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Not buying into the Nord Stream leak narrative.

A pre investigation.

What do they have here? Just a photo and the media telling you this happened. I need more that just a photo, the same one used by all news networks of what first showed a black circle in middle (and this has since been edited out). An ocean photo is very easy to CG or set up, a spot the world is focused on and yet not even 1 (emergency )ship is visible in the far distance . But for me this was the nord stream hoax giveaway:

“The U.N. International Methane Emissions Observatory said Thursday on Twitter that image analysis conducted alongside researchers at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain, confirmed that what’s bubbling to the surface is indeed methane.”

Oh the UN said that did they??! The UN are pathological liars. And the same group in Spain that did the controlled opposition easy to discredit story that the injection (called a covid vaccine) is made up of 99.9% graphene oxide( which would have made it 100% deadly) . These Spanish polytechnic dudes can computer analyse the substance from the ocean photo and see from the photo the molecular structure .


So I still have found no credible evidence of the Nord Stream pipe being blown up.

Nothing, nada, zip. And everything I have read about it stinks like a sewer leak.

What a great media lie combining the warmongering meme with the man made climate change scam. (And I bet as a bonus to mind control a few banksters insider trading bet on the resultant natural gas skyrocketed energy prices – as well as owning the corporations that sell it.)

Warning: Please don’t consume the media . This includes all the local fiendly controlled opposition sites that run this same as msm garbage, push fear and the twitter war.

Never been a better time than now to open the inner door to freedom.

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Our virtual world.

Our world is increasingly being distorted and thrown into chaos by the increasing number of people stuck in virtual reality feedback loops created by addiction to and worship of technology and belief in media . The misinformation from the central banking cabal’s media conglomerate is at epic levels .

There are people now that have a disconnect from their actual personal experiences they pay more attention to dis- information provided by media through technology. This online virtual world is more important and more real to them than their actual life experiences. Their cypher or online ego/personality is distorted by the content of social media . A place where everyone’s projecting a false image of themselves as the most successful or the happiest.

They are living in a media created virtual world.

A virtual world where negativity prevails. Their own private Idaho, where fear, anger, drama, conflict and the US vs them (media memes)rules . People who are in the grip of media will let all the media mind programming effect the quality of their interaction with others. It will spill into their personal contact with others either as inattention or how they relate to people . They may have never personally known a Chinese/African/black /white person but their conceptual ideas about people will be colored by media conditioning. Some person they have never met on the other side of the world that has never even thought about harming them is their “enemy”. Because media said so.

If you believe the alt right branch msm your mind programmed beliefs will be : Pro Putin( Russia) , “Free Assange” (a media celeb cia agent), democracy , nationalized , ” anti capitalism( though we don’t have capitalism we have a central banking cabal economic and political monopoly)subtle anti American( “self hate”) , left is right and right is left, China as the Enemy,primed for war, the Banksters media spokesman elitists( Gates, Zuck, Fauci ) are used as fronts and hate directed at them . The common msm one narrative is ” covID19″ and the lie of the day is “Delta”- a variant of the big lie. Where is the origin of covID19 ? The banking cabal’s UN’s WHO and the big lie was spread by media.

The “news”

It is a fake world of media lies, political myths and ideology. And people are spending a lot of time in Alice’s rabbit hole . The media will throw around huge amounts of misinformation, too many fake details, multiple charts, lots of numbers , multiple conflicting and distracting stories ( that maintain the big lie covID19), meaningless and overloading and in emotive language. Junk food for compulsive thinking, binge thinking . Addiction to technology( social media) has definitely cognitively altered human minds for the worst. Funding for studies are almost non existent as the UN’s NWO technocrats do not want people to know .

In media land a non existent ” new deadly virus” sars cov2 is real to people. In this no mans land the global illegal GMO trial is a ” vaccine”. The medical experimentation on children is not perceived as a horrific crime, many hypnotized media manchurians don’t even react as the media has not told them what to think about it.

The media should but does not come with needed warnings. ” Beware Toxic wasteland ahead”

Be aware. As if you see all these media pathogenic infectious thought forms they are trying to infect your mind with you will not get mediitus .

Alert open non judgemental attention to actual personal experiences is needed. And when in the upside down Ministry of information’s digital world bring in the much needed light of consciousness .


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Warmongers giving themselves a title of “Executive Leader for Peace”

In a recent brochure, a booklet  all about commemorating wars, promoting  “impressive military credentials”  and ugly war propaganda  placed around the city,  the Wellington City Council  mayor tells us she now calls herself  a  Mayor for peace.

This is how the corporation promotes always pushes their  war propaganda- by using words like   “humanitarian bombing” which are suppose to cognitively trick you into believing them and accepting their lies.

The Wellington Mayor and a  privatization CEO (imported from the UK)  are working for the privatization and the financial ruin  of the City. There is   financial mismanagement going on, fraudulent schemes, land grabs, a total  lack of transparency, an increasing  of corporate welfare  to foreign corporations while turning their back on all the problems they have created.

An elected Mayor refusing to listen to reason and input from  ratepayers -there is not any sign of democracy.

There must be a tipping point where the public see through the lies to know the truth of a attempted  privatization of the city  that is going on in the name of “civic democracy”. Its too Orwellian.


Update Nov 2015

“Mayor of Peace” takes money from ratepayers to  fund a  weapons conference