The operation called “engineered consensus”

The pseudo science used today can also be called “consensus science”.
This is how false ideas such as “Man made global warming” &
“Wall street’s carbon trading game is needed & will save the planet” are spread throughout the population.

Yet there is no such thing as “man made global warming” and a carbon tax would lead to starvation and more poverty as it would increase food costs for the global monopolies that now control food (and want control over all water).

The easy solution to ‘operation consensus’ is to not simply believe people because of their title, media profile or occupation.

“Assertion is bondage. To question and deny is necessary. It is the essence of revolt and without a revolt there can be no freedom.” S.N.M

From childhood the mind of a human being is conditioned to not revolt.
This unquestioning belief and obedience is relied on by those running the show as it makes a prison. Revolt against believing you have a  “culture” as culture is naught but a collection of bars.


Dean Clifford: imprisoned teacher of LAW finally freed…

Happy to hear that Dean (who was only guilty of educating people about the corrupt court & legal system) has been freed. He spent 16 months illegally held in Canada as a political prisoner.


Many who are exposing the corruption of the legal system are being threatened:



A Need and An Ecstasy

Thank you Ida.

There’s so much I don’t know, so much it would seemingly benefit me to know, and SO much knowledge available to us right now. Recently a friend showed me some of the spiritual/metaphysical videos he had been watching, and he remarked on the availability of such previously sought-after information. It’s true… some of this is treasure! Why is it now freely given to millions?

In the past, people who wanted knowledge would have to first discover that there is such a thing, and then go through great effort to get to the location where that knowledge is, and once found, they would have to qualify to receive it. So ‘seeking to know’ would have to be the person’s destiny: can’t help it, born to do it, pulled to it in fact.

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Warmongers giving themselves a title of “Executive Leader for Peace”

In a recent brochure, a booklet  all about commemorating wars, promoting  “impressive military credentials”  and ugly war propaganda  placed around the city,  the Wellington City Council  mayor tells us she now calls herself  a  Mayor for peace.

This is how the corporation promotes always pushes their  war propaganda- by using words like   “humanitarian bombing” which are suppose to cognitively trick you into believing them and accepting their lies.

The Wellington Mayor and a  privatization CEO (imported from the UK)  are working for the privatization and the financial ruin  of the City. There is   financial mismanagement going on, fraudulent schemes, land grabs, a total  lack of transparency, an increasing  of corporate welfare  to foreign corporations while turning their back on all the problems they have created.

An elected Mayor refusing to listen to reason and input from  ratepayers -there is not any sign of democracy.

There must be a tipping point where the public see through the lies to know the truth of a attempted  privatization of the city  that is going on in the name of “civic democracy”. Its too Orwellian.


Update Nov 2015

“Mayor of Peace” takes money from ratepayers to  fund a  weapons conference http://wellington.scoop.co.nz/?p=83974