The UN’s (WHO) new fear triggering word “Omicron” is not of any concern .

It doesn’t work, it inspires no fear , they attached a “fearful” stigmatizing of a region story to this one . The new variant of the Big Lie covID19Omicron” was set up so it can also be used for push toxic “boosters”. The ramp up to inject Africans is on and the freedom of movement to the US has been taken off Africans.

The name Greek letter Omicron( scrambled spelling of Moronic) inspires no fear but if it is associated with blaming ” immigrating African refugees” the repressed fear and racism will work to generate fear on a group of people living hypnotized in a virtual media metaverse. This latest African virus hoax meme includes UN ” why we skipped Xi” so also a move to include the lie about “Chinese CCP virus” the blame game. Ironically while the WHO stigmatize Africa they say and I quote they are ” avoiding stigmatizing a region” the obvious use of contradicting information is to mess people up . Now people can blame African refugees , and if its not PC to do that they will feel guilty and blame over their now media shamed skin color .

VaxEquity is also being marketed by the new fear trigger word ” saRNA that is said to have the ability to self-amplify, synthetic patented proteins will be expressed for longer “. Ok Frankenstein only our healthy normal cells don’t need the toxins , synthetic spike proteins “gene therapy”( *rather attempted genetic modification). Its no wonder one of the side effects of the injection is autoimmune disease. They keep trying to convince people that for health they now require their synthetic patented “immunomodulatory proteins” preying on the idea that there is something wrong with them. And as there is something wrong, they are in the grip of media a state of fear of a virtual ” virus” something that doesn’t even exist it works on snoozers.

Sadly in this one narrative we have seen many people have lost contact with their actual experiences, their living experiences . Human interactions and human relationships taking a backseat to media and its unreality world. They are asleep and collectively possessed by the thought-form covid, their world is a media production a virtual world of unreality. Their crazy thoughts, feelings and actions are brought into our real world into our actual experience . So now 2 years after the start of the covID19 psyop we have what looks like the contents of a global asylum running around in a mass psychosis, wearing masks on their phones and constantly being (re)triggered by media. They are not noticing what is really going on, for how can they, they are not awake.

This effect ( of thoughts, feelings leading to action) can work in the way that we can bring sanity into the world exactly the same way. And our mindfulness (sanity) is essential to draw attention to the importance of our actual living experiences in this crazy virtual world based Woke cultural revolution that we see.


2 thoughts on “The UN’s (WHO) new fear triggering word “Omicron” is not of any concern .

  1. Anto says:

    How do they make up new variants? Do they align some shit over some in-silico virus and it makes a new variants if the randomness create more than 10 “mutations”?

    • All the ” sars cov2″ viruses are virtual , none have been isolated/purified/proven to cause disease . Many different labs that used different dna samples & software Next Gen Sequencing(NGS) to CG’d Sars cov2 and instead came up with 100,000 ” variants”( strings of 30k rna) and sent them into NIH who registered them . When I questioned Fauci’s org why they did not tell people they just called them “irrelevant”.
      For no one would get injected in the trial if they knew that along with the “sars cov2″ being computer generated all 100,000+ NIH registered ” mutations/variants” are CG also.

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