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The UN’s pseudo pandemic has hit the rocks.

It not a real pandemic . To be real you would need actual proof not just fraudulently used PCR tests creating cases/numbers, 100% computer generated ” virus” genomes and Fauci’s false predictive fearmongering death graphs.

And Govts everywhere, at the request of the UN, are acting like human rights violating criminals.

More and more people are learning the truth about the criminal fraud ” covid19″ an event in the world brought about by unconsciousness( fear and ignorance). Even some people who ignorantly believe in “covid’ (without having any proof ) still don’t want the injection . Big protests are going on globally about the unlawful medical experimentation they call ” vaccination” . It’s an injection cocktail of mrna and toxins.

Many govts say you will not be able to travel without being subjected to this atrocity which is a human rights violation.

People are starting to have to assert their rights as human beings. Rights such as to not be medically experimented on, to not be incarcerated without trial, to not have their freedom of association and movement taken from them , to have the right to their livelihood in order to feed their family, to not be tortured (incarcerated and isolated) , to not be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. The real reason why fakebook Australia was shut down was the protest, they did not want information about the big protest going out.

The CDC’s Chinese consortium computer generated the ” sars cov2 ” genome on 10th jan 2020.

These fraudsters claimed to have total knowledge of the full genome molecule ( have primers and probes) before they computer generated the ” sars cov2″ genome . An impossibility as full molecular knowledge is first needed in order to create primers and probes for the PCR test, you can’t have primers and probes (*sequencing) before you know the genome.

RT PCR is used in research purposes as that is what it is for, -it is not for and cannot diagnose infection or disease. The CDC knew this when it started misusing it, citing ” emergency purposes”.

Many diligent people, bio statisticians, investigative journalists , researchers, drs, scientists have spent over a year verifying and proving the facts and all the facts oppose the govt covid19 narrative. There is no isolated “sars cov2 virus”.

:Wanted, in vain: the SARS-CoV-2 virus In addition, Christine Massey, a former Canadian bio statistician in the field of cancer research, and one of her colleagues in New Zealand, Michael Speth, as well as several people around the world (most of whom prefer to remain anonymous) have submitted freedom of information requests to dozens of health and science institutions and a handful of political offices around the world“.

Health Canada has no record of “COVID-19 virus” isolation

To date we know with certainty there is no isolated Sars Cov2 no ” new deadly virus” . The UN’s WHO faked it very deliberately and very fraudulently in order to impose chaos and suffering on many people .

So how the heck is this fraud continuing on just 1 PCR test that is being fraudulently misused to create cases (diagnose disease)?

The rt PCR fraudulently creates ” cases” for the authority and the CDC profit off it . RT PCR test is unable to test for an infection/disease the test cannot detect 1 whole transmissible “sars cov2 virus” in a dna contaminated sample of rna . There is no ” covid19″ test with a reference. No isolated ” virus” and no test for ” covid19″. What an embarrassment for the majority of modern scientists, to be corrupted and relegated to ‘a consensus group pushing a govt agenda of mis science, ignorance and fraud”. People don’t know this, they have put understanding of the medicine and science fed to them by media in the too hard basket, sacrificed it to a group of govt paid ” experts” as their reasoning left the room when the fear took them over.

” Its easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled”

Covid19 doesn’t exist, its not real.

What is real is that that national govts ( & much of humanity ) are acting criminally as tools of the UN and its 2030 agenda.

The UN ( and its national govts) have violated our rights as human beings this needs to be reversed .

No we will not be medically experimented on.

No we will not lock ourselves in home detention,

No we will not have a curfew.

We have the right to peaceful freedom of association and the right to freedom of movement.


19 thoughts on “The UN’s pseudo pandemic has hit the rocks.

  1. I enthusiastically agree. I’m done with their game. I live my life with the mindset there is no pandemic. I ignore what mainstream media and government people say, as I would ignore any habitual liar. I have sympathy for those who believe in masks, vaccines, lockdowns, distancing, etc. However, it’s their problem, not mine.

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    • Are we sure there even are ” viruses” and not exosomes . Or broken down cell dna rna?
      I question the 1861 Germ theory if no viruses have even been correctly isolated and proven to cause sickness in healthy people.

      Click to access wissenschafftplus-virologists.pdf

      “Virologists have never isolated a complete
      > genetic strand of a virus and displayed it directly,
      > in its entire length. They always use very short pieces of nucleic acids, whose sequence consists of four molecules to determine them and call them sequences. From a multitude of millions of such specific, very short sequences, virologists mentally assemble a fictitious long genome strand with the help of complex computational and statistical methods. This process is called alignment.
      The result of this complex alignment, the
      fictitious and very long genetic strand, is
      presented by virologists as the core of a virus and they claim to have thus proven the
      existence of a virus. However, such a complete strand never appears in reality and in scientific
      literature as a whole, although the simplest
      standard techniques have long been available to determine the length and composition of nucleic acids simply and directly. By the fact of the alignment, instead of presenting a nucleic acid of the appropriate length directly, the virologists
      have disproved themselves.”

  3. hello says:

    Thanks for the document.
    I believe the exosome theory recently popularized by Andrew Kaufman is more useful to demonstrate that what they show on electron microscopes could just be exosomes, and nothing else.
    Are “viruses” exosomes though? Maybe they have different functions in the body.

    I have some very dumb question, maybe you might know, are the particles we see in this blood what is also called “viruses”?

  4. Hello,
    Yes think about a body where trillions of cells(dna into rna ) are breaking down all the time, makes for a lot of dna and rna . The way they talk about ( dna rna) ” beware of the dead viruses” and then ” we as healthy people have virome – trillions of so called “viruses-on us and in ” exposes the ignorance.
    There is no proof the dna or rna sequences in our body makes us sick, we create the inflammation( symptoms of disease) in our own bodies .
    Its all about a political agenda , stodgy arrogant famous scientists not wanting to say they are wrong or/and not wanting their bogus virus gravy train funding to stop.

    In short ego.
    Science is not afraid of testing theory by looking at an opposing theory.
    But as politics corrupted and took over science there is now one unscientific narrative ruling them all. Save the minority of real scientists, drs that are trying to inform people and are being defamed . But on a positive note its only by fools to fools.
    To be a seeker of the truth .
    The truth has to be more important than your ego. You must strive to have a spacious open mind, more of a I am here and now ” not knowing” feeling coupled with the curiosity of a child . Or else you are not a real scientist you are more of a wanna be politician.

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  8. Charlotte says:

    You say pseudo-pandemic, I say psycho-pandemic. Perhaps we can agree it’s a pseudo- pandemic of psychotic pretext, proportions, propaganda, and pretend pathology?

    • Yes agree its a collective mental virus, psycho is this pseudo pandemic with its totally unreal non existent ” new deadly pathogen”.
      Isn’t it nuts?

  9. Well said. There is no pandemic. It’s a master class in fear mongering the gullible. The “germ theory” courtesy of Pasteur and Koch is wrong but the elite can use the “science” to control the masses. Same with “global warming”.

  10. I must say it’s a wonderful thing we’re all having this conversation. And a great many people are opening their minds to what would have been considered unthinkable not so long ago. But for me, I’ve been riding this conspiracy train for too long. I’ve reached the point where pretty much *everything* is a deception. I don’t believe nunavit.

    • Yes its certainly good so many people are no longer cowering or hysterical in fear at the media’s récit de mensonges. And many have moved beyond their indoctrinated beliefs.

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