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The Topic of the Time

Or rather the science of the day, not to be confused with the political science and mis -science that we are seeing as headlines in the media. It is do we scrap the old big pharma serving ” germ theory” in favor of what we now know .

The what I consider scientifically debunked 1861 Germ theory that was never proven to be a fact is on the collective menu . This was following the The Great Virus Hoax of 2020 where no ” new deadly virus” was isolated nor was it proven to cause a new set of symptoms( disease). It is another WHO pseudo pandemic for which an injection of ( untested & unsafe )Bio tech & toxins is said to be the cure. Big pharma lies to the people for profit . The owner is a snake oil salesmen Mr Rockefeller (& Bill Gates who is Rockefeller’s media spokesman) this crookedness and perversion goes back generations.

So if its not ” viruses” and they haven’t even isolated ” viruses” or proven they cause disease what is it that makes us ill?


Environment. We have and still are polluting & poisoning earth, air and oceans , EMF’s, humans are still acting unconsciously and so being cruel to other humans and animals. And that suffering and pain( even the historic pain) is also part of our collective environment.

Lifestyles food= fuel , exercise( sitting is the new smoking) , sleep.

Mind ( )

All of these factors contribute to out health, and even the ELM of our parents effects us as it is is past down as information contained in our dna.

Never has a generation been so unwell. Our total trust, worship of and reliance on modern medicine( medication drugs ) a system that has failed us as the health outcome today is abysmal . Modern medicine (Drs dispensing drugs/ medication in ignorance ) is a very lucrative business for Big pharma and they will keep lying to us in order to increase their profits.

A great old quote from that is especially relevant today is contained in the book ” What really makes you ill” : “Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing.” Voltaire

We humans on average sit for 10 or more hours, we overuse the internet with its anti social media , we eat (many overeat) processed crap, we have let govts and businesses poison and pollute our our environment ( the earth and we still torture and abuse animals),we are stressed out thinking all the time and not present for this moment(the thing that is real) so its no wonder we are sick puppies.

Instead of letting these same pseudo pandemic banking cabal crooks start a carbon industry we should be thinking about stopping the pollution( not increasing EMF, insecticides, 1080 etc)ceasing to do harm, making daily efforts to become more mindful( more conscious ). We should be getting drs to move to a knowledge based “preventative medicine” . . Accessing the power of spirit . Empowering and helping people move back to a healthy lifestyle by seeing the problems by self assessing lifestyle, environment and mind. And asking patients the questions under ELM : what is unbalanced in my life – were am I doing self harm , what do I need to fix?

And the Big Timeless Question that Voltaire pointed out in that the Drs did not ” know thyself” is ” Who am I” and the answer to that you will find within you.


6 thoughts on “The Topic of the Time

  1. lynnthoma says:

    From one perspective, whoever is directing this stage play doesn’t seem to like humans. But if maltreatment, suffering, torment, and abuse are a path to higher consciousness, they are providing that in abundance. Maybe it’s like the alarm clock in the morning tormenting us in our dream. We must wake up so we can turn the damn thing off!

  2. Yes I know what you mean. It Is unconscious human beings possessed by thought forms or emotions( fear/anger) acting cruelly and causing suffering.
    Yip agree its like they are not human beings as they are not behaving like them .
    We are Loving, knowing, being . And this is like they are Possessed by evil demons/”Ickes reptilian shape shifting ” brain, some acting like govt programmed robots already what we like to fear the “transhumans”. We saw what happened in Germany when most of a nation ” normal” people became possessed by the Illuminati occult placed collective thought forms they are the “Master humans” Normal people acting like they are inhuman.Same things happening today with the fear planted thought form ” covid19″ people are possessed by fear and ignorance, results in inhuman behavior, racism, hating and fascism, policing and condemning “others”.
    Or maybe you sense other energy (Tamas)that feels like it is trying to dominate in the world
    ” Three Gunas that are present in all objects and all beings in the world.
    These three Gunas are called Tamas (darkness, destructiveness, lethargy, chaos); Rajas (passion, activity, will, confusion); Sattva (goodness, constructive, harmonious, euphoric, exalted, high).
    All three Gunas are present in all beings and objects surrounding us. We humans have the unique ability to consciously change the level of state of the Gunas in our bodies and mind. This is an act of will. ” But obviously not those that do not have free will, are deeply unconscious and possessed by fear .
    They call this the “play of Gunas” .
    You are the universe Lynn and “Life is the dancer you are the dance”.
    To forget who we are and think we are a separate tiny body/mind – this ( the ego)separates us from the universal mind & causes us to fear .

    “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God” CIM

  3. lynnthoma says:

    Agreed. All good stuff. Even as the evil in our world appears to grow and threaten our very existence (physically anyway), it seems more and more people are waking up to the viewpoints you’re sharing. I wonder if this will continue indefinitely, or if the apparently opposing forces will ultimately clash in some mighty showdown.

  4. @AntoP The important point that you are missing is Sars CoV2 has not been isolated or proven to exist .
    It is just a computer generated sequence in computers.The world is in the. grip of fear of a virtual ” virus”.
    Its CG origin I have already written about as it is and remains a CG sequence of rna is in the minds of a group of fascist control freaks and their victims( believers in Sars Cov2).

  5. Yes Antop people should understand the facts especially that “sars cov2” is not real it was computer generated and has never been isolated. Mainstream consensus Scien$e that is in the grip of political agendas is not going to inform them of the truth as it implicates them in the big fraud and makes them look diminished.

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