Controlled oppostion RFKjr & EFC

The train to awakening that cant be derailed.

Mind is the terrain.

Many people on the train still want to find environmental causes of illness.

I dont unless mind is seen as the only environment for/of the body.

As I know the ( unwhole/unhealed )mind is the cause of illness.

The whole world is in your mind. This is why I am “stumping” for everyone getting that golden ticket to the end game Self knowledge. Consider for a moment those that want to get off the train at the Station “debunk germ theory” or the see the psyop’ de convid19. You will not reach your true destination as you need a crossover. That is no problem as spreading the truth, a love of truth and a goal of being awake are lines going in the same direction. You love truth.. that is your nature.

The truth is not owned by anyone or group .

I do not see the relative truth as important as the absolute truth of you being. Which is why I have non consensus-ly focused on waking up pointers and spiritual teachings( pushing ACIM to many people’s dismay haha) .Its good to not have the mind conditioning of the corporate media (msm or the controlled opposition narrative). Both sides are full of mind control memes, MKULTRA and propaganda done to keep people awoke ( in fear). I have pointed out the MO of the controlled opposition players to help so that those that are still admiring controlled opposition players can free themselves from the influence( narrative control) . It is silly and naive to not believe the State(intel) has not infiltrated the movement, but it is no cause for confusion or fear . Control of the narrative is of utmost importance to those that want to remain in control( through egoic mind control-FEAR ).

You know the Rockefeller germ theory is a lie and that convid was a psyop. You dont have to follow anyone. Follow your Self. You also know the dysfunctional systems of this world seem to be crumbling. The new ways and solutions will come from those that are fully here and awake in the present moment from people grounded in Being.

Its good to spread the facts. Its good to let people know the relative truth. And sometimes when people find out their learned lifelong beliefs were lies it can create an openness, a sense of not knowing. That if they can stay with it makes the opening of space and stillness that is needed for knowing.

Its best to know who you are and so not get sucked into what is essentially a play of form, an illusion, a drama. This media script of insanity has been going on for many lifetimes. A testimony to humanity’s insanity . We can see it more clearly now its amplified so what was thought of as “ bad” may yet just be a silver lining .

Many mangoes are are not ripe they still have the firm green skin of a woke fruit. Its ok as not one will be lost in the illusion or the dream of form.

You can lead a mango to water but you cant make them ripen( unless they are ready).


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