Metaverse: Russia vs Ukraine ?

Post the covid19 psyop people can’t remember the corporate media lies and treachery of 9/11?

Twitter and media old stock footage and war images sound convincing ?

Putin and Volodymyr Zelenskyy are both central banking cabal’s WEF tools, professional actors the both of them that are suddenly said to be fighting. Its a big WWF false flag. The Ukraine president specializing in comedy.

A fearmongering media distraction from the unity and love that is winning the freedom protests.

Lets make sure our thoughts today are not attack thoughts and so let Love and sanity spread and prevail.


Who wants a cold war?

The media is at it again with nonsense narrative about ” Russia this and Putin that”. Pictures of old stock footage and the false flag playing out all over twitter and their media conglomerates.


All central banking Presidents are appointed, they are all on the same team Bankster . Essentially just media spokesmen for the corporation they are president of.

Wars are hate in action, hate comes from fear .

Wars make people afraid so they are good tools for control, plus they cost a lot and thats all debt in taxpayers names and more wealth to the central banksters and their war machine, corporations and companies.

On the metaphysical plane having an enemy strengthens an ego. And where theres an ego there is fear.

Its the attempted fear world reset. Fear- submission- control.

The solution is a change in thinking. What needs to be changed is the old ways of fear based thinking pattern, a hallmark of the ego. Love is what we were born for, to give and receive it to manifest it in this dimension . The mind conditioning of this world has keep us imprisoned in unreality, in our minds, in a metaverse created by the egoic State .

The media deals in selling an unreality, media amplifies unconsciousness. For two years they sold the Big Lie covid19 now as the people’s fear has subsided to the point they are globally protesting , can feel love and unity we say NO to govt fascism the ‘ol CIA media Twitter switch ” Russia Russia Russia” .

The one narrative of the media is fear. There is even a common (yet unknown) ego addiction to fear as it is the ” normal ” state people are always in, the static hum. So media is useless and provides no mind control if we do not believe in the media program-unreality. Turning instead to reality which is inside every human being if only they would stop looking for themselves out in the asylum/metaverse.




Nietzsche’s grasping for a word for the enlightened human being came up with this: ubermensch more of an ideal person . Enlightenment is the true deepest desire from which all egoic desire stems . A state of being fully aware, present in the NOW, feet on the earth and head in the heavens. So its ironic that Nazi’s, possessed by the egoic thought form “we are master race” (flip side of this thought is the shadow self’s unconscious deep fear of being inferior )- believed the ideal human being (enlightened) was about a race. Then a made up enemy the Untermensch ( inferior race and people ) was created and they were dehumanized.

Connection to Awareness/God/Spirit this state of enlightenment( being) is the “ideal person” ( ironically it is the removal of the fake problematic person). How easy the Orwellian Reich changed the meaning of the word ideal person into a ” superior race” . We can see much better with hindsight knowing this thinking to be ” wrong” . One day I hope we will all look back and see with the same vision how humanity in 2020 was totally lost in a fear trance and possessed by an untrue thought ” covid”. A media spread thought that linked to and associated with death created fear ( and the fascism that comes from fear) . We were not all aware of the psyop at the start, totally mind identified and possessed by though-forms so it was another burning witches, crusades moment in human history. The history of insanity really.

It is happening again

As humanity is really one being we had some of our “question everything” critical thinker cells that early on in the psyop communicated the truth to everyone, that there was no new deadly “virus” no ” covid19” and they were quickly labelled deniers, and worse by those that own the corporate media and use fear to control.

Years later many many people at least now know that they are being lied to by govts ( media). Conspiracy theory mainstreamed last year. But many still believe in ” covid” or are in fear, as much of the media alt right conspiracy outlets job is to dispense fear and predictive mind programs in an alternative dialog. BUT I have noticed that more people are aware of the alt right calling it out for what it is. ZH, RT, ET, CJ, AJ all the same alt right media group with the same memes.

People are protesting the illegal mandates. The freedom movement comes from love. As what we want is freedom, freedom from fear, freedom from the egoic state of consciousness. I do not believe this love based freedom movement would have happened without the challenges.

The shift from fear to love.

It can even start with being aware of what thoughts am I thinking, are they fear thoughts( attack judgements) ? Being aware of your inner state so that when these negative thoughts/ feelings come up you do not get taken over by them and think it is you.

So it has taken us some time but the relative truth about the psyop has come out, the freedom movement is full of people with the impulse to move from the fear to love. Now outside the media metaverse we see desperate govts looking exposed, still lying and trying to divide and conquer us. Remember the dear frightened out of their wits wokels living in a meaningless metaverse of threats are humans and we err when we dehumanize them and turn them into enemies.

Inner freedom . Self knowledge .That is the goal for humanity, not an ideal, a utopia or a thought form and it is the only real freedom there is.


Fictional Reserve Banking.

All the fear (egoic contraction) mind programming in media, pretending we the people have to pay for the odious debt of the corporations in their big central banking ponzi scheme. I really dont think so. What ever contractions and manipulations that are in the market come straight from the central banking cabal.

Economically they shut down the people’s livelihoods while increasing their wealth by fraud, creating more debt in our names and raising goods and services prices in the covid psyop . They can’t blame the state of the economy on covid as there is no covid.

We dont have to chose their media predictive mind programming that is an egoic (fear -scarcity) contraction, we could chose prosperity . We dont have to pick fear we can chose gratitude, compassion and love. We can pick what we want and focus our attention on that.

The global freedom protest continues despite the corporations unconsciousness/”evil” with a new lie every day, but the media lies have been ineffective . The mandates are illegal and govts seeing how easy it was for them to loose all credibility and public support en masse are in grip of fascism( fear). Desperate. And the govts look bad, a PR disaster.

I smell a RAT

The corporate trend is the fraud of increasing its use of RAT (rapid antigen test) to hoax it up and create cases following the wider exposure of the rt PCR test fraud.

This RAT test is just as unscientific as the PCR and antibody test in diagnosing disease thus creating all these false “covid” cases . The Antibodies(immunoglobulins) IgG, IgA and IgM are not ” covid” antibodies.
They are just antibodies. There are no such things as ” covid” antibodies or ” covid” antigens.

At home the govt want you to stick a swab up your nose to see if there is anything up there( using the RAT). Most healthy people have up their nose dna, rna( wrongly called “sars cov2“). Mucosal surfaces, including the nasal mucosa, are the principal sites of initial contact with a large variety of antigenic substances. Such as chemicals, dust ,animal dander, dust mites, mold spores , bacteria, cancer or pollen etc.

Wiki say ,” An antigen (Ag) is a molecule or molecular structure or any foreign particulate matter or a pollen grain that can bind to a specific antibody or T-cell receptor
Antigens can be proteins, peptides (amino acid chains), polysaccharides (chains of monosaccharides/simple sugars), lipids, or nucleic acids

So it is very unlikely that you don’t have an “antigen” up your nose as an “antigen” may be a substance from the environment, rna, dna, chemicals, dust ,animal dander, dust mites, mold spores , bacteria, or pollen.

They refuse to admit they do not understand what makes the human body-mind sick. And the huge amount of complexity and intelligence in the body is too much for their little fearful human minds to cope with. Its intelligence/life/ consciousness itself within that balances and heals the body.

On a positive note nothing can or will stop consciousness.

“Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open? Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking. The entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.”
― Rumi


Abuse of power.

That is what is happening in the Canadian govt, it is a fact .

We have peaceful protesters for freedom against govt tyranny.

There is no emergency in the action of the protest Canada, it would be an emergency if there was no Freedom protest .

We have the criminally insane govt that ran and still run a covid19 psyop on the people destroying many livelihoods, breaching laws, rights and freedoms. So its irony that now in another failed attempt to try to stop lawful protesters by declaring a false emergency the corporate crim’s are saying the peaceful law abiders are doing what they do . Its always Orwellian talk from the Govt.

The Psyop covid is the crisis, when humanity got taken over by fear. When they believed the lies from govts media cowering in fear they consented to give up freedom in return for the govt promise of safety. Easy to promise safety from that which does not even exist. In exchange for their freedom of movement and of association, privacy rights, human rights and civil rights we now have the dangers of the govt psychotic abuses of power.

New levels of crazy and human rights violations seen in all central banking nation’s govts with the global protests. Different nations are all doing the same psyop covid with the same draconian and unlawful actions and yet the fact of a shadow global govt still escapes the hypnotized masses.

Though you may feel distance between you and the protesters you are one with them. Your inner peace, support and love has and will grow the movement. A movement in consciousness, a manifestation of growing consciousness that is coming out of a collective backwards downward spiral of total mind identification regression(and fear) .

Love always wins. And inner freedom is the primary and true goal.


The Mandate .

Mandate is an act by which one person gives power to another to transact for him and in his name in one or several affairs. You have to provide your consent to a mandate( writ). Its a contract.

The Pfizer MRNA trial is illegal in its very essence and no one can coerce or try to force another human being to consent to participate in a medical experiment.

I dont believe the central banking cabal’s corporation(s) even wrote a mandate People were just told there is a mandate by media and in a letter from employer that they have to get injected by X date( part of an employment contract) .

Its not judicial mandate, I’ve not seen an injection mandate from any judicial process in any nation. I’ve not seen any fictitious mandate (” injection in a trial” ) /contract either … what an obscene idea . The mandate is a breach of your original employment contract, no one has participation in GMO MRNA trials written into their employment contract! ( *unless they are in a contract with Pfizer as paid trial GMO trial guinea pig).

No contract.

I did not agree to that, I do not even agree that a corporation has any authority over me.

“Definition of Mandate According to
Black’s Law Dictionary
Mandate: written command given by an authority to an agent (member of public) /
contract by which one person requests another person to agree voluntarily to a service.
It only becomes effective when the mandatory agrees. Therefore, a mandate only
becomes mandatory upon agreement. Mandate requests without consent bear no
obligation. There is a difference between a mandate and law.
Mandate Meaning
Legislation is written using legalese of which attributes different meaning to the words
in the English language. When legislation “states” an instruction must be followed, e.g.:
wear a mask or social distance, what it really means is “you may wear a mask” or “you
may social distance” respectively. Basically, legislation asks for consent. To find out the
meaning of words used in legislation look them up in Black’s Law Dictionary. Everything
in this system is governed using legislation and at its foundation it is consent based,
your compliance with legislation is you consenting to it by default.
Do Not Be Deceived
Know Your Rights

Have authority over yourself ( anarchy).

It is important people understand that the corporations (your govt is a corporation) lie for control over you and for their financial gain. Making money off you by using your legal “person”(creating debt in your name) by (mis)administering what is your legal person (aka “strawman”). Then double dipping by taxing you .

May you spread the truth about the ” mandates” that they are not legal or mandatory if you do not agree to it. To all those protesting the mandate, these injection mandates are just another fraud perpetrated by fascist govts.

Breach of contract.

All those fired for not getting injected in the trial have been wrongfully dismissed and their employer is in breach of law and needs to pay them damages. People need to not quit and not just stop going to work let the govt minions tell you in writing (or record it)1) that you are fired and 2) what you are fired for! Then get a lawyer as you’ve been harmed .

Ignore the so called injection mandates, they are illegal and unlawful, don’t provide your consent.


The CG virtual virus called ” sars cov2″.

As most of you reading this know ” Covid19 ” is just a media meme, the collective unconsciousness ( fear) amplified and spread by media.

Psyop was done to try to keep the dysfunctional egoic system of the fear world paradigm, to keep the fear-submission- control mind programs going at a time when many at waking up. While others, still slaves to the State corporate media their conditioned ego minds are still woking up.

The placement of police confiscated stolen weapons in the unstoppable( growing global) Canadian freedom movement is seen for what it is a State false flag, a criminal act of infiltrators . People support Freedom and there is nothing the banking cabal’s Govts can do as they cant mind control those that are not hypnotized , in the grip of fear , or mentally ill with the mental disease spread by media, mass formation psychosis called “covid19“.

Peace and love and may you stay or get in a state of inner peace and love, always coming back to breath focus .

Here’s a little gem of truth from downunder.

Fact-check:  The  virtual  “SARS-CoV-2 virus” 


The synchronized global love and freedom movement in high gear .

The freedom convoy is protesting in Canada, New Zealand, Alaska, Sweden,USA, Austria, Australia, Germany, Italy, France and Poland.

This is a moment in history where we see how connected we are.

No longer in the grip of fear, the media metaverse of lies. We want an end to the dysfunctional govt’s criminal insanity and fascism. We want freedom from the central banker’s global reign of corporate tyranny .

The global freedom convoy is love in action.

Many well known speakers are also focusing on the key issue, the importance of inner freedom , moving from fear into love . I stand behind the fact that our inner state manifests on the outside in this world . That we have together co created a change, a firm non reactive ” No”. It is miraculous .

The movement of love is growing despite the underhanded evil/unconscious actions of corporations ( “govts”) . The govt -media protest PR is backfiring and making govts look as they are … bad. They desperately spin an old cold war monger meme Russia -Ukraine-USA BS as a piss poor distraction from the global Freedom revolution . Ridiculous we have a global central banking economic and political monopoly, its national govts are corporations, where wars are only made up to profit the big corporations and for fear-control.

Support for freedom and courage is growing, the media spell is breaking. We can see vast numbers of people do not want to be part of what is corporate slavery- the fear wheel. We want freedom.

Enough people freed themselves from media thought forms ( fear) that are possessing people. They questioned the thoughts, the hive mind narrative, they found the scary invisible monster under the bed “covid19” was not real. They saw the media meta verse was a insane construct of fear , a virtual creation they did not want to reside in.

Primary is to find inner freedom .

” What you seek is seeking you” Rumi

Peace and Love

PS if you want to add countries I have left out please do.


Keep on Truckin’

The Canadian (Truckers) Freedom movement has been slandered and debased by the media’s “Go-f-me” story.

Its not about money . We dont even know who it was that started the money scam, could well be an agent or the gofundme crooks themselves . The central bankster’s intel org tend to infiltrate all orgs that are not theirs( they have the astro turf -pseudo peoples movements).

If it was turned into a money scam it was by those that are violating people’s rights declaring illegal mandates, criminally insane rules and wacky restrictions . They have their very worst PR people working on it to make it look bad as its a giant success, bringing out global love and support.

Freedom. Fearless action( from an inner state of peaceful resistance comes a non reactive firm ” No” ) has, like a beautiful butterfly wing, reached out to every nation. Your peaceful, fearless , non reactive ” no” is one with and part of the collective global freedom movement. Freedom is an inner state , a shift away from the fear to this love .