covid hoax, COVID19 operation, pseudo $cience

Trump does not have “covid”.

No one’s had covid .

The RT PCR test they use to create ” cases” cannot be used to diagnose disease or infection.

The RT PCR test cannot even detect 1 whole transmissible rna “virus”.

There is also no reference for the PCR test so when they say 90% false positive when it is being used as test for covid cases it has 100% false positive results. Its fraud.

The Sars CoV2 virus that is claimed to be the cause of the new disease( with old flu symptoms)is just a computer generated string of rna

” There is nothing to fear but fear itself” No new deadly virus no new deadly disease . Its all propaganda from a failed egomind based system(an economic and political monopoly) that wants to continue but has been exposed as ” evil” (or unconscious) .

*Todays suggested listening for inner peace and for being the change you want to see in the world.


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