UN: Normalizing discrimination and growing apartheid nations.

Before the hoax virologists(bogeymanologists)that “virtually studied” the ” trillions of ” viruses” ( exsomes-rna )in/ on healthy people did not find the rna healthy people have up their noses was pathogenic . Now people think collectively ( without any evidence) that “coronavirus” exists and causes the common cold. And people also believe healthy people can be sick with the new deadly disease ” covid19″. Very odd and all they have to do is take a test (that cannot even detect 1 whole CG bogeyman2 ) and if that PCR test is positive they are declared sick with bogeyman2… only they are not sick they are healthy . Healthy but sick with a deadly disease. The covID19 psyop is chuck full of delightful Orwellian contradictions .

As you probably know by now Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)was used to create a virtual ” virus” and all the variants of the Big Lie CovID19. In Jan 2020 a totally random sample of mixed human and fetal bovine dna was used and it went through a number of computer programs, programmed to end up with a 30k string of rna. The UN’s WHO Chinese consortium told the world they found the genome, no one bothered to verify or even look at the bogus random dna sample they used ( remembering they did not even have the fraudulent bogeyman2 PCR test then and they claim to have used it ).

Since then many different labs sent in to NIH what they called “sars cov2” genomes that were computer generated using a PCR and NGS , note they did not isolate /purify even 1 “virus” or a variant. They created 100,000+ NIH registered CG “variants”. If the situation was not the world in madness I would laugh at the stupidity and absurdity of it( the NIH hiding their 100,000+ CG variants from public to try to keep control of the one fear narrative & Jax cred). Then telling them that the new one, scrambled moronic, is the worst yet.

This is a very insane fear simulation. People in fear of and so living their lives around a computer generated nothing . Healthy people getting injected with a not fully disclosed ingredients . An injection that they are told is to make them make ( synthetic NIH patented) spike proteins. A GMO trial by Pfizer‘s own definition of how the jax works its GMO bacteria derived GM mrna on your microbiome. But we dont even know whats in it. People trust the bankster snake$ oil man and his eugenics loving media spokesperson.

Suffering from insanity the world is now regressed into a medical apartheid system with nazi -like papers . If someone told us this 5 years ago we would not believe it , how much people in fear can regress. The UN’s govts normalizing discrimination, making the medical apartheid system and straight from Nazi’s 1934 making people carry papers with medical information to show for travel, association ,goods and services.

People in fear and ignorance are co creating this world, a world that is based on being in fear of a virtual “virus” . Even though the regression continues please realize that if you are in the grip of fear and thinking about the UN agenda you will be giving attention to and co creating it . Its time to manifest a world of love as this is what can overcome the fear( fascism) pandemic. Use it in your daily life. Ok its crazy but this is whats happened- it is- so what practical steps can we take and always remember whatever we do must be from a state free from negativity. Resisting something with anger and aggression is just going to send that same energy back to you. And a victim identity is exactly what govts want you to have as it creates powerless people. Tap into the underlying intelligence that is within you.

RE The heightened collective stress at Christmas time.

I would like to say that so many are having difficultly with family and friends now due to the media’s polarized world view. This season just bringing peace to a family/ friends gathering is a way of bringing light into the world. The solution to being in peace with people that have opposing beliefs is to be in peace yourself. When you identify with a set of beliefs and encounter someone with opposing thoughts what happens is you feel like you are being threatened. You have identified yourself as the thoughts and the attack of them feels like its attacking you( and that is ego). You have to understand that peoples opinions are not who they are,it is just their conditioning . Human beings are more than the sum of what they think( or their conditioned mind). You have to not feel like you have to verbally attack others in order to defend your thoughts/beliefs. The truth does not ever require this, debate and discussion has long been missing in many fields. Many people today cannot even hold two opposing ideas in their mind. You have to really feel the love you feel for family and friends, practice breath awareness, as this can help ground you. If you are intolerant and not open to or ready to listen to opposing( media planted) beliefs without reacting with negativity ( fear/anger ) then just say to your family/friends that have a different opinion ā€ My love I am afraid I will get lost in ( taken over by ) neg emotion if we talk about (fill in gap -media meme) so can we not discuss it until I am more grounded in presence.ā€ Then go and meditate( this may have to be repeated esp if the family/friend is in the grip of fear/deeply unconscious ).


2 thoughts on “UN: Normalizing discrimination and growing apartheid nations.

  1. lynnthoma says:

    The good news is a lot of people are awake and aware of the shenanigans being pulled by the ruling elite. And there are more every day.

    I remember back during the Cold War and the Vietnam War. Nobody was aware of the ruling elite and their manipulations on the world stage. No one I knew personally anyway. John Lennon maybe. A few others I’m sure, but very few.

    • Yes indeed there is a lot of fear= leading to this regression . And no amount of UN’s govt criminally insane actions of fascism would make a sane healthy person consent to be medically experimented on.

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