corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, fascism, NWO, one multinational govt

Enter the truth of the Human Virome (which is in all healthy people) .


You have a quadrillion viruses on and in you, including   corona and many other viruses  found  in healthy people’s nasal passages and found  well before the panic-demic.

The idiotic  insane panic -demic  demonized  and declared a war on a  corona virus,  carried out mass global home arrests, govt shut the economies down causing   economic destruction which is then blamed on a virus  , people with no freedom of movement in police states.

The human virome.

“The viral component of the microbiome, termed the “virome” is a poorly understood facet of the microbiome. From a philosophical perspective, viruses were likely integral to the very existence of man as the primordial precursor to all current life on earth [4]. More tangibly, during the course of human evolution, the viruses in and around humans not only drove evolution via selective pressure, but also contributed novel genetic material. In fact, approximately 42 percent of the human genome is composed of viral sequence [5]. This role of viruses as a major agent driving horizontal (i.e., non-reproductive) gene transfer between biomes [69] and the fact that the diversity, complexity, and abundance of viruses surpasses any other biological entity make it apparent that understanding viromes will impart unparalleled understanding of the organisms they inhabit .However, the obvious importance of viruses in the composition of all biomes has not (yet) been met with an appropriate fervor “

The description of the presumably healthy viral flora, i.e. the normal human virome, is still in its infancy regarding viral composition and dynamics. This below chart is  our current knowledge of the human virome  which is deemed non-pathological .Viruses present in humans with no disease and no symptoms.


Wylie et al. [74] revealed the presence of paramyxoviruses (e.g. Paramyxoviridae, Respirovirus and Pneumovirus genera) in the nasal swabs of apparently healthy individuals. They also reported the presence of InfluenzavirusA, Parechovirus and Coronavirus in nasopharyngeal swabs, similar to that reported by Van der Bergh et al. [81]. In healthy humans no causal relationship between a specific virus and  pathology was found.

You most likely have Corona virus in your respiratory tract and its OK . There is nothing to fear.You don’t have to feel guilty . You have done nothing wrong,   that is just  the erroneous message of govts.

If you look under respiratory tract in the below diagram you will see in healthy people Corona viruses are already in your body. And see that fear of viruses is irrational ignorant and unscientific madness.

Its now a good time to question the “Germ Theory” on discovery and acceptance of our human Virome.

Corona Viruses  and many more we have in and on our bodies   found in healthy people showed virologists  that we have them, lots of viruses  but they do  not cause us disease.


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