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The UN’s (CIA) assassination of Moise.

All the presidents that have not gone along with the UN’s NWO agenda and virus hoax have been assassinated. Haitian President Moïse is the latest victim .

Post the media launch of psyop covID19 “Haitians resumed life as normal and the government hesitated to even accept its allotment of free AstraZeneca vaccines through the U.N.-backed COVAX mechanism due to safety and logistical concerns.”

And then they murdered the president who would not accept  the UN’s ” free” toxic injections.

Acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph said President Moïse had opposed ”some oligarchs and we believe those things are not without consequences″. However he did not elaborate and with the FBI, CIA & DHS on it he will wish he never said anything.

The Oligarchy’s FBI is “investigating it ” translation ” covering up” anything that would expose the actual reason for his professional assassination as being his non acceptance of the toxic injections and the UN agenda.

Thanks to him most Haitians did not believe in covID19. No Haitians were injected in the GMO trial. Lockdowns and harsh restrictions seen in most places in the world were not happening in Haiti . An un- imposed loose 10pm curfew and masks( most did not wear them) were done about a month ago. “People don’t really believe in the covid19 ” said a 26-year-old mother of two boys whose father died in the catastrophic 2010 earthquake.”

Second president assassinated during psyop covID19.

Tanzanian president Magufuli died of a sudden (signature CIA) heart attack after testing a pawpaw and finding all sorts of fruits, animals and things test positive for “covid19” he was known for publicly scoffing at the virus hoax . He died as an unexpected hero from his “Covid denialism” , an odd media term the media use where you deny that which is a total delusion and has no proof of it existing. Everyone who disagrees with the political agenda (the lies ” man made climate change and covid19″) is called by media “a denier” ( the new Orwellian word for a truther / heretic) .

RIP Moise.

May our collective sanity ( including our “covid denialism” ) flourish and keep growing.


12 thoughts on “The UN’s (CIA) assassination of Moise.

  1. The grain of humanity is currently insane .
    In this case if you go with the grain and you’re going to be slain.
    Clots, heart inflammation, autoimmune reactions, unknown genetic modifications and death are just some of the the known risks.
    More people have died going with the grain than against it. The many growing numbers of human beings are not going to volunteer to be medically experimented on i.e be injected in the Neo Nazi -NWO- Big Pharma trial.

    And I can only suggest a different model( awareness) rather than to “go with the crazy grain” .

  2. hyden says:

    Biotech Is Godzilla
    Rio Summit, ’92
    Street people kidnapped, hid from view
    “To save the Earth”, our rulers met
    Some had other secret plans
    Say what?
    Strip-mine the Amazon
    Of cells of life itself
    Gold rush for genes is on
    Natives get nothing
    Is Godzilla
    Mutations cooked in labs
    Money-mad experiments
    New food and medicine?
    New germs and accidents!
    Like Cubatão
    “World’s most polluted town”
    Air melts your face
    Deformed children all around
    Ain’t what’s so bad
    Like all technology
    It’s in the wrong hands
    Cut-throat corporations
    Don’t give a damn
    When lots of people die
    From what they’ve made
    Biotech, is AIDS?

  3. Biotech is still just technology in the service of (human) madness . People that do not know who they are and so are driven by their ego( sense of lack and need for more ) are best represented by corporations( corpserations) for profit ( intention).

    • What good is being taken over by anger -punching -someone going to do?
      You want to go to jail? …I guess thats your plan -go with the grain?
      Punching someone is bringing fear( as that is what anger is) and wrong action into a world that has too much .
      I suggest u punch a cushion or go for a long walk/run in nature.

  4. Sorry Hyden I do not support violence ie punching someone for no reason other than you are frustrated/afraid /angry. I will not allow the promotion of violence here.
    Punching someone for no reason( other than you’ve been taken over by an emotion- anger stems from fear) it is not self defense .
    No one has in reality “killed your daughter ” you don’t live in ” Palestine” so you not talking about self defense . You are lost in thought, lost in the future and your mind is mastering you as you are clearly imagining a situation that is not real or happening now.

  5. hyden says:

    Also my partner and many other women I know have been wrongly touched or approached by sex perverts through there life’s. there is a old saying…By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. And life is exactly this, look at all the animal species that prepare themselves in all myriads of life/ seasons etc.

    And its good to, as I am teaching my daughter self defence so she can at least try and defend herself when situations like this happen. Whether by government oppression or individual idiots forcing perversion.

  6. Nothing wrong with teaching people self defense or exercising your right to defend yourself .
    Totally different to just stating you are going to be ” punching someone over soon” .

  7. hyden says:

    Eventually this will happen….
    A: Spread out in brain-research facilities all over the world. And their
    goal is to make androids. People who react to signals and feel happy.

    Q: Brave New World.

    A: I’d call it Cowardly New World. Pavlov is their number-one saint. A
    colleague of mine once told me a joke about that. A dog attacked Pavlov
    and killed him. The dog got angry. He didn’t like listening to that bell
    that told him food was coming. The dog wanted to find his own food, and
    he finally exploded and killed his master. I can tell you this. If they
    succeed in making a Brave New World, it’ll never last. The population
    will rebel and destroy every society in the world. They’ll level every
    government and every army….you’ve heard of pleasure centers in the
    Jack true & Jon Rapponport interview

  8. They have had brain research facilities for so many decades now. Do you not think they have a brave world already with the economic and political monopoly… they make up all the rules, socially engineer with policies and mind program people since birth.
    I see many people that are mind identified and mind programmed.
    Lost in thought.
    Knowing people in this state( still ruled by fear and desire pavlov’ed ) that do not know who they are and so are very easily controlled .
    You( an I) don’t know what will happen in the future ( some may)but the more force they use the more will come back at them . What you put out comes back.
    The dysfunctional egoic structures we have are dissolving and all they(govt *sic) can do in their fear of loss of control is to become fascist- Marxist -communists that we see. People are divided (by design) over political ideology .Do you not think the violence you promote is exactly what they want and are programming into people .Order from chaos.

    Tyranny, oppression and totalitarianism is a recipe on how to loose control.

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