All media has fleas.

The WHO’s international health treaty.

Substack media is different from twitter media in the non censorship and monetization of your own work but its still embedded with data mining, bots, the controlled opposition narratives like twitter . Here vigilance is still required as there are the same social media pitfalls of the State spinning from some blogs and in all the comments sections . I noticed a funny new blog yesterday called “dr vi©tor” going on about WHO nonsense promoting a treaty and the WHO as an authority.

My end destination, what I want is for you( and I) is to have sovereignty . I was amused at the eloquent CO word trickery of that blog that wanted Drs and WHO to be believed to have it . One meme was the Dr -patient relationship having sovereignty when that messed up relationship has been dysfunctional for some time with the corporations, insurance and the medical system wedged in between. Seems the wise advice “heal thyself” was forgotten /lost on 99% Drs .

  1. The WHO is a central banking criminal org ( it has no authority or sovereignty over you it cant make international health laws /rules /regulations).It said it declared the pseudo pandemic ( psyop covid19)without having any proof of threat.
  2. We need no treaty.
  3. No contract( this is the only sane legal response to such legal nonsense )
  4. You do not need to be tricked into the lowest level of believing  them, making agreements with them, fighting or playing their mind games. To defeat their ideas( and memes) you just need not believe in them.
  5. Be present moment centered. Trust your Self. Give you inner Self sovereignty .

2 thoughts on “All media has fleas.

  1. Erik Ziel says:

    The rich have decided to simply kill-off all the white people, except their Jewish race, and a lot of castrated white servants.. And replace them by chipped little black people… Well they can do that, altough there will be less fun..

  2. No, to put it simply humanity is in the grip of insanity.
    People are freely choosing fear. In this choice giving away their sovereignty, worshiping idols( death) and strengthening by believing the lies.
    No one( not rich or poor)can compels you to choose fear over love.
    Or their narrative of fear hopelessness you just spun and want me to accept and so co-create ? haha. No brother its not going to happen in my world.

    We shall see what happens in the dream of form all the while knowing its an illusion brought about by ignorance.

    I prefer, in reference to control of the world economic and political systems, the pointer Central bankster Zionists not a whole race (or “Jew” ).

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