COVID19 operation, Dis-ease, Love, NWO

The new world order

“What did the Dalai Lama say to the NY hot dog vendor?”

“Make me one with everything.”

Something big is happening. Yeah sure the media reports everyday on the state of human insanity and political propaganda but we need to look beyond what we see online and are told is going on.

We are suffering the birthing pangs of a dying egoic world structure and from the death of the old world a new world will be born.

The egoic mind created world is a world based on fear.The collective psyche (negativity and insanity ) once hidden is now visible, all the corruption people have never been aware of before, as they trusted and believed the media and govt is in plain sight for all to see.

Its positive that we aware of the corruption in govt and that Central banking nations appoint its Presidents and PMs( they are not elected).

Since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 we have had an obvious economic and political monopoly. Govts are set up as corporations to borrow money from banksters with interest in the people’s names. That debt (called the ” budget” ) then creates wealth for banksters. Governments have never been working in the interests of the people . The central banking cabal want a reset, they want to maintain control over people’s minds using fear (+ now control over health and decisions about their bodies too).

But the “new world order” will be as our inner state is.

Some want a reset of Mel Gibson’s “Fear world” .

What is your inner state? Are you inadvertently co-creating” fear world”? What sort of world do you want? We can all create our worlds and do so everyday in our personal sphere. However we are internally effects all those around us and we can either respond to those around us with love or we can react to people with fear. And all our worlds are interconnected. A small ripple can become a Tsunami of love.

I want people to understated the most important things at this time, who they are beyond name and form. That we are the change we want and need … that we are the co creators of this world. That our being present in the here and now can bring about miracles . Our world is not wrong but rather our world view is wrong, the filter( of fear and conditioning) we see it through creates a distortion.

We have multiple mind made ” crisis’s ” that don’t even exist!! This is the filter of corporate media as we know many have temporarily fallen to media worship in the virtual world with a PC culture topping.

I write about relative facts, science and what some call ” spirituality” and what interesting bedfellows they are. Many still scorn the idea of the unseen/spirit/awareness . They do not want to look at the covid psyop in any other way than mainstream physical science. And yet covid is just a media spread thought form ( that creates fear). It is a psy-op so just understanding how it was pulled off 1)computer generated fake virus, 2) flu symptoms rebranded , 3) fake diagnostic test( PCR) to create ‘cases” is not enough to understand what is happening collectively and why. When the reason this covid( fear) psyop worked is that people are totally mind identified . It is a mind-fck (psychological operation) that has used no science. Which is why I go on about the psychology ,our collective psyche as we must not forget what got us ( humanity ) here into a mind made crisis, the possession by a thought form (covid) that creates fear in the body . That huge fear was already in minds, unconscious it was and still is for the most. It is not going away until we are aware of it for when we are aware of it we are no longer fully possessed taken over by it.

The positive: post psyop covid scientifically Virology and Germ theory is “down for the count” .

The never proven but accepted 1861 Germ theory ( and ” virology” ) have been a casualty of the psyop and yet some people cling to what they believe in ( like the time of earth is flat) shunning the idea they have been wrong. “Its easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled” this quote is a good diagnostic pointer to an ego possession. With the outdated Germ theory and of allopathic system (Greek allos” — meaning “opposite” — and “pathos” — meaning “to suffer” )the treatment of disease by way of using drugs that produce effects opposite to the symptoms. Then more drugs to alleviate the symptoms of the drugs. Medicine with Doctors as corporations drug pushers (Ouch). In this 1800 system it is not necessary to understand or know what has caused the symptoms/disease. It is a system of ignorance for profit not for health or healing. The positive out of this allopathic medical Nazism ” covid19″ is that there are a number of people coming together, promoting new ways of looking at dis -ease and treating it . Utilizing the power of intention and awareness, the still spacious human mind as a powerful healing tool. Whereas before we had only the use of “opposite symptom” drugs for the body which is treated by allopathic medicine , the body as an unintelligent chemical meat factory . Mind is not addressed except to be mixed up with “brain” in the branch ” allopathic psychology”. The labeling and drugging of people with ” mental illness” which then holds a what should have been temporary state ( from past emotional mental imbalance, trauma, dwelling in past ) in place… sometimes even for a lifetime.

Injections of toxins the bankster Rockefeller ‘s big pharma injects into healthy kids is 18th century snake oil , unscientific, outdated and leachy . With informed consent ( missing) and without Drs pushing the poison no parents would have ever done that to their children.

Now post covid19 both the media and corporation -govts have been understood to be utterly Orwellian and untrustworthy .

Believing not knowing. For centuries human being’s faith has been ritualized , monetized, politicized and now we’ve just plain forgotten what faith, awe and what spirituality even is . God has been created by ego in egos image as some old man shaming us, judging us and punishing us . Currently there is a belief all knowing govtmedia is God . With its promise of immortality( safety).

Media is a law onto itself. Mandates( writs) are no longer legally filed documents they are just said to be created by media declaration . As long as people still believe the media that is amplifying unconsciousness( fear) this insanity will continue.

Positive .Some scientists are now investigating consciousness- awareness ( spirituality). Definition of consciousness pending (haha).

Science is finding out about some of the the unknown powers of spirit. For as your mind is stilled and you can become aware of awareness, this act of Being has been found to create positive chemical and genetic changes . It can stop inflammation( dis -ease) that is caused by stress. And the media isn’t talking about it as if you are being mindful you are no longer able to be programmed, you probably no longer are addicted to the junk mind food of media( fear, outrage etc).

Why our inner state is so important to our health too.

Mindfulness is more effective than drugs for anxiety and depression. That facts not getting out as controlling corporations and big pharma does not want people to know their own powers.

Mindfulness is “the intentional, accepting and non-judgemental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment”, which can be trained by a large extent in meditational practices.

“The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published the results of a ground-breaking study that found that meditation appears to provide as much relief from some anxiety and depression symptoms as antidepressants.

Mindfulness-based trainings have shown beneficial effects on inflammatory disorders in prior clinical studies and are endorsed by the American Heart Association as a preventative intervention.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that mindfulness performs as well as or better than medication,” says Adrian Wells, a professor of psychopathology at Manchester University and a clinical advisor to the charity Anxiety UK. The psychologist Katie Sparks agrees.In the group work that I’ve done with sufferers of anxiety or depression, I’ve found it very beneficial because it calms the mind. It’s not a new thing,” she adds.

Its crossover into Western culture has been gradual. But in 2004, its use in preventing the relapse of depression was approved by the U.K.’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice). It has rapidly gained traction since”.

Meditation and mindfulness is also effective in pain management . Pain has the mental component of suffering, all suffering is from resistance. Meditation/mindfulness removes the resistance to pain that causes suffering, suffering increases pain, so a vicious cycle is broken.

The good is out there.

In a wacky world I like to remind people of what they already know ” What you are looking for is within” .

That important fact is that our inner state ( fear, anger, anxiety) is creating this world that is dominated by fear . Its not a small group of central bankers and their minion elites creating the world, it’s us as focal points of consciousness. ” When the majority of humans become free from egoic delusion the inner change will effect all of creation” ET

Modern quantum physics accepts:

The unity between the observing consciousness and the observed phenomena.

All matter is energy vibrating.

A quantum object can exist in multiple states ( wave /particle ) at once. An electron, for example, is both ‘here’ and ‘there’ simultaneously. It’s only once we do an experiment( “observe it”) to find out where it is that it appears to settle down into one or the other. Our observing consciousness determines the state of the observed energy. We have seen observation ( consciousness ) collapses the wave function and forces a quantum ‘choice/state’.

Particles together in such a way that their quantum states are entangled. change one, the other instantly changes to compensate. This happens even if we separate the two particles from each other . It’s as if information about the change we’ve made has traveled between them faster than the speed of light.

Space-less and timeless.

As energy we are all part of this interconnected unified field.

Today we know that this ‘quantum entanglement’ is real, ( woah everything and everyone is energy vibrating , are connected the potential is unlimited -or rather only limited by mind), but we still don’t fully understand what’s going on.

And this ( ego) not admitting that we don’t know whats going on becomes problematic when people do not admit they do not understand. They then go along with corrupt persons claiming unproven political theories ( man made global warming, covid19 ) then declare lies are science or scientific fact.

Poor old corporate stunted and suppressed science has been getting a bad rap when the fact is there is no science being used in the covid psy-op narrative. The people pushing the virus hoax are not scientists. Its a good time in our history to be aware of the difference between the media spread political pseudoscience and science.

Lastly some snack food for thought for when you create your customized new world order today as a positive sphere of love .

And the end of the Dalai Lama hot dog joke…

The hot dog vendor hands him one with everything and says, “Four bucks.

The Dalai Lama gives him a $5 bill, and waits with his hand out to receive his change — but the vendor ignores him.

The Dalai Lama finally asks, “Where’s my change?”

The burger vendor replies,

Change only comes from within.”


16 thoughts on “The new world order

  1. lynnthoma says:

    Great article. You made a couple of mentions to the post-covid world, with people woken up to the Germ Theory and Virology deceptions, along with the Orwellian nature of our governments and media.

    Long before covid I was aware of the elite running the show, managing our clown world. However, I personally know many people who the pandemic has awakened to this same truth. I also attribute the pandemic as responsible to my own awakening to the huge lie that is Germ Theory and Virology.

    I’m getting to my question (ha ha)… They must have known this pandemic would trigger an awakening. They were running a pretty tidy ship before with the vast majority of people firmly entranced in their media and political charades.

    So why did they do the pandemic to awaken people? They had control before. What will more overt control get them other than waking up the sleepy masses and lead to rebellion? Obviously they’ve overplayed their hand and they had to have known this in advance. So I ask again, why?

    • Hey Lynn
      I dont think the covid19 psyop was consciously designed by the architects to help turn people inwards and awaken .The majority are very much still looking outside to find themselves and batshit crazy following the virus hoax.
      Did “they” overplay their hand? Many knowers of the worlds economic and political system( “conspiracy theorists”) suffer and keep on suffering. And the believers are catatonic govt media groupies. It created a polarization as well as
      The pervasive inner state of anger and fear still co creates the same world, people who understand the ” conspiracy theory” still pollute the world with negativity, they even create enemies of people that are hypnotized by media. The agenda (beliefs and ideas) were implanted into minds and how minds work is that even unconscious thoughts/beliefs/fears can be unknowingly manifested.
      As we can see many of those that know covid is not real are still in the grip of ego in a state fear/anger . And is this “they” the force of unconsciousness and the collective pain body? I point to the importance of each being fulfilling their destiny. Never fear it will not be thwarted, LOVE and BE, dont worry about the masses, no part of the soul will be left behind( time is an illusion part of the egoic state of consciousness). There is the one soul having a dream of form, the symbols can be (and are) interpreted in many ways .

      But to get to the answer:
      You know the answer to the question you asked.

  2. Zod YinYang says:

    9/11 was the wake-up call – the tolling of the first bell.

    All the staged events were intended to trigger the percipient into becoming perspicacious.

    The perspicacious are expected to consequently refuse the jab/test/mask.

    Further challenges will further sort the wheat from the chaff.

  3. Anabel says:

    Zod isn’t that the ego calling some human beings chaff and others wheat based on their perception? The egos superiority complex.

    • Zod YinYang says:

      The wheat is to be brought into the barn – Matthew 3:12

      Naturally, for a good harvest, it helps if the wheat is activated beforehand.

      • BDBinc says:

        How does that out of context bible quote fit with your doomsday meme?

        The kingdom of heaven is always on hand, it is to be found now, not in the future .

        You cant turn chaff into wheat. Chaff is the protective coating of the wheat.

        Yip it helps your gut to ferment/activate the wheat.

        All is wheat and there is no wheat.

      • I have to agree with BDB here. I see too many people quoting the Bible without thinking for themselves. I know some believe it’s all the word of God and not to be questioned, but I don’t agree. We should question *everything*, whether they be other people’s beliefs or our own.

        We’re all the same consciousness playing out various roles in time and form. In my opinion it’s dangerous when we lose that perspective.

      • Zod YinYang says:

        BDB, I was helping Anabel see that wheat/chaff was not related to an egocentric viewpoint.

        It’s more a eugenic one.

        There’s nothing supernatural about The Bible.

      • Anabel says:

        Zod I dont see how taking a bible quote -out of context -means you are not saying some people are chaff and are some wheat solely depending on their hoax perception.

        I could take that same quote and interpret it as the chaff is the ego.
        And the ego shell needs to break.

        There are many ways to interpret the bible most of the interpretations are wrong. Of course Zionists interpret it in ways that supports eugenic ideas and a doomsday

      • Anabel says:

        I don’t understand Zod so I guess I must be chaff.
        One of those chaff-ers, but wait… I about know the corruption in world system so I must be one of the enlighte4nd wheat bits.

      • Zod YinYang says:

        The Bible, being a somewhat steganographically encoded repository of knowledge and guidance for the benefit of TPTB, just happens to be one of those few things where a quote is not necessarily meaningless outside of its context.

        Those who exhibit the mark of the beast (the characteristic of the insufficiently sapient), either on their forehead (in terms of their thinking), or on their right hand (in terms of their actions), will be proud ‘vaccine passport’ carriers.

        BDBinc recognises that Covid is a psyop, and the probability that deception of this magnitude (or greater) is by no means new.

        However, does everyone here already understand how the Dalai Lama, via Buddhism and Samsara, is thereby connected to the Covid psyop and its extremely persuasive encouragement for all the insufficiently perspicacious to get injected as soon as possible?

      • The bible was not for the benefit of TPTB but for all man.
        Zod the pope is a war criminal and I do not follow or promote the BBC’s reported Dalai lama creepy injection campaign, he may well really believe the media (or the whole thing is fake ).The Dalai lama is not Buddhism/ ” spirituality” as the Pope is not faith in God/your enlightened Self.
        ZOD just dont try to connect the core teachings of Buddhism to the covid psyop + injection or I will definitely think “Zionist Offensive Dept” haha.
        The fact that all Being(s) in the universe are in their essence one is not is encouragement to get injected.

      • That *is* strange to read the Dalia Lama voluntarily got the covid vaccine and encourages other to do the same.

        Reading from MSM news quotes, he’s fully onboard with the pandemic hoax and vaccine solution. Although I take everything I read with a grain of salt, this still has me wondering about where the Dalia Lama is coming from in general.

  4. Zod YinYang says:

    Talking of the Dalai Lama, that reminds me of Groundhog Day – an allegory of Samsara – and the 6am transition from the old world order to the new.

    Of course, as the Doomsday clock concurs, in our world it is midnight that symbolises the transition – 12 millennia from Leo to Pisces. The New order the ages beginning with the dawning of the age of Aquarius – and another 12 millennia.

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