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The psychomedia and its long history of Public Mind Control.

What is unknown by most msm feeders is that through psychology, studies from 1920’s on how the human mind works , media developed a sophisticated system of PMC public mind control. And that this political branch of mind control became the actual sole function of the global media conglomerate . Instead of freedom from psychological barriers the use of psychology went the other way into promoting slavery . Media’s mind control through use of psychology is not just a theory its verifiable, a researched fact . .

Its unthinkable to most the idea that they are mind programmed by govt & media, that they are actual Manchurian candidates. What people also need to be aware of is that the banking cabal’s political and economic monopoly do the “alt right” (controlled opposition mind control) just as well and it has become very popular. The “alt right”media ( e.g ZH RT CJ) are still generating the same memes fear – disconnection- thoughts and feelings( memes) that then in us co create our world. Media is creating US vs them divide and conquer mindsets in controlled opposition as well as the msm’s divisive racism and political ideology, beware the alt right meme that says that those who have been hypnotized by msm are the enemy and are inferior . The thing looking to feel superior in us is the ego that exists in constant fear of discovery, and that it is inferior . It also makes us feel like we are not enough it gives us a feeling of lack. It looks to the future for its fulfillment, but the future will never come as its always just the NOW. This moment, that is all there ever is, is ignored and rejected by ego as its whole phantom form(which is the past in you) needs to deny what is the present moment . So it swings your focus elsewhere( past/future) which is why ego mind is called the monkey mind. This is what is being controlled in the media’s mind programs, the ego.

These negative media memes are all ego food which is what the media deals in with all its fear and outrage porn. There is an element of addiction at play too (ego addiction to fear -anger , feelings of superiority )seen in both the controlled opposition and regular MSM. It is mind food and for our mental health should be thought of as such. Just look at and be aware of the big junky memes and in doing so don’t eat them up. We are co creators, powerful beyond our imagination and are inadvertently co creating a world of slavery and fear. To be truly free it requires just an inner revolution . Freedom from the conditioned programmable ego mind as the master.

This is not to say psychologists outside the Public Mind Control (PMC) system do not genuinely try to help people in the way that they have been taught by the medical complex ie dispensing drugs, labeling people as temporary psychological conditions from past( trauma) and so holding them in place. However there are a growing number of positive psychologists that are bringing the practice of mindfulness( awareness) and so teaching their clients how to empower and heal themselves through meditation( turning attention within) A great pioneer in this field of positive psychology was Carl Rogers known for developing the practice of actually listening to clients with non judgemental awareness and compassion. .“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.”Lao Tzu,. This is our goal as human beings enlightenment not this regressive PC enwokenment.

The truth about the virus hoax needs to be made public and it is and will continue . The shackles of the UN and their national govts fear based psyops that lead to human regression, continued oppression and fascism broken. We collectively are going through great upheavals and mass trauma . . It is likened to a tsunami wave under which the ocean remains still unaffected. Who you are is the ocean. A Course in Miracles: Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. When I use the word God I do not mean a concept or an angry judgemental bearded man in the clouds wanting to punish you( an egomind creation). The best I can do is to point to the word “awareness”what I mean when I use the word God . The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name. The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth. Laozi, Tao Te Ching


6 thoughts on “The psychomedia and its long history of Public Mind Control.

  1. Is all this deception, conflict, chaos, fear, upheavel, and other trauma intended to wake us up? Could these evil humans (or non-humans?) controlling the media and governments be motivational tools deployed by the universe? Metaphical zen masters hitting us with sticks?

    • I do not know.
      I feel it is collective fear, insanity and a regression in human consciousness. All our systems are egoic and dysfunctional( corporations, ruthless unconscious people that do everything for Crown’s profit or control =if thats not trans-human beings I don’t know what is).
      The problem with suffering as a way of waking people up is that some people are not ripe and others just fall deeper and deeper into a victim or I deserve this mentality never transmuting the suffering into consciousness.
      And its up to us if we step forward into thought-less awareness and its unlimited potential or we stay slaves to the egomind( total identification with thought)moving backwards for a time in this dark age where the ability to reason seems to be lost to most human beings. Namaste

      • lynnthoma says:

        Okay. So humanity appears to be at a crossroad. It seems more people than ever are pursuing thought-less awareness. However, at the same time humanity has more distractions than ever before keeping minds busy, worried, fearful, and further from consciousness.

        Two extremes for individuals leading to what collective result? We’ll stay tuned, I guess.

      • The record number of distractions are all ( media) mind made. They are doing it deliberately flooding people with BS stories totally fabricated or unimportant.
        A choice between extinction and a complete change… scrapping of our failed egoic systems. I am heartened when I see the practice of presence/ consciousness transmitted through the WWweb to fields of medicine, psychology, even cooking.
        That the media is projecting a false narrative of public acceptance of their covID19 Big lie and tyranny when we know so many oppose it and are aware it is BS. If so many did not oppose there would not be widespread censorship. They failed and are desperate. They had to move their GMO trial into the third world where hive mind /mob mentality rules.

  2. FearNoVirus says:

    Although you are right that there is conscious mind control coming from all directions, we should not assume that because a particular news or information source is prone to reporting in a way that is emotionally charged that these sources are conscious agents. Watch this: “AJ and ZH are CIA agents disseminating dis-info. Don’t trust them. I am saying this to help you wake up.” Ok, so what is the result of this? The result is to then hate AJ or ZH and go around telling other people that they are agents. The war continues. And there is the evidence that the real source is in the human psyche. Human beings require scapegoats to carry our own shadows. We cannot handle the paradoxical nature of humans and the relativity of good and evil so we always need bad guys to carry our evil and good guys to deliver us from it. One of the major pitfalls on the path is that after the red pill is taken, the individual may get stuck in a purgatory where everyone is a conscious agent of the Globalists and no one can be trusted. If our path is truly to evolve, out newfound awareness of the dark magician behind the curtain who has been running the movie we called reality can be a catalyst to the investigation of our own shadows, our own deep state within that is the microcosmic mirror of the macrocosmic deep state out there. What is running in me that “needs” conflict, good guys and bad guys? What is running in me that is wounded and therefore cannot trust anymore? How am I similar to these bad people out there in my own life? How can I expect a more symbiotic society when I am not symbiotic in my own psyche and personal life? etc…

  3. Disagree on the controlled opposition it is a fact . OH I definitely don’t think they are conscious( haha).
    I know the are aware that they are spreading lies and getting paid to do it.
    Are you saying ZH media are not conscious of the fact there is no “sars cov2 virus” that has been isolated and purified. haha. Let alone said non existent virus hasn’t been proven to cause a ” new deadly disease” as there are no new set of symptoms= no new disease.Even the bankster funded ” Tyler ” ZH running what is a ” political woman weekly” can see that he is creating more chaos and hysteria through his lies. RT /ZH all controlled ops use the same mind programs and narrative.
    Funny… I did not mention AJ.

    You are incorrect I did not say “media is the enemy” I want people to see what the media conglomerate does, how pathological it is. How it mind programs people through its symbols, memes and has a political agenda and importantly how it amplifies unconsciousness. The media is toxic super spreading fear and lies.
    To quote them ” if it bleeds it leads”. You believe the media and its BS doesn’t effect the human psyche.
    If you trace it the origin of “covid19” is the UN-media- public transmission .

    Fear is the “virus”.

    Without “fear of death” the central banking cabal( NWO/from the TTPA) would not have been able to shut down brains, make people hysterical and launch the covID19 psyop.

    What is running in you that needs conflict is the ego.

    The ego is the shadow.

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