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Where are we now?

So as a witness how is humanity’s evolution going ?

At some point we lost our reasoning (disconnection from spirit) and since our childhood indoctrination program was one of “memorize and repeat” (do not question just obey) this has taken its toll and it has made us lose the ability to be able to think critically. We do not ask ourselves the Big question ” who am I” or ” Is this really so?” we do not question the thoughts we have. We seem to have become possessed by thought. As you probably know the ” education institution” is actually a stressful indoctrination institution where our natural wonder and curiosity is squashed and replaced with cultural/societal beliefs. Many people lost their desire to understand following the process of being mind conditioned in the “obey unquestioningly the rules , remember and repeat” cycle . This is why you are seeing people so identified with mind conditioning. Religious and fervent believers they are not monsters they just have monstrous beliefs that they are possessed with and they are unable to question them. Those beliefs have become their identity.

The childhood mind conditioning, the indoctrination, means we are taught who we are… you are just your mind/body . This total identification with mind is why if you attack someones beliefs they feel you attack them. And this means many people now are not even able to communicate, just to argue and fight.

What follows this total mind identification(TMI) is the loss of the ability to listen. This is a skill that really can help humanity right now. To really listen to someone is to focus all your attention on them with a still mind. You cannot really listen if your mind becomes active (and you start thinking/judging ).

It seems we have collective insanity , govt fascism in a pseudo- pandemic going on.

We are currently ignoring the ( suppressed) facts and believing the govts media lies. This corrupted Orwellian political sphere has tried to consume the whole of the medical and science industry. It seems the intention of both industry’s now is to primarily support political agendas. It shows us a snap shot of the corrupted state of science which is now about funding, fame, obeying and repeating lies not about seeking to prove theories with reproducible scientific evidence.

The core meaning, knowledge and purpose of science has been lost . Those minority that are acting as actual scientists at this time, opposing the morphed monster media consensus scien$e, are getting crucified and defamed by the media. The consensus science tribe sound more like the crusaders .

There is no evidence at all of ” a new deadly virus” Sars Cov2 ” and much evidence that it is in fact a computer construct, a fiction. There is no new set of symptoms ( new disease) CovID19 . There is only a fraudulently used rt PCR test that has created by fabrication all the ” covid19″ numbers.

People believe in a invisible enemy ” covid19″ they believe the govt will save them from it simply because of their wayward mind conditioning that makes them believe the govt is benevolent and operates for their best interests. This is clearly not so .

We are being mind programmed for more of the same ” the UN’s great reset” where this insanity , stupidity, fear , anger and govt fascism is called by them ” the new normal”. We need to witness what is and recognize that we do not want this . We need to start living, thinking and feeling the world we want.

We have the potential mass awakening being hijacked by the collective ego, channeled into the ” woke” ( that are actually just a PC madness crew) with heaps of inter group divisiveness . Identity politics is being played . Racism has been propagated by the media . Racism is the mind identification with a skin color /race and then fearing/hating a person with a different skin color. What is PC now is white people have been told by media to feel guilt for having white skin. To heal racism the awareness of it is required. It does not matter what color your skin is as the sum of you is not the color of your skin , you are not a skin color. No one is superior to another . So the PC identification with race, skin color, political party, sexual preference is problematic. Which is why the govts are using it to create divisiveness ( divide and conquer) . These whole ( false ) identities based on ones race, gender or sexual preference are being created and all of them evoke in mind identified people the fear of others. Conflict.

Other things that are clear to us is we do not have a democracy, the election process is a media event and you don’t vote a PM or president in, they get appointed.

It sounds pretty bad, it appears we are in a seeming regression but as in a great movie/story 1) Something goes wrong 2) the character grows and blossoms meets his/her potential which would remain unmet without the challenges/crisis/chaos. Sometimes institutions have to crumble to be remade ( they should be remade only if they serve humanity ).

Paradoxically what I see is an influx of more consciousness flowing into this world with a regression in the mind identified collective consciousness.

So on a positive note we have all the big time challenges needed to grow big time .

  1. If you want to help, your primary task is to live life as consciously as you can. Be the change you want to see in the world .You are a co creator in this world that can create free from the limits of the Oligarchy matrix . Spirit is more powerful than mind, this stillness inside you is the source of creativity and wisdom. And it is always with you.

Your inner state is important and you can help the whole, essentially ( in your essence) you are the whole. Do not believe( become aware of ) the ” alt right” mind programming of telling you how our world is going to be ie the same egoic structures desperate( in a fit of fascism) to maintain mind control(UN NWO reset). We have been unknowingly holding their reality in place keeping ourselves in the bondage of the mind. Unless you want to be a slave( to ego mind) choose to be free, it is your destiny.

Don’t wait.

I am imperfect as a person and that does not matter . To be present I do not have to wait to be ” perfect ” . I have the set intention of “showing up for life” as I am .

All these challenges coming up are for us to grow.

The universe is conspiring for our awakening.


12 thoughts on “Where are we now?

  1. I enjoyed your article. “Showing up for life as I am” is a great intention. How can it be otherwise? But we seem to often come up with reasons for delay. “The universe is conspiring for our awakening” is a wondrous perspective. I figured it was up to something.

  2. Ben says:

    While I can relate to much of the “logic” of the article (which is well written) it refers to a “universe conspiring to awaken us”. Yet, earlier in the article, it refers to a minority of elites who are brainwashing us in a psy op to control us in the matrix. I agree with this concept also. But why not say it as most of the world’s religious would refer to it, God verses satan? The average Joe doesn’t consider the universe as “good” but as neutral, so why would it prefer an awakening as opposed to a run by cruel dictators? It wouldn’t but a good God who loved His creation would to free His people from bondage. History will repeat itself.

    • As long as people are run by the ego mind( conditioned and based on past history is repeating). I do not use religious reference God Vs Satan .
      Its not Satan its human beings committing atrocities against each other and enforcing by support and consent to the fascist rules of a (political and economic)system of banking cabals = continued governing/control over us. We Human beings are consenting to the evil rulers we as conditioned minds(egos)are also being mind programmed by media( that amplifies unconsciousness/evil) to be divided fear others to hate to think and feel what they tell us.
      “There is nothing good or bad thinking makes it so”
      I know God not as a concept but as best as I can point to Being/Life/awareness. So we are going to have different perception, when I do not and cannot define God in terms of religion, conditioned beleifs or concepts.
      My question to you would be :Why does the average joe view of the universe (the material body of God) as neutral ???
      Do you feel yourself as part of the universe or a tiny disconnected speck?

  3. R Butler says:

    Great knowledge , read it on Zerohedge and went to your Blog and read it again, still processing it. Keep it up and Thank You.

  4. R Butler says:

    Whatever happened to ” We are – One People”?
    I don’t want to live in a world where we are all the same , but are one people , inclusively .

    • What world do you want to live in?

      We appear different on the surface like a wave but are all one consciousness the ocean manifesting as forms.
      We are taught from children to see differences not similarities. And this learned pattern of thinking that we are just a body and bodys are vulnerable fragile separate creates fear ( esp of others that are different)the ego mind pattern judges, likes and dislikes .
      If we knew our similarity ( who we are)we could appreciate the diversity in forms.

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