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Do you want a cell mutating injection?

They call it a “vaccine” and they say it will genetically modify or hijack cells in order to make the body instead create antigens . Unlike a normal vaccine, mRNA vaccines work by introducing a foreign mRNA sequence (the molecule which tells cells what to build)to create antigens, once produced within the body, the antigens may (or may not be) recognized by the immune system. If recognized and it not broken down and consumed fast enough this causes an immune response . There is no proof that this hijacking and modifying of normal cells “and allegedly turning them into antigens” has anything to go with creating immunity. It has everything to do with causing an immune reaction .

Lipids and nucleic acids can combine with those molecules they inject to form more complex antigens, like lipopolysaccharide, a potent bacterial toxin.

Big pharma: “Unintended effects: the mRNA strand in the vaccine may elicit an unintended immune reaction”

“Safety: better understanding of vaccine adverse effects is needed – these can include inflammation or autoimmune reactions.” They have no understanding.

At best an immune system may rapidly break down the foreign mrna before it “hijacks cells” in order to create antigens.

We do not know how the mrna( genetic modification of human cells) will effect the body.

It is unlawful as it is medical experimentation and they have no idea what it will do.

The deaths in trials were said to be ” unrelated”.

It is a rushed untested injection of god know what kinds of toxins.

If it was safe why get a liability waiver?

Count me out.

We have no idea how much taxpayer money these bandits have taken globally.

Just in the USA alone it is the taxpayers were put on the hook for more than $10 Billion for Big pharmas ” vaccine” development imagine the global scale of this huge covid vaccine fraud . Its very profitable to the banksters that create more wealth of increased covid borrowing and own big pharma controlling the so called safety and regulatory agencies .Yeah sure as its for their profit you can trust them to report adverse and long term effects events etc .

The Indian manufacturer of the Oxford-AstraZeneca candidate vaccine against covid-19 (the Serum Institute of India) has threatened to claim Rs1bn (£10m; €11.2m; $13m) in damages from a clinical trial volunteer who alleges he developed a neurological illness after receiving the vaccine and has claimed Rs50m compensation.BMJ

One of the toxic additives PEG that they use to encapsulize the frozen mrna also causes an immune response in itself. It coats the the delicate mrna while it is defrosted, heated up, broken down and degrades . PEG cosolvents also exert (un-examined) complex chemical and steric effects on mRNA structure .

Adverse events

On Sept. 8, AstraZeneca’s vaccine trials were paused due to a serious adverse event. The next day, while a press release referred only to a “single event of an unexplained illness,” AstraZeneca’s CEO revealed in a phone call to investors that the adverse event involved a woman hospitalized with transverse myelitis, an inflammation of the spinal cord.

One month later, Johnson & Johnson’s Phase 3 vaccine trial was paused “due to an unexplained illness in a study participant.” No further details would be provided.

To ponder the whole premise of the vaccine theory is the body’s ability to to create antibodies which they do not know if that means 1) You’ve been infected in the past 2) you are currently infected 3) Having antibodies does not confer or prove immunity.

How do you measure vaccine “efficacy” when it is  in fact the immune system that is effective( or not). You are unknowingly attributing the vast intelligence and complexity of the human  body’s immune system( which is still not completely understood) and instead giving all credit  of its functioning instead  to an injection .

It is good to hear a few people have expressed concerns about the rushed genetic modifying ” vaccine” which is in itself “medical experimentation”. As a ” covID’ skeptic the thought of it unlawfully being made mandatory is repugnant . Are we going to enter another dark age of ignorance and stuporstition where reasoning, logic , basic science is forgotten and not used people are in a constant state of media induced fear carry papers, are tracked, are healthy but are jailed at home are distanced and isolated,    forced to have GM injections and have no freedom of moment ?  

PS Remember to co create what you want to see in the world by being the change in your personal sphere.

Where you see fear bring courage.

Where you see ignorance bring wisdom.

Where you see hate bring love.



3 thoughts on “Do you want a cell mutating injection?

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  2. bigpardner says:

    Why is this attempt at this variety of “vaccine” neccessary? Why can’t the alleged “novel” virus be cultivated and inactivated to make a traditional vaccine made up of antibodies to which the body will attack as proven in trials? Is the reason the same as why PCR tests have been developed, not by using isolated virus, but by segments of alleged genome code; the “novel virus” does not seem to have been available?

    They have no ” virus”.
    Its not a “vaccine” its just medical experimentation. Setting off reactions as your body is injected with toxins and seeks to remove them.
    The body does not attack antibodies and the whole premise that having antibodies equals immunity is false. As you can have antibodies(note there are no covid19 antibodies) and you are either sick or healthy and have been unbalanced in the past it does not determine immunity.

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