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Bringing the body’s intelligent immune system back into the topic of immunology.

How did consensus science forget about the body’s complex intelligent immune system while in the throws of this vaccine fever? Efficacy, despite what Big Pharma say when they market their drugs is always a measure of the human body’s immune system at work.

How do you talk about and say you measure vaccine “efficacy” when it is  in fact the immune system that is effective when fighting off imbalance/infection ? Big pharma are wrongly attributing the vast intelligence and complexity of and in the human  body’s immune system to a toxic injection.

Efficacy in this context is the measurement of the body’s immune system,  not of the vaccine.
At the end of the day all the so called “efficacy” is the effectiveness of a human body’s immune system and its ability to neutralize pathogens that are injected directly  into the blood.
So they give the  injection credit for the human body’s immune system.
An effective immune system is not an effective vaccine.

An immune reaction( the body’s creation of antibodies) to injected toxins is not proof of immunity nor of vaccine effectiveness. Its all the body’s immune systems efficacy.

Big pharma are testing the body’s immune system by activating it. When weak and you inject toxins into the blood a person can get really sick, it causes immune/other problems or they can die. Surviving the injection and recovering is not anything but the human being’s immune system at work.

Big pharma leading scientists do not even know if having antibodies means you had an infection in the past or you currently have one. And there is no indication having antibodies makes you immune. But this is the false premise vaccination is built on that it creates antibodies and this is what makes you immune. That is a lie .

The body is also connected to the mind which is why stress is the ( undisclosed )leading cause of disease, when people were stressed out over the psyop covID more people got sick. More got tested with the fraudulent PCR test so there were said to be more “cases” and on and on creating a vicious cycle. All the PCR testing that creates ” cases” that is medical fraud and this needs to be disclosed and stopped now so we can step back together from the cliff of ignorance . I think the fist step in this is for them is to admit the PCR testing is fraud. No matter how many cycles you use the PCR test cannot ( and I’m going to repeat this )even detect even 1 whole transmissible virus let alone diagnose disease/infection/ create ” covID cases”. Without having a referenced test and  using the RT PCR to diagnose disease/infection  creating “cases” is  insane .
Then they used these 100% false ” cases” to justify locking healthy people up, destroying the economy , pushing for dangerous medical experimentation  and for all these major flawed decisions now the UN as a global govt are making.

It is good to hear a lot of people have expressed concerns about the rushed genetic modifying ” vaccine” which is in itself unlawful as it is “medical experimentation”. Big pharma spent 20 years failing to develop a vaccine for the “corona virus”(cold) they didn’t bother with sars CoV(2002 -which they said was more deadly than the CG virus Sars Cov2) and in less than a year they say say they have come up with a gene modifying vaccine for ” covID” . Something doesn’t sound right .

As a ” covID’ skeptic the thought of it unlawfully being made mandatory is repugnant . Are we going to enter another dark age of ignorance where people carry papers, are tracked, are healthy but are jailed at home, are distanced and isolated, are in a constant state of fear,    forced to have GM injections and have no freedom of moment ?  Thats where we are now. Hopefully not at the start of a regression but coming out of it more conscious because of the big challenges we face. More challenges equals more opportunity for the growth of consciousness in this world .

CIM quote “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God”/ Consciousness/Awareness.



2 thoughts on “Bringing the body’s intelligent immune system back into the topic of immunology.

  1. I have enjoyed your articles and I share your skepticism regarding covid-19, particularly the testing and the efficacy and safety of various proposed (and unproposed treatments) in general. However I did want to question a couple of your claims.


    1. My understanding is that there is considerable experimental evidence (double blind trials) that some vaccines at least do significantly reduce subsequent rates of infection. Why do you feel that this is not evidence that vaccines, or at least some vaccines, work?

    2. Is there really no evidence that antibodies are part of an immune response, and aid in immunity? I am not an expert – and I am not aware of the evidence myself – but I am skeptical that there is no evidence for this.

    3. You claim that pneumonia is not caused by an infectious agent, but rather is a consequence of the body itself being stressed and/or subjected to toxins. Would you accept that germs do however cause some diseases? For example diseases like mumps, measles etc. definitely seem to spread from one individual to another, and it also seems that once you have had them once you cannot get them again.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Hi David
      1) What trial are you talking about specifically can you send me a link to them as I have not yet seen any trials or evidence that vaccines work.
      2)Antibodies are part of the body’s intelligent and complex system. I did not say they were not I said science does not know if having antibodies means a) you were infected or b) are currently infected or c) immune . Antibodies are not proof of immunity.
      3) No I do not accept the 1861 germ theory . There has never been scientific evidence of it.
      If the outdated Gem theory were true Drs and hospital workers ( that did not wear masks pre covid hoax)would’ve all been constantly diseased and sick.

      I hope you will investigate the 1861 Germ theory, established in 1861 by drilling into and injecting half a cup of human dna into a monkey brains I don’t wonder why the monkeys got sick when they did that to them it did not prove the germ theory. Mainstream “science” today is a consensus, it is fully corrupted and in service to corporations ( govts)agendas at the current time. Insanity, hysteria( suggestive mind programing ) , emotions and ideology contagious seems to spread by a unseen ” germ” too -but it is not so
      we are all energy, one life , vibrating, connected. Its about time our old outdated and dis proven beliefs and theories were replaced.

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