“Give Peace A Chance”

Every  political party( ” placed in power’) is controlled by Rothschild warmongers  http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-02-20/rothschild-vs-rothschild   or the “13 families of banksters” . So   political candidates are selected  by the corporation, their business is war -so how can we think they would want to bring us any peace?

Their wars continue as people believe the lies.


They want war not peace and so their corporate media glorifies war. All people should know that the global banking cabal dictates all the  policies and economic decisions of your nation. If you have an  central bank established in your nation you do not live in a sovereign nation. The lies that  the  cabal use to send your nation’s troops to war vary ,  but behind every war lie is the spreading of fear ,  it is fear of of a fake construct .

The real evil in all the wars in our history is the  warmongers who spread propaganda to wage their constant wars (and profit off it).

It is important to realize “we the people”  have to insist on peace.

Peace comes through individuals who have peace in their hearts  and minds.


The current state of the ongoing political coverup of the UK branch of the global paedophile ring.

I have just found out that for decades the UK Home office  had stopped an independent investigation into a global high level paedophile ring . “The internal review also found that between 1979 and 1999 the department had “lost or destroyed” 114 files relating to child abuse.”

In the face  of continued and new  allegations the home secretary Ms May has now delayed another  6 months by deliberately appointing lead investigating judges with conflict of interests . For those of us that (unlike most politicians) are not psychopaths and find the evil perverts that hurt innocent children horrific, the uk home office secretary’s action is clearly still conspiring with the paedophile  ring. The UK Home secretary also wants the UK taxpayer to fund a three or four year  coverup. The UK home secretary should be independently investigated,  at best the home  office’s  actions have been   enabling further  rape, abuse and torture of children.   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/11232988/Westminster-paedophile-ring-now-where-does-the-investigation-go.html

NZ judge Goddard was picked by the UK home secretary Ms May as “lead investigator” , May  lied to press and said  Goddard was “as removed as possible from the organisations and institutions that might become the focus of the inquiry”. Goddard is a member of the UN said to have no conflict of interest investigating other UN members and other (undisclosed) high level Crown org & institutional elitists.  Judge Goddard  is an employee of the Crown’s corporation( organisation & institutions) she clearly has  (multiple)  conflict of interest. She has not yet filed COI  declaration,  which is a deception and  shows untrustworthy behaviour unbecoming for a “high level”  Judge. The UN member “investigating” other UN members!??


Please have a moment of clarity with me and ask  what has happened with our society that we are not rioting about this injustice . The injustice of being told we will not even have an  independent investigation ( or are there any prosecutions of the high level perps or the UN members) into  decades long crimes of the “uk establishment” branch of the  global institution’s ring of child raping politicians and their masters.


“Economic Crisis” or “Economic collapse”

Financial circles in the media are now fear mongering and implanting ideas of an economic collapse.

They are forgetting about how the economy works and the Central Banking system.
Who controls interest rates and who sets currencies?

The same corrupt privately owned global banking system.

The banksters always lie about the reasons for their actions against the people .E.G They leaked their fed reserve was going to raise interest rates just to profit off bonds .

The whole economic system is a banking cartel . Its a high level scam as why would any sovreign nation agree to borrow money with interest from a privately owned bank instead of create it themselves?

Why would a nation then enforce the cartel’s policies of debt slavery: austerity, poverty, inequality and make the nation go to wars for no reason?

The central banks create money from nothing, and their corporation(your govt)helps them keep you playing the game as a debt slave- paying the foreign banksters to enslave you in an economic system that is now telling you it is going to collapse. As they make all key economic decisions they are totally responsible for the economic state of the world.

Unless the central bank collapse their controlled and fictitious economy how can it collapse?
*The US corporation(govt) has been bankrupt since 1933. The “economy” does not have to collapse, as it was always an .01% elitist created ponzi scheme to let the cartel maintain power and control.
Know that if their are any problems with our economy it is the fault of the Central Banks and their corrupt stooges in govt(corporation ) .


Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement(TPPA): Their rules for a hostile corporate takeover .

In a world where the TPPA ( or TPP) authoring  corporations have excessive political influence  their TPP is heading us further  in a downward movement. What we need is to end the banksters corporate tyranny  and so end the problems associated with our society having  a  corrupt  corporate based economy (and the  same corporate players putting their minions into the  political system).

‘A recent  example  of the content of the new global corporate rules  is a   “ agreement ” between Obama and Modi which means  Indian legislation  will be changed  to let US corporations off the hook in case of a devastating accident caused by these corporations. For example, suppliers of nuclear equipment could be redefined as “contractors” and therefore not be liable under Indian legislation. ‘  http://www.globalresearch.ca/good-news-us-corporations-wont-have-to-pay-for-nuclear-disasters-in-india/5428650 .


We do not need the big  corporations to  set  our nation’s  legislation or our  trade rules. We don’t need the big bank’s corporations  to  provide us with  permission and set up  the conditions of our trading  with  any of the 12 nations mentioned in the TPP. There is no reason for letting banksters (and their big  corporations)    dictate our nations trade agreement  terms.  NZ exports do not suffer any  prohibitive tariffs. The high nz dollar was the big NZ exporters complaint, this value  is set by the  authors of the TPP /banksters (WB/IMF). The World Banks  economic monopoly and  yet protection from the global  economic monopoly  is not in the TPP .

The TPP creates a monopoly for the big foreign owned corporations. The TPP would strengthen their monopolistic power.

A global monopoly on Intellectual Property rights( IP).The TPP would    reduce big corporate monopolies exposure to competition and create  barriers to entry that would  fail to serve New Zealand’s interests . This risk is marked in commitments entered into as part of international trade agreements.


The criminal global banking cartel constructed  the TPPA  and are acting as  Obama’s trade “negotiators”.     http://rt.com/usa/tpp-fang-big-banks-577/ .  It was  rejected in 2013  for what it is” a sinister corporate power grab”  . http://disinfo.com/2013/10/tpp-sinister-corporate-power-grab-yet/.

In 2015 it still has no public support.  The TPP  is still kept secret from the public (except wiki leaked documents). This is now  over four years of putting up with secret negotiations of 600 corporate advisers a process which  the public have not even been part of . And yet the TPP affects the public’s   food, the environment, workplaces, the Internet, banking and finance, job availability, healthcare, & energy.

No disclosure and no public support for the TPP  means that the TPP is still rejected by the people of New Zealand.