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What the hell are they injecting into people in the medical experiment?

They( Big pharma + criminally insane enablers ) said its GMO bacteria derived GM Mrna designed to hyjack your healthy normal cells to make them produce NIH patented ” spike proteins” . This is nothing you would ever even need to do and the lack of the ability to make patented GM spike proteins has not been found to cause a disease. Its not even gene therapy. They blatantly defined what is a GMO trial and yet deny it and they also deny the possibility of genetic modification (through your microbiome ).

The circulating Graphene Oxide theory.

(1/13) analysis results from Prof. Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid : Detection of graphene oxide in the Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine (Comirnaty)

(6/13) According to him the ThermoFischer Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer the Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine contains GO:

My google translate mysteriously stopped translating halfway through so I have not been able to read the whole PDF.

But I did find this

And agree only there is an urgent need for “Further analysis and to replicate this analysis and (with more samples & other techniques, e.g. XPS, EDS, NMR, FTIR or Raman spectroscopy)” I do not think the GO theory has been proven yet.

The criminal action of the ongoing global medical experimentation makes finding out all the toxins in this injection more a matter of curiosity . No one healthy and in their right mind would consent to be in an injection trial with known risks of clots, heart inflammation, the stated genetic modification and death. So I am comfortable not knowing as it makes no difference to me as I will not ever consent to the injection.



9 thoughts on “What the hell are they injecting into people in the medical experiment?

    • With the relocation of the perpetual war and conflicts people are “choosing” both poisons and bullets in the media amplified cult of fear, hate and ignorance. Its insanity.
      Freedom from the Cult of the collective( insane) hive mind involves gaining the ability to actually choose through self knowledge.
      Right now (media) mind conditioned and mind identified people just don’t have a choice .
      There is a choice that we have not made yet:

      The Challenge That We Face
      The greatest challenge of all? Understanding human potential.
      Jun 11, 2019

      “The challenge that faces us is a very different one, my friends, than we generally accept or understand. It is not about rich countries; it is not about good economics! It’s not!

      I’ve traveled the earth. And I have found only one thing that is making no peace on earth. And you know what that is? That is the human being. If there is no peace on this earth, it’s not because of the crows; it’s not because of the alligators; it’s not because of anything else but human beings.

      They are the ones polluting… “What about hunger?” People ask me this. “What about hunger?” And what about hunger? Do you think there’s a shortage of food? Forty percent of the food that is grown is wasted!

      Because it is our shortfall in our own understanding… It is the shortfall in our own understanding; it is the shortfall of us not understanding our potential that we have!

      Do you know…? Then, the example I’m about to give is for everyone sitting here. Do you know that once upon a time, you did something—all of you have done this. And this one act that you did require phenomenal courage, incredible drive, and hundreds of failures.

      You know what I’m talking about, right? Walking—when you learned how to walk. Your legs were not strong enough to let you walk. Your muscles had to be strengthened—and you were going to do it.

      Oh, by the way, how many books did you read on the subject of walking? None! How many classes did you attend? [Ind.: None.] None! How many tutorials did you get? None! There you were, all by yourself, learning to walk. you failed—but you never accepted failure. That was the only difference. Now when you fail, you accept failure. You got up and you fell! And you failed! Right? You failed!

      What is the difference between then and now? Only one. Because you still get challenges like that. But there is one difference. Then, you failed but you never accepted failure.

      That’s the only difference. The challenges that you face. They require phenomenal courage; they require phenomenal strength! You may not even have the tools with you! But you fail, and you accept the failure.

      Same thing with peace! Same thing with peace! Peace is not a one-day event. Peace has to be nurtured every day. Every day, there has to be an introspection! Every day there has to be learning; every day there has to be growth—and every day there has to be understanding. And every day, the courage has to be exercised.

      To be motivated, not by me or someone else—but to be motivated by you to move forward. To find your strength, not your weakness! To understand your self—you! Don’t you, don’t you remember what Socrates said? “Know thy self.” Know you! Do you know you? Do you make an investment in knowing the self? Or is it all about, “I want to know my friend; I want to know this; I want to know that”—but not the self.

      So, is peace crucial to our societies, to our countries, to our existence, to our civilization? Unquestionably!

      It is 7.5 billion people just like you and me that constitute the population of this earth. And if something has to change, the change has to happen from and to the individual.
      You know, we have tried everything. We have tried so many things, over the past centuries—but one thing that has never been tried is peace on an individual level. I propose… You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to play detective here. I propose—everything else has been tried—this is the only one remaining… Well, let’s try this one. What have we got to lose? Nothing.”

      – Prem Rawat

  1. lynnthoma says:

    Perhaps the reason for their desperate push to get as many injected as possible is they know sooner or later the truth will come out, despite their best attempts to suppress it. And when it does, I wonder what their song and dance will be?

    Will it be like the staged Gulf of Tonkin incident that justified the U.S.’s entry into the Vietnam War? “Okay fine,” they’ll say, “so we faked a pandemic to trigger a massive vaccination campaign using sophisticated toxins to destroy everyone’s health. But what’s done is done. How about we divert this story to a few obscure conspiracy sites and go from there?”

    • Zod says:

      Dear pilgrim, well embarked upon a search for the truth,

      The truth has always been available, albeit occulted.

      The truth does not spread like wildfire because it is incredible. Only those who’ve pursued it for several years, who’ve grokked it, can apprehend it, and with extreme effort, digest and come to terms with it.

      It is otherwise inconceivable that TPTB can be philanthropic in the process of issuing a thanatological serum for popular consumption.

      Indeed, you will instinctively reject this as a mind-fuck too far.

      And yet, it is the case.

      So, as you may appreciate, you must do the leg work to discover the truth. It cannot be handed to you on a plate. At most I can provide tiny morsels that will not choke you, or I can give you clues to guide your pursuit.

      • Yes so very philanthropic to deceive people and inject them without their consent and cause the body to clots, strokes, heart inflammation and death. (and the whole time nobodies thinking about their mortality as they are still adamantly denying death)

        Zod (evil supervillain uncle of superman?) I am choking on the morsel “TPTB can be philanthropic in the process of issuing a thanatological serum for popular consumption.

      • Zod YinYang says:

        Yes, it’s a pretty offensive morsel isn’t it?

        It gives a clue to the degree of paradigm shift required to accept it.

        You can either conclude I’m insane, and reject out of hand anything further I write, or just put the unpalatable morsel to one side, for reconsideration at a future date.

        Zod (contraction of Zodiac).

  2. I am not “offended” by your Rockefeller-Bill Gates reply to lynnthoma .

    “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” yip those that are criminally insane probably believe they are philanthropists .Thats exactly what Bill Gate’s (expired) PR image is .

    • Zod YinYang says:

      That’s one way of digesting the morsel, or rendering it less offensive/obnoxious – re-interpret it – as if I had written “TPTB believe they are philanthropic”

      You’ll understand more by trying to conceive the inconceivable.

  3. When one repeatedly “speaks in riddles” while ignoring sincere requests for clarity, it brings to mind its synonyms listed in Macmillan Thesaurus:

    mumble babble gibber slur waffle gabble equivocate burble bumble sputter jabber

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