“Statism” or “State interventionism”

The corporate media are trying to heat up the cold war and it makes me think about our freedom and peace.In the case of a WW3 (which the corporate warmongers want)  a few very wealthy people invested in weapons, spying and war making (1%) will profit even more, we the 99% will not.

In New Zealand   the Crown’s corporate  institutions( the govt & state) are  using political   policies on the market and influencing all mundane activities of life .  Social  welfare, marriage, employment, economy,   transport, exports, food, power and corrupt local elected officials . They are purposefully creating more economic hardship (especially for the poor) while at the same time doing transfers of wealth from public to overseas privately owned   companies(1%).

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and Corporate Power”Benito Mussolini

There is no democracy. People  (following protests )  watch as  the fascist corporation sells off  public  commercial assets, housing  and  nation   .  People  do not realize the Govt(the Crown’s corporation) does not work for the people and has a hidden  agenda that is at odds with the well being health and happiness  of the people and the land.  http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_sociopol_nwo.htm (*note link has been broken so you have to cut and paste)

The Crown’s agenda is always for control and extorting more money from the people( most of which work as corporate slaves). The Crown is an fictitious entity created by  the Bank of England(*privately owned banking cartel) .

Many people in NZ think they are not oppressed and have freedom  because they are told they do.In the USA they have a constitution( *which is ignored by congress, police, courts and the president) so many americans believe  they have constitutional rights.  Russia has a State mafia/Statism.  Right now we all have the fascist State interventionism  in common as well as our desire for peace and prosperity.





(& Alexander Dugin’s Neo-Eurasianism )
What does a dictatorship need  to remain in power when more and more  people are learning about the system  (leading to  more individuals  not consenting) and  protesting   the widespread corruption?


How else  can the  corrupt global cartel (that wants a New World Order) start another world  war without first creating an enemy? Putin is but a actor in their really bad movie whose synopsis is the people once again fall for the oligarchy’s web of lies and deceit . It’s  corporation of the USA( or “govt “) has been torturing ,warmongering  and interfering with other nations for yonks . The  cartel  have purposefully chosen this time to provide media coverage of the horrific actions of its own out of control US corporation(“govt”)  to support Putin. The cartel has always controlled both sides . “Follow the money ” aptly points out how the same players are in bed with both “sides”.https://seeker401.wordpress.com/2015/05/31/the-diagram-connecting-putin-rothschild-and-rockefeller/

Here is  one  part  of the  mind control  techniques they  use   https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2014/02/24/jtrig-manipulation/. They use mind control all the time, when Obama is found by his voters to be “chickenshit” (on his knees at the beck and call of Israeli PM) a  media  report is released to the public that a “senior” Obama administration official called Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu “a chickenshit”.

The 13 families in this corrupt and evil cartel in this world  sometimes greedily squabbles  amongst themselves for “more”  (more power and more resources).  They use their media corporations, false flags and psy ops to divide and conquer us. They teach us ignorance, use mind conditioning  and deceit   to make the human race fear , fight and kill one another for their cause. Right now with this  media input ,  instead of uniting against the  police brutality and violence, they have ignited racial tension and a group to act out violence against the NYPD .

Putin represses a few american “liberal icons”( greenpeace, pussygirlband, does not destroy the traditional social definition of marriage) and his popularity in Russia goes up .

The NWO puppet  Putin is telling Russians  that if they want to avoid the draft they must work in weapons manufacturing. .Putin is the same brand of “evil global domination ” pretending to be the hero.

Eurasia against Atlantis.“The Soviets also led a very efficient propaganda campaign against Poland. From the first days of the war, the Soviets, the communist parties in the West, as well as the leftist organizations and individuals influenced by the communists, furiously attacked the Polish Government-in-Exile, the Polish Army, and Polish institutions in the West. The divide and conquer accusations leveled against them most frequently were anti-Sovietism( “terrorism, criminality”), anti-Semitism, political irresponsibility( “torture”) and chauvinism.  These attacks became more intense after the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, when the Soviets became “our brave Russian allies” and Stalin was transformed from a bloody dictator and Hitler’s best partner to “good uncle Joe.” “An incredible thing seemed to have happened to the American mind,”.” Piotr Wrobel  .


The Measure of a Man

What qualities do you value in a human being?
As a society at this time we needlessly judge others, we also decide who is successful which is based on a banker’s economic model.
In this unsociable model the people that are taking public assets and “gifting” them to private corporations are not seen as “bludgers” but as highly reputable members of society . These people tell the country through the media that the poor, injured, unemployed or ill are “bludgers” .
People who are trying to survive, feed their family and keep a roof over their heads are deliberately villianized by the corporate media just before the corporation passes its draconian welfare changes/policies.
People who have lost their job, or are not employed due to health issues , ACC, disability or the bankster’s created economic crisis are still perceived by many as not “contributing” to society.
This type of thinking needs to be looked at for if we cannot stop judging at least we can bring in facts to the way we tend to measure a man.

For all those that ignorantly think because they have been told by the govt that their taxes go to pay  for unemployment,  your taxes don’t pay for unemployment/social welfare, taxes get sent offshore to a private banking cartel.

At what point do we view people, who clearly at this time cannot get a job for one reason or another, as not contributing to society ? Babies, toddlers and children are not employed and yet they are not seen as burdens.
When we look at some of the “work” that is being done today that we are told is “productive” we can see how it could harm society. For what are they actually producing is ways to retain power, or increase the wealth of the Crown and its corporations.
Are all these “wealth transfers” (and thinking up ways to transfer wealth) from the NZ people to private corporations really an example of productive human behaviour?

We really need to rethink the current investment banker’s model of the value of a human being.
Even better we stop judging people and applying false labels, the stigma labels that only serve to alleviate guilt, justify wealth, separate from or to make us feel superior to others


Sydney False flag operation …

They really want a war .

False flags are where  the oligarchy   creates fictional  “enemies” by playing the part of the so called enemy.


They  launch  their   ideas ( mind control ) using  their media, these  ideas are  to generate fear, outrage or anger .Then when people believe they are under threat from “imaginary enemies” (who are actually the oligarchy’s corporation/govt).  The banksters sit and count their money while many people are still fooled  enough to die and kill  for the banksters  cause (which is in truth is always for them  to make more money & get more resources).

The global awakening is also putting the spotlight on their lies and propaganda, there is a lot of unrest  so false flag ops  serve to misdirect attention . These false flag ops are used to try to start up  wars or bring in unlawful oppressive policies. The cartel’s corporation uses its violent actions against the people as the excuse to use excessive force against its citizens. They want this open war at a time of unrest when people are crying out “no more” and desiring  the removal of these war criminals from power.


The good news is there are only about 6,000 of them and over six billion of us the odds are in our favour and  the tide is turning.
The empire is falling.

Its budget time and the cuts are unacceptable,   yet  the bankster’s corporation(our govt) tell us they will  borrow in our name for their wars and their increased paranoid spying this year.


There is no such thing as an earthquake proof building…

So why are the Wellington City Council making us borrow to  spend   billions strengthening  buildings that are already to code and fully usable?

These “strengthened ” buildings are still not earthquake proof and will be no less likely to topple than an non strengthened  building in a severe earthquake. E.G  one building  $ 150,000 was defrauded   from the ratepayers to “earthquake strengthen” the   botanical gardens glass house and  yet   they did nothing that will  stop the  glass house from breaking up in an earthquake.

So what is the label “earthquake prone” if  after spending millions the  built to code building  remains “earthquake prone”.It means nothing -its just a label to scare you into non thinking compliance.

The people that invented this scam think that ratepayers will not find out about the data fraud, pseudo science  and manipulations that were used for it.

The pseudo science  and unbalanced thinking  the govt used in this debt creation project is so deeply flawed  that without it the project looks like a transfer of wealth from the ratepayers.

Click to access ErrorProneBureaucracy.pdf


Wellington the privatized “Stupor City”?

And this is the  attempted hostile takeover of Wellington’s local governance by the trickery of the central govt.

First  import a  non local CEO that had resigned from a council privatization dispute and other “chaotic” scandals in Cornwell UK. “Former Cornwall Council chief exec Kevin Lavery  invested in ‘Liberty scheme’ a huge tax avoidance scheme set up just for  select group of filthy rich traders/ investors .
Some other good questions from the people to and about the CEO were raised: http://www.cornwall24.co.uk/discussion/topic3995-15.html . Conflict of interest http://www.cornwall24.co.uk/discussion/topic3995.html

We have already been told the proposed amalgamation or privatisation will cause us fiscal pain which should worry any ratepayers ( & residents) as the WCC and GWRC  history of mismanaging the ratepayers finances is already reprehensible.

After no ratepayers supported the takeover of governance (and privatization) the central govt puppets labour  started a PR  campaign  using words like “democracy “. They started yet another  website so they can find out what exactly their spin doctors need to address to deceive the ratepayers.  They are thinking maybe a rigged  referendum on the unwanted stupor city will silence the dissent but let us not be fooled by any of the expensive campaigns,non binding referendums and  lies  that they make us fund.

Excuse me but what they are  doing has nothing to do with democracy. We don’t even have a democracy. We have an oligarchy.

Until we see the truth and unite they will continue to act for their private corporate interests.

Let us consider a solution to the problem of the Wellington council not following the will of the ratepayers (and residents) as  they were elected to. They were not elected to represent privatization, not to  further their political careers by their meaningless political words and not to serve their self interest -they need to learn what leadership really is. This central govt takeover of local governance is also a bit like musical chairs where only the most corrupt and obedient mayors & council officers will have a career in the new dictatorship/privatisation.

In England there is a great campaign to try to get rid of the oligarchy’s puppet Cameron “Just say Go” .

Yeah mates  we feel you.

Just say No.


The Oligarchy’s growing tumor of corporatisation in NZ healthcare and politics.

The problems of disconnectedness between hospital management  doctors and patients is but one symptom of the growing divide  which is  the push for growing  profits for the few over the welfare of all.

That is also what the TPPA is for -to extort total   control of NZ healthcare & grow corporate profits.

“Public hospital doctors and dentists are to  add their voices to the tsunami of concern about the consequences for health care in New Zealand if the TPPA is signed says ASMS Executive Director Ian Powell.:”scoop.co.nz

Any remaining ideas  of  NZ having a healthcare with national autonomy  will be wiped out by the TPPA,  no illusions of a nation will remain.

Newflash to one smug John Key -the New Zealand voters don’t trust you . The  election was a disgusting display of total corruption.

“That the ASMS opposes the TPPA on the grounds that health care will suffer from the loss of national autonomy that may result.”scoop.co.nz