Election fraud, electorial scam, fascism, no such thing as democracy, NWO, propaganda, totalitarian

Dem vs Rep : A divide and conquer strategy

The bankster’s global shadow govt loves the debt slaves/taxpayers to be identified with a political party as then they will vote and the govt ( that always gets in not matter who you vote for) can say to you while you are being governed you have a choice and a democracy ( means “rule by the people”).

It creates the illusion of freedom and choice.

Nothing is better for those running the covid19 hoax to usher in their totalitarian (fascist) ways than for the people to be distracted and fighting each other over political ideology. Rothschild & Rockefeller are wetting themselves at the deep state irony. People still believing in a democracy while locked up in their homes.

In reality there is no such thing as a democrat/republican its all just ideology, political ideology that is not even practiced by the politicians registered as such a thing . Its a case of people being totally identified with mind. Then creating enemies out of anyone who opposes as they threaten the political ideology they think of as themselves. You have a situation where ( misidentified with ideology) every opposing idea is threatening their very sense of who they are. They are lost in ideology . They fight for an unreal political idea as though it is their very self.

EG Think of the story of the swan that though he was an ugly duckling. You think you are a Dem/Rep and you are not. There is no such thing ( dem/rep) except in the mind as its all just names of political ideology/beliefs. You are actually a “swan” you are consciousness .

So the American public has been hoodwinked into fighting each other over total political ideology that are just fabrications created by the govt media. Its what happens when the brain freeze ( media fear mind programming ” covid19″ ) doesn’t work to stop perceived threat it is then switched to fight response.

Solution: that people work out that the media is manipulating them with fear and anger propaganda.

Then they will stop this silliness, stop reacting like automatronic programmed robots (getting taken over by fear and anger , rioting and fighting when told to by media).

Ultimately finding out who they are is the key objective, the supreme solution, as that is the quest everyone has.

Know thyself.

Election fraud, electorial scam, no such thing as democracy, US corporate candidates, vote for nobody

Reasons why you should not collaborate with the bankster’s election scam.

You do not select the candidates the corporation does.

Your vote does not count as they  have pre selected the winner. You are told about the results (but first you are  prepped  to accept the news through the polls) this false information is dispersed   through their corporation( govt) & their  media outlets.

Voting fraud runs rampant and unchecked.There is no way to confirm the  results that the corporation release to the media.  The outcome/numbers  are just   accepted on   belief and trust that the govt( corporation) would not lie to you.

Collaborating by way of voting means you give them consent and participate in  this fraudulent game called “election”  and that you think you have a “democracy”  .You are giving them the right to govern over you

The  candidates that are selected  by the corporation are corrupt pathological liars or power hungry drones that are easily controlled (the more dirty dark secrets the better).