Turbulence and Transconsciousness .

Buckle up.

And by this I mean find your inner stillness your rock, your ” I am” in order to weather the storm ie what is collectively happening in the world.

If you read the media featuring its insane election freak show in the US. Just like a really bad reality show that showcases two unfit deranged candidates with everything you don’t want in a leader. And yet people still believe in the democracy dogma. Presented with candidates you would not trust to clean your toilet, most totally believe the media and that they get to “choose” when they vote . That there is “rule by the people” in govt. Its nuts out there . And the insanity I see is not the new normal, its still insanity .

The media still amplifies the problems .

The collective thought form, a mental virus ” Covid” still has people possessed. People in the grip of psyop covid are still choosing fear and so the social polarization continues. All actions arising from this fear have made things worse. All the fear based actions: Lock downs, masks, social isolation, media spreading discord & confusion, racism, inciting violence, govts destroying their economy’s & people’s livelihood all wrong actions that have created chaos.

So we could say what we see is an effect of the cause fear ( or primarily unconsciousness) . The fear based mind is void of reasoning and rational thinking. “The external turmoil is determined by our inner state of consciousness” ET. So collectively our actions and our reality follow our inner state. Which again why I feel its a time to choose love or fear. Bring in light or remain in the dark.

We have the challenges and adversity needed to evolve .The good news as staying in comfort zones isn’t conducive to evolution and growth .

But we urgently need wisdom not all this reactive negativity and fear based actions. We are connected and so each one of us can help in our human evolution at this time at this moment by practicing inner peace or mindfulness. We are not powerless. We are co creators in this world currently what is manifesting is a fear based reality -chaos .

Imagine what love would manifest?

People are afraid of the insane trans-humanist agenda, but I believe that transgression in human consciousness has already occurred . People are asleep to their being, are fully possessed by their ego mind, possessed with thoughts implanted in their minds by media. Thinking compulsively the same programmed thoughts over and over . In the media propagated fear based negative reactive mind state our reasoning is lost, thinking and feeling what the media tells us makes us “trans-human”. So lets not be trans-human, lets all be conscious participants in the evolutionary process and the bringing of more light into this world.

Peace and Love.

A Recommended Resource :

“Being the Light An Inner Journey to Accelerate Conscious Evolution in Times of Crisis”



3 thoughts on “Turbulence and Transconsciousness .

  1. Walt Witness says:

    Once again, you’ve nailed it. It becomes difficult even knowing where to begin with people who are so steeped in the induced terror this narrative has caused they find it impossible to even think clearly and apply their rational mind to deciding. You can point out the most obvious, well documented truths and the wall put up just becomes more impenetrable. I have never seen anything like this, even during the very worst Viet Nam War protests. The human mind has never been so darkened, so enslaved, as what we see today.

  2. waimakone says:

    Nice. I’m proposing to people like yourself, who are awake (as compared to ‘woke’) to this dystopia, that we form a group for mutual support, strategic planning, personal meeting (if we’re in the same town), share ideas for writing investigative stories (and collaboration) etc. You can find me at the link below. I recommend using http://www.minds.com (free account though I have a paid acct for extras) because of the tools available, including conference calling and encrypted peer-to-peer chat if a private communication is desired.

    You can find me here (where I blog under my own name). Contact me there by commenting on any of my entries.

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