Media should come with a health warning .

How people get possessed by media’s viral thoughts and emotions( memes) and lose it or get lost in it. People can become addicted to emotions such as outrage and anxiety. They feel the neg emotion is part of their identity of who they are. It serves to strengthen or validate their ego even though the emotion they are addicted to is a negative one. The ego( identification with conditioned mind) does not care if it has a negative or positive thoughts about itself.

Most human beings are nuts, stark raving mad . Don’t believe me just look at the news . And people that are insane do not know it. Knowing or seeing the insanity( collective mental dysfunction) is a sign of sanity rising.

Through the media people get possessed by memes, thoughts and emotions ( emotions are the body’s reaction to the thought) . People do not know this as the media( include alt right CO’s sites like ZH, OffG CJ etc) is the dispenser of propaganda, they won’t tell you what reading it can do. Reading news on blogs its like feeding your mind the worst junk food ( fear, anger, stress with propaganda on the side).

For the bankster that own 90% media conglomerate they can still mind control people who do not believe the mainstream( dissenters/conspiracy theorist I think is their term) . You can see this in the fact people who don’t agree with UN -govt narrative have agreed with govt and made the “conspiracy theorist” as part of their identity and feel polarized and separate. . If you don’t agree with govt lies and propaganda ( I do not) that doesn’t make you what the govt want to call you nor does it separate us from all human beings (or really all life). One consciousness. Don’t let them polarize you or create enemies for you ( their favs right now are Rockefeller’s media spoke$men F and Gates).

What I am suggesting is to be very aware of the memes ( thoughts and emotions ) the media is trying to get you possessed by.

How do you feel when you read whatever it is?

More often than not negative emotions and thoughts are being communicated & spread by media. Its on your phone/internet 24/7 its technology that amplifys the dysfunction of human mind .

This possession by media thoughts and emotions( memes) is a real threat not the fake non existent ” new virus Sars CoV2″ .

Please use vigilance and keep some attention on your inner state. See if you are tensing up, take three breaths and focus just on the in breath and out breath . If you find the media makes you feel bad ie feel stress/anger/fear stop reading it. Stand up and Shake it out, literally.

Bring your focus to the present moment .


2 thoughts on “Media should come with a health warning .

  1. Marcelo Oliveira Soares says:

    I understood, being indignant with the truth is the result of the “manipulation” of the alternative media. It can only be a joke.

    • Yip the media is a bad joke. There is the one media narrative: That a new deadly virus causing a new disease covid. The alt right just talks about measures and never questions the reality: That there is no proof of a new virus that causes a new disease.
      The media did this mind program by fear mongering , repetitively lying about morbidity figures a false predictive computer graph. By generating a lot of fear and repetition, paid for experts they planted in minds the “psyop covid”.
      The media is at an all time low propagating, fear,lies, hate and insanity. If everyone stopped reading it or read it mindfully the media effect would not be another problem amplifying the current state of people’s unconsciousness

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