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The Alpha and Omega variant of the Big Lie CovID19.

People were found to be not nearly terrorized enough by the constant covid19 memes in the hoaxers media so the “mutant virus ” campaign returned as “variants” with Greek letters in order to make them more academic and serious. “Mutants” were X -men cartoony and so inspired no fear. I think we are suppose to be afraid of each and every Greek letter and not scoff in disbelief. Whoops . No more converts to the church of covid and a few hard core believers now questioning “why vaccinate against 1 when there are so many variants?” . Simultaneously, and despite claims of multiple variants, these criminally insane politicians are targeting children in their GMO trial ( medical experimentation). The NIH don’t tell public but they have registered over “100,000 variants” which contradicts the use of injections for 1 which is why they never disclosed it . These “100K + variants of sars cov2 viruses ” are just computer generated fiction like the precursor mental infection ” covid19″ meme . No ” virus” has been isolated, purified or proven to cause disease .

Existential crisis and collective upheavals.

The goal here of a media that amplifies unconsciousness is fear. The collective fear creates the fascism we see. Its no surprise that the virus hoax was injected into the hive mind through the meme “fear of death” ( Fauci’s death charts) easily done in a culture that denies death . The media lies to us daily, whispers that we never had illness or death before ” covid19″ , claims there are no illness or deaths but those from covid19 and everyone now is said to be sick with or dying from covid19.

People use to be aware of death and appreciated the short lived life of the form. Death is inevitable. Death and body -one thing. Death is our commonality, we are all born and we die. But the essential you is not visible and cannot be found the physical realm it is timeless and perfect here and now. “There is only one life , one consciousness that manifests in countless life forms, its the indwelling presence in every life form. ” Eckhart Tolle . It knows no fear. It is an invisible pretense that inhabits the body. Which is why in these troubled times the inner revolution is needed, for when human beings know themselves in their timeless essence there is no fear of death. “Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists therein lies the peace of God” Course in Miracles. This deeper perspective from knowing thyself means to get through the collective calamity better as we are not drawn into the (media spread)collective hysteria and fear (of death) . And as consciousness we are connected, one being (our state) effects the whole of humanity as we go through this adversity.

The TPPA and the NWO.

No need to fear the UN’s NWO global govt as something that happens in the future as this is already in place and they are just waiting to come out of the closet. The virus hoax was and is a global synchronized UN operation. We can clearly see how there is no democracy, that Presidents are selected and appointed by the moneylenders not the people. That these Presidents and PMs are just corporate media spokesmen who mysteriously mimic each other and follow the same orders.

The fear of what has been for some time a constant central banking cabal (shadow govt) is utterly pointless. They rule the people through ignorance and fear . Or you could say fear rules the collective .

Fear and media mind conditioning(programming)has brought learned helplessness , unquestioning obedience to the govts rules even when those rules are unlawful and unfair.

So the antidote to the all the variants of the big lie “covID19” is the truth.

Many now are not going into the GMO trial, a large group of people are not believing the big lies . The media will tell you they and give you numbers are but the media is propaganda. And all we hear from is from the media so don’t believe the distortions.

Turn within and you will find the rock, your wisdom, yourself and let it be your grounding to weather the storm.

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Agent Assange

So the media one narrative is going on and on about the media celeb and has painted the picture of him as a victim and freedom fighter for internet search engine “impartiality ” & ” freedom” . Media said he is enemy of the CIA. People really blindly believe the CIA org was and is incapable of murdering one man (with a signature heart attack ) when the media tells them exactly where they are? Shhh don’t mention 911 or the Clinton’s/Bush/Obama corruption because he won’t expose anything of value or anything the CIA(Intel : the one eye) don’t want him to leak to the public .

Don’t make me laugh any enemy of the CIA is not going to be made into a media celeb hero swanning around London partying with other celebs and making babies. Poor Julian what torture.

Wikileaks is a CIA honey pot for whistle blowers to catch them before they leak its damage control.

Wikileaks is also used to leak CIAs unverified info that people just believe, a source of mind control programming.

Nothing important or new was as leaked about the war everyone knows that the one eye(inc CIAmossadKgb) torture people and that war is hate in action. Horrific acts are committed by both parties in wars murders torture killing of innocent civilians, this is what war is. Nothing useful or good has ever been ” leaked” by Wikileaks or by agent Assange. Hes not a hero and has nothing to do with freedom rather those whose interests he works for are oppressive and want to maintain their mind control of the population. He got given his “hero” label from the media alt right (controlled opposition sites) and people eat it up as they want someone to save them . You need to save you if there is going to be any saving going on. We all need to step up so that this one media narrative programmed ( currently insane) world does not go on a longer regressive bender .

Agent Assange is a not a hero . He is not a symbol not for the free flow of information to the people of what the Govt is up to or of internet freedom( we do not have internet freedom). Agent Assange is the symbol for the Oligarchy’s deception, for withheld information, censorship and the search engine monopoly .

In truth he is a symbol of the banker’s media one narrative & censorship not of freedom.

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The New World Order.

Many people have a theory that the UN’s WHO fake pandemic was for ushering in the New World Order and  the UN’s 2030 agenda ( that was written in Orwellian ).
They were called “conspiracy theorists or deniers ” but now with the UN’s new New World Order web site  its clear  the banking cabal’s  (Herr Rockefeller & Co) UN and their media conglomerate was lying about it.
Two options below clarify the matter following the UN NWO coming out of the closet.
1) New world order they say ” its a conspiracy”
2) Its not.
corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, fascism, NWO, one multinational govt

Enter the truth of the human “virome” (which is in all healthy people) .

You have a quadrillion ” viruses” (strings of rna molecules  from cell break down ) on and in you, including   so called corona and many other pieces of rna  ( called “viruses” just  as parts of our dna were called ” junk”). The rna  is  found  in healthy people’s nasal passages and found  well before the plandemic.

There is in the   media  an insane panic -demic  demonized  and declared a war on an alledged   “corona virus”,  with  mass global home arrests, govt shut the economies down causing   economic destruction which is then blamed on a virus  , people with no freedom of movement in police states.

The human virome.

The viral component of the microbiome, termed the “virome” is a poorly understood facet of the microbiome. From a philosophical perspective, mrna stings ( called viruses) were likely integral to the very existence of man as the primordial precursor to all current life on earth [4]. More tangibly, during the course of human evolution, the (rna or )viruses in and around humans not only drove evolution via selective pressure, but also contributed novel genetic material. In fact, approximately 42 percent of the human genome is composed of (rna)viral sequence [5]. This role of mrna molecules  as a major agent driving horizontal (i.e., non-reproductive) gene transfer between biomes [69] and the fact that the diversity, complexity, and abundance of viruses/ rna molecules) surpasses any other biological entity make it apparent that understanding rna strings in viromes will impart unparalleled understanding of the organisms they inhabit .However, the obvious importance of viruses in the composition of all biomes has not (yet) been met with an appropriate fervor . Taken from

The description of the presumably healthy viral flora, i.e. the normal human virome, is still in its infancy regarding viral composition and dynamics. This below chart is  our current knowledge of the human virome  which is deemed non-pathological .Viruses present in humans with no disease and no symptoms.

Wylie et al. [74] revealed the presence of strings and bits and pieces of  of RNA we called  paramyxoviruses (e.g. Paramyxoviridae, Respirovirus and Pneumovirus genera) in the nasal swabs of apparently healthy individuals. They also reported the presence of InfluenzavirusA, Parechovirus and Coronavirus in nasopharyngeal swabs, similar to that reported by Van der Bergh et al. [81]. In healthy humans no causal relationship between a specific rna molecules  and  pathology was found.

You most likely have Corona virus(strings and bits  of rna) in your respiratory tract and its OK . There is nothing to fear.You don’t have to feel guilty . You have done nothing wrong,   that is just  the erroneous message of govts.

If you look under respiratory tract in the below diagram you will see in healthy people Corona viruses are already in your body. And see that fear of “viruses” is irrational ignorant and unscientific madness.

Its now a good time to question the “Germ Theory” on discovery and acceptance of our human Virome.

“Corona Viruses”(in fact just tissue break down ,  rna and molecules )  and many more we have in and on our bodies   found in healthy people showed virologists  that we have them, lots of these bits and bobs of rna  they call “viruses”   but they do  not cause us disease.

corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, fascism, NWO, one multinational govt, totalitarian, Tyranny

The Trace Act and Gate’s Patent

“Microsoft was recently granted Patent #060606 for a “crypto currency system using human body activity data.” , Gates owns the patent to conduct global surveillance via a quantum tattoo inserted as a chip into the human body.

AND in the USA


H.R. 6666  “The TRACE Act” ( $ 100,000,000,000  taxpayer funding for the unconstitutional legislation)

13th  May  details of the new resolution stated  that it would:

Authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID-19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes.

So all the corrupt govt and corrupt institutions can take a piece of  fa$cist  pie.

$100,000,000,000 us for fiscal year 2020; and

 such sums as may be necessary for each of fiscal year 2021 and any subsequent fiscal year during which the emergency period continues.

But  the media  say ” its not about  Gate’s   proposed mandatory vaccinations as they do not have one yet” Oh OK.

HR 6666 and Patent 060606: First Legislative Effort to Codify CV Response

Bill Gates, HR6666, Remdesivir, Deaths in Italy

corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, fascism, NWO, one multinational govt, totalitarian, Tyranny

COVID19: The UN (global govt’s) Chinese whisper.

So it started with the  UN’s org WHO media whisper  that there was a “new deadly disease” that would kill millions. The original sin  based on  taking what was not real for the real.Not knowing the truth  is Ignorance.

The setup  for the COVID19 lie was a computer predicted simulation.  Falsified data of what was not real (what was not happening)  they used the false to try to make it true.The one lie to rule them all  currently following the exposure of the predictive model lie  is  the falsification of numbers of deaths from ” COVID19″.

And this production hasn’t stopped after  people found out  the prediction model used was false  as the global govt ( and its media)have turned to falsifying  recordings of deaths so  most deaths are said to be from  “COVID” a disease that has not been proved. Cancer, drug overdoses ,COPD, bronchitis, other respiratory conditions., old age, Iatrogenesis radical experimental drugs( fault of the wrong medical treatments- from a “healing  system” that is not based in love but is based on lack/fear/big pharma$ ).

One lie followed another in the panic-demic until the world had been converted by the fear of death (and loss of loved ones) into a prison of ” COVID19″  believers. Worshiping the govt that said would save them from death  by locking most of them them up at home and socially distancing them 2 m from each other. Maintaining  a campaign of deceit and fear the health officials  know lowers immune systems. Spraying toxic chemicals and causing  antibiotic resistant bacterial growth . Actions that are unlawful, illogical, unhealthy  and bizarre. Its  delusion and insanity doing something you know is wrong over and over.

The global govt ( UN) tyrants that control the national govts  tyrants are seen as the saviors by believers… what a distorted and unreal perception.

Those that question the media and  resultant subsequent en masse false beliefs are called deniers( same way to label and separate people as used the other political ” maintain control”  psyops).

The very question ” Is there a ” new deadly disease” called ” COVID19″ hasn’t even occurred and yet its the first question that should’ve  been asked .There is no proof of it.The meaningless tests( PCR +antibody tests for corona) don’t prove it. The what is a  normal number of deaths rate of ill and elderly (with iatrogenic treatment and stress)isolated, fearful,  locked up in winter  don’t prove it.

The whole “COVID19″ psyop is based on a lie that requires more lies to keep it going .The lie keeps getting distorted and increasing and requiring more lies  daily to keep it spreading.

Heres a humorous piece where the paw paw has tested positive for  ” COVID19″ Poor buggers having to use “foreign aid” buying meaningless tests  to provide more profit to the CDC .

Yip something is happening and something is not right …do we want this world  lead by tyrants who claiming” authority” , do we want to be living in fear and in separation?

They need you to believe the propaganda as we are also co creating this mess by our mis perceptions, fear and beliefs. So now more than ever ask yourself what sort of world do you want ?One of Love or fear? And then make it so by your thoughts and actions.

You will effect all those around you by your conscious  in a world that needs it.

Some other good links:


Be well.


corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, fascism, NWO, one multinational govt, totalitarian

“COVID19” the concept used in the war against the people.

The Govt using the  media created a  “virus”   bogeyman the Govt’s WMD (fear)and misinformation  in a war on the people. The “COVID19”  disease from a “sars cov2 virus”  we take on hersay from the media and our govt. When both sources  are  known to be propagandists and pathological liars.

The Govts( taking direction from UN which is the  shadow govt) are using  a form of bio terrorism.  Have painted a media picture we are all assumed to be ” diseased, contaminated + sick ” and so should jail ourselves and surrender all our rights. As if we do not do what we are told we could ” kill” our loved ones and others by being free.  To want our freedom  we are  now said to be ” outside the tribe”  & are killers. They have made freedom a crime. Its quite the mind fu*k.

We are told to stop  uniting against  the oppressive corrupt economic and political systems that so  many were protesting before the economic destruction.  Told by govts globally  to unite  in a war against an  as yet scientifically unproven threat ( anon existent disease caused by an allegedly new “Sars’Corona virus”). Told to  narc on and turn against each other  in the  police state. To be our own and our  neighbors jailer.

A fearful panicked  mob was told “you are told you are safe” in your home prison   .

Being physically close to others and   being outside your home is now deemed  by govt to be unsafe  and anti-social behavior  .

corrupt govts, illegal treasonous treaties, NWO, one multinational govt, TPP

TPPA granting the multinationals “Corporate Sovereignty” over nations.

The treasonous TPP will give power totally to the banking cabal’s big multinationals.

It has still not been disclosed to to the public, it has no consent from the people and it is not a lawful  document. The people pointedly asked for disclosure of the TPPA   but  were refused this right.

“This article will also show how if this agreement is considered in the context of other recently passed legislation and developments, and the “dots are connected”, the results would be total corporate global governance with an accompanying police state.

 In this new system the role of elected governments would be to serve as subservient agents for the transnational corporations, while the armies, police, and courts would serve the interests of these transnational corporations.”