COVID19 operation, Nazi , medical experimentation,GMO trial, pseudo $cience

The illegal GMO trial that is being done on human beings.

Govts fraudulently call it a “vaccination plan” . It is not.

What does the unlawful medical experimentation prevent ?

Nothing. They have no proof of threat no “new deadly disease” covid19 . Nor proof of any medical condition that is successfully treated by the body’s healthy cells(inc microbiome) being hijacked by GMO derived GM mrna to make GM spike proteins. These healthy people that are being unlawfully injected do not suffer from a disease, or a disease defined as ” lack of GM spike proteins and GMO /mutated cells”.

Its not gene therapy. Its not a medicine.

Its unlawful medical experimentation plain and simple.

Unanswered conservative Parliamentary questions on safety and ethics . Under the pretext of responding to the health emergency linked to “COVID-19”, the European Union plans to dispense with the ethical and scientific safeguards intended to guarantee the safety of injections under development. In order to facilitate access to vaccines, the Commission has stated that their authorization will be based on ‘less comprehensive data than would normally be the case’ (1) . Similarly, temporary derogrations are envisaged for injections that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which will not have to provide an environmental impact assessment for the clinical trials phase and compassionate use (2) . In addition, GMO injections include nucleic acid (containing DNA and mRNA) and non-multiplicative viral vector “vaccines” which have never been approved for use in humans and are still experimental.1. At a time when a number of experts are warning that derogrations of this kind call into question the safety of the “vaccines” that will be approved, how does the Commission intend to guarantee the quality, safety and effectiveness of these “vaccines”, whose real effects on health are not properly understood?

The global banking cabal, their UN( & govts) want everyone in the GMO trial, this would mean the whole population is sick/diseased/ill and has a medical condition that is caused by a lack of a body’s ability to make foreign patented GM spike proteins. Ludicrous.
The trial is not legal and the injection content and stated purpose is not a medicine/gene therapy .

If it were gene therapy it would have to alleviate a symptom and it cannot as no illness or medical condition is due to a lack of GMO( bacteria) derived GM mrna/ GM spike proteins
Our bodies do not naturally  make (Fauci NIH) patented GM protein. For our health we do not need them.
No disease or medical  condition is due to us not having the foreign GM mrna/GM spike proteins  in our bodies.

As the injected GM mrna’s purpose is to hijack healthy normal cells in the body to make GMOs( “the hijacked micro biome cells” ) the EPA not the FDA was the govt agency that needed to approve the GMO trial. In other nations there are different GMO regulating agencies under hazardous substances legislation etc

It is illegal. And it is and unlawful. There is a growing increasing difference between the govt drafted rules and the law.

All legal battles regarding ” covID19″ should start with forcing the party to provide proof of threat. They do not have this and so all their ‘covID19″ rules, orders and measures are illegal. The central banks govts under UN guidance( desire to maintain control) are regressive .

Mindfully asserting and exercising our human rights has an important part to play this time in our history.


11 thoughts on “The illegal GMO trial that is being done on human beings.

  1. Tom Clark says:

    Hello BDBINC,
    So…correct me if I’m wrong, regarding/describing the “vaccine”

    It’s a GMO medical experiment…Illegal medical experiment.

    No gene therapy, no SarsCov2 isolated,
    identified and to show causation.

    Let me know what I should add…

    Found a couple of sites, I thought you might want to check out, you might already
    know about them, just in case you haven’t….if not, the comment
    section could use your input…I found these links reading Jon’s nomorefakenews…
    He takes on Dr. Kaufman and Germ Theory. Dr. Kaufman? don’t trust 100%,
    but everything I hear him say/read goes against the official narrative…many of his compadres, I don’t trust…like when Dr. Mikovitz, who believes in vaccines,
    but not this one.

    Here’s what Clint Richard Son claims….

    “The purpose of this research project is to refute and put to
    sleep the popular, socially harmful meme that:

    Viruses and indeed “germs” don’t exist, because apparently
    they don’t stand up to Koch’s postulates on bacteria.

    Viruses are actually spawned internally, such as exosomes,
    and somehow appear inside the body (terrain) without external forces.

    Therefore, the non-scientifically induced conclusion from these unproven ideas is that “Germ theory” is false. This loose paradigm is most often an attribution based off of a non-scientific, faith-based debate between germ theory and terrain theory.

    and this…

    Haven’t had a chance to read this all the way through to see if its
    actually revolutionary…The revolutionary work of Harold Hillman

  2. Yip the 1861 Germ theory was just that
    a theory that got “media consensus” and was adopted .
    Politicians use unproven theories to further their agenda like” man made global warming and covID19 ” Neither political theory has any science behind it rather they have corrupt people pushing them in the media using mis- science and lies. Dawn Lester & David Parker wrote a great book What Really Makes You Ill?: Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong
    Other recommended sources of information:

    Click to access wissenschafftplus-virologists.pdf

    Controlled opposition is a bigger business as the opposition grow. I am skeptical of many bloggers ones that a)pretend “covID19” exists or that the Gmrna injections are a “vaccine”( people that are pro vax ).

    How can an injection of GM mrna modifying cells to make GM patented spike proteins( the lack/absence of them causes no disease or med condition )being done to healthy people be called “gene therapy”. It does not treat any medical condition/disease causes by any genetic issues.
    Its totally criminal.

  3. fortiori says:

    Legal and illegal do not mean any.thing any.more. The satanic globalists have the entire planet in a death grip, and no one is coming to our rescue.

    • Is that what they told you?
      Agree Legal never mean anything to govts, their legal system is to control. It is not law.

      No one has me in a “death grip”( except time haha).
      Come to your own rescue.
      You are the angel you are waiting for .
      “Be the change you want to see.”

      • fortiori says:

        Nobody needed to tell me, it’s as clear as day. No one has you in a death grip, are you sure?

        You compose good work my friend.

        Love dig your quotes, I’ve got a million. They’re all here:

        Here are some of my favorites:


        The smallest good deed is better
        than the grandest good intention.

        It’s the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing when you can do only a little.
        Do what you can.

        You must be the change you want to see in the world.

        A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

        The wise man knows that he does not know.

        Good judgement comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgement.
        *Edited to bring the positive and let you be the candle and the change you want to see.

      • Time has the body in a death grip from the moment we are born.
        I do not deny death of the body is imminent

        Its not clear to me all this ” I’m in a death grip you say for isn’t that exactly what they are mind programming people with ” fear”.
        You have decided others( Rothschild,Biden , Gates Fauci?) control you and have you in a death grip. They don’t.

        Time has your body in a death grip, and if we faced our mortality we would not have been so easily injected and possessed with the thought-form “covid19″( injected into our minds using our denial and fear of death).

  4. fortiori says:

    I don’t know if ‘control’ is a word I would use, although I think we can agree, you and I, that nothing that emanates from the mainstream press is organic, and in that respect – for those who believe the fiction – they are controlled in an ‘Allegory of the Cave’ shadow-play. If you’ve ever tried to get them to look away from that parade of shadows to see a bigger picture, I think you’d probably agree that the word ‘controlled’ springs to mind.

    Finally, for my coup de grace: anyone, and I do mean any-one, who voluntarily allowed themselves to be injected with the bio-weapons collectively known as the COVID-19 vaccine, is fully under the control of the globalists–and that is a _huge_ number of people, including half of my own family even after I did everything I could to educate them.

    Another form of control: the globalists have their fingers hovering over all kinds of buttons. Nukes, EMPs, power-grids, chemical and biological agents, military, police, food production–all of which can kill you. This is the death-grip I speak of. They control whether we live or die, and how well or unwell we do both, and right now – for what I can only presume is their own sadistic pleasure/psychopathic tenancies, they’ve decided to wage an all out military grade psychological and biological war against us, with famine, power-grid failure, and martial law all waiting in the wings.

    This is all a matter of practicality–this power is theirs to wield as they wish and I do not see or sense any way to stop them. Hell most people do not even seem to be aware that we are brutally under attack.

    The good news is, that death is not the end.

    Here’s to our fragile mortality,
    guarantor of life’s lethality;
    both our pleasure and pain
    inspire the humane
    with the promise of finality.

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