The UN’s (WHO) new fear triggering word “Omicron” is not of any concern .

It doesn’t work, it inspires no fear , they attached a “fearful” stigmatizing of a region story to this one . The new variant of the Big Lie covID19Omicron” was set up so it can also be used for push toxic “boosters”. The ramp up to inject Africans is on and the freedom of movement to the US has been taken off Africans.

The name Greek letter Omicron( scrambled spelling of Moronic) inspires no fear but if it is associated with blaming ” immigrating African refugees” the repressed fear and racism will work to generate fear on a group of people living hypnotized in a virtual media metaverse. This latest African virus hoax meme includes UN ” why we skipped Xi” so also a move to include the lie about “Chinese CCP virus” the blame game. Ironically while the WHO stigmatize Africa they say and I quote they are ” avoiding stigmatizing a region” the obvious use of contradicting information is to mess people up . Now people can blame African refugees , and if its not PC to do that they will feel guilty and blame over their now media shamed skin color .

VaxEquity is also being marketed by the new fear trigger word ” saRNA that is said to have the ability to self-amplify, synthetic patented proteins will be expressed for longer “. Ok Frankenstein only our healthy normal cells don’t need the toxins , synthetic spike proteins “gene therapy”( *rather attempted genetic modification). Its no wonder one of the side effects of the injection is autoimmune disease. They keep trying to convince people that for health they now require their synthetic patented “immunomodulatory proteins” preying on the idea that there is something wrong with them. And as there is something wrong, they are in the grip of media a state of fear of a virtual ” virus” something that doesn’t even exist it works on snoozers.

Sadly in this one narrative we have seen many people have lost contact with their actual experiences, their living experiences . Human interactions and human relationships taking a backseat to media and its unreality world. They are asleep and collectively possessed by the thought-form covid, their world is a media production a virtual world of unreality. Their crazy thoughts, feelings and actions are brought into our real world into our actual experience . So now 2 years after the start of the covID19 psyop we have what looks like the contents of a global asylum running around in a mass psychosis, wearing masks on their phones and constantly being (re)triggered by media. They are not noticing what is really going on, for how can they, they are not awake.

This effect ( of thoughts, feelings leading to action) can work in the way that we can bring sanity into the world exactly the same way. And our mindfulness (sanity) is essential to draw attention to the importance of our actual living experiences in this crazy virtual world based Woke cultural revolution that we see.


YOUTUBE’S extremist actions.

Today I found pootube has censored/removed the info to the public of the numbers clicking on the dislike button due to reality spilling into the metaperversity of the media propaganda . Cant have the majority seen disliking the media lies. Cant have the fascists exposed( whoops its too late ). Please feel free to add your own dislike button or click on someone who has made their comment into a dislike button. And always know you are not alone in your refusal to believe the media lies and in your desire to be awake not join-fall in the collective unconscious (aka the bankster borg). There are many who have been censored that have been boycotting poo tube for some time .

On that note its very clear a large number of people want their freedom , their human rights back from the criminally insane domestic terrorists we call ” The Govt” (that is set up as a central banking cabal’s corporation). Remember the Govt has no lawful authority over you except what you give them.

They actually want( need) fear, hate, division and violence so dont give them it. When protesting for our ” Freedom” (isn’t crazy that we have to!)in these rally’s lets all remain present, courageous, victorious and in peace (within). That is the very state from which miracles happen.


Transcending the narrative.

The distortions of media have been increasing and it has also created a virtual unreality for some ( meta-verse). This media unreality is absorbed unquestioningly by many people. When your perception of what is going on in the world is distorted you think, feel and then act in line with the delusion. So we see this media unreality spill over into the real world from this media virtual unreality ie like people alone in cars wearing masks .

Racism is another toxic media meme that has taken possession of many . This is how the media mind programming ( thought/feelings)memes can create in the world the distortions or things they are lying about.

The media is the speech of the political sphere. It is the voice of the (insane) collective unconscious, thats why when you are sane you listen to news are in wonder at the new levels of madness.

What media tell you is happening is not . It is ego food, a marketing of political BS a megaphone playing over and over the same song “negativity and conflict” . There is much good in the world, millions of compassionate and kind actions every day and it is never amplified only the political lies, falsehoods or the conflicts( real or made up). News a partial view of the most unconscious and chaos.

From the chaos a new order . We can see the continued mastery by the ego(State)and desired continued control is the narrative . But the political and economic monopoly system is not working and is totally dysfunctional, it cannot be reset( continued).

The media select and focus on the most dysfunctional aspects and amplify those aspects. The media are in the grip of collective unconscious, thought streams( energy formations). Every thought is an energy formation.

Dont be drawn into the unconsciousness( of the collective -hive mind)of the main or alt right branch of media with its thoughts and feelings it wants to program you with ,dis empowerment, us vs them, fearmongering and virus hoaxing lies . Wherever you are bring mindful responses into social media and actual daily life, not reactions . Stay conscious so you keep bringing the good into the world while the increasing challenges( regression) happen.



CovID is a meme.

A meme founded on fear and supported by ignorance (including the scientific illiteracy about the PCR test ) . The meme covid was superspread by the media . And just like with all the other fake “viruses” tuning out the media ends the transmission. The media memes work exactly the same way as before when we once were told and believed the earth was flat and that any woman close to nature was evil and a “witch”. Turns out in human history we have collectively believed a lot of very stupid things . We were possessed by these inception-ed- by- authority thoughts and so then filled with the feeling of fear.

*Symptoms of media induced psychosis may also include: belief in a democracy (that in a central banking nation we the people select and choose the President/PM ), belief that the Govt works in your best interest and is benevolent, belief in political ideology and that media as the voice of govt is the one source of information, that more reliance on bots, the “data”( fudging) and programmed algorithms is a solution .

Those illegal “media mandates” , the proposed papers and injections and pill uptake are not going to plan despite the long haul mass mental infection with the meme.

Red pill, blue pill or NO PILL

The red pill was designed for the ignorant controlled opposition media believer, its a bit like the horse wormer meme as it serves to maintain the one narrative the ” covid” unreality matrix . And its designed for people who will not get injected, its to give them no choice as they are tricked into thinking the red pill is somehow better. Nothing is better as nothing is needed for there is no such new deadly disease as ” covid19″ .

The red pill in the matrix serves as a “location device” , the red pill may well have a tracker I have no idea what these fraudster criminals put in it. And in our Orwellian media world it is always the reverse, taking the red pill does not awaken or free people from their conditioned minds .


Deadlines are just dead lines .

The use of psychological mind programming in media continues using the word” deadline” to try to coerce people.

Yellow Post-it response to govt:

NO. No we will not get injected in your global trial medical experimentation by 4th Jan (nor ever ). And BTW, a notice to all bullying extremist fascists, you in truth have no authority over us except what we give you. We will also not wear masks or get tested weekly with a PCR test (that is being fraudulently misused in order to create cases of a non existent disease/ flu symptoms rebranded covid). What you are illegally trying to coerce people into is unconstitutional, illegal under govt legislation, more importantly it is also unlawful.

Missing In Action in the psyop.

Pink posit note to all psychologists to wake up and help end the creation of mental disorders from the psyop. Little kids are getting anxiety disorders and OCD’s . Yes sure business is booming BUT hey guy its not about just your financial gain. You cant help people as they are not feeling safe in the world and you can see they are being deliberately triggered by govt-media everyday, the govt wants them in the threat based world freeze submit mode of their brains. You saw the increase in suffering from the media “covid” meme and yet I am sorry to have to say slept and/or profited through all the psychological damage from the govt psychotic actions/rules . The govt-media’s covid campaign with its “death charts” was traumatic (*people did not know BS charts govt-media lies). As you know this initial trauma with daily fearmongering triggered and re-triggers childhood trauma in many people . I have already explained how the long term trauma, fear and stress from the psyop effects people’s brains negatively.


The new disorders.

Its not sane to wear a 100nm medical mask for an ( alleged) “60nm virus” (that if real could’ve also not just go through the mask but also entered your body through eyes) there is absolutely no reason to do it, it just makes you appear as a threat. Thinking wearing a mask has a purpose other than symbolic proof of submission for psyop support is totally crazy. This dysfunctional behavior of mask wearing shuts down social engagement systems and pretty soon everyone is perceived as a threat. Its all bonkers and if you are not exposing this as a psyop you may well be part of the problem as the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff$. How can the profession of psychology support the creation of a threat based society of mass “mental illnesses” and the setting up of the new dysfunctional thinking -feeling-behaviors along with “normalized” anti social behaviors?

Its not sane to 6ft socially distance yourself from others. And it’s not sane when healthy to lock yourself up at home for weeks or even months. Being locked at home healthy is called home detention (and is how the Govts legal system punishes criminals).

It is not healthy or sane to anxiously wash and sanitize your hands all day with antibacterial, look in the manual its called “how to develop an OCD” .

Please recognize the suffering and harm from new and bizarre govt rules. See the negative effects on mental health what the the long term stresses will do to health …. look at it from a purely psychological point of view. Stop perceiving the mental health crisis from the personal gain . The increased demand for you leading to ” I feel important” (more of a power imbalance) any other ego feeding thoughts that the Govt created mental health crisis’s increased demand for psychiatrists has caused.

The truth and reality opposes the media’s one narrative.

Your patient is humanity and its psychotic. The corporate media told people a big lie, the UN’s Chinese whisper in 2020 and there was no verifying the lie (no govt has provided requested proof of threat). The scientific method was never applied to anything the media said about “covid19” . Opposing scientific opinions were all silenced and censored . The media’s hysteria and propaganda became in many minds a reality . Perception had changed for many, the Big Lie aka “covid19” and fear of unseen threats became some people’s reality . The corporate media that dispenses political propaganda became their source of information(and note it was known in 2020 politicians are professional liars so the media switched to using corrupt scientists ) . Lies had became truths . Psychosis : thinking the govt-media’s one narrative is reality. Imagine the depth of their psychosis thinking there was a plague/pandemic going on and yet not observing anything firsthand that would support that false reality, yet still continuing to maintain an unreality.

If a sole patient exhibited the exact same symptoms of this collective they’d be in an asylum.


Shifting paradigms.

The govt would make a great servant but its a lousy master. Govt is like the collective ego manifested.

Govt is like our shadow self . The world succumbs to fear and fascism rears its ugly head. And its not just fascism its an extremist form that seeks to not be exposed as the fraud it is and to retain control through a egoic system that is seen as dysfunctional and is crumbling. You are desired by (ego)govt to continue to be mastered by compulsive thoughts/feelings( mind control via media memes). They rely on you to put your powers of manifestation to create what they want. Thats why they always tell you in advance what they plan ( inception) and you may well fear it and put your attention on it. Manifestation doesn’t care if you fear something its that you are giving it attention thinking, believing and feeling it as though its happened.

A collective awakening potential is there with growing awareness which is why so many people saw that what the govt told them was not true . The media has a story ( the story of ignorance and fear ) but we are not buying it. We do not need a story we just need to see the truth and remain present in the chaos. We don’t need to imagine the future but if you feel compelled to then imagine a future where love predominates. Where spirit has delegated the govt(collective ego) to be as it should be- a servant not as a criminally insane dictator. Can we in our personal life be fully present in the now without being dictated by the ego(with its compulsive thinking-obsession with past+ future) that is the 1st level we need to address the problem of govt. The wisdom that is in each of us can then be accessed in this state of being we can then do what needs to be done ie right action . Being is always primary. We can see what happened with “doing” coming from a state of fear = lots of crazy problem making fascist reactions.

Remember the Govt( a corporation) does not have any authority over you unless you give it . Trust in your inner Self ( life/Being/awareness)give it and it only “authority” . Remain present, unmoved, unbelieving in its propaganda as that is also a type of freedom from memes. You wouldn’t visit an insane asylum several times everyday to listen to madmen in order to see whats really going on in the world.

We can help in the shift from being mastered by ego( fear)to freedom. Each one of us can as we are interconnected to each and so to every ray of consciousness . True freedom is an inner state. Try starting and ending your day by sending yourself at your heart center love.