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The FDA cannot approve a human GMO trial.

Human GMO trials are illegal.

The FDA and Govts pretending they are “vaccines” doesn’t change the facts.

Its not a vaccine. Its not a medicine.

For GMO trial approvals in plants and animals , ( as far as we know this is the first global GMO trial done on human beings) the FDA is suppose to work closely with EPA, (APHIS) and USDA( failed to label it) in the regulation of GMO . The FDA is only one branch of usa GMO regulators and yet from the start they have lied and denied the fact it is a GMO injection trial, then vomited out an approval for it as a “vaccine” . I have been so far unable to find any USA legislation on human GMO trials!

The FDA normal process used to approve drugs for the the injection was not even followed, they dont approve drugs without having animal trials or during them during the trial( trial does not end till 2023).

The FDA approval is not legal (and its certainly not lawful). The FDA’s illegal approval for the human GMO trial and claim it is a “vaccine” should be ignored . Just another part of the big lie, the covid19 psyop .

It is also not gene therapy  for the obvious reason no illness or medical condition is due to a lack of GM patented spike proteins( synthetic) from GMO( bacteria) derived GM mrna that then alters normal cells to make them make .
Our bodies do not naturally  make (Fauci NIH) patented GM protein. For our health we do not need them.
No disease or medical  condition is due to us not having the foreign GM mrna or the synthetic GM spike proteins  in our bodies.

No disease will be prevented from having Fauci patented synthetic GM spike proteins (or GMO derived GM mrna).

FDA also fraudulently claimed in the FDA approval that the GMO( bacteria) derived GM mrna hijacking our healthy normal cells would not alter our dna which is ridiculous and false claim as our bodies microbiome will be altered first then our genes. According to false old medical belief, all the cells of human body are eukaryotic. As per definition, eukaryotic cells have well-defined nucleus which all of our cells have exceptions Red Blood Cells. While the organelle mitochondria , present in every cells, is believed to be prokaryotic organism acquired by higher eukaryotic cells. ” Our microbiome has prokaryotic cells. Our genes can potentially be altered by this cell hijacking GM mrna injection and I am assuming that was its purpose.

So as far as the media’s latest BS remember the unregulated GMO trial is not legal and the FDA doesn’t have jurisdiction to make it so. The FDA approval is as meaningless as using the PCR test to create cases. They could also tell people their murders are legal, but we all know they are not.

(Even it the supreme court approved the GMO trial they would be wrong in law.)

Australia has GMO regulating legislation . Gene Technology Act 2000 for a clinical trial in human involving GMOs” this direction gives fundamental data to associations in Australia wishing to lead human clinical preliminaries, including a test item that is or contains a hereditarily altered living being (GMO). Administrative necessities are forced under the “Gene Technology Act 2000 (GT Act)” & “Gene Technology Regulations 2001”, which are directed by Gene Technology Regulator, statutory office holder and upheld by the “Office of the Gene Technology Regulator”. Managing a GMO without fitting authorization under the GT Act is an offence and subject to penalties [19].The injection would create a live GMO (but the fda will deny it ridiculously claiming the GMO will not come in contact with your microbiome or any of our prokaryotic cells when they know it will).

Belgians admitted it was a trial with GMO but said it was “medicinal” without having any proof of ” covid19″

.As there is no proof of any “coronavirus disease” its all illegal there too.


7 thoughts on “The FDA cannot approve a human GMO trial.

  1. BDBinc says:

    The real problem is human unconsciousness.
    The army is just a group of people, but they have an identity as ” the govt” fighting them only increases this us vs them they have been programmed with .
    If 1/3 are not going to be injected thats a good start to a class action lawsuit as mandated medical experimentation is criminal.
    As in Nazi Germany the army has always taken orders, until the collective unconsciousness is replaced by awareness .
    Thinking and feeling ” they can do anything” (when you know they always could) is just fear talking.
    What the army has is no control over our inner state, we should all be generals over this realm .This is where action and transformation comes from for if we are in inner state of fear , mental defeat and hopelessness ( media mind programs) we will unknowingly be manifesting what ” they” want.
    As they are without proof of threat all mandates, orders and human GMO trials are illegal, nothing compels you to believe the media fear based unreality that so many are believing and so created a dystopia.

    • Good to hear as then you also know the fda approval means nothing. Its just another media mind program to make people believe its a “vaccine” and to manufacture consent.
      Mandates are the same, the writs do not make it mandatory.
      Corporates can be bound by their legislation( legal) in their courts.

      Law is different to govt legislation.

      And though some will tell you otherwise, you should have autonomy . They have convinced many otherwise and these people are giving it up through their own ignorance and fear.
      Most are still mastered by their ego and so easily governed by the govt. Their thoughts, beliefs and feelings about anything are what the govt-media tell them they are.

  2. Weihan Xingqi says:

    The SCOTUS proved in the aftermath of the 2020 steal that the terms “legal” and “illegal” have NO meaning.

    • All Central banking nation’s have presidents appointed not elected.
      Its all done legally as your vote is registered(which legally means owned- controlled ) with the govt.
      And “no matter who you vote for the govt always gets in” .
      The whole unfair biased media election process is a joke on the taxpayers/debt slaves.
      People let govt have their vote every year, doing the same thing over and over and yet expecting a different result.
      The fact that the FDA GMO trial approval means nothing and is illegal means something to me .The FDA was always just a $3,300 million per year taxpayer funded tool of Mr Rockefellers Big pharma. Dangerous and ineffective drugs have always been approved by FDA. The UN led Govt and its FDA branch are untrustworthy criminals.
      The media ” Trump the victim” show case that Scrotus-Scrotum heard was planned, legally strategized to loose.

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