almost 20 years after “SARS”, there is still no vaccine for coronavirus. Vaccines that have been developed are either not effective, or in some cases have been reported to be involved in the selection of  CoVs via recombination of cellular molecules =rna (NIH govt).
“The SARS-CoV2 needs to and has not been be distinguished from other known viral pneumonia’s including influenza virus, parainfluenza virus, adenovirus, respiratory syncytial virus, rhinovirus, human metapneumovirus, SARS coronavirus, MERS coronavirus, as well as Mycoplasma pneumoniae, chlamydia pneumonia, fungal and bacterial pneumonias. For patients with underlying diseases, attention should be paid to the detection of invasive fungal infections. The differential diagnosis also includes non-infectious diseases such as vasculitis, dermatomyositis, and organizing pneumonia. It should be noted that often patients with viral pneumonia may test positive to multiple viruses.” And yet this was not done, PCR tests which the CDC say are not to be used as diagnostic  diagnosed  a man in a motorcycle accident said to have died from “Covid”.
They still do not know if Sars CoV( rna strand) is the cause of an alleged  new disease( covid) .”No individual symptom or cluster of symptoms has proved to be specific for a diagnosis of SARS.” So there is still no definitive new disease. Pneumonia has many many causes (mostly lung damage, bacterial and fungal infections).


PCR “Positive [test] results are indicative of active infection with Sars CoV( presence of cell break down ,  molecules of rna) but do not rule out bacterial infection, fungal infections  or co-infection with other viruses.

The agent detected may not be the definite cause of disease. .” CDC on PCR  corona virus test

The ego mind controllers figures*: By their words the past corona viruses 2002 sars coV  and 2009 mers coV were more deadly and they did nothing and it mysteriously disappeared on its own in 8 months.(* I don’t believe their stats below    but if they believe it their actions  makes absolutely no sense)
SARS-CoV beta severe acute respiratory syndrome, 11% mortality rate
MERS-CoV beta severe acute respiratory syndrome, 34% mortality rate
SARS-CoV-2 beta severe acute respiratory syndrome, 2.6% mortality rate

Allegedly  Sars Cov2 has exactly the  same receptor site as Sars CoV  and so it cross reacts in molecular and the antibody tests.  Or is it  just the same string of   un-purified demonized rna ? .Same receptor binding site that enables cross-reactive binding between “SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV. ”

The Human Virome.
Why are the new theories about viruses from virologists   not adopted by mainstream science?
Healthy people  have corona virus in our Virome , up our nasal passage,  so if tested by nasal swab PCR we would likely  test postive for corona virus rna  (except for those getting a false negative result).
.So you could have a viral infection we all do as we have trillions of viruses in and on us you could be healthy but test postive in PCR for corona virus( if it is up your nasal passage)and negative in antibody or vice versa.

The description of the presumably healthy viral flora, i.e. the normal human virome, is still in its infancy regarding viral composition and dynamics. These viruses are present in humans with no disease and no symptoms.. In healthy humans no causal relationship between a specific virus and  pathology was found.

“In science when a discovery is made that contradicts current understanding, scientists have the responsibility to attempt to refute the discovery beyond reasonable doubt. If unable to do so, the implications of the new discovery should be discussed in the scientific literature.

It brings need for debate  on the what has been in my opinion debunked 1861 Germ Theory that this is whole covid lie is based on .

*Please read if you have time Misconception called ” Virus” by Dr Stefan Lanka.


So in the political-pseudo-science-medical sphere of this unfounded media  belief in the Covid Hoax there are  more unanswered questions than answers.

Both PCR and antibody  tests are meaningless and inaccurate and they do not provide any  scientific proof of any new virus or new  disease at all.

And if the virus disease  pushers  say people do not have Sars CoV antibodies a month after allegedly being infected a vaccine can’t work for it.What are they doing then except a tyrannical global coup. Where the banksters are getting more wealthy and there is now a global govt operating  once in the shadow called the UN.

So lets manifest a different reality to the media consensus. And may we see that there is no monster (” covid”)  under the bed,  it is just a fear based belief  unscientific and unchallenged down under  in the egomind.







News amplifies unconsciousness.

What we read in msm and or social media is a distorted perceptive.

What is selected by the media conglomerate is  all dysfunctional behavior,   a political narrative that is believed by masses and  then creates further dysfunctional behaviors, fear  and thinking. People become taken over by these negative collective thought streams.

Further dysfunctional events follows.Collective insanity or a “regression” occurs.

History has many good examples of these (negative)political  fascist  collective thought streams( we have not learnt from). Marxism–Leninism–Maoism .Germany’s national socialism.

Right now following the  almost religious ” man made global warming” thought stream propagated by fake news  we are now deep in the “Covid” lie,  a  collective  thought stream. There is no new set of symptoms( no new disease) and yet news created  the collective psyop Covid a thought-stream- fear feeling in this world . News created panic and fear chaos ensued then  hate which comes from fear.

That is why it is important to not get taken over by all the ” news” .Many people are lost in social media where their ego (or self image) is more important to build up and hold in place than their actual life .They are lost in social media and have no or few interaction with other human beings except in this digital virtual unreality. Depending on ” good” external conditions or ego food  for your state in a world that is chaotic is not the way to go.

How can we help locally and globally ?

To focus on your personal sphere and to be as conscious/present/mindful in daily life so as to not bring more suffering into this world. To bring love into the world.

When you interact with others online try to bring light and non reactivity(not ego) into your all your interactions.

You are a co creator. Take responsibility for your life on the level of personal interactions.

Good pointer. Only this moment (or the Now) is real .

Those in the darkness orchestrating this chaos for their  desired NWO rely on you getting taken over  (and lost) by the negative thought streams and fear feelings they tell you to have in the news,  alt right  or social media programming .

Be in Peace.

Inner peace in a time of chaos.




corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, NWO, totalitarian, Tyranny

An antidote to the lies about the totally meaningless antibody test.

The human immune system is incredibly complex  it is not fully understood  . Sticking here to the antibody test used to tell people if they have a( fictitious) non existent disease called Covid .

The Big Lie Covid  COVID is a psyop in which the Banking Cabal that run govts and own 90% media conglomerate created a 100% non existent fake disease . No new set of symptoms  exactly the same age old symptoms of illness, underlying med conditions and those old time classic symptoms   bacterial infections ,stress and mask hypoxia, experimental drugs, medical mistakes, deaths from ventilator (VAP), immune system failures and  elderly dying. You can’t have new disease if there are not a new set of symptoms.

And you must prove that a specific virus alone is the cause of all  said set symptoms.“COVID: two vital experiments that have never been doneWhy not? Because they would expose this vicious farce, the criminals perpetuating it, and end the lockdowns.”

That is also why in this pseudo science circus there is no testing for influenza, or other “respiratory conditions or infecting  bacteria /viruses”  and all other co morbid med conditions and illness are ignored in this Covid fraud. The  fact these elderly people were going to die  from old age is even ignored as though we were in immortal physical bodies that never die. Seemingly are they  confusing the  immortal  spirit with the body. Western culture is so messed up and in denial about death it is no surprise the Oligarchs   Covid fear campaign is based on it.


The following from The Unhived Mind News.

“One of the major issues  is that you only develop antibodies when your innate immune system can’t clear an infection. So 60% to 85% of people are able to clear infections/virus/rna/dna using their innate immune system, and will NEVER develop antibodies.

The innate immune system is your “generic”, it works against any infection. It’s the first line of defense. If it can’t totally clear an infection, then the adaptive immune system comes into play, makes antibodies, and then the antibodies clear the infection.

There are a number of places where large numbers of people have been exposed to alleged  corona virus in a contained space: cruise ships, military ships, and homeless centers. In all of these places, the majority of 60 to 85% of the people massively exposed showed NO coronavirus RNA, So either they never acquired it, they cleared it and or they did not, and never will, develop antibodies. Antibodies the  result of infection by other corona viruses, such as corona allegedly associated with the common cold .(I say allegedly as “corona virus”  is found up the nasal passage of healthy people and has not been proven in isolation to cause the common cold.)

Don’t let the mind manipulators bug masters fool you

The adaptive immune system has 2 components. Humoral and cellular responses. The former produces antibodies produced by B cells. The latter uses T cells. Helper T cells actually are important to activate the B cells to produce antibodies and cytotoxic T cells. Tregs prevent an excessive immune response, and activated cytoxic T cells are killing machines. Cellular immunity is important to actually kill infected cells. Antibodies don’t kill but only mark an infected call for destruction or block it from infecting an uninfected cell.

Although both are important when the innate immune system needs their help, many believe cellular immunity is the more important and that it also has memory thats not as well understood.

At the dawn of vaccination our understanding of the immune system was very primitive. Even today much is not understood, especially infants immune system and its development. Immunologists have recently discovered that the innate immune system has some sort of memory and is trained when clearing a new infection. Indeed they have found a new type of immune cell (ILC’s) that is like a T-cell but has innate system receptors built in and they don’t have to undergo the cellular immune system 1-2 week process of developing unique receptors for its cytotoxic T cells and can respond immediately”.

corrupt govts, COVID19 operation

The shadow govt(UN) and national Govt’s have got Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

Scientifically there is no proof of a new disease called COVID that has been proven to exist that comes  from a new virus called Sars corona2. No new isolated virus, no testing for existing disease, conditions and  causes such as bacterial infections , failed  Koch postulates, meaningless PCR test that even say on them that they “can’t be used to determine disease” ,  no looking at viral loads in tissues with double blind studies, no autopsies. No new disease. Exactly the same scenario  as the flu season in a ill,  elderly stressed out (heavily prescribed) population.


Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP) is a mental health problem in which  UN Nanny State makes up  an illness ( COVID)in  persons under his or her care. MSBP is a form of  abuse.

Munchausen syndrome is a factitious disorder, a mental disorder in which a person repeatedly and deliberately thinks  & acts as if he or she has a physical or mental illness when he or she is not really sick.


Sorry to have to say it but people are being  ignorant.

Time to wake up and die to all the fictitious ideas and  fictitious disease created by the ego mind’s munchausenism. Its a deep State that is mentally unwell.



“Hatred never ceases by hatred but by love alone is healed”

The media are spreading fear and hate  based thinking  in a world where the collective insanity is clearer by the day. I see media ( and its alt right blogs )spreading separatist memes( race,economic , nationalization etc )helplessness & hopelessness  as part of the propaganda  to keep the collective egoic status quo .

Being awake is not knowing about all the media reported  events in the world but to know yourself. Be present to what is now . If you have strong negative  feelings( from past trauma) take the time to sit and feel,  just be aware of them without judging and let the power of awareness transform and heal.

What you do to bring the love into this world is to begin with where  you are now. How can you bring love into your world? Your family and friends need your love and attention if we all acted from love what a different world we would manifest.

You are not helpless and  you are your world so make it one of love.

You can transform the world.


COVID19 operation, NWO

The Downgraded Covid Hoax continues…


This viral thought has contaminated the collective human mind,  easy to do what you have billions trapped with  egoic  fear based thinking patterns.

Guilt them out with a new theory which is a lie  “man made   climate change” ” no future ” when the Sun and Gaia is the earths climate  driver. Then close on the heels of doom porn terrify them with a big lie ” COVID19  then while in shock ( minds frozen response )lock us all up in our homes,  create a police state   and take away our human rights.

Put on a media false flag play the race card and then  with msm & their new medium the “alt right woke blogs ” use every dirty trick to blame, anger and  separate people : wealth  nation, capitalism  when we don’t have it we have a political and economic monopoly ruled by Bankers( Banksterism).

I previously exposed the COVID lies including that healthy people have the strings of rna molecules “corona virus” in their virome and have found some good exposure of the media COVID lies  from The Freedom articles for your interest .  .

Noting we had an alleged  sars corona1 outbreak in 2002 that spread globally no pandemic was declared , we were not jailed, being sick  was not made into a crime , we were not subjected to  bio-terrorism by our own govts  .

Its total madness. Healthy people are being jailed in hotels, guarded  by police and aviation security many not even tested with the meaningless tests .Its like a mass crucifixion,  ignorant people suffering and causing suffering to others.

Will it be enough to wake people? I don’t mean “woke” as in the mainstreams alt right blogs mantra “I know about the corruption and who is responsible “fill in the  gap (Trump, a system , race, nation America ,socioeconomic status ) and incite hate …get angry and blame this person and those people ” woke” . Which by its fear , otherness,  negativity and dis empowering ideas implys not woke.

So find yourself inside,  know yourself and that is the priority as right action comes from right thinking.And right thinking comes from inner wisdom which is inside all of us.

One of my great teachers pointed out Human beings created all the  problems we see in the world and that is good news as it means  we can solve them.




CIA funded blogs, corrupt govts, The narrative, totalitarian

How to spot a “CIA funded”/ alt-right COINTELPRO blog.

  1. Controlling the COVID narrative to only include lower fatality numbers and talk about wearing masks. Ignoring the fact a new disease “COVID” does not even exist and has not been proven.Allowing only spoken controlled opposition from ” dissenting ” experts , the Drs and nurses that say COVID disease  exists .  .As long as you don’t question the very existence of a new disease and do not question the Germ theory  .The fact that paleo virologists and virologists working on the human virome (and  viruses incorporated into  our dna) say the trillians of viruses in and on us found in healthy people so are not seen as  causes of disease. Comments that do not go with the alt right dialog will be censored or shills will jump on them and response will be censored. The human Virome we all have includes that of  Corona virus up healthy people’s nasal passage.This scientific fact flies in the face of psyop COVID propaganda.

2. The controlled opposition alt rights  love going on about the CIA Agent Assange ” Free Assange” they cry . Promoting  a cult like following of the media celebrity poster boy for “internet impartiality and freedom”( scoff). There is none and Wikileaks is the CIA’s whistle blower honey pot. Where is the evidence for Agent Assange and CIAs Wikileaks  being what the media tell you they are ? They have nothing to support the media lies about him and the cia org Wikileaks but the words of the media , propaganda  from a media that we know lies. Reasoning denys the media lies  for if anyone was a real threat to the CIA they would  have been assassinated long ago not made into a  celebrity hero & a symbol and poster boy for freedom. They would not be not staying in London partying with other celebs  and making babies.

3. They talk about Trump and other bankster presidents and PMs as other than the NWO puppets they are perpetuating the democracy dogma.


4.They talk about evil ” elites” as enemies and people who believe media as enemies. Making enemies divides and conquers.Naming and judging( to be better than also  builds egos) banksters spokespersons and making them the enemy. When if people stopped believing and following them and giving them fealty and  attention they would quickly dissolve.

5. The alt right  perpetuate the racism. Pretend the Floyd false flag and X Blackwater riots were  real honest uprising of the people. They are still  playing the race card  and still dividing. All life matters.We are all privileged  to be alive.

6. They tell you America is evil,  Russia ( symbol  bear)& China is good. This works for the banksters planned Marxist/communist reset call it ” Socialism”. Or as the UN  NWO call it “Happyism”  marshal law, mass poverty, tyrannical neo nazi govts with ” health and safety” nazi officers issuing infringement notices. Its not humanism which is what we need, its  not even close.Read the UN( global shadow  govt)  2030 agenda its  written in Orwellian so you have to reverse it to translate it to English. As they want another Ism they are going on about “anti capitalism”( not greed) and blame capitalism  for all  that’s wrong in the world. We don’t even have a political- economic concept called capitalism we have Banksterism.The bankers create money out of debt in a big fraudulent ponzi scheme our govts are set up as corporations totally controlled by the banks they borrow money off( in our names) . The govts instead of creating it themselves with no interest for infrastructure, needs and  budget etc borrow it with interest. Thats not capitalism.Its  an economic and political monopoly usury and corrupt.


7. They hijacked   the spiritual meaning of Enlightenment ( To know thyself ) to ” woke” . To be Woke is when you believe the media’s  alt right propaganda . Like the CIA infiltrated the 60’s uprising  consciousness and turned the  counter culture movement of love in response & protest to the Vietnam  war into  ” hippys”  excessive use of sex and drugs. The alt right tentacle blogs have the pseudo spiritualism meme  popping up  and if you believe what they tell you you too will be ” woke” like them.

8. Fearmongering and using the same controlled opposition authors spreading the same memes and keeping to the narrative .

9. Telling the narrative they want about your helplessness and dis-empowerment. Telling you their plans so you believe and without knowing unconsciously  help them manifest it.You are a co creator in this world and they do not want you to know about your superpowers.

The mainstream  media have branched heavily out into  alt right social media blogs as so many people stopped  believing  mainstream media . Alt right is of growing importance to the Oligarchy in order to have mind control of the increased numbers of  ” deniers” and  dissenters.

So question everything with a reasoning mind. Be present and mindful when you read information on blogs.

Only  conditioned minds can be programmed.

The ego is the conditioned mind.

Freedom comes from within not without .You don’t have to create it its already there waiting for you.


Start an inner revolution.

Know thyself.






CIA Mossad MSS KGB, NWO, propaganda, totalitarian

The Bankster’s Global Intel & Media Machine.

Intels  media tools for social engineering and mind manipulation.

Isn’t it insane thousands of human beings spying on other people through the internet and tracking them on mobile phones . Most of these people  being  spied on just have a different opinion than the propaganda that   the banksters are peddling in the media( facebook, twitter,news,  popular blogs  & newspoopers). And after decades of ongoing media mind control people have become religious believers.



The so called age of information is the age of disinformation and ignorance.

The Bankster’s intel the “one eye”( Mossad,CIA, KGB etc) has been perfecting its mind control programs and propaganda through the media since 1950 . News has always been mind programming and propaganda. Banks and corporations used as (intel) fronts, spook  agencies funded by bankers that also are the intel agencies  director of finance. The marriage of banks and intel has  been a long-term relationship of deviants.

Social media and the paid shills.

Propaganda today is trending to small and not so small( ZH/RT)  ” left” blogs are used to get the memes into minds that have turned off mainstream news sites by using non sequiturs . So now we see both  left and right branches controlling the narratives.

They even call it social networking when they set up aps  then fund shills to push their agenda and plant memes in it. Mind control with  bird brain sounds like ” ZunZuneo and twitter” .  Intel playground  facebook and the google the search engine is totally bunk .

The fake lefty  blog sites do not like you to not see who is pulling the strings and want you  dis empowered , to believe in democracy,  the system  and tell you that we have capitalism( and to be anti it) in the economic monopoly. They want to tell you the solution is socialism( NeoNazi socialism)when its not as they want a reset and it means selling you a rebrand.In intels left branch anti American  pro Russian memes  and war mongering is going on. As though we are not all human beings with the nationalization mind control  tool a concept of the State. The fake  lefts go on promoting  democracy dogma , politics( the “art of deception”) mainstream  Biden and  Trump obsessed .They pretend the X blackwater mercenary incited riots are not what they are which was  organized media covered chaos( CHAOZ) and they use it to spread racism and promote the same. They also encourage and are active in the  set up of physical  meetings groups of govt dissenters .

Operation Covid as an example of propagandists left mind control.

The unproven existence of a “new disease” is a fact ignored and the fake leftys will go onto debates on face mask use and assert lower death rates. There were no deaths from ” COVID” as it does not exist.Some of the double agents or astro turf lefty fakers will not even talk about Covid  and will instead be seen harping on about  ” freedom” for  CIA’s Agent Celebrity Assange .We even have a couple of  self proclaimed ego manic “spiritual bloggers” doing unconscious ego re-assertment (ego strengthening) programs. People are being terrorized by the media and its fear mongering and that is what  was intended.

The  world sytem.

Though I would not use the word “Satanic” to describe the banksters the below link has an outline.

Instead of having democracy  or decisions made by PM/President central bank nations are set up as corporations ruled by the Bank of England’s Crown, the Vatican and a war machine called Washington.The PM and Presidents of their corporations are selected by these bankers, they  never selected and chosen by the people.Decisions are made for them they are told what to say or  “handled”. You can see this in the same actions or the globalization of all nations PM and presidents under UN’s”operation COVID”.



In a world that is insane those that can see this and do not want to obey are labelled a threat to the craziness and self destructive path,  its always been like that.Woman close to nature called witches, people that didn’t agree with the Crown or Vatican called heretics people who know about the Sun, oceans and water vapor as the climate drivers are called deniers.

What is happening is that people are “unconscious”( awake physically but its like they are asleep ) they rely on a media conditioned mind/ego . This programmed mind as their master ( totally controlled no self mastery) also means they are lead by all their fear and desires . As they do not know themselves they are believers not knowers.The mind controllers  like you fearful, overwhelmed  and feeling dis empowered.As in truth you are powerful but  have forgotten.

All mind controlled believers  can do is regurgitate State propaganda, they really believe it and as “mind identified conditioned minds” it is them . If they feel you are attacking a belief if feels as though you are attacking them as they are so mind identified.Thats why they go on to violently attack all contradicting information and opposing views.

As human beings created all the problem in the world with wrong thinking, thinking had been programmed into them by the banksters( banking cabal greed fear etc) they have the ability and power to solve them( kindness compassion understanding).

Enlightenment is not about believing left media information its about self knowledge.

Being woke isn’t knowing about the economic-political system and its corruption.

The thing about enlightenment( which has been hijacked by propagandists) is it frees you from the conditioned mind and all its beliefs and programming.

Freeing oneself from the bars of your own mind.

Its a matter of discovery of the Human Being.I know what we are not as all the systems we created from a State of ignorance do not work.

We have created a Hell on earth for many people isn’t it high time for a heaven?

Know thyself.

How to change this would be an inner revolution.Whats your world like? And are you making it a heaven for yourself and those around you? Love radiates outwards and has the power to  change the world.