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How do you sanitize your mind?

In the fear of contamination culture.

People are compulsively  ritualistically rubbing  antibacterial goop into their  hands   to ward off the  non existent still unproven  “corona virus”. The govt  through media first created obsessive and irrational fears of contamination that then created these harmful dimwitted  habits and  normalized  a mental affliction . OCD: obsessive and irrational use of antibacterials  in an  attempt to relieve severe distress associated with obsessive and irrational fears of contamination.The more irrational fear of a virus that doesn’t exist they have   the more they  goop chemicals on their hands .No proof that sanitizers are safe or they even work is necessary for believers. The hand sanitizing ritual makes the obsessive  irrational fear( covid) real in their minds. A mind where Fear=”Covid”( =death).

The same way all they have is masks to prove “covid” exists which is why masks were central and  were made mandatory. People can’t be wearing these   face diapers that make them breathe back in exhaled (EBC)  just because they were told to by authorities  could they? Exhaled breath condensate (EBC). Compounds identified in EBC include adenosine, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, isoprostanes, leukotrienes, nitrogen oxides (NOx), peptides, cytokines, protons and various ions.  ” studying the airway chemical and inflammatory environment is still in its infancy, with questions as yet remaining unanswered.”  sounds like they should answer questions before  forcing us  to inhale our  exhalations .

Its the irrational fear and stress generated by govts through the media that needs to be looked at but almost no ones looking inside. Very few are questioning.Their minds were frozen with fear and  are clouded with fear. Fear is perceived as a weakness so it is rapidly switched to anger and  all the negative compulsive thoughts associated with fear and anger.Their thinking then becomes doing and the doing is a toxic reflection of their  thinking.They are easily incited to riots, racism  and looting as thats what their minds were programmed to do.

The ” covid” cult beliefs are unbelievable . There is no isolated ” new virus” Sars CoV2. Said ” virus”( a computer generated string of rna)  does not exist.  There is no proof of transmission or infection of a ” new disease” at any distance. The govt mandated isolation is causing many people psychological problems and is felt to be torture for some. Social distancing  and making people fear touch, hugs  and close contact with others is terrible . Locking healthy people up and stressing them out only makes people unwell.

We saw in Germany recently  how the protests against  govt fascism  and tyranny could not be stopped by govt. The  realization  of the knowledge of this power  . Do we want to give our power away by consent in order to be governed by tyrants who have unlawfully taken away our rights and freedoms ?

What can we do to help or change the  dire situation? I believe we can only “be the change we want to see in this world”

To be and to  act in love and contentedness from this state of being.

To choose love in the  time of fear takes courage  and you can find all the strength you need inside yourself  .So take time to first center yourself with daily practice of mindfulness/mediation. And this can come in many forms Yoga,walking in nature, formal sitting, breath awareness,Qi gong, Tai chi ,  whatever practice brings you back to your true self. You real Self is not fear its courage and it is love itself.

Insanity, fear  and isolation from the Self is the disease,  Awareness is the cure .




3 thoughts on “How do you sanitize your mind?

  1. Ma Jong says:

    I am campaigning in my town to remove the requirement to wear a mask in public venues. Is there a resource you can name that has the best current information on the effects of mask wear that are not being discussed in all the hysteria? Your mention above of Exhaled breath condensate (EBC) is a great start. Thank you…

  2. All my best wishes for your campaign against masks(fascism) .Masks are a symbol of your belief in the Big lie( covid). Which is why they make them mandatory, as some sort of perverse inverted material proof of their lie( covid).
    Restricting the flow of oxygen in and breathing back in EBC, doesn’t sound like a smart or healthy idea. Especially when there is no evidence to support the use of them for the purpose intended . And no evidence of a new virus or new disease I might add.
    I only looked in global research and the freedom articles below for links for you but there are many other sources .


    “According to Dr. Russell Blaylock: by wearing a face mask, the exhaled rna , molecules, EBC “will not be able to escape and will concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain”


    “Dr. Denis Rancourt, PhD who examined the issue on behalf of the Ontario Civil Liberties Association. Rancourt conducted extensive research with an emphasis on masks and did a thorough review of science literature concentrating on whether any evidence exists that masks can reduce infection risk of “viral” respiratory disease.” Found there is none. Again there is no evidence to support the UN’s( Govts) claims.https://www.globalresearch.ca/are-face-masks-effective-evidence/5720209

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