COVID19 operation, fascism, pseudo $cience, totalitarian

Stop testing and you would stop “Covid”.

If they stopped testing there would be no cases.
The RT PCR testing is not for use diagnosing disease and on that fact alone they should stop immediately. Let alone using it for transcribing rna that has been contaminated by human dna  (and the “virome”) .
Its an Epidemic of Ignorance.
There is a big problem with consensus $cience.
It would be nice if we never had to do this again,which is what the believers of the hoax  are thinking but if Rockefeller’s spokesman  Bill Gates gets his way with Nextstrain   the world will be held captive to ” virus” pandemic$ for some time.  Even after the dangerous experimental gene based vaccinations and even   with nazi immunity passports.
People think the govts  plan to remove the restrictions, but they do not  we’ve seen decreases in cases followed by  increased restrictions  . Now with mandatory face masks, the meaningless but mandatory PCR testing,   jail for ” positive’s” and their family and jail for those that refuse testing.
America is now distracted by the democracy dogma and racism.  The media cons them into voting, ticks them  into believing they choose a president. The candidates they shove in your face are people you wouldn’t trust to clean your toilet.
Food for thought.
I would have thought they would wait before gene modifying/vaccinating against a virtual virus  until they could answer this  1)Does having antibodies mean you are  immune or infected?
Why do they not test you for antibodies after you get a vaccine? This is the whole base of vaccinations right? Antibodies are produced  .
Do people who “catch it” acquire immunity or not? And  how do they know? Whats the test for vaccine effectiveness/immunity?There are none.But vaccine effectiveness is not necessary to the hypnotized  believer,  safety isn’t either.
In  crazy consensus world of $cience theories and lies become these unverified and untested beliefs  that are spread through media. Infecting other minds.Its a madness contagion.
What is the reference( or gold standard) for the RT PCR test when used  for  transcribing rna contaminated with dna ? None.  And  how can a PCR diagnose disease  if it can’t even find a quarter of a whole transmissible ” virus” ? You can’t.
Why is it mandatory and why do they jail you and your family if you refuse to take a PCR test? The test can’t find a whole transmissible virus it finds very small sequences of rna. If you collected your dna and your virome mixed it up   you most likely  have the rna sequence that the primers are looking for. Has anyone done that test for a control group when they tested the PCR  primers ?No. Which goes back to not having a reference  . The PCR test gives a 100% false positive rate  as a PCR test can’t diagnose disease/infection  from finding such a tiny fragment  of rna in a human dna contaminated sample.
I  like  the study of the human  virome  and paleovirology  has a more non demonized   idea about  these stings of rna they like to call “viruses” .They are found as part of us like the bacteria and trillions of other microorganisms that make up our body. Not found to be a cause of disease.
I guess when the 1861 Germ theory was adopted  by way of consensus, people just don’t think about it. And this theory is the whole unstable shonky   foundation of the Virus Hoax. A theory that was never proven that has been debunked by studies on human microbiome that shows trillions of rna strings(‘ viruses”)in and on healthy people,  even as part of our  dna.

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