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Where are we now?

So as a witness how is humanity’s evolution going ?

At some point we lost our reasoning (disconnection from spirit) and since our childhood indoctrination program was one of “memorize and repeat” (do not question just obey) this has taken its toll and it has made us lose the ability to be able to think critically. We do not ask ourselves the Big question ” who am I” or ” Is this really so?” we do not question the thoughts we have. We seem to have become possessed by thought. As you probably know the ” education institution” is actually a stressful indoctrination institution where our natural wonder and curiosity is squashed and replaced with cultural/societal beliefs. Many people lost their desire to understand following the process of being mind conditioned in the “obey unquestioningly the rules , remember and repeat” cycle . This is why you are seeing people so identified with mind conditioning. Religious and fervent believers they are not monsters they just have monstrous beliefs that they are possessed with and they are unable to question them. Those beliefs have become their identity.

The childhood mind conditioning, the indoctrination, means we are taught who we are… you are just your mind/body . This total identification with mind is why if you attack someones beliefs they feel you attack them. And this means many people now are not even able to communicate, just to argue and fight.

What follows this total mind identification(TMI) is the loss of the ability to listen. This is a skill that really can help humanity right now. To really listen to someone is to focus all your attention on them with a still mind. You cannot really listen if your mind becomes active (and you start thinking/judging ).

It seems we have collective insanity , govt fascism in a pseudo- pandemic going on.

We are currently ignoring the ( suppressed) facts and believing the govts media lies. This corrupted Orwellian political sphere has tried to consume the whole of the medical and science industry. It seems the intention of both industry’s now is to primarily support political agendas. It shows us a snap shot of the corrupted state of science which is now about funding, fame, obeying and repeating lies not about seeking to prove theories with reproducible scientific evidence.

The core meaning, knowledge and purpose of science has been lost . Those minority that are acting as actual scientists at this time, opposing the morphed monster media consensus scien$e, are getting crucified and defamed by the media. The consensus science tribe sound more like the crusaders .

There is no evidence at all of ” a new deadly virus” Sars Cov2 ” and much evidence that it is in fact a computer construct, a fiction. There is no new set of symptoms ( new disease) CovID19 . There is only a fraudulently used rt PCR test that has created by fabrication all the ” covid19″ numbers.

People believe in a invisible enemy ” covid19″ they believe the govt will save them from it simply because of their wayward mind conditioning that makes them believe the govt is benevolent and operates for their best interests. This is clearly not so .

We are being mind programmed for more of the same ” the UN’s great reset” where this insanity , stupidity, fear , anger and govt fascism is called by them ” the new normal”. We need to witness what is and recognize that we do not want this . We need to start living, thinking and feeling the world we want.

We have the potential mass awakening being hijacked by the collective ego, channeled into the ” woke” ( that are actually just a PC madness crew) with heaps of inter group divisiveness . Identity politics is being played . Racism has been propagated by the media . Racism is the mind identification with a skin color /race and then fearing/hating a person with a different skin color. What is PC now is white people have been told by media to feel guilt for having white skin. To heal racism the awareness of it is required. It does not matter what color your skin is as the sum of you is not the color of your skin , you are not a skin color. No one is superior to another . So the PC identification with race, skin color, political party, sexual preference is problematic. Which is why the govts are using it to create divisiveness ( divide and conquer) . These whole ( false ) identities based on ones race, gender or sexual preference are being created and all of them evoke in mind identified people the fear of others. Conflict.

Other things that are clear to us is we do not have a democracy, the election process is a media event and you don’t vote a PM or president in, they get appointed.

It sounds pretty bad, it appears we are in a seeming regression but as in a great movie/story 1) Something goes wrong 2) the character grows and blossoms meets his/her potential which would remain unmet without the challenges/crisis/chaos. Sometimes institutions have to crumble to be remade ( they should be remade only if they serve humanity ).

Paradoxically what I see is an influx of more consciousness flowing into this world with a regression in the mind identified collective consciousness.

So on a positive note we have all the big time challenges needed to grow big time .

  1. If you want to help, your primary task is to live life as consciously as you can. Be the change you want to see in the world .You are a co creator in this world that can create free from the limits of the Oligarchy matrix . Spirit is more powerful than mind, this stillness inside you is the source of creativity and wisdom. And it is always with you.

Your inner state is important and you can help the whole, essentially ( in your essence) you are the whole. Do not believe( become aware of ) the ” alt right” mind programming of telling you how our world is going to be ie the same egoic structures desperate( in a fit of fascism) to maintain mind control(UN NWO reset). We have been unknowingly holding their reality in place keeping ourselves in the bondage of the mind. Unless you want to be a slave( to ego mind) choose to be free, it is your destiny.

Don’t wait.

I am imperfect as a person and that does not matter . To be present I do not have to wait to be ” perfect ” . I have the set intention of “showing up for life” as I am .

All these challenges coming up are for us to grow.

The universe is conspiring for our awakening.

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How do you sanitize your mind?

In the fear of contamination culture.

People are compulsively  ritualistically rubbing  antibacterial goop into their  hands   to ward off the  non existent still unproven  “corona virus”. The govt  through media first created obsessive and irrational fears of contamination that then created these harmful dimwitted  habits and  normalized  a mental affliction . OCD: obsessive and irrational use of antibacterials  in an  attempt to relieve severe distress associated with obsessive and irrational fears of contamination.The more irrational fear of a virus that doesn’t exist they have   the more they  goop chemicals on their hands .No proof that sanitizers are safe or they even work is necessary for believers. The hand sanitizing ritual makes the obsessive  irrational fear( covid) real in their minds. A mind where Fear=”Covid”( =death).

The same way all they have is masks to prove “covid” exists which is why masks were central and  were made mandatory. People can’t be wearing these   face diapers that make them breathe back in exhaled (EBC)  just because they were told to by authorities  could they? Exhaled breath condensate (EBC). Compounds identified in EBC include adenosine, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, isoprostanes, leukotrienes, nitrogen oxides (NOx), peptides, cytokines, protons and various ions.  ” studying the airway chemical and inflammatory environment is still in its infancy, with questions as yet remaining unanswered.”  sounds like they should answer questions before  forcing us  to inhale our  exhalations .

Its the irrational fear and stress generated by govts through the media that needs to be looked at but almost no ones looking inside. Very few are questioning.Their minds were frozen with fear and  are clouded with fear. Fear is perceived as a weakness so it is rapidly switched to anger and  all the negative compulsive thoughts associated with fear and anger.Their thinking then becomes doing and the doing is a toxic reflection of their  thinking.They are easily incited to riots, racism  and looting as thats what their minds were programmed to do.

The ” covid” cult beliefs are unbelievable . There is no isolated ” new virus” Sars CoV2. Said ” virus”( a computer generated string of rna)  does not exist.  There is no proof of transmission or infection of a ” new disease” at any distance. The govt mandated isolation is causing many people psychological problems and is felt to be torture for some. Social distancing  and making people fear touch, hugs  and close contact with others is terrible . Locking healthy people up and stressing them out only makes people unwell.

We saw in Germany recently  how the protests against  govt fascism  and tyranny could not be stopped by govt. The  realization  of the knowledge of this power  . Do we want to give our power away by consent in order to be governed by tyrants who have unlawfully taken away our rights and freedoms ?

What can we do to help or change the  dire situation? I believe we can only “be the change we want to see in this world”

To be and to  act in love and contentedness from this state of being.

To choose love in the  time of fear takes courage  and you can find all the strength you need inside yourself  .So take time to first center yourself with daily practice of mindfulness/mediation. And this can come in many forms Yoga,walking in nature, formal sitting, breath awareness,Qi gong, Tai chi ,  whatever practice brings you back to your true self. You real Self is not fear its courage and it is love itself.

Insanity, fear  and isolation from the Self is the disease,  Awareness is the cure .



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On the Insanity Epidemic in the land of the Virus bogeyman.



In this story the majority of the people in this world appear to have gone quite mad. It happened from a lifelong course of indoctrination , ignorance, disconnection , fear and prolonged stress.  People are  afraid of an alleged   ” virus” (that has not yet been isolated) and  that has been said without needed proof of its existence   to be the cause of a  new disease “covid”. A 1861 theory plays a lead role in this “Germ theory “drama  where we as random mutations are going to all die from a  virus.That  the culprit rna “Sars CoV2″ has not been proved  in this case either as  without  isolating  ” virus” and getting  an aerosol to administer it to a healthy person to prove it causes disease -there is no proof at all- everything has been manufactured .   The so called “virus” was computer generated  it was not isolated. Its the worlds first CG virus and of course ‘ol Vac$ination Bill  is one of its many string -holders.

So the draconian NWO and their govt lackeys are offering the people they terrified  ” safety” from the  covid bogeymonster CG fiction that they created. A false safety  in exchange for  Freedom, health, privacy, rights, dignity   and humanity  . The lie  and  idea of  safety from “covid” ( that they associated with  death) that only comes with unquestioning obedience  .

With straight faces the banskter appointed  “world leaders” talk to people about imposing  “Mandatory medical experimentation” as a solution to a made up problem they created =GCGV  Gates Computer Generated  Virus. And the “evil” Bill is an out of the closet a  eugenicist  pretending to be a philanthropist. A demon pretending to be an angel.

Our political,  economic, medical, educational, environmental  systems were all in a  state of crisis before the  global banking cabal’s (UN’s WHO org ) Covid crackdown on the uprisings in order to impose their agenda( maintain control). The systems in crisis  are out dated and based on non workable debunked theories the systems  are not science or knowledge based .  A system of (mind) control from birth or the matrix as some like to call it.

With the collective ego(as seen in UN as a self appointed global govt NWO )we have  tyrannical new (bizarre)  restrictions and see the censorship of anything but the   one ego narrative ( msm news)to rule them all.

This egoic dysfunction and ignorance as seen in medicine its all   about selling drugs,  drugging for one symptom that then causes other symptoms  with no understanding of the cause. The current medical system  is not about healing or health .

Vaccinations .They shoot toxins into people to say they are trying  to get them to make “antibodies”, after the shot   of course antibodies are then not checked  or that would expose this fraud .They do this insane act religiously a vaccination ritual when they  don’t even know   whether having antibodies means you are  infected or immune.

Under all this chaos there is a push for humans to  evolve and   it feels like  a birthing contraction. A movement  go beyond this “ego  mode” and a matrix that does not work or serve us or anything on the planet . As the ways of the system are missing that one most important part the underlying principal. The unseen  ground of being  connectedness  .

The body has a incredible power within to heal  yet seldom do we do ever consciously use it. This truth of the inner  body,energy  flow or life itself and its power to heal is scoffed at by the medical system. We also forgot all about the basics in health: clean water, healthy food, exercise and mindfulness. We forgot that we are connected to our the environment and if we poison it we poison ourselves.

In the education system its not about learning but of memorizing, teaching obedience to authority  and reciting .

The economic and political monopoly. A ponzi scheme.

Every system we have is egoic.   Us V them, Gain, growth, wanting more ( *cancer), fear of loss or diminishment. Even the tax system that pretends to be set up for the good of society  is set up for a small group of banksters, their corporations( govts)  gain.   .No govt should loose sovereignty by having to  borrow money with interest from commercial banks who then control govt policies and run the  govts.   ( Forget auditing the fed reserve,  they need to be scrapped.)These banksters  are the ones profiting off this Covid Hoax through the increased borrowing and costs of operating the covid fraud globally.

In science now a few more  are posing working theories that incorporates  the unseen principle of intelligence ( awareness)  . It was missed by Darwin and unfortunately science adopted darwin’s theory of our evolution without intelligence ( the field of being)  . Claiming we all got to this point, that evolution is  a  process of mutated randomness  is a very stupid theory.  The unseen power that connects everything and that underlies all of creation needs to be addressed.When we find ourselves we find inner peace( sanity) and so can manifest it in the world.

Ok so the “bad”  in this world makes a lot of noise but if you are still there is the light of consciousness,  love streaming into it . It is not in the news . More than ever  so many people are now are accessible online that can help us heal, can deepen our connection to ourselves  and to everything in this universe. These leaders in all fields have the knowledge and  wisdom of new ( or rather  hidden) secrets that we all need to learn.



Self help ( sanity)  Resources


Welcome to Holden QiGong, as seen on Public Television and select PBS stations

Jack Kornfield – Author, Buddhist Practitioner


Master Mingtong Gu



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Insanity is not the new normal.

It is still insanity.

Society is deeply sick with a mental virus. Infection with these ideas from UN(WHO) injected through the media. The mental virus is called Covid (*associated with death) and it causes a strong emotional reaction.  Fear .  We are all human beings and we need not turn those transfixed by news propaganda into enemies. Those that believe  in this hoax  are just totally  mind identified and so naturally  they are fearful .

People that are believing the media, govts propaganda are in a cult of believers.Constant fear and stress in the absence of a real immediate  threat  is not normal  . Fearing a non existent ” virus”  is not normal its nuts.

Just because they believe in propaganda it does not make them enemy we should endeavor not to create  enemies of an us v them thinking practice .  They are unhappy  and full of fear. Seek to include all in a short practice when you think of someone who has the 100%  mental virus “covid”.  Ignorance, fearing, hating and compulsive thinking = not normal.

But how are you?

We need to return to our normal state and  Knowing, loving , being is our normal state.  This is what is normal.

Healing Society.

Hatred cannot coexist with love and kindness. It dissipates when supplanted with thoughts of love and compassion.” Loving-kindness meditation or ‘Metta’ meditation is an ultimate form of generous and selfless love towards ourselves and others.

I found  it easiest when you start this practice to direct thought feeling of love to a pet/animal.

Then expand it to  family , friends ,  neighbors. To Yourself.

The graduating level is to send the love and kindness to your  ” enemies” dissolving past negative  thoughts/feelings you have about them.

May you be safe,

May you be well,

May you be happy,

May you live with ease.



If you are interested in this meditation practice:

A Guided Loving-Kindness Meditation with Sharon Salzberg

How To Teach Children Lovingkindness Meditation

Guided Meditation: Metta (Lovingkindness) (11:48 min)




“Hatred never ceases by hatred but by love alone is healed”

The media are spreading fear and hate  based thinking  in a world where the collective insanity is clearer by the day. I see media ( and its alt right blogs )spreading separatist memes( race,economic , nationalization etc )helplessness & hopelessness  as part of the propaganda  to keep the collective egoic status quo .

Being awake is not knowing about all the media reported  events in the world but to know yourself. Be present to what is now . If you have strong negative  feelings( from past trauma) take the time to sit and feel,  just be aware of them without judging and let the power of awareness transform and heal.

What you do to bring the love into this world is to begin with where  you are now. How can you bring love into your world? Your family and friends need your love and attention if we all acted from love what a different world we would manifest.

You are not helpless and  you are your world so make it one of love.

You can transform the world.