covid hoax, fascism, pseudo $cience

Masks and Lies.

There is no science behind the Covid Hoax the UN WHO’s 2020 pandemic that wasn’t.

They failed to isolate a ” new deadly virus”.

They failed to prove that a (non existent) molecule( Sars Cov2 ) causes a “deadly new disease” ( covid) in healthy people that breathe it in. The genome of Sars Cov2 molecule was not isolated, in fact it was computer generated on 10th Jan . They ran a number of computer programs on a random man’s dna( *note they did not have primers for a ” Sars CoV2″ PCR test on 10th jan ) so he certainly can’t have been said to have had ” Sars CoV2″ or ” covid’ so a totally random mans dna with bovine dna was used to generate a string of rna they call ” sars CoV2″ . Its not real, there is no ” deadly virus” called “Sars Cov2”.

Then they used fraud by using a RT PCR test to diagnose disease. The RT PCR test cannot detect even 1 whole transmissible virus, so how can it detect a disease? This one PCR test is the key data fraud that has kept Covid the Big Lie going, a fraudulent test that cannot diagnose disease creates ” covid cases”. The RT PCR test on 35 cycles of amplification tests positive for pieces of 100 nucleic acids (a ” virus” was said to have 30,000) short rna sequences that are found in our virome and dna. The “corona virus” rna the test primers are looking for patented by CDC is found up healthy people’s noses. .

The mask to pretend totally used as proof there is a ” deadly virus” .Those masks( some just comical with 1/4 inch gaps around nose and in checks ) without eye protection could not possibly stop transmission of the fictional “new deadly virus” Sars Cov2 . In the end of 2020 everyone’s been exposed to anything transmissible in the air from 2019. The medical mask have 100 nm gaps enough space for the CG( fictional )” Sars CoV2 ” said to be 60 nm to pass through . Sound like science or ignorance and fascism behind govts mandatory mask wearing?

So in the total absence of science and facts masks are just being used as evidence of the lies ( covID). Its not the “new deadly disease” ( with the same old flu symptoms) that is debated, its the masks. Are the govt telling us their draconian measures ( masks, tracking us, washing hands with antibacterial sanitizers and locking us up in home detention) were utterly ineffective when they say we healthy people need to take a rushed experimental (untested) mrna injection that creates genetic modification ( say it hijacks stem cells and makes body make antigens) creating an immune reaction with “boosters” every year now. And govts threatening a plan to make us carry (cov ID ) papers just like the Nazi’s did and that we have no right to freedom of movement . That’s some criminally insane stuff. What we need is a peaceful resistance movement where people do not comply with the self appointed authorities unlawful and criminal actions . More uprisings are going on globally against all this govt totalitarian madness.

Science has devolved into pushing political agenda, thats where the funding and fame is. Media decided consensus in the age of disinformation.

There is no science behind the politicians and hoax media spokespersons appearance in floppy masks with large gaps that molecules can get through and their open uncovered eyes when it comes to them containing ” new deadly viruses’. The mask is the symbol of fear and of the ” virus” that can’t be seen ( as it does not exist). “Covid” is synonymous with fear, it is fear for it was implanted into people’s minds using a lie ( Fauci fake predictive ” death charts”).

For some masks are used as virtue signalling to build up their fearful egos. Other people especially the elderly are wearing them because they are terrified by the media & govt propaganda.

So they have kept this Big Lie Covid alive for nearly a year now by using media propaganda , masks and the fraudulent PCR test that is creating ” cases” = the smoke and mirrors for this illusion.

As human beings that have forgotten who we are we have real problems that stem from our not knowing who we are beyond the level of name and form ( mind and body) . Fear and anger ( inner states) manifests through wrong action into this world as chaos. For many people they are completely taken over by their emotions and thoughts. They identify with them and become possessed by them. They create enemies out of people who do not think as they do as they are so caught up by and self identified with their thoughts (thoughts from media/culture/conditioning ).

Unfortunately this fabrication of a new fake problem( ” covid”) like the previous campaign ” man made climate change” created much worse problems and served to cover up the actual challenges we have.

The climate is not man made. Its has always been in a constant state of change. The Sun, Gaia ( as an intelligent being) oceans and water vapor are the main climate drivers. We should not seek to change the climate but should instead use the energy and time to identify, address and solve real challenges. These are all problems we have created so it is good news that we can also solve them. The climate won’t and cannot possibly be changed by the govts suggested actions of carbon trading and carbon taxes that will just increase inequality and problems.

Pollution. Deforestation. Over fishing, food and water waste, failed systems ( health, education, political, economic). These are actual real challenges not the utter lies , govts made up fake problems of ” covid” and “man made climate” in which the govt solution for a non pandemic covid was destroying the economy and locking up healthy people in home detention. Insane fear based fascist actions that created and are still creating more problems. Firstly we need to see clearly what it is we need to do and stop making up bogey men and creating enemies. The govt and its media channel has no power over your inner state or mind except what you give it .

Watch your inner thoughts and feelings, become the observer of them the witnessing presence.

Our disconnection with nature and ourselves is the challenge. Darwin de spiritualised the world and placed in the collective mind the idea that there was not a vast incomprehensible intelligence in and behind everything in this world. Darwin’s “random and chance” evolution theory killed spirit.

We must internally seek solutions to the challenges we face as we are unable to solve them with the same state of egoic consciousness that we created them with.

In the quiet space and stillness of mind is being, is wisdom and the answers.

We will either keep regressing, destroy ourselves with this insanity or become enlightened . And it starts with each one of us . You ( not as an ego/person but as being) are important and your purpose is to bring light into this world . No gain in consciousness is lost and all increases benefit us all.

When you bring compassion, caring, patience , understanding and love into your personal sphere in the world you are helping to heal .



2 thoughts on “Masks and Lies.

  1. deannajohnstonclark says:

    Anyone who knows about the WWII era recognized the same dynamic right away…same old, same old. begin with a Public health emergency. “Jews carry cooties” ” Disabled drain from the manly and strong.” then demand radical solutions insisting on “sacrifice” to prove what a fine guy or gal you are.
    The latest is a claim that covid affects male sexual prowess…boy are they getting desperate. Did they see the WWI posters like “Daddy, what did you do in the war?” Nothing works like that stuff…or scaring women with, “If you love them, clean with Tide.”

    • Yes its a downward movement in human consciousness a regression like the historical fascism we’ve already seen. Sterility ( and deaths) from the injection will be blamed on ” covid”

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