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The Alpha and Omega variant of the Big Lie CovID19.

People were found to be not nearly terrorized enough by the constant covid19 memes in the hoaxers media so the “mutant virus ” campaign returned as “variants” with Greek letters in order to make them more academic and serious. “Mutants” were X -men cartoony and so inspired no fear. I think we are suppose to be afraid of each and every Greek letter and not scoff in disbelief. Whoops . No more converts to the church of covid and a few hard core believers now questioning “why vaccinate against 1 when there are so many variants?” . Simultaneously, and despite claims of multiple variants, these criminally insane politicians are targeting children in their GMO trial ( medical experimentation). The NIH don’t tell public but they have registered over “100,000 variants” which contradicts the use of injections for 1 which is why they never disclosed it . These “100K + variants of sars cov2 viruses ” are just computer generated fiction like the precursor mental infection ” covid19″ meme . No ” virus” has been isolated, purified or proven to cause disease .

Existential crisis and collective upheavals.

The goal here of a media that amplifies unconsciousness is fear. The collective fear creates the fascism we see. Its no surprise that the virus hoax was injected into the hive mind through the meme “fear of death” ( Fauci’s death charts) easily done in a culture that denies death . The media lies to us daily, whispers that we never had illness or death before ” covid19″ , claims there are no illness or deaths but those from covid19 and everyone now is said to be sick with or dying from covid19.

People use to be aware of death and appreciated the short lived life of the form. Death is inevitable. Death and body -one thing. Death is our commonality, we are all born and we die. But the essential you is not visible and cannot be found the physical realm it is timeless and perfect here and now. “There is only one life , one consciousness that manifests in countless life forms, its the indwelling presence in every life form. ” Eckhart Tolle . It knows no fear. It is an invisible pretense that inhabits the body. Which is why in these troubled times the inner revolution is needed, for when human beings know themselves in their timeless essence there is no fear of death. “Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists therein lies the peace of God” Course in Miracles. This deeper perspective from knowing thyself means to get through the collective calamity better as we are not drawn into the (media spread)collective hysteria and fear (of death) . And as consciousness we are connected, one being (our state) effects the whole of humanity as we go through this adversity.

The TPPA and the NWO.

No need to fear the UN’s NWO global govt as something that happens in the future as this is already in place and they are just waiting to come out of the closet. The virus hoax was and is a global synchronized UN operation. We can clearly see how there is no democracy, that Presidents are selected and appointed by the moneylenders not the people. That these Presidents and PMs are just corporate media spokesmen who mysteriously mimic each other and follow the same orders.

The fear of what has been for some time a constant central banking cabal (shadow govt) is utterly pointless. They rule the people through ignorance and fear . Or you could say fear rules the collective .

Fear and media mind conditioning(programming)has brought learned helplessness , unquestioning obedience to the govts rules even when those rules are unlawful and unfair.

So the antidote to the all the variants of the big lie “covID19” is the truth.

Many now are not going into the GMO trial, a large group of people are not believing the big lies . The media will tell you they and give you numbers are but the media is propaganda. And all we hear from is from the media so don’t believe the distortions.

Turn within and you will find the rock, your wisdom, yourself and let it be your grounding to weather the storm.


13 thoughts on “The Alpha and Omega variant of the Big Lie CovID19.

  1. lynnthoma says:

    In the alternative media I’m seeing an incredible amount of disinformation and deception subtly mixed in with various truths. It’s refreshing to read the authentic commentary here that doesn’t include any of the establishment’s BS narratives. Thank you!

  2. disciple says:

    C’mon man! You started out real good but swerved hard left with your New Age quotations of Eckhart Tolle and excerpts from course in Miracles. False Prophet.

    • There is no going “left of right” to self mastery, truth, wisdom or knowledge. If awareness had a direction it would be inwards …right here right now.
      Self knowledge, that is sorely lacking in the world, is addressing all the problems we see at the casual level.

    • Cowhand says:

      Regarding New age, The idea that “there is only life, one consciousness that manifests itself in countless ways.” comes from the most ancient writings we have, the vedas. Tolle merely restates the ancient knowledge.

      • And he does it beautifully bringing the ancient wisdom teachings using them as pointers that even the modern western materialist mind can follow.
        But you can drag a horse( or cow) to water …

    • Yes hes got a feel for what is going on. Its the same political paradigm amplified.
      I do think though that belief in political ideologies have intensified rather than declined . And this total belief in political ideology, peoples identification with a politically constructed concept ( designed to make them vote and to believe they have power) has polarized people(ie dem vs rep).
      Bio-security is another buzz word used by the economic and political monopoly( NWO) with its multinational corporations an excuse for govt having full control of our body. A hostile takeover, the ability to medically experiment on us , try to change our dna , medical policing of our body through altering our behavior and thoughts.
      Providing (through the media) a fake threat and offering in exchange for our human rights ( & the physical closeness- social part of our nature) the absurd and fake promise of biosecurity( from death).
      I also like to look at the casual level .
      Humans unconsciousness.
      We are not present.
      We are lost in thought ,imagining, feeling fear of what is not even real but is a media distorted portrait of the world. A world that in it we are socially distanced, that people are perceived a threat to each other, that we fear each other.
      None of this madness could have happened without people being totally( ego) conditioned mind identified. The collective fear manifesting as this fascism. As we are actively co creating- taking part in this show I noticed it is too easy to blame a minority/Satan when we are, in the most part consenting going along with it, almost as though swept away. “It” is the collective unconscious- hive mind infected with fear. Its fascism an attempt to maintain control at a time of record numbers of people no longer believing an Orwellian govt( that is a corporation) is benevolent and/or cares about the people’s health and well being.
      Funny the apocalyptic idea has always infected humanity always popped up( recognizing our self destructive actions)now its focused on fictitious man made global warming. And again we are told the govt will save us. Our collective ego posing as the false god in our atheistic material culture.

      • One of the challenges I’ve had is consolidating conscious and subconscious manifestation with the [apparently sinister] hidden powers secretly manipulating our world. (Although lately not so secret!) You pull it all together quite nicely.

        Again we come to the same conclusion. Become more present. Choose consciousness. Recognize when we’re being swept away by some thought stream. Come back to the moment. It’s always there and never denies us, despite the lengthy stretches when we deny it.

      • Yes becoming present . And its so simple and yet most are still fully identified with and lost in thought(mostly all media/govt implanted thoughtforms that have taken them over along with the emotions that go with them-fear).
        When we engage in media or watch the news the almost gravitational pull downwards( the regression) is strong.
        And its great to remember that being present( self aware) is the goal as that is the place we need to be.
        Here and now.
        How beautiful that no matter how much we deny it presence never leaves us and we look for love in all the wrong places. When this most amazing love is within us always waiting for us to come home to ourselves.

        Namaste .

    • Is HE??

      The timeless eternal.
      That which can’t be named.

      Human “Must make God in our image, note to self must assign a gender to God and make him a patriarchal judgemental- controller image/ reflection of man” .

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