The Arbitrary Rules of Madmen.

So today we see that under orders from UN (global govt) the French govt has locked up the people for 4 weeks imposing many bizarre, insane and arbitrary restrictions.

Firstly there is no isolated new deadly virus called Sars CoV2. The Sars CoV2 genome was just computer generated by the NWO hoaxers on 10 Jan. Now it continues in the collective to be a 100 % mental virus.

Fear shuts down the brains ability to be rational and use reasoning. Again we see a govt is failing to understand strings of rna (exosomes that are being called “viruses”- refer to the debunked 1861 germ theory) don’t follow 9 PM to 6 AM curfews . Curfews for “a new deadly virus Sars CoV2 ” that has yet to even be proven to exist . Why not another arbitrary time for the unlawful curfews say of 9am – 6pm? Whats with the random govt selected times?

RNA strings don’t appear to know about, understand or obey govt curfews. Curfews for rna strings are 100 % pure govt irrational BS. What reason is provided for imposing a Nazi curfew for healthy people during a lockup with isolation masks and social distancing ? None. No reason or rational explanation of how any of this unlawful, insane and tyrannical BS is going to do anything but cause more suffering . Govts are experts at making up imaginary problems and using them to pose their so called solutions that always create actual real problems imposing stricter control ie less freedoms for the people it appears to be at war with. Then in creating false problems they ignore all the real problems their past “solutions” to fake problems has created .

 Healthy people can only “Exercise only 1km from house.”


Exosomes (Rna strings called “corona virus” found up healthy people’s noses by virologists studying the human microbiome ” virome” ) will be just be waiting to “get you” at 1.01km distance from your house. So keep it to 1k as per the political consensus $cience. If you think they have done a study that proves distances of 1.01k greater from your home are seething with hoards of rna strings think again there is no studies or truth behind the insanity. 999m is fine but if your take a few more steps 1005 no oh god no … the non existent CG Sars CoV2 virus will get you!!!!. Random use of insanity for the purpose of exerting power over others . Keeping people afraid so they are unable to be rational or use reasoning.

Key word here is that its insane.

Can attend funerals. Can’t get married.

Can go to high school.Can’t go in to work.

Further Gestapo restrictions are in force across France:

  • Groups of 5 people fine but 6 not ok
  • No parties may be held in public community halls but Venues may host 5,000 people but not 5001
  • No more freedom of movement.
  • Papers must be carried by disabled people and their carers (very nazi) Papers required for needed essential family reasons assisting vulnerable persons ( nazi redux).
  • Forced testing with a RT PCR test that cannot be used to diagnose disease and in this use ( creating a ” covid case”) it is a from of medical experimentation ( breach of Geneva Code)

If you are 11 or over, you must provide a negative RT-PCR test carried out less than 3 days before traveling to the Overseas Territories. If you are 10yrs and a half , 8 or 9yrs old you don’t have to.

Random & crazy at a whole new level .

Germany is also suggesting another lockup after doing lots of meaningless tests with the PCR diagnosing disease and infection creating cases which the test cannot. Moaning Merkel is claiming she ” lost control” of what is not even been proven to exist except on a computer screen the “Sars CoV2” But she is now calling it “corona virus” as the CDC confessed did not isolate a Sars CoV2 molecule . They lost control of their fiction. ” Do not question authority ” is the thought form we have been conditioned with since childhood. I hope all the Germans will be out peacefully protesting en masse and will just say no.

I also hope the French wake up as they are bloody good activists and their govt is secretly (since the French revolution) afraid of them .

May you be happy and healthy and alight in the world in these crazy times.


4 thoughts on “The Arbitrary Rules of Madmen.

  1. SaveUs says:

    I am presently looking at CNN’s/John Hopkins University Center for systems Science and Engineering live coverage of Sars-Cov-2 cases and deaths for 214 Countries. Today it states that Mainland China has 4,634 deaths. This number of deaths is for a population of 1.4 billion people.

    I found the Indian news paper called the Hindu. On June 12, 2020 it stated that mainland china had 4,634 deaths. If this is true mainland China has not had any Sars-Cov-2 deaths for approximately 4 months. This information might be worth investigating.

  2. Polly says:

    Good piece. I think the more arbitrary and inane the scamdemic edicts are, the more afraid and compliant believers become. We scoffers are keeping our logic and humanity intact, but the zero-sum covid gamers seem intent on our freedoms, dignity, privacy, assets, health, and future generations being ceded them and their new world order, anyway, along with those of the believer-zombies.

    Suddenly, we find ourselves in the Age of Unreason (UNreason?) and pondering at what price power. The gamers believe we’ll pay that price for them, but no earthly treasure or tribute from us can restore their souls. Not everything’s a game, they’ll find out, soon enough.

    Meanwhile, the madmen gamesmen may have no moral sanity, but they are organized and marching in lockstep to upend everything good and natural in this life. Please keep writing and spreading the truth about the current lies and crazy and also the hope that good men and women everywhere commit to positive action for our future and collective soul.

    (Saw your link at ZH.)

  3. Its the age of misinformation where Govts speak in Orwellian.
    On a positive note we are all connected and even one person that brings reason and sanity effects the whole .There are many people at this time that are becoming more conscious( as the other people in fear are being possessed by media programmed mind). I think the media right now amplifies problems and fear.
    So individually we must strive to be present every moment and not be pulled down by gravitational pull of unconsciousness and the resultant insanity.

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