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2021: The year so called ” conspiracy theory” went mainstream.

So we made it through 2020: the year of the covID19 terror psyop, a year we were daily inundated by the media’s constant fear of death memes – covID19 propaganda. Now in 2021 the polimedia call those that speak the truth or don’t want to be in the GMO trial “conspiracy theorists” . Truth is at odds with media propaganda, the growing number of people that don’t believe the one political narrative now are in record numbers. CovID19 is a Big lie from those that run the economic and political monopoly (Rockefeller and Rothschild & Co -banksters) seeking to maintain and tighten control ( NWO)in crumbling systems. A corrupt failed political system that showed people clearly democracy dogma in politics is a blatant lie and that Presidents of central banking nations are appointed not elected. In 2021 ma and pa who do not trust or believe the corrupt govt are are being called conspiracy theorists. Your neighbor who doesn’t believe politicians and media is now also being called a ” conspiracy theorist”. Your cousin that doesn’t want the GM mrna injection media says shes a conspiracy theorist too . We on who the govts lies and media propaganda falls fallow are now the majority in many developed countries. The mainstream media is trying to attach a label to people who speak the truth- conspiracy theorists. I am not a conspiracy theorist for I just put out the verifiable facts, I refuse to wear the govt provided label that seeks to separate me from the rest of the universe and humanity. The media is Orwellian its now a total dystopian freak show of fear, propaganda and ignorance. Sane people read or watch it and feel like they fell into a dimensional portal and landed on the planet of insanity. Insane people watch the woke news and think its the “new normal”.

There is no “new deadly disease covID19 ” or ” deadly new virus sars cov2 “

No proof of threat was ever seen or provided. This should be the base of cases against ” covid19″. Force govts to provide proof of threat that they do not have.

Its a literal virtual virus. On 10th Jan a Chinese consortium computer generated a genome for ” sars cov2″ they used computer programs on a sample of random human dna mixed with fetal bovine dna to get a 30k long string of rna . The non existent “Sars cov2 virus” has never been isolated .

There is no test for ” covID19″

Where without any proof just on the fear and hysteria generated by media’s 24/7 terror campaign ” covID19″ the new deadly disease that needs a test to know if you have it. So they misuse a PCR test, amplifying a sample of your dna and virome ( that they know has the rna sequences that are being amplified). A test that cannot detect even 1 whole transmissible ” virus”. They changed the nucleotide amplification ie reduced number of cycles to get less false positives.

The Govts “vaccination plan” is a GMO Trial

GMO: “Organisms in which the genetic material has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally.”

The injected GM mrna is hijacking normal healthy cells and telling the cells to make the NIH patented GM spike proteins . The healthy body’s lack of the patented GM spike proteins is not a cause of any disease or illness.

The injection is not a vaccine or gene therapy. It is a GMO trial, illegal medical experimentation as people do not know they are in a trial and we do not know what this action of a GM mrna altering the cells (and microbiota) will do to healthy people.

On a positive note the GMO trial has failed epically in Canada, Australia and in parts of the USA they have not even got half of the numbers so they have to keep lying about numbers . And as we know people are not just “hesitant” they point blank refuse to consent to the illegal medical experimentation. Public are so against the “plan” Youtube has to censor and turn comments off, the truth is out of the bag. Many people are now calling for Nuremberg trials for these human GMO trial pushing criminals and fraudsters. They lost it . They are desperate, afraid and have fallen to name calling.

Peak fear.

What we see in the world is a manifestation of our collective inner state. More symbols than reality. Reality is our Being. Reality is another dimension where rust and moss does not consume. And what is needed now is an inner revolution so we can manifest a world that is not fear based . So please in these difficult times practice mindfulness and let your doing come from a place of being(peace). And remember the current media amplifies unconsciousness ( fear , anger , hate, neg emotions) so we must always try to be aware( of what we feel /think) when reading/watching news least we feel the gravitational pull downwards.


7 thoughts on “2021: The year so called ” conspiracy theory” went mainstream.

  1. fortiori says:

    Many people I encounter are so brainwashed by media that they can’t see two inches in front of their noses, and if you ever challenge them on the propaganda they find there, like Pavlov’s dog they will call you a conspiracy theorist. They will then turn up their nose and walk away with a heightened sense of superiority.

    The term “conspiracy theory” is remarkably adept at turning off all critical thinking like a light switch in a large portion of the people I have personally met…

    Conditioning the public to react this way has to have been one of the most effective PSYOP’s ever pushed onto the general population.

    It is equal parts diabolic and brilliant.

    • Its not brilliant that so many people are asleep to who they are . Slaves to their own media and govt conditioned minds with no awareness of either their programming or Self. Its like watching men hypnotized to think they are chickens on stage.
      The possibility is there for them to wake up but even most of the people that are aware of the psyop are still not masters of their minds , mind conditioned by controlled opposition(the negative memes of hopelessness + powerlessness ) ” you said you are under someone else’s control and in a death grip”isn’t that mind programming and so exerting negative energy. Co creating the neg, thoughts and feeling manifesting our world.
      You don’t need to “challenge” people.

      • fortiori says:

        Fair enough BDBINC, but if people aren’t challenged (challenges build strength – if you don’t adhere to this believe then how do you explain the mentality of coddled/spoiled children: I have two adult brothers in their mid 20s living at home for free with no employment, whose 65 year old mother still cooks them dinner, washes their dishes, and mows the lawn), then when will they ever learn to handle adversity?

        The black belt is born as the white belt of a beginner, then stained black by the blood and sweat of its owner.

  2. Yeah, no . No black belts are born, babies are born.
    We were talking about the ineffective way you were ” challenging” media brain washed people, I disagree with “challenging” brain washed people you must always approach people as mindfully and respectfully as you should not confuse who they are with their mind programs( beliefs).
    Life always provides the needed challenges for growth .
    What is it that do you do to your younger brothers to provide them with what you call challenges? Do you seek to strengthen them or do you make them feel bad.

  3. Good article.

    I often read sleeping people paradoxically complaining about other sleeping people because they believe something different, e.g. what the media says, stances on vaccines, etc. Unfortunately some think acquiring certain knowledge means awake.

    So what to do? I agree with your suggestions. “practice mindfulness” and “always try to be aware”. Right now is all we’ve got. Use it or lose it, right?

    • People believe a GMO trial is a vaccine from the media and they are also fighting with( us vs them programming )all things that they perceive as “different” .
      Yes we have the ability to be present, awareness and its everything. Even if we choose to get lost in the dream its still there.

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