The Rise of the Alt Reich Arm of MSM.

As more people have turned off the mainstream news sources the arm of media developed for them the msm division of ” alt right woke” have grown in popularity. These alt right blogs try to maintain the narrative, negative feelings and thought forms that continue in line with the psyop of the day in the most sneaky ways. IE just questioning the ( unlawful)measures central banking govts have for “covid” (like masks, the false stats, lockups) when there is no new virus or new disease. Many of the alt right blogs are controlled opposition.

Like the political controlled opposition as public opposition grows it( alt right blogs ) becomes even more relied on by the bankster’s political and economic monopoly .Mind control is their business . They know people’s actions follow thoughts and feelings manifest and that it is through the ego mind( fear )that their control over people is gained.

They can’t have the simple truth released : That there is no evidence of a new disease( same as flu symptoms ) caused by a new “virus”( Sars CoV2 is CG).

For a psyop like covid what works for them is confusion, fear, chaos, hate, warmongering, Q, political ideology and the democracy dogma and other mass divisional distractions. You see they can’t have people calm and clear headed . Starting a racist movement worked , sending out many conflicting different stories about covid works for their purpose. People who can access reasoning may question what is going on . Any questioning of the narrative, the very core of it the non existence of “covid”, is undesired by the mind controllers .And this is primary the need for clarity , calm, reasoning and mindfulness.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

It is now the time to choose the love over the fear .If you have trouble with feeling this love, practice daily .You’ll get good at it and start bringing love instead of fear into this world that is so in need of healing and love . Remember you are a co creator in this world but have forgotten who you are .

The alt right msm are working on memes that divide and conquer or make people feel, hopeless, negative . The fact is we all have amazing power inside us and are connected which is why they want us to feel powerless, isolated, socially distanced and overwhelmed. They wanted to but could not stop the anti fascism protests in Germany, they could only try to infiltrate, which does not work when there is no leader . They tried to smear the protest with their own fascism/nazi movement which did not stick.

I want to reiterate the origins of this psyop virus hoax , if people knew the truth they would not have to fear.

They do not want people to know the real origin of “Sars CoV2” . As the “virus” does not exist so the disease they say it causes (all without evidence) does not exist either. The so called “virus Sars CoV2” origin is a computer generated genome on 10th jan 2020. Thats it.

Its just CG .

Covid: 100% propaganda based on a CG string of rna.



6 thoughts on “The Rise of the Alt Reich Arm of MSM.

  1. Jon Waynne says:

    Great truth in the statements and its put so simply that even me and my wife with no science or medical backgrounds, both accountants, can understand it.
    Its high time the truth about the covid hoax came out.

  2. In regards to the creation of the gene- if we used the same tests last year do you think we would still be finding positive cases? As in, if we looked for this new genomic sequence would it already be present even before this year? Many tests are looking for 3 genes like like the E gene and the presence of just one of 3 genes is enough to regard it as a positive, though the E gene is not unique to sars cov 2 as far as I can tell. My thoughts are that the pcr test is really only finding what already existed before this year and being redescribed as cv19. What do you think?

    • Well firstly I would say they are not looking for a Sars Co V2 genome as it was computer generated and does not exist.
      The RT PCR test only find a very small piece not a genome or a whole ” virus” string of rna.
      RT PCR to transcribe delicate rna it is not suppose to be contaminated with human dna.
      The pcr test has no reference in its use .
      It is utterly meaningless test as it is being used. That is the most important fact.
      Virologists studying the human microbiome have found “corona virus ” rna up the nose of healthy people.https://notpublicaddress.wordpress.com/2020/05/18/enter-the-truth-of-the-human-virome-which-is-in-all-healthy-people/
      Others have found the primers find rna sequence in chrom 8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5y1KzCKrZ3A&feature=youtu.be
      It is worth noting the CDC( private company) patented the primers and probes for “corona virus”. $$$.
      So pcr could be finding some rna nucleotides readily found in human dna and the human virome or not as pawpaws test with pcr “covid” psotive .
      .The fact it has no reference and it should not be used to diagnose disease /infection from a sample of dna contaminated rna does explain it.
      Basically the pcr in its use is snake oil not science.
      The PCR test as it is being used is political $cience( fraud). So yes as the reference-less RT PCR test is meaningless and we have the looked for rna in our dna (chrom 8) and ” corona” virus in our virome sure the bogus test results would be the same 5years ago if the UN had wanted to test test te$t for the very small sequence of rna string back then.

    • That study would mess up the UN narrative as they have already found old French specimens( pre dec 2019) tested “positive” (with the test that is meaningless for diagnosing disease). As it messes up the story. The response to the exposure of the Wuhan Lie was that the UN’s WHO said to retest it .And as you probably know the cycles in the PCR are key to changing results.Its political $cience which is consensus belief created by media propaganda. The Covid Hoax has nothing to do with science at all.

  3. Hillary says:

    Thank you BDBinc,
    I too have noticed a change in the tone of OG lately and feel disappointed that there are these constant references to a non existent virus C19.
    The entire farce would be dead in the water if only people knew the truth and understood how the human body works to maintain homeostasis.
    Let’s not hope though that the culprits will cook up another scam that is even harder to refute!

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