Poxy tyrannous control

The WHO’s fear Cerberus.

So the UN’s WHO have on their webpage a trio consisting of COVID, Monkeypox and the twitter war /Ukraine emergency. The WHO’s virtual world. *Warning this WHO link contains content of offensive lies, CG images that may disturb the sane person . https://www.who.int/

What has the virtual war got to do with WHO? Along with spreading the one narrative of the Ukraine meme they are also using the twitter war to make money, the WHO want donations . The WHO say Ukraine is about them as they are making sure “ health” comes first . If you know about the WHO shysters to the WHO “health” actually means nothing of the sort, to them it is injecting people with toxins. That WHO’s picture on their website is depicting a group of well dressed people in snow waiting in line to get injected in the human GMO trial, hmmm it is probably is not even a picture of refugees (in what is a 19 degree summer in Ukraine). That deception is what has been used through the whole Ukrainian/Russian Twitter war, fearful images from other places and times.

The pox WHO’s new covid, a new global pseudo-pandemic. Another fake emergency in order to try to legitimize the central banksters global govt’s international health regulations(IHR).
Dawn just wrote a good article on the latest fearmongering lie “monkey pox” https://dawnlester.substack.com/p/monkeypox-yet-more-madness . I really think this monkeypox psyop not work like the psyop covid .Especially when the figures were released of 94% people who died(with “flu” like symptoms and PCR tested convid )in UK had been injected. “Safe and effective” my ass. .

So the insanity seems to be growing and more people are seeing it. But better than just seeing it is to not be contributing to it. Not to get taken over by emotional reactivity, an addiction that the media feeds. As this neg emotion and the drama that sells can be contagious if you are not present moment centered.
Keep the priority as your inner state, as peace, in a world that has gone mad. And you will effect the world in a positive way by bringing to it your light as you are connected to all of humanity.

Blessings, love and light.


Central banksters vs US


The nationalization process happens when we are a child, we are taught to wrongly identify with a concept like Russian/Chinese/American . This nationality becomes part of our false identity the ego .

Nationalizations purpose is control. No landmass (on any longitude or latitude) needs people to kill or be killed . Wars happen when the media tell people about a conceptual threat, usually fake, this works if we 1) are in fear 2)think we are China/ Russia/USA. For when we wrongly identify with something the govt (a corporation) then says we need to defend this concept (that is idolized and thought of part of who we are). And this leads to kill and or be killed…. for a concept.

Corporations( Govts) want people to have a false identity that leads to feeling separate, having fake enemies that it makes up for us or it will act against a group and blame another group in order to start a conflict.

The Banksters corporations( govts) work together, you saw this during psyop covid19 all following the same rules and doing the same fraudulent actions . Even the central banker’s corporate intel service is not nationalized as it is essentially many national eyes working for the one .

The people in Russia don’t want a war , people in the USA don’t want a war and the people in China don’t want a war . The central bankers (and their corporations) want a war .

We have a GLOBAL central banking economic and political monopoly .

Nationalization is a corporate us  vs them mind control meme.

( and I am punning it about the central banksters vs US not suggesting it manifests. As I am a lover of peace . If people wake up know they are, discover the truth they would not become budget mercenaries for a corporation harming others in many ways , killing and/or getting killed.


дa the stagnant psy-op ColdvID19 .

So the media has switched memes trying to keep to the UN 2030 agenda with people in a perpetual state of fear and distracted with a microwaved Twitter cold war . Today they are recycling old stock footage again of the crisis actors the Freemason ( X KGB)Pootin and the Ukrainian Comedian looking serious then cut to an abandoned boarded up apartment, possibly in Transylvania, with an odd looking( possibly CG fire) in one room. Thats a war. Terrifying. I’m so frightened, I cant think of anything but war, nukes, chemical weapons, Russia and Ukraine(/s). Thats what they want- total mind identification and so possession with a meme: fear -submission- control. They need to have mind control of the masses to do what they do . Overnight in the dark media metaverse Russia became the Villain of the world . Everything, all the evil banksters multinational corporate action, inflation the price of gas, the economic contraction for the people from Central banker’s multinational corps that are firing away obscene price jackups all is blamed on Russia. The central banking cabal want to have two groups fighting on social media, those supporting and those opposing Russia. Dont argue the war. Just pick one of their sides as with convid19 both seemingly-opposing-but-not-opposing-the-one-narrative-sides are their side.

^Flashback to the UN 2030 NWO agenda that was written in Orwellian increasing poverty was one of their stated goals .

Though for now the banskter’s multi -trillion dollar 2 year ConvID19 fraud scam is on the back burner simmering away as the 1861 Germ theory has not yet been laughed outta town, meaning it can be served up again to the fearful mass formation psychosis crowd.

The media is putting on a metaverse show, problem is people don’t realize its fake they believe it , its a black comedy. And thats a tragedy.

I really like this thought ” What if the media threw a war and no one came ?https://sharine.substack.com/p/what-if-the-media-threw-a-war-and?s=r. Imagine if everyone was in a state of peace and so everyone was unmoved by the media that is spreading and amplifying unconsciousness( fear).

About now peace sounds better than good , it sounds essential . Nothing out in the world ( or the media metaverse that disturbs peace) will provide peace so we must all look within. For we cant save the world without first saving ourselves. And this is all you need to prioritize…. the inner work. Bringing the love. light and peace to erase illusory dark fear narrative. The real to replace the false. The shift we need.



Nietzsche’s grasping for a word for the enlightened human being came up with this: ubermensch more of an ideal person . Enlightenment is the true deepest desire from which all egoic desire stems . A state of being fully aware, present in the NOW, feet on the earth and head in the heavens. So its ironic that Nazi’s, possessed by the egoic thought form “we are master race” (flip side of this thought is the shadow self’s unconscious deep fear of being inferior )- believed the ideal human being (enlightened) was about a race. Then a made up enemy the Untermensch ( inferior race and people ) was created and they were dehumanized.

Connection to Awareness/God/Spirit this state of enlightenment( being) is the “ideal person” ( ironically it is the removal of the fake problematic person). How easy the Orwellian Reich changed the meaning of the word ideal person into a ” superior race” . We can see much better with hindsight knowing this thinking to be ” wrong” . One day I hope we will all look back and see with the same vision how humanity in 2020 was totally lost in a fear trance and possessed by an untrue thought ” covid”. A media spread thought that linked to and associated with death created fear ( and the fascism that comes from fear) . We were not all aware of the psyop at the start, totally mind identified and possessed by though-forms so it was another burning witches, crusades moment in human history. The history of insanity really.

It is happening again

As humanity is really one being we had some of our “question everything” critical thinker cells that early on in the psyop communicated the truth to everyone, that there was no new deadly “virus” no ” covid19” and they were quickly labelled deniers, and worse by those that own the corporate media and use fear to control.

Years later many many people at least now know that they are being lied to by govts ( media). Conspiracy theory mainstreamed last year. But many still believe in ” covid” or are in fear, as much of the media alt right conspiracy outlets job is to dispense fear and predictive mind programs in an alternative dialog. BUT I have noticed that more people are aware of the alt right calling it out for what it is. ZH, RT, ET, CJ, AJ all the same alt right media group with the same memes.

People are protesting the illegal mandates. The freedom movement comes from love. As what we want is freedom, freedom from fear, freedom from the egoic state of consciousness. I do not believe this love based freedom movement would have happened without the challenges.

The shift from fear to love.

It can even start with being aware of what thoughts am I thinking, are they fear thoughts( attack judgements) ? Being aware of your inner state so that when these negative thoughts/ feelings come up you do not get taken over by them and think it is you.

So it has taken us some time but the relative truth about the psyop has come out, the freedom movement is full of people with the impulse to move from the fear to love. Now outside the media metaverse we see desperate govts looking exposed, still lying and trying to divide and conquer us. Remember the dear frightened out of their wits wokels living in a meaningless metaverse of threats are humans and we err when we dehumanize them and turn them into enemies.

Inner freedom . Self knowledge .That is the goal for humanity, not an ideal, a utopia or a thought form and it is the only real freedom there is.


Abuse of power.

That is what is happening in the Canadian govt, it is a fact .

We have peaceful protesters for freedom against govt tyranny.

There is no emergency in the action of the protest Canada, it would be an emergency if there was no Freedom protest .

We have the criminally insane govt that ran and still run a covid19 psyop on the people destroying many livelihoods, breaching laws, rights and freedoms. So its irony that now in another failed attempt to try to stop lawful protesters by declaring a false emergency the corporate crim’s are saying the peaceful law abiders are doing what they do . Its always Orwellian talk from the Govt.

The Psyop covid is the crisis, when humanity got taken over by fear. When they believed the lies from govts media cowering in fear they consented to give up freedom in return for the govt promise of safety. Easy to promise safety from that which does not even exist. In exchange for their freedom of movement and of association, privacy rights, human rights and civil rights we now have the dangers of the govt psychotic abuses of power.

New levels of crazy and human rights violations seen in all central banking nation’s govts with the global protests. Different nations are all doing the same psyop covid with the same draconian and unlawful actions and yet the fact of a shadow global govt still escapes the hypnotized masses.

Though you may feel distance between you and the protesters you are one with them. Your inner peace, support and love has and will grow the movement. A movement in consciousness, a manifestation of growing consciousness that is coming out of a collective backwards downward spiral of total mind identification regression(and fear) .

Love always wins. And inner freedom is the primary and true goal.


UN: Normalizing discrimination and growing apartheid nations.

Before the hoax virologists(bogeymanologists)that “virtually studied” the ” trillions of ” viruses” ( exsomes-rna )in/ on healthy people did not find the rna healthy people have up their noses was pathogenic . Now people think collectively ( without any evidence) that “coronavirus” exists and causes the common cold. And people also believe healthy people can be sick with the new deadly disease ” covid19″. Very odd and all they have to do is take a test (that cannot even detect 1 whole CG bogeyman2 ) and if that PCR test is positive they are declared sick with bogeyman2… only they are not sick they are healthy . Healthy but sick with a deadly disease. The covID19 psyop is chuck full of delightful Orwellian contradictions .

As you probably know by now Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)was used to create a virtual ” virus” and all the variants of the Big Lie CovID19. In Jan 2020 a totally random sample of mixed human and fetal bovine dna was used and it went through a number of computer programs, programmed to end up with a 30k string of rna. The UN’s WHO Chinese consortium told the world they found the genome, no one bothered to verify or even look at the bogus random dna sample they used ( remembering they did not even have the fraudulent bogeyman2 PCR test then and they claim to have used it ).

Since then many different labs sent in to NIH what they called “sars cov2” genomes that were computer generated using a PCR and NGS , note they did not isolate /purify even 1 “virus” or a variant. They created 100,000+ NIH registered CG “variants”. If the situation was not the world in madness I would laugh at the stupidity and absurdity of it( the NIH hiding their 100,000+ CG variants from public to try to keep control of the one fear narrative & Jax cred). Then telling them that the new one, scrambled moronic, is the worst yet.

This is a very insane fear simulation. People in fear of and so living their lives around a computer generated nothing . Healthy people getting injected with a not fully disclosed ingredients . An injection that they are told is to make them make ( synthetic NIH patented) spike proteins. A GMO trial by Pfizer‘s own definition of how the jax works its GMO bacteria derived GM mrna on your microbiome. But we dont even know whats in it. People trust the bankster snake$ oil man and his eugenics loving media spokesperson.

Suffering from insanity the world is now regressed into a medical apartheid system with nazi -like papers . If someone told us this 5 years ago we would not believe it , how much people in fear can regress. The UN’s govts normalizing discrimination, making the medical apartheid system and straight from Nazi’s 1934 making people carry papers with medical information to show for travel, association ,goods and services.

People in fear and ignorance are co creating this world, a world that is based on being in fear of a virtual “virus” . Even though the regression continues please realize that if you are in the grip of fear and thinking about the UN agenda you will be giving attention to and co creating it . Its time to manifest a world of love as this is what can overcome the fear( fascism) pandemic. Use it in your daily life. Ok its crazy but this is whats happened- it is- so what practical steps can we take and always remember whatever we do must be from a state free from negativity. Resisting something with anger and aggression is just going to send that same energy back to you. And a victim identity is exactly what govts want you to have as it creates powerless people. Tap into the underlying intelligence that is within you.

RE The heightened collective stress at Christmas time.

I would like to say that so many are having difficultly with family and friends now due to the media’s polarized world view. This season just bringing peace to a family/ friends gathering is a way of bringing light into the world. The solution to being in peace with people that have opposing beliefs is to be in peace yourself. When you identify with a set of beliefs and encounter someone with opposing thoughts what happens is you feel like you are being threatened. You have identified yourself as the thoughts and the attack of them feels like its attacking you( and that is ego). You have to understand that peoples opinions are not who they are,it is just their conditioning . Human beings are more than the sum of what they think( or their conditioned mind). You have to not feel like you have to verbally attack others in order to defend your thoughts/beliefs. The truth does not ever require this, debate and discussion has long been missing in many fields. Many people today cannot even hold two opposing ideas in their mind. You have to really feel the love you feel for family and friends, practice breath awareness, as this can help ground you. If you are intolerant and not open to or ready to listen to opposing( media planted) beliefs without reacting with negativity ( fear/anger ) then just say to your family/friends that have a different opinion ” My love I am afraid I will get lost in ( taken over by ) neg emotion if we talk about (fill in gap -media meme) so can we not discuss it until I am more grounded in presence.” Then go and meditate( this may have to be repeated esp if the family/friend is in the grip of fear/deeply unconscious ).


The UN’s (WHO) new fear triggering word “Omicron” is not of any concern .

It doesn’t work, it inspires no fear , they attached a “fearful” stigmatizing of a region story to this one . The new variant of the Big Lie covID19Omicron” was set up so it can also be used for push toxic “boosters”. The ramp up to inject Africans is on and the freedom of movement to the US has been taken off Africans.

The name Greek letter Omicron( scrambled spelling of Moronic) inspires no fear but if it is associated with blaming ” immigrating African refugees” the repressed fear and racism will work to generate fear on a group of people living hypnotized in a virtual media metaverse. This latest African virus hoax meme includes UN ” why we skipped Xi” so also a move to include the lie about “Chinese CCP virus” the blame game. Ironically while the WHO stigmatize Africa they say and I quote they are ” avoiding stigmatizing a region” the obvious use of contradicting information is to mess people up . Now people can blame African refugees , and if its not PC to do that they will feel guilty and blame over their now media shamed skin color .

VaxEquity is also being marketed by the new fear trigger word ” saRNA that is said to have the ability to self-amplify, synthetic patented proteins will be expressed for longer “. Ok Frankenstein only our healthy normal cells don’t need the toxins , synthetic spike proteins “gene therapy”( *rather attempted genetic modification). Its no wonder one of the side effects of the injection is autoimmune disease. They keep trying to convince people that for health they now require their synthetic patented “immunomodulatory proteins” preying on the idea that there is something wrong with them. And as there is something wrong, they are in the grip of media a state of fear of a virtual ” virus” something that doesn’t even exist it works on snoozers.

Sadly in this one narrative we have seen many people have lost contact with their actual experiences, their living experiences . Human interactions and human relationships taking a backseat to media and its unreality world. They are asleep and collectively possessed by the thought-form covid, their world is a media production a virtual world of unreality. Their crazy thoughts, feelings and actions are brought into our real world into our actual experience . So now 2 years after the start of the covID19 psyop we have what looks like the contents of a global asylum running around in a mass psychosis, wearing masks on their phones and constantly being (re)triggered by media. They are not noticing what is really going on, for how can they, they are not awake.

This effect ( of thoughts, feelings leading to action) can work in the way that we can bring sanity into the world exactly the same way. And our mindfulness (sanity) is essential to draw attention to the importance of our actual living experiences in this crazy virtual world based Woke cultural revolution that we see.


Unanswered questions for ex-CIA officer Edward Snowden

Reblogged: An investigation into the cabal’s  “hero” Snowden.

Corporate media’s elaborate fabrication of fictitious “heros” by re branding their own CIA (or KGB) “bad guys” to do this.So why do they let you know  a small fraction of their actions- they  want you to know they are illegally spying on you. What can you do about it? It implies that the govt has an authority and is “above us ” watching everyone. Snowden was authorized to leak the particular  information. Just as they leaked the selected information on their torture and renditions.

Like Snowden (upon investigation and questioning) Putin is also a bankster cabal player and not the “lefty” media construct “hero’ taking on the “evil US infidels” .